Ask and I'll give you

by Daniel Berasaluce

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Chapter 2

His magic wand

There I was now, sucking Braxton the Magician’s magic wand.

I really reveled at his taste, knowing it was something forbidden. I’d sucked many dicks before but none as tasty and I’d spent years desiring I would do precisely this. As I sucked, I couldn’t see Braxton’s eyes but I could feel him moaning and I could imagine the fun he must be experiencing but even so, I had to give him the most intense blowjob I had given in my life. Braxton my Fairy Godbrother deserved it.

-You like the taste of my dick, Reggie? It must be sweaty.

-I’ve sucked some dicks before and none was sweaty, but the taste of yours right now is the best cock taste I had ever savoured. This is really a magic wand, Braxton.

-Hope you soon regard me as Braxton the Fairy Godbrother and believe that he’s willing to go as far with you as you wish and I’m still expecting you would allow this magician to please your dick too. You’ll soon believe that I want to, the pleasure of sex with my wonderful brother is supreme.

-I’ll have to think about it, but the pleasure of blowing you is enough and I wish I were permitted to often do it.

-Braxton the Fairy Godbrother needn’t be a one-day magician. You’ve also said I have a magic wand and a magician with a wand can grant you boon after boon, that’s his desire, and for many days, for as long as you want.

-It’s so hot to have a personal fairy for my whims. Well, but be careful, brother, or I could really ask you to go further and you wouldn’t like it.

-I hope you ask me boon after boon but now I’m cumming -and sure that I wanted to drink it, he spilled a large load into my hungry mouth. The taste was perfect. I wish I could drink some more loads from him even today.

-Next boon, Reggie, please.

-First I need a break, Braxton, and will have to think things over. But as I told you I wish you had nothing on the whole day and don’t have a shower.

-It’s a deal, Reggie, and that’s a boon I already granted you.

-But I’ll also strip and both brothers will be totally nude the whole day.

I shamelessly stripped before him, inevitably showing him a huge boner, but I intuited that at least he was calm seeing me that hard and totally nude.

I suggested having lunch now but I told him my next wish would be both brothers jacking each other off as we ate.

He smiled at me, I heated the paella I had already cooked that day and we sat and uninhibitedly he grasped my hard cock and smiling started masturbating me. It was so hot to see Braxton easy enough with me to please my cock so of course I quickly grabbed his too and we were both masturbating together and I could clearly see how his horny eyes were looking at mine luring me into asking him to go further, so I finally mustered the courage to tell him.

-So ok, Braxton, when we finish lunch, my next boon will be to see this hot magician giving me a blowjob.

At those words from me, I was lucky to see Braxton’s cock cumming again, showing me clearly how he wanted to suck my cock. And of course at that vision, I came again.

We finished lunch, his eyes clearly showing me he wanted to do it.

-Ok, Braxton, my sexy Fairy Godbrother, suck my cock now.

It seemed he’d been the whole day wanting to do just that, or his whole life. I cannot express how deftly he managed to swallow my whole cock at once. He was like a magician taking out a dove from a hat, but instead of taking out, he was taking in, a dick, his brother’s dick and he was so good that he seemed better than all the previous boys who had sucked my cock earlier.

-Braxton, how good you are -I cried in the midst of so much fun.

-Of course a magician is always good and now I’m dealing with a new magic wand, yours, and it also has a magic effect for it’s making your heterosexual brother enjoy the flavour so much that now he knows it is precisely this magic wand he desires to taste day after day. I’m supposed to be Braxton the Fairy Godbrother but now you’re becoming Reggie the Magician. Will you also do magic for me after now, brother?

-Oh I’ll have to. How can I ever say now to this magic tongue? Besides I’m happy to see your enormous boner as you suck -but just then he also started jacking off so I was surer of his pleasure at sucking.

-So the deal is both of us doing magic tricks to each other after now. Once I’ve found a more scrumptious person than girls, all I want is to do it over and over again.

-But so that both magicians can continue doing this trick to each other, I must first cum so you tell me how you like it, and if you tell me you do, we’ll repeat.

And I came just then. He showed me a brilliant face as he drank every drop and his magic wand, his cock, came anew.

-Perfect, Reggie, please never repent and after now let’s do it to each other over and over again.

-Even today we’ll suck each other’s cocks at least once more. But since I’m sure you wanna grant me more boons and I’m sure you’re enjoying everything, I also want you to fuck me. You knew sooner or later I would ask you this, isn’t it?

-I was sure about it, Reggie. I only remind you that Braxton the Magician will also be fucked if you dare ask him. But ok, brother, this fairy has been trained never to say no to anything he’s asked to do. Choose a position and I’ll fuck you now.

I jumped to the floor quickly, horny knowing that hot brother I had so often wanked over, would finally stick his magic wand up my ass. I was at last doggy-style and asked him.

-Come on, do magic again and look at this ass now and let your dick in.

He never hesitated and I felt Braxton sweetly but securely driving his magic wand into my hole. As soon as I felt it, I started yelling, knowing I was in the central moment of my whole sexual life.

-Yeah, Braxton; hope you never repent of the events of today and you do this to me every day, I beg you.

-Now you know what I need, Reggie. Your ass is so enticing that I’d love to drive my cock here every day. But be totally easy with me, Reggie. I need to know everything and I mean it for maybe what I need is a boy. Yes brother, believe me. It would be so hot to repeat.

He was so stoked that it took him just five minutes to bathe my ass with his jizz that first day.

-Ok, Braxton, let us just kiss and hug for long now before dinner.

And we were for as long as an hour incredibly just kissing as a couple and touching everything of each other till it became dinner time and as we ate, I told him that after finishing, we could 69 but his horny eyes told me that he wanted much more, so I only told him.

-Ok, Braxton, you win. I know what you want. So after 69ing we can even sleep together tonight…

He interrupted me to tell me every night if you want. But I continued.

-Well, tonight or every night provided we sleep naked and since today you’re sweaty you will only have your shower tomorrow morning and if you comply, I’ll fuck you in bed. I’ll have to since I know that’s what you want but I only promise that I will try, that’s all.

-How happy you’ve just made me, Reggie. Perfect then -and dinner being finished, he suddenly bent his body and took my hard dick again into his mouth and started a new blowjob.

But 69 was the deal and soon I also swallowed his dick and there both lecherous brothers were, in that pleasant task of tasting our manhood both at the same time, at an incredibly arousing rhythm. Braxton moaned frequently and at least I was sure now that he enjoyed the taste of my shaft, but I moaned just as loud. Ten more minutes we resisted till finally I had a new sample of his tasty cum, for he was first and of course I was next and filled the magician’s greedy mouth once more.

-Now Reggie the magician will show me all his cards and will do magic in bed with me. Let’s move to your bedroom to sleep both of us together for the first time.

So both naked brothers headed to my bedroom to sleep naked together having more sex previously.

by Daniel Berasaluce

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