Barry was really carrying on about it when he found out that I was gay, It was almost as if I was a seriel killer or something.

'What the fuck am I suppose to say, I've been your friend all these years, we have slept over with each other, we have gone camping together, we have played sports, you don't look like a faggot Ken.'

'Now just you tell me Barry, what the fuck is a faggot suppose to look like, are they deformed in some way, maybe like the 'Creature from the Black Lagoon, or maybe from outer space, just what do they look like? I'll tell you what they look like, they look like me, Im a normal American male that just likes sex with guys, and thats the only difference, I'm a tender, warm, loving, caring person with a different taste in sex partners thats all.'

'But why didn't you tell me, Ken?'

'Listen to yourself Barry, this is why I haven't told you, I was afraid you would react just like your acting.'

'Hey Barry, I'm still your best friend, I'm still that same guy that loves to swim, play ball, go out to movies and yes sleep over with you at one or the others house.'

'Tell me something Barry, have I ever hurt you in any way? Surely the knowledge of me being gay hasn't hurt you, I'm still me, one hour ago we were best friends and now this, because you found out the truth that I am gay, I'm not the same human anymore, Why?'

I had tears come into my eyes as I turned and walked away knowing that maybe Barry might never speak to me again.

I went away broken hearted feeling like I had lost every friend I had ever had, thinking thoughts like why was I ever born, what happened to bring this curse on me. I was in a dilema, I wanted to say fuck it all and take a pill and end it all that night. I was hurting very deeply.

Truth was I had this crush on Barry, I had had it almost six years, since we were about fourteen, and I did very well trying to hide the fact that I loved him, I wanted him and I truthfully needed him, I felt that he completed me.

I went home brokenhearted from Barry's house that night.

It was a sad, long, empty feeling week later as I sat on my patio in a lounge chair, I heard someone open the gate, It was Barry, I looked up puzzeled at his appearance, 'What now,have you come to rag on me some more?? He looked at me and like a lost kid said, 'Hey Ken, you o.k?'

'Yeah us faggots have a way of being treated like skum and getting over it.'

'Hey man, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel like that, I was in a state of shock, Truth is, I really miss you, and down deep in my heart I love you, well like a brother, but you need to talk to me and help me to understand just what it is with a gay person, I don't understand. Can you be that patient with me untill I understand.

'I smiled at Barry and said, 'Yeah Barry, I missed you too, God only knows how much.'

'Barry smiled and said, tell me something, I have been told that when a gay guy sleeps in bed with you, that they like to play with your cock when your asleep, is that true?'

'Well Barry, I don't know about all gay guys, but I have done that myself on a sleepover.'

'Hummm! well have you ever felt me up when we slept together?'

'Well you want the truth, Yeah, you have an awesome cock.'

'You really think my cock is awesome?'

'Yeah Barry, you may not know it but every time I rubbed you cock for you while you were asleep, you would get so hard it felt like a steel pipe, damn it was so thick. I loved the feeling of your hard cock. Hey truthfully, I have even sucked it a couple time, you didn't seem to mind either.

'No, shit, I have always thought that I could never get a boner from haveing a guy touch my cock, let alone get off from it.'

'Barry, let me tell you something, I'll bet you a fifty dollar bill I can get you hard and then make you cum. What do you say to that?'

'I'm not sure what to think, I could sure use fifty dollars but having a dude mess with my cock, Im not sure about that one.'

I stood up and we walked into the house, into our Kitchen, my parents were gone for the evening, some sort of business Dinner and meeting with my Dad's boss.

We walked into the house, and I turned around, I reached out and took Barry's hand, it was warm and so exciting, I was getting ready to try something with Barry I had wanted to try for a long time.

Barry just leaned back against the counter I slid off his tee shirt, and began to lightly rub my hands over his gorgeous torso, his thick and defined chest muscles, stopping to pay special attention to his nipples, that tuft of hair around those dark half dollar sized aerolas, then to feel the nipples stiffen, tight and hard, as Barry just moaned a little from the pleasure of it.

I was licking and kissing his mouth and rubbing his head with my hands and sticking my tongue into his ears and sucking on the earlobes.

I could hear gentle moans as I performed my artwork with Barry's body.

His eyes were closed when I layed my hand against his already hard cock, I never said a word.

Barry was biting his lower lip, and licking on his lips, I knew he was enjoying it, as I began to bring him to a hightened state of arousal.

I reached down and undid the snap on his trousers and opened them up.

Barry's boxers were loose enough to make access to his hardon easy.

I opened his trousers up and slid them to the floor, and I beheld his gorgeous, veiny, perfectly cut cock sticking straight outward thru the slit in his boxers, it was long, thick, and very hard, and perfectly circumcised, it was gorgeous.

'So! You don't think you could get aroused by a guy hugh?'

Barry smiled, opened his eyes, looked straight into my eyes and said, 'you still haven't gotten me off yet.'

That was what I needed to hear, I dropped to my knees on the kitchen floor.

I leaned over to Barry's gorgeous body, that washboard set of abs with that awesome looking treasure trail of black hair trailing down to the thick bush that surrounded his awesome looking cock, with its low hangers there, it was show time for me.

I leaned into his body and slid his eight inch cock to that beautiful thick bush in my mouth, I felt his body tighten up and heard a sound that made me feel joy. Barry had moaned a big moan of pleasure as I began to deep throat that awesome cock, I could feel its thickness, taste that awesome taste of his pre-cum, and Barry, well lets just say he was finding out that a guy does a lot better than a girl when it comes to sucking cock.

I was working his cock over to his moans and groans, and then he grabbed the back of my head, 'Holy Fuck Ken, you want my load its about there?' It seemed like I just got started.

I just layed into his cock with more intensity, as I felt his nuts which had tighened up against his cock at the base, and I felt him as his cock started pumping out it's man seed deep into my throat, I was in my own heaven, my best buddy, finally got to see and feel, and I was the giver, wow, what an awesome night that was.

I stood up and said, 'Well what do you thing of this ole faggot now?' Barry was in the throws of his after glow from this intense climax, and I was in my heaven.

Finally Barry opened up his eyes, smiled, and just said 'Wow Ken, that was fucking Fantastic, I had no Idea that sex with a guy was like that.'

'Hey Barry, thats the tip of the ice berg, theres more than that involved, Im willing to teach you if you want to know.

'Fuck Yeah! Ken, If you don't mind, I guess I could be one of those 'Bi Guys,' but I'm not toally gay.'

'Yeah Whatever, wanna sleep over tonight? We can experiment with other things if you want?'

'Hell yeah, sounds awesome dude, lets go get something to eat I'm starving now.'

We went out to a burger joint and had some supper and went to a movie that night, we got back to the house about eleven and went up to bed.

'Barry was already naked and waiting like a hungry wolf when I got out of the bathroom, 'Damn man, you in a hurry or something?'

Barry just smiled and giggled, man I really enjoyed this afternoon, whats next?' I looked down at Barry's cock and it was stiff as a peice of concrete, I smiled and then went for the good stuff, I reached over and squirted some lube on his cock and started working on it with my hand, He was enjoying that too, very much acutally.

I layed over across his lap and took him into my mouth and sucked him good and hard and sloppy wet, then I got up and slicked his cock with lube. I crawled up on top of his body and just reached around and grabbed his thick cock, placed the head at my anal opening, and sorta set down on top of it, letting it slowly and gently slide up into my turd tunnel.

The feeling of having my best friend, my lifelong buddy inside of me was astronomical, the feelings, the heat, the sensations of his cock rubbing against my prostate was makeing me overwhelmed with excitement and pleasures.

I felt like flying out the window as I leaned over and began to fuck Barry's awesome cock with my asshole squeezing it with my ass muscles with each thrust. I leaned over and began to deep tongue kiss Barry's mouth and he was going wild, it was the most awesome time of my life.

I could feel Barry's intensity and urgency building up, and with each thrust of his cock into my intestines, if felt that little shocking waves of sensation courseing thru my body, I was in my zone with Barrys cock in my asshole.

I wanted to stay this way forever.

Barry just smiled at me as we hammered away, getting rougher with each minute, untill finally I felt Barry jam his hips upward violently, grab my legs with his hands and pull my body down onto his cock, as it fired off several vollies of cum into my intestines, it felt so warm inside my body, that feeling brought me to the edge and I went over as my right hand stroked my cock to an awesome climax, hitting Barry in the face, actually right on the lips, Barry got a taste of my cum, he started licking it like he loved the flavor, and before long he had swiped up every drop of my cum and licked it off his hand, that in itself was a most awesome visual. Damn, Barry is beautiful. We have been together now for almost seven years and sex with this Straight, homophobic dude has been awesome.

So tell your friends that Fried Chicken tastes mighty good, and just because they have never tried it, don't change that fact. No one knows what something is like untill they have tried it. Dont downtalk something you've never tried. Ya'll have a great day, Ya Hear!



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