Arny and His mom had lived next door to us for almost all of his life. Arny and I were like twins in that we were born the same year, the same month, the only difference was My birthday was two days before Arny's.

Arnys name was short for Arnold, which he hated, and his father had shortened it when he was a baby and started calling him Arny.

Arny's father had been a fireman in the local fire department, and he was killed on duty one night in a large warehouse fire, when the building, which was ingulfed in flames, had collapsed in ontop of his dad and two other firemen, killing all three of them. I really knew that sadness having lost my Mom when I was nine, to breast cancer.

Arny was just twelve when that happened, he was like a little lost puppy, because Arny and his father had been so close and they were like my dad and me, best buddies.

Well Arny just started sorta clinging to me and my dad, he had adopted my Dad as his own because we were so close and dad treated Arny just like he treated me.

When we went to Busch Stadium to watch a Cardinal Baseball game, Arny came with us, If we went on a campout Arny was part of it, actually we were more like brothers than best friends.

And If we did something we weren't suppose to It didn't bother dad to get on Arny and correct him just like he would me. Arny started calling my Dad, Pops. Dad was really pleased with that. I was pleased with him doing that too.

Arny was like a brother, we scuffeled, argued disagreed and had our spats, Dad would just get between us and threaten to knock our noggins together.

The years went by rather fastly and we were maturing and growing up as all boys do.

I remember that first day of our Senior year in High school. Arny and I had several classes together and had joined up for the Football team. Now Arny was built like a freight train, muscular and heavy, and he was handsome as hell and I was starting to notice it. I couldn't figure why I felt like this toward Arny, but I just did.

We were getting ready for Football practice after school one evening when I was watching Arny as he stripped to put on his uniform. I was looking at his body as he shed his clothes and noticed his awesome round, solid ass, it had that same curly dark hair that was on his head, but not as thick, and when Arny turned around and I got a glimpse of his privates, his cock was really large, and his nuts wow, I felt week in the knees.

Arny was about five ft. nine inches tall and built like a god. his pec muscles were awesome looking, I had never looked at him this closely before, his stomach was washboard defined and his legs looked like a bullfrog, thick and muscular.

Arny noticed me staring at his crotch and smiled then he noticed my boner, and Said, 'Hey man, what brought that on?' I just smiled and tried to hide my seven incher.

Well we practiced and went in for showers and it happened again, I saw Arnys gorgeous body and I wanted him, why? I cant tell you that, I had never even thought that I might be, You know, 'Gay,' but it seemed that it was a definate possibility. We got into the showers and I didn't even notice anyone else but Arny, I was having feelings that I really didn't like. I was starting to feel something was wrong with me.

We finished up and started for home. Arny and I was walking together when Arny just came out and ask me 'Hey man, can I ask you a personal question?' I said,'sure man, you know you can.'

Arny stopped walking, turned around and faced me, and said,'Bobby, are you gay, it's fine with me if you are, but I noticed you kept staring at my cock, and you kept getting a boner when you did.'

I felt sorta like shame and embarrassement and I said, 'Arny I don't know man, I wanted to touch you and feel your balls and just do something with you, it was the strongest desire I have ever felt.' He said, 'You've never done anything with another guy have you?' I said, 'No, I have thought about it tho.' He said, 'HUM'

He just smiled and we went on home, just sorta dropping the conversation.

We got home and Arny said, 'want to go to a movie or something tonight and spend the night together?' I just said, 'sure.'

Dad came home and we went out to supper at a 'Burger King' and we had burgers, fries, and coke. Then in stead of going to a movie, we stopped by a 'Blockbuster' and rented a couple good movies.

Dad made popcorn and we had soda, and we watched two rented movies untill bed time.

We went up to bed, said 'Goodnight,' to dad and went into my bedroom: which consists of a full sized bed, a dresser, and a desk for doing homework on.

I got down to my underwear and then Arny started stripping and got down to his underwear. He reached over and shut off the light. there was light coming through the window from the streetlight. I noticed just before Arny crawled into bed he slipped off his briefs, he was fucking Naked, 'Oh shit now what will I do?' I wouldn't be able to restrain myself.

I crawled over as far as I could get so as not to be touching Arny. Arny just crawled over against me and said, 'hey man, whats wrong?' I said, 'Arny, remember what happened today at school in the locker room, well its starting again,' Arny just looked at me and stared into my eyes, and said, 'God man, I hope so.' and he reached out and stared rubbing my body with his awesome feeling hands, He said, 'Bobby, I have wanted to tell you that I have been wanting to try sex with you for a long time now.' I just about swallowed my tongue, and Arny reached down and pulled my briefs down and threw them off onto the floor, my cock was hard as glass.

Arny said, 'Bobby, I have been haveing those same feelings for you too.' and Arny reached over and started rubbing my cock and rubbing his hands around and under my nuts, I caught my breath with a gasp, feeling his hand on my nutsack, I was breathing very hard as he made my feel awesome. I finally got the nerve and reached over and touched Arnys throbbing cock with my hand, He just sorta jumped and wimpered as I began to stroke his uncut cock back and forth, He said,'God Bobby, that feels amazing,' we were both just looking into each others faces and jerking each others cocks back and forth. I was so excited I thought I would explode. Arny then said, 'Bobby, lay on your back,' I did what he asked. Arny slid down a little on the bed and I gasped with a loud gasp as he took my cock into his mouth and started sucking my cock, Never before in my life had I felt such a feeling. I wanted to explode, I was hardly able to breath, he was sucking my cock, and swirling his tongue around the head and rubbing my balls with his hands. I was in world of Euphoria.

I was feeling like all the most wonderful feelings of all the best pleasures and most awesome Joys were being directed to my cock, it was awesome, I just started moaning and I knew from jerking off before the impending cum shot was coming on, and I started breathing so fast and my stomach started jerking in and out and then it happened, I just said, 'AWE AWE, AWWWWWW, and it happened the first cum I ever had brought on by some one else besides me.

I shot a load of mancream into Arny's mouth and he just hummed and took it like a master cocksucker. I was amazed that Arny could do that. After I had finished cumming, Arny just smiled and said, 'now did you enjoy that?' I just smiled and said, 'Are you realted to you mother?' Hell yes, I enjoyed it.'

I just layed there thinking about Arny's cock and then I leaned over and said,'Now it's my turn.'

Arny layed back on his back and said, 'Hey man, it's all yours. I took a look at his hardon and I reached over and felt his cock, the object of my dreams for so long now. I started sliding his foreskin back and exposing his cockhead and I loved the looks of his purplish pink head. and it was shiny and flared out angry looking, I wanted to quiet its anger. I leaned over and took it into my mouth, The taste could not have been better. and his nuts was awesome, hair covered sacks of the most astounding looking nuts you ever saw. They were large oval and pulled up tight against his body, As I took his cock into my throat I felt his body shudder and felt like he was haveing a chill or something. Arny said, 'OH FUCK, Bobby,' and I started sucking a cock for the first time in my life, I love the feel of his cock head, so velvety and smooth against my tongue and lips. I was in heaven just giving a blowjob to Arny.

I was wanting to do a masterful job for him, and he was seemingly enjoying what I was doing. He had my head in his hands and was guiding it onto his hard cock. It took me about ten minutes and I was feeling the flexing of his cock as it shot cum down my throat and into my mouth, the taste was really different but very satisfying and I knew that this would not be the last time we did this. and It wasn't.

Within about two months Arny and I took out sex lives to a new level, Actually He took it there first.

He was due to spend the night with me as usual, I came home from the Shopping Center I had gone to and was getting home way later than I had expected, I didn't hear anything in the house, and I was at least expecting to see Dad and Arny setting at the table in the kitchen. I noticed no one was around, I went up to my bedroom and I noticed that Dads bedroom door was shut, I heard voices, Not really expecting to see what I saw, I opened the door.

First let me tell you, My father is a good looking man, about fortyone years old, but nicly built, a construction worker and very nice looking.

Well with that said, I opened the bedroom door and liked to fainted, there before my eyes was Arny on Dads bed, laying on his back, legs in the air, and My Dads Thick Long cock buried in Arny's asshole. and Arny was really liking it to, Man he was hunching up to meet dads every thrust, and grunting and begging for all that Dad had. I was astounded to see my Dads, Long thick cock all the way, buried into Arny.

Dad just froze when he saw me, and sorta studdered, ME, I was standing there with a boner about to split my trousers, Arny looked up and smiled, and said, 'Bobby, get undressed and join us.' I needed no more persuasion, My Dad, just stared as I stripped and my boner sprung out, and I walked over beside the bed and Arny started sucking my cock.

Dad just stared up at me and I said, 'Hey Dad, Go ahead and enjoy yourself, You derserve it. Dad started stroking away into Arnys asshole. I was staring into my Dads eyes when I cut loose and filled Arnys mouth with my cum and Just about the same time I noticed Dad was getting close by the way he was moaning and grunting and groaning, He finally just let out a big grunt, shoved his cock to the hilt in Arnys asshole and fired of his cannon, I had reached down and was stroking Arny's cock as Dad shot his load and Arny fired off a load all over his stomach and chest, I leaned over staring at my Dad and started licking off Arnys cum. My Dad just looked over at us and said, 'Hey guys, I really love you both so much.'

Well I know you could guess that was not the only time we did that, I got to fuck Arnys ass. and Me and Dad got to go at Arny at the sme time a lot. But the real Kicker was when My Dad fucked me, It was like nothing I had ever felt before, I couldn't get enought of my Dads cock. I knew loved my Dad, but after that night, I really loved my Dad. The three of us share a very special thing between us, and we have enjoyed each other a lot in the last three years, ever since that awesome first night. I know that Arny and I will always be together we always have been and we always will be, and Dad, well he's like the Icing on the cake.



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