After all the fun I had with hiring big black dick, out of the blue, I ended up meeting a guy my age who was all that and a bit more. Well, he had all my requirements. Beautiful black guy, handsome, hung, bb pig, great lover, fun to be with and all in all, my forever.

He eventually became my husband but in the early days of our relationship, there were some weird dynamics unfolding. It's all water under the bridge now but we had some great fights over things I can't even remember now and somehow, always came back together.

One of the oddest nights we had is still unexplained but still one which even as I write about it, I get hard thinking about hot it actually was.

By this time, he had moved into my house and one weekend, came home from work as usual to me and some wine. He was in an odd mood (to say the least) and I guess it was doubt, nerves, confidence or whatever but he wouldn't let it go, wanting to know if I was sleeping around and started asking me if I wanted an orgy with all the black dick I could swallow.

Of course i did but by this time, I also loved this man so I brushed it off saying he was all I needed. We kissed and made up, he claimed down and then without missing a bit said to me, "go douche."

Who doesn't love make-up sex right?

"take your time" he shouted as I went upstairs, "and make sure you're good and clean."

I did as instructed and it was probably 45 minutes later when I came out to the bedrooms, he wasn't upstairs and I went into my closet to pick out a jock strap.

I thought I heard talking downstairs in the living room but I wasn't sure so I went about my task admiring my bubble butt in the floor length mirror of my closest.

Now my suspicions were confirmed because I heard the creaking steps of my old house and my soon-to-be fiance saying "he's upstairs, come on."

I had no clue that while I was showering, he had gone on Craigslist and searched for additional dick, just for me.

He came upstairs followed by a sexy black guy. They had obviously been making out because my bf's jeans were undone and the new guy was shirtless.

I jokingly said something like "Christmas comes early," and the new guy whom I hadn't met yet says, "oh we're coming."

After exchanging some pleasantries, my bf moved away to leave the other guy with me on the landing of the stairs. I thought he was going to pull the bed sheets back or something but after what seemed like an eternity of pleasantries, the new guys grabbed my waist and started to kiss me.

This guy had a big dick and a swagger to him. I could tell. As he pushed his crotch into mine, it felt like a beer can made of stone. He was a good kisser too and built.

Hot bod, big dick, obviously piggy and I thought, "isn't that sweet of my bf to set this up?"

Only I didn't know where my BF had gone too.

I pulled this stud into the spare bedroom and got to work undressing him. He spent some time eating my ass and before long I was looking at what had to be 9" of dick staring me in the face.

I got into one of my favorite positions on the bed. On my tummy, my head at the edge, with my jock strapped ass wide open for fingers or whatever else might come my way.

As I started to suck this guy off, my BF appeared in the door way and started to shout at me calling me a fucking whore etc etc.

I won't dwell on this particular moment but i got up, the bf disappeared and I said to the naked stud in front of me, "I'm not sure what is going on here, but I think I'm gonna have to ask to you to leave."

He was polite about it and nodded his approval looking as confused as me.

I went to our bedroom and tripped over a pill bottle on the floor. It was a prescription strength sleeping pill and for some reason, my BF had taken it and was passed out like a light.

"sweetie?" I said as I heard the guy getting dressed in the other room. I was truly clueless as to what the fuck was going on. I shook him, tried to wake him up but he was passed out. Strange to say the least. Like I say, he and I got married later, so for whatever was happening this night, meh, it was what it was.

Anyway, my BF wasn't going anywhere and I was aware that the guy was now dressed and standing at the top of the landing waiting for me. I apologized profusely and he was super sweet about it. He told me that he had replied to an add on Craigslist to come tag team this guys bf, which he did.

Pity I thought, such a waste of good dick.

Anyway, he put on his shoes at the door and I said goodbye opening the door. As I opened the door to let him I got a bit of a startle because there was another black guy standing there holding his phone with a WTF look on his face.

I got very nervous and uncomfortable at this point and tried to explain to them both that there was something going on, I didn't know what it was but my BF had set this up, he was passed out upstairs etc etc.

Here I was, standing in a jock strap, at my door, one sexy man in the house who's dick I had already sucked and another standing on the porch wondering what the fuck was going on.

Thank god the guy outside broke the silence and said something like "So if he's passed out, does that mean we can't fuck you."

For maybe an eighth of a second I considered the options here and very quickly said with a smile, "why not?" And invited the other stud inside. All this time, I had been standing in the door,meeting nothing but a jock, completely oblivious to anyone else.

"But," I said, " let's fuck in the basement TV room or the back garden so we don't disturb my husband."

The trouble with being a pig is when you have two hot dicks practically in your guts, you do the analysis really quickly and your aching little pucker takes control of the situation.

Anyway, I said for them to make themselves comfortable (ie get naked) and I ran upstairs to get poppers and lube.

I came back downstairs and the three of us kissed and made out while they played with my ass and let me suck their dicks.

I grabbed their hands and took them into the stairwell downstairs and I continued sucking on their beautiful cocks. I remember laughing because the one guy had to have been 6'4" and my basement had a very low ceiling. He was bent over like he was standing in a doll house as I sucked his huge cock.

They took turns fucking me on the couch in front of the TV and I kept wondering if my BF was pretending to be passed out upstairs, but if he was, he never came down.

They spit roast me and the guy fucking me came in my ass so I stood up to take a little breather and stretch thinking outloud, "Fuck me in the garden you guys."

I led them outside through the garden doors into the back yard which although not private by any means, is secluded enough for a little sex.

The tall one lifted me up onto the table out back and while I laid under the umbrella on my back sucking the other guy, he fucked a load of cum into me.

The three of us fooled around for a little while longer, me being the token pig for their cum and after they left, I went upstairs to find a snoring bf.

We never really talked about the night although part of me wanted to ask, "if you didn't want me to be tag teamed, why did you call these guys?"

In the end, does it matter? I got double dicked down in the backyard and went to bed with at least three loads in my ass so I was a happy pig.



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