Ted was a senior college student, majoring in sports education, learning to be a football coach, baseball, and track and field.. He was taking some understudies here at the Local High School and training as an assistant coach to the Head coach Miller.

I am an eighteen year old High School senior, I make pretty good grades, but I too, want to make a career of being in sports of some fashion, I have plans to attend a state university next year, and major in Health and Physical Education, so I have tried very hard to keep my grades up.

I have also been trying to keep my body in tip top shape, and I was really working hard to do just that, taking extra physicle education classes when ever I had the free time, instead of a study hall period I would go to the gym and work out, and my body was beginning to show the effects, I was really muscling up.

My arms were almost 19 inches around the biceps, solid muscle, my legs were like tree trunks, and I could run like the wind. My stomach was ripped and I have washboard abdominal muscles, because of doing about two hundred setups each morning and another hundred at night.

I was really most proud of my manhood, I have an eight and a half inch cock, but thats when its hard, and it is just a tad under six inches around, I measured it one day with a measuring tape and a peice of string, and my nuts are the size of medium sized chicken eggs, quite impressive, even if I do say so myself.

Well this Mr. Struteman, (Ted) had started working with us, preparing for the upcoming football season, trying to whip us guys into shape, He would wear his gym shorts, and a tank top shirt, and I really got to noticing him, god he was built, and I began to have these strange feelings everytime I would get around him.

He had an award winning smile, and he had this huge bulge in his crotch, a really eyecatching bulge, and for some strange reason I had the desire to see what was in those shorts, and rub that bulge.

Well, I was wanting to really get my self built up and ready for my position as quarterback of the football team, and after school I would go to the Varsity locker room,(Seperate from the regular mens locker room) and I would dress out and go up to the weight room, and powerlift for extra strength, you could only lift weights with the coaches permission, and I was doing it about four times a week, after school for about two hours.

This particular day I was dressing out in the locker room, and I heard a door open, The locker room door was a coded door, and you could only get into the varsity locker room if you knew the code.

I turned around to see who it was, and it was assistant coach Ted, I smiled and said hey coach whats up? He smiled and said, I knew you were going to be here, and I though I would give you some company lifting, and maybe spot you. I said wow, awesome man, shall we? and we went up to the weight room.

For some reason he was wearing this very mild aftershave lotion and it was making me horny, I was bench pressing about 125lbs, and coach Ted was spotting me, He was standing straddle of my face and I was looking up at his crotch, God I wanted to die. I was looking straight up into the leg of his gym shorts, he wasn't wearing a jocky strap, fuck me, my cock sprung up like a missle ready to launch, and I noticed coach Ted's started to just slightly fluff up too. I just stared up at his cock head hanging down there in the leg of his shorts and swallowed really hard, he looked down and smiled and said Londell, thats my name, I know its different, but you would have to know my parents, anyway he said Londell, are you alright, why did you stop, with a devilish little smile on his face. I started lifting the weights again and finished my reps and sat up trying to hide my boner. Coach Ted said is that about it? I said yea man, I think that is enough for the day. He said O.K. dude lets hit the showers, I said o.k.

We went down to the locker room and I was getting undressed, I was down to my jocky strap and socks, and I noticed Ted was at the end of my bench undressing beside me, I was not wanting to let him know I was interested in seeing his naked body, but he said ready man, I looked over and he was totally naked, I swallowed and my cock jumped up stiff and hard, now when your totally naked, Its hard to hide an eight inch boner. I looked over at the coach, and he smiled and saw me staring at his naked body, and I watched as his cock just started to rise bobbing as it came up and he flexed it and it stood straight up like a lamp post, God Damn, was his cock beautiful, and I had never really looked at another dude as being beautiful, but he was, built Like I wanted to be, and his cock was awesome looking, he was just looking at me with a hardon and not saying a word, his cock hard veiny and uncut, I wanted to reach out and touch it, Coach Ted came over to me setting on the bench and said Londell, i looked up and his cock was about two inches from my lips, He said Londell, Have you ever had a blowjob before? I said no, He said have you ever done anything suxually with a guy before? I said no, He said can I teach you what that's like? would you like to touch me? I looked up and said, I have wanted to do that since I first met you. He said, well then lets not hold back and stop a good thought. He came over and told me to stand up and I did, my cock was straining and sticking straight out heavy, and hard. He set down on the bench, next to me, and said man your beautiful, he reached up and started massaging my nutsack and rubbing my nuts, and I started moaning and wimpering like a little kid being loved by his mommy, Dam that feeling was awesome, He licked my stomach and reached up and gently twisted my nippels, god that was an awesome feeling, and then he leaned over and sucked my cock into his mouth, and I let out a groan of pleasure, never before in my life had I felt such and exquisit sensation, my cock jerked a little at the touch, my balls started tightening up, and I was floating on a cloud as coach Ted was rubbing my chest and sucking my cock, He reached around and spread my ass cheeks apart, and I spread my leg slightly, to allow his entry and he found my love button, and He wet his finger and started rubbing it in a circular motion, I was about to go fucking ballistic, damn was I getting the most awesome love job I had ever had, really all I had ever had was a hand job from my own hand, and I loved them, sometime I would stick my finger up my ass as I jerked off, but that was no where close to being in this catagory, I was lifted up from where I was and taken to the fucking stars, Coach said, how do you like it so far? I said, I don't have words to describe it, he just smiled and said I'm glad your enjoying it.

Coach Ted was sucking my cock like the master cocksman he was, and I looked down and he was jerking off his own cock, I said man don't cum yet, he said why? I said cause I want to do you. He said o.k. and in about three maybe four minutes He brought me to the gates of heaven, I said coach Its getting ready to shoot. Aw Shit man, and shoot it did, It was the strongest feeling shot of cum I have ever had, I was totally drained of all my essence, and coach Ted just sucked it all into his throat and swallowed, he looked up and smiled like a little kid in a candy shop and said my god man, that was delicious, I said man, It felt awesome, he licked the last little droplet from the head of my cock and I pulled his gorgeous body up, and I said now, bear with me, I haven't done this before, and I reached up and took hold of his very hard cock, and I felt its thickness, stroked it back and forth a little and for the first time in my life I felt what a foreskin felt like, god it was awesome feeling, I loved it, and I slid it back exposing that beautiful perfect pink looking hard thick head, and slid my lips over what had to be the most wonderful tasting thing that I had ever had in my mouth, I absolutely knew, I loved to suck this guys cock.

He just moaned and said yea, yea, oh fuck yea, and gently slid his cock into my waiting, wet, hot mouth, I was ready for this cock and I started down a journey of which I haven't gotten back from yet, I sucked and licked and swirled my tongue around his delicious tasting cock and I learned to relax my throat and swallow the whole fucking cock, all the way to his pubic bush, which was tickling my lips.

I was enjoying this as much as getting mine sucked.

About ten minutes after I started sucking Ted off, I felt his cock tighten up harder, His nuts had crawled up to the sides of his cock tight, and He said Here it comes, Awe fuck, It's gonna----ughmmmmm, and His body started jerking, and his cock started blasting a load of cum into my mouth, Fuck man, this was my first time, I had never done this before, I didn't even know what to expect, but I'm a quick learner, I started swallowing and sucking and He was almost yelling AW GOD,AW FUCK MAN, and he finished shooting his cum into my mouth, I smiled and realized I had made it with the assistant coach, as I licked that last little drop off his awesome cock, fuck man, was I a happy camper or what? I felt so fucking proud of myself.

Ted smiled and said man, that was awesome Londell, especially since it was your first time.

I said man I loved it.

Well Ted and I did this about twice a week after that, and when ever we could get alone, Fuck man I love it.

About two week after our first home game, after the game I had planned to go home with the asst. coach and spend the night, we never let anyone know that we were doing this either.

We got to the coaches apartment and went in, He said do you like beer? I said man Is there fish in the ocean? He said is it alright with your parents for you to drink beer, I said I don't drink a lot, but my Dad gives me a beer or two every so often, but only when he knows I'm not going out somewhere after drinking it. He said fine then, and he hand me a cold beer. We set down it was about ten thiry at night and we drank out beers and he came over to me and started undressing me, and I was getting turned on as usual, and he had never done this but he started kissing me, I was o.k with it, as a matter of fact, I loved it, the next thing I know, Hes taking me to the bedroom and eating my ass out, god did I love that or what? He had his tongue into my asshole and I felt like he was digging for gold, God it was awesome feeling, I was humping up against his mouth and tongue, grunting, feeling like I was gonna cum, fuck it was great.

He said Man, I'm gonna fuck you, Hell I have never had anything bigger than my own finger in my asshole, I love to finger it when I'm jerking off sometimes.

He got out some lube and lubed up my asshole, I felt awesome as he began to stick two, then three fingers up my poop shoot, and Then he had me get up on my hands and knees and then he started pushing his awesome cock against my turd canal, I felt it as his cock head broke thru, and I grunted and said woa dude, I felt pain, he said just hold on Londell, it will feel better in a second, and he was right, Fuck It began to feel awesome as Ted slid about eight inches of hard throbbing cock up my asshole, got it felt just awesome, He was hitting something up inside me that felt like he was rubbing the head of my cock, it was awesome feeling, I started ramming my ass back against him and saying things I never said before like yea man, fuck my ass, yea give it to me, I was feeling so fucking turned on and excited that I forgot who I was or where I was at. All I knew is that I felt fantastic. I felt a cum shot cumming on and I wasn't even touching my cock, and Ted was just hammering away with his awesome cock, God I was falling in love with getting fucked, I never dreamed it would be like this.

It happened just as Ted was getting to his shot I as too, Ten grabbed my body under my waist and shoved his cock to the hilt into my asshole, and he just gently made fucking movements as his cock unloaded into me, god it was awesome, I went over the edge with that feeling and unloaded cum all over his bed covers, god my climax was stronge and felt awesome. I was just breathing like an air starved man, and collapsed down onto the bed and he layed on top of me with his cock still in my ass just kinda jerking little jerks.

He leaned over and started kissing my neck and telling me how much me loved me.

I turned around and kissed him back and said Ted I love you too. Man from that time on, we made heavenly music to gether. God Ted was so friggen gorgeous, awesome looking and He was just as awesome in bed with me. What more can I say, I loved my time with the assistant coach.



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