Two days after Mark's sexual pounding of Coach Scott, the baseball team's assistant coach, Mark is called to the office of Coach Bruce for a very serious discussion about his sexual behavior. Coach Bruce is back after three days of illness.


MARK: As listed in part 1, Mark, the baseball team catcher, is a 21-year-old stud, weighing 200 pounds, stands 5' 11", has a 44" neck size, curly black hair, brown eyes, and dark complexion. He has very large arms/biceps, big thighs and legs, large low hanging balls and a huge 10" cut cock.

COACH BRUCE: The coach is a 42-year-old stud. He stands 6'2"; weighs a solid trim 195 pounds; red hair; hazel eyes; lean hard ridges of muscle down his chest, stomach, abs and legs. He is a former college wrestler and baseball pitcher. He has a monstrous 11" uncut cock and low hanging balls the size of two oyster eggs.

NICK: He is the 145 pound guy on the college wrestling team in his junior year. The 21-year-old Nick's profile includes short well trimmed blond hair; light blue eyes; stands 5'7"; and smooth hairless chest, stomach and legs. His crotch is covered in well-trimmed blond fuzz with a very slick and smooth 7.5 inch cut cock. He has a beautiful shaven bubble pink ass.


After baseball practice on a Friday, Coach Bruce calls Mark over to the dugout and says:"After you shower and put away your baseball gear, I want to meet you in my office." Mark replies: "Yes, Coach. I hope nothing is wrong."

"Well, yes Mark we need to have a very serious talk." Mark becomes very nervous from the sound of Coach Bruce voice.

After about 30 minutes, Mark knocks on the Coaches' door. The Coach says: "Come in Mark." "Hi, Coach, you want to talk with me."

"Yes, Mark, it has been reported to me that one of our custodians over heard you and Coach Scott having steamy sex in the athletic room. He saw what you were doing. This is unacceptable behavior for you and Coach Scott. We will have to take some disciplinary action. I wanted to talk with you before confronting Coach Scott. What do you have to say for yourself, young man?"

Mark becomes very red faced and angry at the Coach. Mark makes a bold move in defense of himself and Coach Scott. Mark says: "Coach Bruce, I know you are divorced but that also you are playing around with your married 24-year-old secretary. I do not mean to be cruel but one of the male custodians that I have fucked three times this semester took some action to protect himself as well as me in case we got caught fucking.

"Mark, what in the hell are you saying?"

"Oh Coach, the unnamed custodian caught you and your married secretary fucking after office hours in the mens' locker room. He filmed the sex act on his phone and gave me a copy. You could be in real trouble. Here let me show you the film."

"Oh, Fuck, Oh Damn, I did not know anyone saw us and also filmed the act. What do you want from me to keep this a secret?"

"Well, Coach Bruce, you know I am just a young horny college student and I will not be in nearly as much trouble as you, your secretary, Coach Scott or the custodian. If you want all this to be put under the rug, you will do exactly what I say."

"Oh, yes, Mark, just name your price."

Mark goes over and locks the office door and comes up close to the Coach and Says: "You are going to suck my now rock hard cock. I will give you a blowjob, eat your asshole and fuck you so you get your first man cock up your ass. I will show no mercy for that man pussy of yours."

"Oh, please Mark, please, please! I am totally a 42-year-old straight man that loves to fuck women. Can we not settle this matter some other way?"

"Hell, no!! I am going to have that gorgeous cock and ass of yours tonight. You are one hot bitch of a man. I have lusted after your body for three years. I like older men. I have to breed you."

"Oh, Mark, please be gentle with me. I have heard that you are a very aggressive fucker showing no mercy for a guy's ass. You are such a big dude with a rugged body and huge cock. Lets get it over with as I do not want to stress any more than I am already doing."

"Coach, taker off all you clothes. I want you totally naked as we make love. I am taking off my clothes now. Get down on your knees in front of my crotch and start sucking my steel hard 10" cock. Take it all down your throat."

As Coach Bruce starts kissing and licking Mark's cock head, Mark begins driving his leaking red-hot cock deep into Coach Bruce's throat. The Coach is gagging and spitting up juices all over Mark's slick and dripping cock. Mark is using his hard hips and huge legs to force his cock deeper and deeper down this virgin throat. While the Coach continues to gag, Mark fucks his mouth for another five minutes. The sloppy fuck is causing gobs of spit to flow down Coach Bruce chin and onto his chest.

Mark and Coach Bruce are unaware that off to the side of the office with the connected conference room , Nick, the cute 145 pound wrestler, is studying for an exam. When Nick hears all the sounds from the blowjob, he slightly opens the door to the office and begins watching the action.

Nick, who is Gay, becomes so aroused that he unzips his pants, pulls out his big cock, and begins wildly jacking off. Nick begins to leak precum on his briefs and pants. He is wild with lust from the scene.

Near the end of the five minute blowjob, Nick is out of control and begins to moan loudly giving away his position. Mark sees Nick and says: "Hay, Nick, you want to join us?"

"Hell, yes Mark. I want to get fucked too."

The Coach is shocked but is not in control of the action.

Mark orders Coach Bruce to lie down on his back on top of the desk. As Mark takes the Coaches' surprisingly rock hard cock into his hand. Mark begins to kiss, lick and suck the Coaches' cock. Soon Mark has the entire Cock down his throat. He begins to wildly go down and come all the way off of this huge leaking cock. Mark's three year dream to have the Coaches' cock down his throat is coming true leading to extreme lust in Mark's own crotch and cock.

Mark's sloppy blow job so turns on Nick that he goes up to Coach Bruce mouth and drives his now steel hard cock down the Coaches' throat. He drives so deep into the Coaches' throat that his balls and pubic hair are rubbing against the Coaches chin. Once again the Coach is gagging and slobbering all over himself.

It appears that the Coach is beginning to really enjoy the blowjob he is getting and also sucking on hot Nick's cock. The Coach is grunting and moving hos hips with lust and pleasure. The sucking continues for another ten minutes. The precum is tasty for both Mark and the Coach.

Mark and Nick stop the action. They turn to kissing Coach Bruce while spitting into his mouth. The Coach begins to grab the back of each guys head when they kiss him. He has surrounded to this lustful sex. The Coach begins to jack himself off as he is being French kissed by these two hot young studs.

Mark then orders the Coach to get on the floor on his back. The Coach lies down, spreads his legs far apart, lifts his legs up onto Mark's broad shoulders, and indicates he is ready to be fucked.

Mark comes down on the Coaches ass and begins to wildly rim this beautiful large asshole. Mark gets his tongue rather deep into the wide opening and eats the ass for several minutes.

In the meantime, the Coach ask Nick to go over to his desk and get some lube for Mark that the Coach keeps for fucking his secretary.

While Mark drives his tongue in and out of the pink and wet asshole, the Coach begins to move his ass up to meet Mark's sharp tongue and moan with pleasure.

Mark lubes the Coaches' ass and begins to insert his throbbing cock deep into the really big and open ass. The Coach yells out in pain but Mark just drives deeper and deeper. Soon Mark is wildly thrusting all the way in and all the way our over and over. The Coaches' ass feels like velvet and is so slick that Mark is crazy with lust. Mark has dreamed of this fucking for years and now it is happening. Mark's cock is really pulsating from the feel of this gorgeous older man's ass. Mark's balls and pubic hair are rubbing against Coach Bruce crotch as he goes deep into the ass channel.

Soon the Coach is saying: "OMG, Mark, you hunk, your cock feels so hot and sexy in my ass. Please pound me harder. Please drive harder into me. Oh, FUCK, your cock feels so good. Do you like my ass? Is my ass one of the best you have had? You are such an aggressive fucker. You show no mercy. I love it."

Nick is so turned on that he takes his cock up to Coach Bruce mouth and begins to wildly jack off. He is moaning and jerking faster and faster in front of Coach Bruce mouth.

"Coach I want to come in your mouth. Take my seed down your throat. Oh, yes, I cannot hold back. OMG, here I come. Take it all. Eat my semen."

Nick shoots blast after blast of his warm semen down Coach Bruce throat. When he is finished, he closes the Coaches' mouth making him swallow ever drop.

After ten minutes of wild fucking, Mark feels his cock head swell, his balls rise up tight and his cock veins swell. Mark erupts with his missile blasting load after load of hot semen into the Coaches hot ass. The Coaches' ass is flooded with lots of semen.

Mark pulls out and begins sucking on the Coaches' ass as he fills his mouth with a big load. He goes up and spits the load down the throat of the Coach. Both Mark and Nick French kiss the Coach to share in the cum meal.

They let the Coach rest on the sofa while Mark lubes the ass of Nick. Mark is ready to go again---how fun to be young and have an unlimited supply of seed.

Mark has Nick lean forward facing the desk. As Nick leans forward into the desk, Nick pushes his ass back to greet Mark's huge cock. Mark inserts his cum covered cock head deep into the beautiful hairless pink ass and begins drilling the ass with strong thrusts. He uses his entire muscled body to pound Nick's hot ass.

Nick is moaning, breathing hard and panting with pleasure. Nick begs: "Oh, Mark, you giant of a man, please fuck me harder and harder. Drive all the way in. I love that big cock of yours. OMG, this is the biggest cock I have ever had in my ass. Please drill me until you come in me. I want to shoot another load myself. Make me pay. You are such a stud. I love the smell of you body. OH, please FUCK ME, FUCK ME. Oh, I love your cock. Yea, Yea, Oh Yea!"

Soon Mark yells, Nick here I come. Oh, yes, take my load. Oh, yes, I feel the cum shooting from my cock. Take it all."

This so turns on Nick that he begins shooting another huge load all,over the desk top. "Oh, Mark, here I come. OMG, it feels so good."

Mark orders Coach Bruce to get down on his knees and eat all his cum out of Nick's leaking ass. When the Coach is finished cleaning Nick's ass, Mark and Nick kiss Coach Bruce and get a taste of the warm cum.

Mark says: "Well, Coach, you have now had your first hot Gay sex. You seem to have enjoyed the experience. I guess all our secrets are safe. Is that agreed?"

"Yes, Mark it is all settled. How about you Nick?" The Coach ask.

Nick replies: "Oh, yes Coach, it is agreed."

Nick ask Mark: "What are you doing tomorrow evening? I would love to come over to your apartment and put my aching cock into your beautiful ass."

Mark replies: How about 7 PM? You can fuck me but I will also get another piece of your hot ass also."

"Mark, I can hardly wait. Love that cock of yours."



Naughty Eric


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