Jake lay back, letting the warmth of the sun wash over his naked body. He loved it that he could now do this whenever he liked, now Stella was no longer a part of his life. She had moved out completely a couple of weeks ago and he'd not heard a word from her since. He wasn't surprised. The relationship had ended a long time ago. It just needed one of them to be honest and call a close. Of course, unknown to Stella, Jake had made a discovery that made it all the easier for him to be the one to take this action. He had discovered he liked cock! Stella's frigidity in the sex department was never going to compete with some of the sexual exploits that Jake had been indulging in for the last few weeks. His attention focused on one individual, his beautiful, blonde-haired pool guy. Since Marc had first discovered Jake naked in his backyard, sunning himself, and they had had the most amazing, animalistic sex Jake had experienced in his life, things had taken a very different turn. Marc was now a frequent visitor, at all times of the day and night. He still looked after the pool, but his calls to Jake's were now at the end of his rounds and took a lot longer than they ever had before.

Jake smiled to himself, just thinking about Marc, and some of the things they had got up to in such an early start to a relationship. Jake was refusing at this stage to acknowledge any emotional feeling he may have for Marc. He told himself it was all about lust. He adored the young man's body. He had learnt how to do things to Marc that made him writhe with ecstasy. He loved kissing him, full on the mouth - their tongues fighting each other for supremacy. He loved to play with Marc's sharply, pointed nipples, resting perfectly on the contours of his tanned, muscular chest. He loved tracing the golden hairs with his tongue from Marc navel to his pubes, and ultimately to his cock, sucking on the thick, veined length of it, feeling it fill his mouth and throat. He had loved learning to excite Marc to orgasm and swallow and enjoy the thick, creamy cum that erupted from him when he lost control. He loved to suck each of Marc's egg-like, almost hairless balls into his mouth, and roll them around, savouring the effect it had on his lover as pleasure blended with tender pain. He loved to drive Marc crazy, tracing a line with his tongue from under his balls to his beautiful asshole. He loved to make him scream with passion as he licked, sucked, and probed his ass with his stiff, wet tongue. But if Jake was honest, most of all he liked to fuck (no surprise) and he liked to be fucked (big surprise)!

The warmth of the sun, the thoughts of sex, had Jake feeling really horny. He stroked his hand across his chest, pinching each of his nipples as he went by. He loved the feel of his lightly-haired chest and stomach. He pressed down on his abdomen muscles and he progressed to his neatly clipped, dark pubic hair, finding the root of his thick, erect cock, standing up proud from his body. He stroked his hand along the length of it, enjoying the soft, velvety skin stretched over the rigid muscle, and squeezing the spongey head. He touched his index finger to the gaping slit on the end and felt the slippery pre cum. Dipping his finger into the reservoir that was gathering there, he then brought his finger up to his mouth and licked the honey-sweet nectar into his mouth.

'Hi Jake!'

Oh shit!

Instinctively, Jake rolled over onto his belly. Not a comfortable manoeuvre, as his hard cock became trapped under the weight of his body, and felt like it was going to snap. He propped himself up on his elbows and looked across to where the voice has come from.

'Oh, hi Daniel!'

Daniel Leiberwitz was Jake's neighbour. He and his wife had moved in about two month's ago. A nice couple, fifteen, maybe twenty year's older that Jake, they had no children, were both professionals, holding down jobs in banking (Sarah) and medicine (Daniel). They were your typical, attractive, successful couple, who Jake couldn't help but like. They didn't know each other very well yet. They had had a few conversations. Sarah had invited him and Stella round for drinks shortly after they arrived to say hi. He had told them, slightly awkwardly at one point that Stella was no longer around, and they had been very sympathetic, offering Jake any support he might need to get through the trauma of a break-up. They were nice people. Jake liked them. They were probably too nice to look over their garden wall and see their neighbour with an erect cock, his finger in his mouth, savouring his pre cum, stretched out naked in the afternoon sun!

'Great day,' Daniel observed. 'I managed to check out of surgery early. Too good a day to waste. I see you beat me to it!'

Jake realised that Daniel had a view of him that would take him away from his face, over his shoulders, down his muscular back to his tight bubble butt - his all-over tan shining with a light covering of perspiration in the sunlight.

Jake shifted, uncomfortably - part embarrassment, but largely because his cock was not cooperating - still rigid, it was wedged awkwardly underneath him.

'Well, you have to make the most of it,' Jake grinned, but slightly shame-faced. 'I like the new car!'

The ploy seemed to work. Daniel was looking over the just-below-waist-height boundary wall between the two properties, from within his carport. He turned to admire his new, gleaming red sports car. Jake took the opportunity to reach down and adjust his uncooperative cock into a more comfortable position. But Daniel turned back too soon and saw his neighbour making the final adjustments.

Daniel laughed, 'A gift to myself. Sarah says it's my mid-life crisis. 'Small cock - big car' was I think the phrase that was used!'

Jake couldn't help raising a mocking eyebrow.

Still laughing, 'And before you mock, I can assure you, she has no complaints in that department!'

'Hey man! It's not me you need to convince!' Jake laughed with his neighbour.

'She loves it really!'

'Would that be the car she's referring to or...?'

'I can see I'm digging a hole here for myself,' Daniel laughed again. 'I guess I would be better off going indoors and sorting myself out so I can follow your lead and get out here and enjoy this weather. Not sure if I'll be taking things quite as far as you though!' He nodded his head in the direction of Jake's naked body.

'Sorry,' Jake looked suitably embarrassed.

'Hey don't worry, go for it. You forget, I'm a doctor. You've got nothing I haven't seen before. Although I'd have to admit most of my patients aren't as fit as you. See you later!' And with that, Daniel disappeared, grinning, leaving Jake with slightly odd, mixed feelings about the conversation that had just taken place.

Oh well, Jake thought. Why bother trying to figure out what Daniel had intended with his remarks. The man was a together sort of guy. It didn't seem to bother him, finding Jake nude in his backyard. But maybe he should be a bit more careful where he positioned the sunlounger. He didn't want to offend his neighbours - he liked them.

He got up, mindful of his still huge, hard cock poking out in front of him. Thanks to Marc, it never seemed to go down these days - and on the rare occasions it did, it seemed it took very little to get excited again. He repositioned the bed so that it still received the sun, but was closer to the flowerbed and mostly shielded by bushes from his neighbours carport. He lay back down on his front, taking greater care this time with his cock, lining it up with his belly-button and putting his weight down onto it gently. He spread his legs and felt the sun and light breeze start to play on his low-hanging balls. He looked up to wards where Daniel had been stood and realised he could still see through the bushes, but hoped he was now more obscured from their point of view.

He lay his head down, and must have dozed for a while, because he was brought back to consciousness by the sound of voices.

'You needn't think you can get round me like that.' It was Sarah. She came into view wearing a very stylish one piece, strapless swimsuit, giggling and laughing. Her full, but not too big breasts bounced as she tried to evade her husband's advances. She had a trim waist, flat stomach and long shapely legs. She was a very beautiful woman, her dark hair tied back revealing her model-features and dark-tanned shoulders. 'And if you think you can come home and interrupt my afternoon off just cos you're feeling randy, you can think again.'

'Aw baby! Come on.'

Daniel could now be seen chasing his wife around his sports car. He was wearing a very small pair of shorts and nothing else. Jake had never seen him this unclothed before. He had a dark tan and a very fit body. Not overly muscled, but definitely the product of the gym, and well maintained. The graying temples of his dark hair were reflected in the salt'n'pepper dusting of hair over his manly chest. It looked like he kept his chest hair trimmed and maybe even waxed at the edges to keep it looking neat and sculpted. Jake liked this very much. He worked his gaze down to Daniel's small, smooth waist, and then further to where his shorts rode low on his hips, hugging his ass, cock and balls to perfection. His powerful thighs were just visible over the wall, adding to the appeal of this very healthy, older man.

'Look I was having a really restful time, just lying in the sun, and you come back and disturb me,' Sarah giggled as she ran round behind the car.

Daniel gave chase. 'But you're so beautiful. I just can't keep my hands off you.'

Sarah came round into full view, backing away from Daniel in front of the car. She let him catch her and he pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately on the mouth. He pushed her back against the car, moving his kisses down to her neck, as he groped at her perfect breasts.

'Aaah!' she sighed. And then she pulled away, looking across into Jake's garden. 'Hey baby - someone might see!'

'You mean Jake?' Daniel laughed. 'Is he there?'

You know I am, Jake thought.

'No. I mean, I can't see him. But he could come out at any time.'

'Do you know he's off work?'

'No, but we are.' Sarah almost whispered.

'Yes and aren't we lucky? What a shame for him, he's not as lucky as we are.' Daniel went back to kissing her neck.

'Aaaah! You know what that does to me,' she sighed.

'Oh I know!' Daniel chuckled.

Jake saw the muscles on his back ripple, as he stepped back from her and started to stroke her shoulders. Daniel worked his way down and caught his finger tips in the top of her swimsuit. In one smooth move he drew it down over her breasts to her waist. Immediately he moved forward, cupping her left breast in his right hand, while attaching his mouth to her right nipple. Sarah clearly liked this. She started to pant and writhe around.

'Oh yes...ba-a-a-by!'

Daniel stopped suckling on her and drew himself back up to start kissing her mouth with abandonment. She clawed her way down his back and slipped her hands down the back of his tight shorts. Jake saw Daniel wrestling with something on the front of his shorts, presumably some sort of fastening. Eventually he was successful, because the tightness was alleviated and Sarah was able to move her hands to start groping each of his butt cheeks. The two of them wrestled and kissed, devouring each other passionately. Jake watched as Daniel's shorts worked their way down his meaty thighs, exposing a pale, tan-lined ass - muscled and dimpled. With some work from each, the couple managed to cause the shorts to fall to the floor and Jake saw Daniel step out of them. Meanwhile he had been working on Sarah's swimsuit, and was likewise working it over her hips. He crouched down before her and slid it down over her shapely legs, exposing a neatly trimmed bush. He moved his head forward and kissed it, but this clearly wasn't what he craved. He stood and lifted Sarah slightly so she was sitting on the side of the car's hood, while at the same time pushing her back so she lay across it, her legs open, exposing herself to her husband. Bending at the waist, Daniel lowered his head and attached his mouth to her cunt. The movement pushed his ass out towards the boundary wall, exposing his winking asshole to Jake's view.

You haven't forgotten I'm here then, Jake smiled.

Daniel was driving Sarah nuts. Panting and whimpering, she was going crazy. Finally Daniel stood up. Jake couldn't see the detail, but he watched as Daniel adjusted his aim, and he knew from Sarah's reaction the exact moment that his hard cock made contact with her wet hole as he slid into her, right to the hilt. Sarah gasped and Daniel grunted. His ass muscles twitched as he withdrew and then slammed back into her. Very quickly he picked up a rhythm, fucking her hard.

She was moaning now, begging her husband to fuck her.

'Come on baby, fuck me! Come on, that's it. Cum for me. Please baby. Cum for me.'

Daniel's movements and noises were now those of an animal. He was lost in fucking his wife. He drove into her, harder and harder. His ass cheeks squeezing together as he thrust forward.

Suddenly he rammed forward and threw his head back.

'Aaaargh!' he growled. Sarah squealed. Daniel withdrew, and then slammed back into her. 'Aaaargh!!' He collapsed on top of her.

Silently watching Jake was in a terrible state. Not wanting to miss a thing, he writhed around on the sunlounger, his cock trapped beneath him, slipping around in a pool of pre cum. He watched as Daniel finally withdrew from his wife and lifted her back to her feet, off the hood of his car. He kissed her hard on the mouth and then they both pulled back and gazed into each other's eyes.

'You are a fucker,' she said.

He laughed. 'Stating the obvious again my dear.'

'You know what I mean,' she said. 'I was having a quiet afternoon to myself, before going out with Daisy, and now you've made me late. Now let me go and sort myself out. Fucker!' She laughed as she reached down for her discarded swimsuit. 'Now don't you come near me. I really have to get a move on.'

'Where's your car?' Daniel asked.

'Around front. You stay back here, then I won't get distracted and you won't molest me anymore.'

He laughed as she ran from the carport. With his back still to Jake, Daniel watched her go for a long time. Jake could contain his lust no longer. He flipped himself over and fastened his fist around his slimy, pre cum-slicked shaft. He lay back and stroked himself, working towards orgasm.

'You've gotta see why I love her!'

Once again, Jake was caught red handed. He looked up and to his side. There stood Daniel, his hands on his hips, framing his still-raging hardon, huge and shining with his cum and the juices from his wife's insides. With Jake distracted, he had stepped over the low wall into Jake's garden and had come to find his voyeur.

'Did we put on a good show?' Before Jake had the chance to respond, 'Hey what am I asking you for, the evidence is right before me.' He laughed. 'No offence, but I thought you might have forgotten what it was like. I guess it must have been awhile?'

'Not so long as you think,' Jake grinned sheepishly.

'Mmmm...depends what you're referring to. There's a bit of a difference between Stella and Marc!'

Jake baulked.

'W-what do you mean?'

'Oh come on Jake! I've seen you. He is a very handsome boy. I especially love it when he fucks you.'

Jake didn't know what to say. So his doctor-neighbour had been watching him with Marc. He wasn't the only backyard voyeur. The same neighbour who he had just watched fuck his wife, was now talking with admiration about Jake's exploits with his pool guy. Surely Daniel was straight?! But if he was, who was this guy standing beside him with the enormous cock, twitching and glistening in the sunlight?

Daniel must have tracked Jake's gaze. 'Do you like my cock?'

Before Jake had a chance to answer, Daniel reached down with both hands and pinched both of Jake's nipples simultaneously, hard.

'Aargh!' Jake yelped. The pain was enough to make him release his cock and jack-knife at the waist, causing him to sit up sharply. Instantly Daniel grabbed Jake's hair.

'Time to pay me back for the entertainment,' Daniel said. And he drew Jake's face towards him so that Jake was looking straight at his neighbour's cock, standing out proud before him.

'Suck it!' came the command.

Obediently, Jake opened his mouth and allowed Daniel to slide his thick, hard cock over his tongue. He tasted spent cum and, Sarah! Daniel slid his way to the back of Jake's mouth, to the opening of his throat.

'Come on Jake, suck it!'

So Jake did just that. He cleaned his neighbour's post-sex cock for him. And he loved it! With Daniel's hand resting on the back of his head, Jake was guided by his neighbour to give him exactly what he wanted. He sucked and licked and swallowed, using all the new-found skills he had learned with Marc.

'Good boy!' said Daniel, in appreciation of his work. 'You get me ready, 'cos I haven't finished with you yet.'

It was Daniel who saw Marc first - Jake was otherwise occupied. And unknown to Jake, it was Daniel who silently invited Marc over to get involved with proceedings.

'Hey Dr Leiberwitz!' was the first Jake knew Marc had arrived. He tried to turn, recognising Marc's voice, but he couldn't, due to the hand holding the back of his head and the stiff cock lancing his face. Jake knew that Daniel was a customer of Marc's. He'd started to service their pool shortly after they had moved in.

'Welcome Marc! Jake here is just helping me out. Just had sex with the wife and he's helping me clean up. Hope you don't mind. I get the impression Jake is a bit special to you.'

'He is sir. But he seems to be enjoying it so I'm not complaining.'

'Good. Maybe you want to join him. There's enough there for two.'

'I can see that sir.'

'Then get down here boy!'

Slipping out of his ubiquitous cut-offs, Marc joined his lover on his hands and knees at the doctor's feet. He kissed Jake on the cheek.

'You seem to be enjoying yourself?!' he whispered to Jake. 'Make room for another hungry boy.'

Daniel released his hold on Jake's head, allowing him to slide off his cock. Marc kissed his lover full on the mouth.

'Come on, let us show this man what we can do,' he whispered.

Together they set about the older man's hard cock. They each licked up and down the shaft, meeting every so often to kiss, wrestling their tongues with Daniel's cock between their mouths. Marc worked his way back to the head and wiggled the tip of his tongue into the open slit. Both boys could tell Daniel was starting to really enjoy what they were doing. His cock kept jerking involuntarily. Marc swallowed the spongy head and slowly worked his way down the shaft. At first Jake watched him, marvelling at how the thick, long prick disappeared into Marc's throat. Marc kept going until his nose pushed into the neatly barbered pubes of the doctor. Jake kissed his lovers face, proud of his skill.

'O-o-oh yes-s-s-s!!' the doctor sighed.

Marc withdrew, and as he did Jake licked and then swallowed Daniel's hairless balls, first one and then switching to the other. He positioned his body so that he was lying backwards between Daniel's thighs, enabling Marc to continue to devour his neighbour's cock. Jake released Daniel's second ball and decided to continue his journey back, tracing a line with his tongue along the seam running from Daniel's balls to his asshole. He savoured the smooth, soft skin. Crawling backwards between the man's legs, he found himself crouching behind the older man as he thrust his dick in Marc's face. His gym-toned ass cheeks were flexing with each fucking movement. Jake licked each smooth cheek several times, and then, daringly, lightly bit into Daniel's right butt cheek. A hand came to rest on the back of Jake's head: the message seemed to be - I like it, don't leave a mark, and keep going. Jake bit again, this time on the opposite cheek. Then be brought his hands up to grasp each one. Fighting against the flexing muscles as they fucked his lover's face, Jake pulled them apart to reveal a beautiful, tight, hairless, puckered hole. He moved forward and drew his flat wet tongue all the way up through the crevice. The doctor shuddered. He did it again, and got the same reaction. He started the journey a third time, only now he stopped at the puckered ring of muscle. He kissed at it. Licked it. Dribbled saliva onto it. Licked it again. He pointed the tip of his tongue and lanced the centre of the hole. It resisted. So he spread the cheeks some more and persevered. Gradually the ring of muscle became more pliable. It started to open, in inviting little kissing movements. Jake felt as though his tongue was being nibbled and swallowed by Daniel's asshole. He stiffened his tongue and worked his way in. He was now fucking Daniel with his mouth!

'Oh FUCK YEAH!' Daniel exclaimed.

The sight must have been amazing to any onlooker. A tall, lean man in his forties, standing on the tips of his toes, upper body and head thrown back in ecstasy, gasping and exclaiming in expletives, as his hands gripped the heads of two younger males, one with his face buried in his crotch, the other glued to his ass, crouching back and front of him. The man was fucking one boy's face while being drilled from behind. He appeared to be enjoying himself!

It appeared Daniel was enjoying himself, but his movements suggested he needed to take some sort of control over the situation. Grasping both boys by their hair, he removed them from their duties. His cock was shining and dripping with pre cum and spit, and he could feel a dribble of saliva running down the inside of his thigh. He stepped from between the two boys, still holding them in his grip. He pulled them forward so they were side-by-side on their hands and knees. Releasing their hair, they immediately turned to each other and started to kiss passionately. Daniel walked around behind them. What a sight! Two bubble-butt asses raised up beside each other. He crouched down in front of them and stroked across the cheeks with both hands. Each ass raised up further into the air simultaneously. Placing his hands on each outside cheek, Daniel stroked his way across to the centre of each. Then, stiffening the middle finger of each hand, he traced a line down through each crack, coming to rest on two twitching assholes. The tips of his fingers massaged the muscles, each boy pushing back to meet his advances. He removed his right finger, brought it to his mouth and covered it with saliva, before returning it to the waiting asshole. He repeated the same action with his left finger. Then, working in unison, he started to massage the rings of muscle, slowly working his way inside. The walls of each hole gripped his digits tightly with hot muscles. He continued to work his way in, manoeuvring and loosening the muscles as he went.

'Aaaaaahhh!!' both boys cried out together.

Daniel pulled his fingers back a way, but before the muscled walls were allowed to retract, he slid them back in again, only this time twisting his hand so that his digits corkscrewed their way back inside. He repeated this motion, adding in a wiggle to just the tips of each finger, separating the walls of muscle as he eased his way forward. Then he was rewarded. His finger tips suddenly burst through the tight barrier and entered a space of free movement.

'Aaaargh!!' Again, a unified response.

Both boys asshole's seemed to relax and Daniel was able to slide his finger out, and then immediately back in with renewed ease. This time even more of each of his fingers entered the space inside. He twisted his hands around so his fingers were able to explore and press against the inner walls of muscle.

The boys were panting and gasping now.

Sliding both fingers out, Daniel leaned forward and spat saliva on first one, and then the other puckered hole. Now he took the index and middle finger of each hand and massaged the winking apertures. Working slowly he worked each pair of fingers inside each of the boys. He went deep - as deep as his hands would allow, massaging the outer and then inner walls as he went. Having entered to the fullest extent, he withdrew slightly, stopped, and then drove back in. He did this again. And then he started to fuck each ass in unison, driving harder and faster as he plunged into hot wet depths of the boys' insides.

The panting and gasping had transformed into words that were shouted and screamed, echoing across the backyard.




Suddenly, with just his left hand, Daniel withdrew his fingers. He slid their wetness down over Marc's balls and he grasped his cock from behind, pulling it backwards, causing Marc's back to arch and his ass to lift even further into the air. Maintaining his finger-fucking of Jake, Daniel leaned forward and spat again on Marc's pulsating asshole. Kneeling between Marc's legs, Daniel brought the head of his cock into contact with Marc's wet hole. Manipulating his cock with his left hand he slicked the head in the pool of saliva, all the while pushing against the winking opening. Marc pushed back and the fat head of Daniel's cock popped inside. He didn't stop, he kept pushing, sliding in to the heat of Marc's ass. He pushed until he could go no further, the root of his cock gripped tightly by the outer lips of Marc's asshole.

Now it was Daniel's turn to sigh.

Slowly he withdrew his shaft, savouring each ripple of muscle on muscle. He pulled back so that just the head of his cock remained inside the boy. Then he checked his movement and slid back inside. He maintained this leisurely pace a couple more times, in, then out. He could feel Marc getting anxious. Apart from the whimpering at the front end, the boy was manoeuvring his back end to pleasure Daniel's cock. He kept pushing back against his repeated entries, he twisted slightly screwing his hole down onto the invading shaft, and he kept squeezing his inner ass muscles when Daniel's cock was inside at its fullest extent. This boy wanted to be fucked, badly. So Daniel started to picked up the pace, thrusting into Marc. In the end his cock, and his hand in Jake's adjacent butt were banging into the boys in the same pace and rhythm. Between passionate kissing, he had both boys calling out now.

'Fuck yeah!'


'Fuck me!'


Daniel came to realise, however, that as his fucking of Marc became increasingly violent, slamming into the tight, hot ass, one voice started to dominate the animalistic grunts and exclamations.

'FUCK ME!!!' It was desperate and needy. 'FUCK ME!!'

Jake had decided it was his turn. Daniel's thrusting fist wasn't enough. He had increased his assault to three fingers. He was maintaining the ferocity of attack as on his lover's ass. But Jake wanted cock and who was Daniel to deny him?!

With no warning, he withdrew from both young men, stood up and moved to behind Jake. Instead of kneeling, he crouched down and, without any preparation rammed his stiff cock up Jake's gaping ass. The juices from Marc's hole eased the way, but it was still a violent entry.

'Aaaargh!' Jake screamed.

Having overcome the surprise of suddenly no longer having a huge jack-hammering cock up his ass, the shout made Marc turn to his lover.

'It's OK, it's OK! Relax!'

Daniel immediately started fucking Jake for all he was worth. The sound of his abdomen slapping against the cheeks of Jake's ass echoed across the garden. He was now the one grunting as he repeatedly plunged into the boy. He leaned forward and gripped his shoulders to steady himself, the action allowing him to pull Jake back to meet his incoming thrusts. He watched as Marc scooted in under Jake to lie on his back, face to face with his lover. He put his hands on either side of Jake face and drew him down to kiss him. In doing so Jake's ass arched up, challenging Daniel to fuck him harder. Daniel obliged. Jake screamed into Marc's mouth. Uncontrollably he threw his head back, breaking his kiss with Marc.

'Oh yeah! FUCK! ME!'

Daniel forced one particularly hard lunge into Jake, whose legs collapsed from under him, grinding his hard cock down onto that of his lover beneath him. That was when Daniel had an idea.

As he pulled back from his most recent onslaught, he pulled his cock out of Jake completely. The surprise made Jake, still supporting himself on his outstretched arms, arch his back. In one swift movement, Daniel reached between the boys and found Marc's stiff cock. He pulled it out from between their mashed bodies and forced it up to slide across Jake's slippery ass crack. Both boys got the message very quickly. Jake's need to have a cock up his ass drove him to shift his position, and with involuntary accuracy, ram his ass down onto Marc's stiff shaft. Daniel guided it into place as it disappeared into Jake. Marc responded by immediately taking up the role of fucker. He grabbed Jake's ass cheeks in each of his hands, pulling them apart to maximise entry. Jake started to ride his lover, who thrust his hips up rhythmically into the hot insides of his ass.

Daniel watched. What a great view! Marc's balls, with their light dusting of golden hairs, were tightly drawn up to the base of his cock - a cock that was long, wide and shining, with a ridge extending its full length. Every so often Daniel would catch just the ridge of the helmet of Marc's cock as it withdrew almost entirely from Marc's hole, before ramming back into him. Whenever Jake lifted his ass on the upward slide, the lips of his hole gripped Marc's shaft, stroking it to the tip, before plunging back down.

I'm not finished yet, Daniel thought.

Once again, crouching down behind Jake's back, Daniel gripped his own cock at its base. Unlike his previous action, this next move was going to have to be made slowly and with care. He presented the fat head of his cock to the base of Marc's and slid it up to meet Jake's next downward thrust. The pressure of Daniel's cockhead against his already stretched hole made him check his movements. All three men knew what was coming next. One was determined, one was excited, and one was a little scared. Daniel felt Marc holding very still, waiting to be joined inside Jake's ass. In an attempt to reassure Jake, Daniel stroked the muscles of his back. Very slowly he pushed the head of his cock against the unyielding lips of Jake's hole. He could feel the boy shaking in his hands, presumably rather scared of what would happen. But Daniel had done this before. He knew what the human ass could take. OK he was big, and Marc was right there behind him, but he knew Jake could do it.

'Just relax son. The doctor knows what he's doing. Push back and I'll be there to meet you. Come on,' he coaxed.

With a combination of Jake's bravery, as he slid his ass back down, Daniel's determination and care, and Marc's support and love, Daniel's cock started to slide into Jake's ass alongside Marc's. It took a slow and careful decent, but soon Daniel felt Jake's ass drop down to the base of his cock. The pressure was immense - the two cocks wedged against each other in such a tight confined space.

'OH FUCK YEAH!!!' Jake exclaimed.

To any onlooker the sight must have been amazing. A young man very clearly being double-fucked by a boy his own age, and an older man. The one sandwiched between the other two appeared to be in control of the situation, but who knew if that would last. Something that was in no doubt, the young man was enjoying the ride!

Jake was enjoying it. He was a little scared, and there was a little pain at first. But the realisation he was being stretched to capacity by two huge cocks wedged up his ass, seemed to bring Jake back into consciousness. He was now aware that ecstasy had led him into a state of unconscious lust, where Daniel had very much been in control of all proceedings.

'When you're ready son,' Daniel whispered into Jake's ear.

Slowly, and with great trepidation, Jake lifted himself up.

'Not too far,' Marc said, looking into his lovers beautiful face.

Jake stopped and reversed his movement, slowly sitting down on the two enormous cocks. There were brief flashes of pain, but mostly a sense of fullness, of being possessed by these two men. He was getting to love it. When they were all the way in, he could feel them right up inside, throbbing against each other and pulsating on his prostate. His cock was thrashing around between him and Marc, desperate to cum. But he wanted to wait. He wanted them all to come together. He needed them to fuck him, and hard.

'Come on guys,' he panted. 'Is this the best you've got? I'm putting all the effort in here!'

'Do you really know what you're asking?' Daniel grinned.

'Just fuck me!' came the response.

'Come on Marc I need you with me. Come on son!'

'I'm right with you Doc!'

'Cut the chat. Just fuck me!' Jake gasped.

'D'you hear that Doc? Jake here wants to be fucked. He wants both our cocks painting his insides with cum,' Marc panted. 'What d'you say we take him there?'

'Let's do it!' the doctor shouted.

Both men took over. In opposing rhythm, they started to ram their cocks into Jake's gaping hole, sliding against each other and racing each other to a conclusion.

All three were now gasping, panting and grunting. Three males fulfilling their bestial duty.

'Aaargh!' The first sign Jake was close to orgasm. 'Marc?!'

'I'm with you! Ready when you are!'


'Let go boy! I'm there!'


Scalding hot cum squirted up inside Jake as he similarly erupted over his and Marc's bellies. Daniel and Marc continued to fuck him and he could feel their cum running out of his ass and over his balls.

'Oh!...Yeah!...Aah!...Mmm!!' he exclaimed.

It seemed to go on forever. Jake had never cum so much. But slowly passion subsided. Daniel was the first to withdraw from Jake's bruised ass. There was a slight slurping sound as his softening cock slipped out and wiped it's slimy deposit down his co-fucker's balls. Marc was next. Supporting Jake's torso in his strong arms, he lifted his lover off of his still stiff cock.

Jake felt empty, but before he had time to mourn the loss of attention, he felt Daniel licking at his swollen asshole, lapping at the excess of his own and Marc's cum as it oozed out of Jake. He threw his head back, loving the sensation. As he did so, Marc positioned himself so he could take Jake's cum-wet cock into his mouth. Jake was a very happy man.

When there was no cum left, Marc and Daniel helped lift Jake to an unsteady standing position. They walked him to the edge of the pool and, supporting him on either side dragged him into the water with a splash. They floated in the warm water, stroking and kissing each other.

What a way to spend an afternoon off!



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