Based on a request from John's comments on my first Mark and Scott Gay Demon story, I share part 2 of the wild sex between Mark, the baseball catcher and Scott, the assistant baseball coach.

One week after returning to campus from the tour, the baseball team has its next home game. Coach Bruce is absent due to illness, leaving me as the assistant coach, to manage the team. We win by a score of 12 to 1 with Mark, our catcher, hitting two home runs including a grand slam.

The team showers and all the team members, coaches, student assistants and staff leave for dinner with the exception of Mark and me. After showering, Mark ask me to stay behind to help him loosen up his hamstrings that had tightened from his running the bases after his home runs.

I have Mark lie down on the athletic table on his stomach wearing only a jock strap so I can get the oils all around his thighs and upper legs. I am also a trained athletic medical expert.

Mark, the 21 year-old huge 200-pound, tall and muscled jock often tightens up after a game due to his hard muscled frame.

I turn on some jazz music that is Mark's favorite. I lock the doors and begin pouring the oils on his body. Mark ask me to massage his entire body with special emphasis on his hamstrings.

I pour the oil on his neck, his back, bubble butt, legs and feet. I spend at least 20-minutes rubbing up and down his body with an increase in the pressure applied. I spend lots of time loosening up his hamstrings.

Mark, who has been silent during the 20-minute massage, speaks: "Coach Scott, my hamstrings feel much better as does my whole body. Thank you for your help."

But I am not going to let him get away from me that easy after he fucked me on that tour without first asking me for permission. It is my turn to to get Mark's gorgeous horse cock inside me again. And I am determined to fuck this giant anal ass hole of this hunk.

"Wait, Mark, I just need to make sure you are completely loose." Mark, in a very relaxed state says: "Ok, Coach that is a good idea.?"

I take off his jock strap. I begin to apply more oil and slowly rub up his upper thighs gradually moving to his bubble butt. Soon I am lubing the entrance to his ass. Mark begins to moan letting me know that he is turned on. I insert first one and then two fingers into his pulsating and hot ass. I begin to oil and massage his prostate. Mark is now wild with lust. He begins to raise his ass up off the table and into my inserted fingers. I speed up my finger fucking of this huge man pussy. I have him just where I want him. He is now putty in my hands.

After fully lubing and spreading wide-open this gorgeous asshole, I lean down and start tongue fucking my hot catcher friend. I lick up and down his ass crack, plunge my tongue as deep as possible into his ass and reach underneath and grab his throbbing steel hard cock. I can feel the precum leaking into my hand. Mark is now out of control as he rises up almost off the table with his entire hot lubed body.

"Coach, eat my ass, keep jacking off my hard tool, make me come and eat my cum. I want you to fuck me and I want to drive my huge cock back into your ass as I did the other night. Lets FUCK all night. I love your twink sexy body." I keep up the rimming of his great tasting asshole and wildly jack him off for another 15 minutes. I also fondle his low hanging balls. We are both perspiring as loads of sweat pours off our bodies. I am so hot that I stop long enough to remove all my clothes while ordering Mark not to move off the table.

I turn Mark over on his back and oil down his front including his red-hot cock that is now standing up like a flagpole and leaking lots of precum. I begin jacking him off by sliding my hand up and down his very oily cock pole. Mark is bucking up and down with pleasure as he begs me not to stop.

"Mark, you big horny slut, you whore and man's man, I am in charge this time. You just lie back and enjoy the ride." This dirty talk so turns him on that that his cock begins to pulsate and move up and down wildly. Mark is panting and gasping for breath. I have him in total heat.

The temperature must be over 100 degrees just from the heat coming off of our bodies.

Without any warning (learning from Mark's earlier fucking session of me in bed several days ago), I jump up on top of him, lie flat down on his body and begin wildly humping Mark's beautiful hot body. With our sweat and all the oil on his body, we are sliding over each other with the greatest ease and erotic slick and wet pleasure. Our two huge cocks are intermingled and sliding back and forth with my cock on top of his horse sized cock.

I have never felt more eroticism from sex. We hump, moan, scream and grunt for another 20 minutes. We are covered in all the hot juices you can imagine.

At this point, Mark can not be contained any longer. He throws me off onto the floor. He grabs me up in his arms, places me on the table on my back, spreads my legs far apart, puts my feet on his shoulders, and buries his head in my crotch. He rims my ass with the greatest force. Later he turns to swallowing my big balls and finally he begins the hottest blowjob I have ever had. With no hesitation, he comes all the way down on my 8" cock with my balls and pubic hair rubbing against his chin. He is so sexy. For the longest time, he holds my cock down his throat with no movement. I am about to explode from this hot technique. He closes his lips around my cock with great pressure applied. WOW, is it horny. Finally, he begins to move up and down my rock hard shaft for about 10 minutes.

He becomes so aroused that he pulls my ass over the edge of the table and points his monstrous cock at the entrance of my man pussy. He is so eager to fuck me that he drives all the way in with one plunge. I feel his cock up in my guts just like I did that first night when he fucked me in bed.

He begins to drive in and out while using his powerful butt and legs to pound me without any mercy. Mark smiles, grunts and says: "Oh, Coach, you little bitch. Your ass is now mine and you belong to me, the rugged catcher. I love the feel of your tight pink ass around my cock. Your ass is the favorite one that I have ever fucked. I want to fuck your pink anal asshole ever day from now on. How about that, Coach?"

"Oh, Mark, darling, I love your horse cock inside me. I want to be your bitch. You can have my ass ever day. I want you to feed me your fuel over and over. I am yours. Make me pay."

The dirty talk drives Mark wild as he fucks me harder and harder as we both pant and moan with the ultimate pleasure. After about 15 minutes of the hardest fuck of my life, I feel the huge cock head of Mark expand, his shaft begins pulsating and the first blast shoots out of his missile into my guts. The first blast is followed by at least eight more eruptions. I can feel my ass over flowing with his hot man seed. The huge cum load makes it easy for Mark's cock to slide in and out with great speed as he finishes unloading his three day sperm up my ass.

He pulls his spent cock out of my ass and comes up to my mouth feeding me the warm cum residue off his cock. I stick my finger into my ass several times and eat this sweet cum from Mark. I grab Mark by the back of the neck and deep kiss him as I run my tongue deep into his throat so he can share the cum meal.

I am still really horny. I beg Mark to lie down on the floor on his stomach. I so want to fuck his beautiful bubble ass while lying flat on his back and legs. Mark says: "Coach, it is only fair to let you FUCK me as I have fucked you twice and I know how much joy it will be for you to put that 8" cock in my asshole. Go for it. Fuck my brains out. FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!"

I spread his legs far apart, pour some lube into his ass, finger his ass to open it wide and begin to enter his ass for the first time. I have never been harder and more horny. I drive all the way in with one thrust. WOW, his ass is so velvet like. His channel is big and wide making my thrusts so easy. I feel his experienced ass muscles close tight around my cock shaft and they will not let go. I am trapped and cannot move in and out. I am breeding this hunk but only by his rules. I am so turned on that I cannot move my cock. This is the greatest feeling. He finally releases his muscles as I begin to pound his ass by moving in and out. What a fuck. I fuck him for about 25 minutes.

Finally my balls will not cooperate any longer as they release gobs of hot cum up my cock shaft and fill Mark's large volcanic hole with a big load of my semen. I pull out after several blasts. Mark comes up to my face and places his asshole directly over my mouth as he empties my seed down my throat as it pours out of his ass. I swallow ever drop.

We shower and go to dinner. As we walk to the dinning hall, Mark says: "Coach, after dinner lets go to your apartment and let me fuck that beautiful pink ass again. I have already produced another load for you in my balls."

I am so hot and respond: "Mark, you horny guy, lets eat fast and get to my apartment. I want that champion cock of yours inside me again."

We both have hard-ons as we walk to the dinning room. Great hot night lies ahead.



Naughty Eric


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