I was in my last year college when the Professor handed me my report and grade back to me, I was very shock as I saw the grade was well below what it should have been. I approach Mr. Ellie who was a brute of a many as he stood well over 6'2 and a solid 240 pounds or more. I told him how I felt about the grade that he gave me and wanted an explanation from him, He told me to meet in his office around 2 pm the next day to discuss this matter.

I was real nervous when I knock on his door as he began to shout at me to come on in. I felt my cock got a little hard as he stood up and shook my hand and ask me to sit down, He was wearing tight Black Hagger Dress Slacks along with a nice light Blue Silk Dress shirt with a Tie that matches his wardrobe very well. We both discuss the grade as we both began to get a little angry with each other. It was well over 30 minutes now when he decide to give me a break and up my grade to A status, We then plan to get together for a coffee down at the local Java house on Saturday morning around 9 am. 

I was sitting at the Java House cafe waiting and look at my Swiss Army watch and the time was like around 9:15 by now. As I just started to get up he started to walk in wearing his Navy Dark Blue Adidas track suit that was popular back in the 70's as I could not stop starring down at his huge basket that he was showing, We then chatted for a long period of time when as we told each other about our personal life. Hey Mr Ellie " Any plans for dinner tonight " came from Tom ? " Please Tom called me Bryce when I am not at work came from his voice " As for dinner how about coming to my new Condo Tom around 6 or so. It was shortly after 6 now when I buzz his unit to come on in. What a nice large unit he had, It was on the 17 floor overlooking the city with  a huge master bedroom and bathroom with a stand up glass shower and a jet tub to die for. He then gave me a tour of the condo complex before we sat down to eat. The complex had a massive fitness area along with steam room and all the top notch Gym equipment and a very nice pool area.

The nice Merlot wine along with the Prime rib steak that Bryce B.Q was really tasty and superb then any steakhouse that was in the city Tom told him. It was well after 9 when Bryce invited Tom down to the steam room to get a nice hot steam, " Hey Bryce I don't have any trunks to wear my friend " You can see Bryce smile as he began to tell Tom that he some trunks around that might fit him. They then both change before they went on down to the steam room and pool for the evening. Tom was all along in the steam room waiting a good 10 minutes as Bryce open the door wearing a Black Spandex material speedo before he went and plump on down close to Tom. You can see Tom eyes glare of sexual passion as Bryce bulge began to get a semi on as they both smile at one another. Tom was not much good looking he was a little bit over weight as he stood around 5'9 weighing close to 180 along with not to much hair on his body and a nicely trim goatee. They then both started to chat before Bryce made his first move on Tom. Tom was a little shock when he felt Bryce rub his hand up against his leg a few before Tom stood up as Bryce got down on his knees and started to suck Tom nice 7 inch cut cock. He suck on Tom cock a good 10 minutes as it was his turn now to do the honours to Bryce. Bryce stood up and slowly pulingl his speedo down just pass his balls area as Tom started to go to work on Bryce nice 8 inch plus semi cut cock. " Fuck you good Bryce yell at Tom" As he was getting real close in shooting off his load. It only took a few moment later as Bryce shoot his massive load all down Tom throat and the rest of his cum flew over his hairy goatee.

They both shower off and went back up to Bryce apartment for some more wine. The time was well after 11 by now when Tom ask Bryce if he would fuck his virgin hole. " For sure dude " Came from Bryce as the two of them got up and head on down the hall to Bryce bedroom. The pot lights were dim very low as they both undress as Bryce walk over to the night table to grab some lube and condoms. Tom began to watch Bryce pour the massage oil all over his hairy body and cock before he roll the condom all the way up onto his huge dick. Tom was bend over on the side of the bed as Bryce started to eat out his virgin hairy hole as he then felt his tongue going all the way into his ass by now. " Fuck it feels good " Tom was screaming of pleasure. Bryce then got up after a few minutes and began to push his nice hard cock into Tom juicy hairy hole. " Holy fuck Bryce it hurts " as Bryce was almost all the way in, Bryce began to stop for a few seconds before he continue on to fuck Tom. The fuck is now well into a good 20 minutes now as Bryce is still fucking Tom in full throttle, fucking his hole good and deep as both of their body's begin to sweat with all of Bryce fucking power. " Fuck, Fuck, Fuck I am going to shot Tom " As Bryce scream out ! You can see his whole body started to jilt forward as his cock is now pouring out a huge load filling up the bottom of the condom that he had on. Bryce took a minute rest as he slowly pull out his massive cock from Tom sore hole by now. Tom was amaze watching Bryce rolling off the condom that had almost a good ounce of his cum in the bottom of it.

The clock on the night table was now showing midnight as the two of shower off before they both went back out to the living room for a night cap. Tom had most his clothes on bye now as he then watch Bryce put on a fresh pair of bright red Jockey sports briefs along with his terri cloth robe. They both had one more drink before Tom walk out the door and headed home for the evening.

It was 4 day's later until they both spoke to one another and told each other how they both enjoy the dinner and the fuck they had. Tom then told Bryce that his ass is still sore a bit as they both smile and walk out of his office together. It was the end of the school year when Tom heard that Bryce was getting married to a women who works in the school dining room. Tom could still not believe that it  was her, She stood around 5"5 weigh a good 140 along with very dark black and grey hair. She was not know to be very friendly around the school campus at all. It was around a year later that Tom read in the paper that Bryce and her got married. Tom was now working in the city about 2 hours from were he went to school. It was a warm day he was sitting with his new boyfriend out side on the patio at the cafe when he heard a women screaming and yelling at this man. My God it was Bryce and her before he started to laugh to himself. Carl ask Tom what the hell is so funny ? Tom then told Carl then hole story about him and Bryce. They both order some more beers before they continue on with their own wedding plans.

The End




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