If it hadn't been for the hidden video, I probably would have remained clueless and would have lost her altogether. Aira and I had been married for nearly three years, and whereas Aira was the first woman I'd done more than a quick fuck of release with, I had no illusions about her experience. In fact she had been dating a big black guy named Buck when I met her and she made no attempt to hide his sexual prowess from me. I was amazed then as much as now that she agreed to marry me.

I thought our sex life was just fine - at least she managed to get me off quickly, which was helped by her big blue eyes; pendulous breasts; long, flowing white-blonde hair; and that tantalizing little accent of hers. And she seemed satisfied with our lovemaking - or at least I thought so until I happened upon that homemade video she'd been keeping secret from me.

We'd had an electrical storm go through downtown Manhattan one day while we were both at work. She'd telephoned me that she had to work late, and so when I got home, I went around to all of our electronic gear to make sure the storm hadn't screwed any of them up. She'd left the DVD in the TV set in her office area. I flipped it on to make sure the TV was still working and there she was, in living color. It was a film of her and a black guy - Buck, I assumed - having sex.

I was mad, of course, at first. My first reaction was that I was being cuckolded. Then I decided that this must have been filmed before Aira and I had started dating, and Aira had been honest with me about what she and Buck had done - in fact she'd told me what they'd done so graphically that I blushed, as only red heads like me could do so vividly. Then the anger turned to a sense of hurt, confusion, and frustration. If Aira was watching a DVD like this secretly, what did this tell me about how well I satisfied her in bed?

I sat down and started watching, trying to figure out what he was doing that I didn't. Aira was moaning and crying out for him and writhing under his attentions in ways she never did for me. It was disturbing, yes, but as I watched, it was also highly arousing. Not just her but him as well. Neophyte that I was, it took me the longest time to figure out what he was doing to her. She was kneeling on all fours at the end of the bed, and he was behind her and pumping into her. It was only when I saw one of his beefy hands snake around her waist and palm itself low on her flat belly and when she lurched and cried out as a finger snaked down and entered her that I realized that he was fucking her in the ass.

I was mesmerized and didn't even realize that I'd lost my pants and was stroking myself with one hand and probing my own ass with a finger while I watched the black dude fucking my wife in the ass until I jacked off right there in front of her TV set.

I told Aira nothing about what I saw, but I went out and bought myself a big black, cock-shaped dildo, with standout veins and all. I found where she was hiding the DVD - behind laundry detergent stuff on the shelf about the washer, which, I had to admit, was a very clever place for her to hide it. And then when I knew Aira would be gone, I played the film over and over again and became quite proficient at using the black dildo on my ass while I watched the black guy service Aira's ass on the TV.

I introduced Aira to the dildo too, trying to achieve the same lust level from her by working her ass with the dildo while I fucked her. She never quite got to the same moaning level as she had done on the DVD, although she certainly seemed to respond to the dildo in her ass better than my cock inside her cunt, even though I had nothing to be ashamed of in the size of my equipment or my staying power. I kept watching the film, and I decided that the problem wasn't with Aira; it was with me. The black dude was in such ecstasy when he was pumping Aira on the DVD that I decided this was the missing ingredient. I wasn't being aroused enough in sex to heighten Aira's arousal. I loved that dildo up my ass as much as she did.

I went out and bought a strap-on belt to go with the dildo and tried to interest Aira in putting that on and doing me during our lovemaking, but she didn't really show interest in doing that.

And then life became so tense for both of us that Aira declared she wanted to go back to Helsinki to see her family, that she was homesick for Finland. Of course I let her go. The worst thing for our relationship would be me trying to hold her here. We were just shy of our third anniversary, though, and I was wondering if it was all over for us in such a short time just because I was a twinky redhead instead of hulking black guy.

I had to do something. I didn't want to lose Aira.

I made my plans and, fortuitously, was able to set up a short rotation to my company's London office. This enabled me to convince Aira to meet me in Copenhagen on our anniversary to mark the occasion.

'I can only fly there for a day,' Aira had said. 'A favorite aunt is coming down from the north especially to see me.'

'That should be enough, I hope,' I said. And then I rushed on. 'I just think we should spend our anniversary together.'

'Will you be meeting me at the airport?' Aira asked.

'It might be hard for me to know which flight you'll be on at this late date,' I said. 'How about just meeting where we'll start the celebration?' It sounded pretty lame to me too, but I was still excited just that she'd agreed to the trip.


'Do you think you can find a place called Big Dick's on RadhusstrĂde near the university? Say 4 p.m.?'

She wasn't more than fifteen minutes late, which was pretty much how she scheduled her entrances anyway. And a startling entrance she made at Big Dick's. Every head, male and female alike, snapped around to the door when she appeared there, all white-blonde beauty with those long, long legs and those big breasts. She was wearing a sun dress with straps holding up the halter top and a hemline above the knees and miles above the floor. She was as stunning as the first day I'd seen her, and my heart nearly burst with longing and the pride that she was mine - if I could keep her.

I was sitting at the long bar, at one end, on the side away from the small band that was playing, in the shadows. Big Dick was behind the bar, along with two other bartenders, and it was a slow enough afternoon that he'd taken time to talk with me at length. He left no doubt that he found me attractive. I'd known about his story. Richard Featherstone, or Big Dick as he had been known by, had been a fullback for the New York Giants football team ten years earlier. He was a bulky, strapping black guy with the looks that attracted lucrative endorsements but the appetites that contributed to his downfall. He'd been caught up in an athlete doping scandal - and had the musculature to support the charge he was on enhancement drugs. Before it got to the indictment stage, however, he'd quit football, left the country, and opened up this bar in the red light district of Copenhagen, Denmark.

I had warned him about Aira, but I could see from the look in his eyes and the drool on his chin when she'd shown up at the door that I hadn't done her full justice in the description. Aira saw me and sauntered over and sat back on the bar stool next to me.

For the next half hour, Big Dick lost all interest in the rest of his clientele and stood there at the other side of the bar, chatting up both Aira and me. Happily, what I'd heard about him when I'd asked around back in New York panned out - he was paying as much attention to me as he was to Aira. But that was a lot of attention. He was turning from one to the other, running his fingers up and down our forearms, and talking up a storm to both of us, capturing our attention with meaningful dark looks with his eyes. It wasn't long until he told the other bartenders to take over and he came around the bar, lifted Aira off her seat, sat down himself, and then brought Aira's rear back into his lap.

I was watching Aira's eyes, and they lit up, as I thought they might, when her ass came in contact with Big Dick's basket. Big Dick must have caught my gaze, because he took a big mitt of his and reached out and placed it on the back of my head and brought my face to his and gave me a lip-lock kiss that started off in a question and ended up with hungry possession.

Aira's eyes were as big as saucers when I came up for air and centered myself back over my stool, but they went all glassy when Big Dick then turned her face to his and gave her a kiss of equal intensity. Sometime during that long kiss, one of his hands cupped on of her breasts and the other hiked up the hem of her sun dress and went between her legs. I caught a glance of silky white-blonde hair and realized that Aira wasn't wearing any panties. But I only got a brief look because beefy brown fingers were settling in on that region.

Aira squirmed under the onslaught, but I wouldn't exactly say she was fighting it. Big Dick's hand came off Aira's breast and moved to between the stools, found my thigh, and then slid up. He was tracing my cock through my straining trousers, testing to see if I was aroused. And finding that I was - very.

When Big Dick and Aira's kiss was completed, Big Dick said in a husky, low-pitched voice, 'I have a very nice room in back. Very private. Would you two like to see it?'

Aira was eyeing me, waiting for me to object and take us out of this bar. Assuming that this was too much for me to bear.

'Sure, why not?' I said. 'OK with you, honey?' This was the moment, the most dangerous moment of all. What would Aira do? There had been almost no preliminary maneuvering. Big Dick had gone almost immediately to the big question.

Aira's hand went to the where Big Dick was palming her belly and making his middle finger disappear, and she held her hand there, making no move to make his finger withdraw.

'Yes,' she said in a faraway voice. The look of her eyes, still intently focused on mine, took on a look of awe, a questioning, a not quite being able to grasp how we had come to this point look. But she obviously couldn't resist the feel of that finger inside her and that basket pressed into her rear end.

Inside the back room, which featured a large bed, a few chairs and a big ottoman, and mirrored walls, it took no more than a tug of her sun dress over Aira's head to make her naked. It took Big Dick and me a few more moments to strip down. But then we were all revealed. The beautiful, long-legged, big-breasted, white-blonde Finn who was my wife, The muscular black stud, and the red-haired, slender, twinky, fully aroused me.

Big Dick guided Aira to the bed and had her sit down on the edge. Then he brought out a bottle of lubricant, handed it to me, and said. 'Get her ready. Both entrances.'

The start was no more elaborate than that. I knelt in front of Aira, pushed her onto her back with the palm of my hand, tilted her pelvis up, and spread her legs. Between the lubricant and my tongue, I opened and wettened her cunt and asshole while she sighed and flicked her nipples with her fingernails. Big Dick spent some time kneeling at Aira's head, making her work her tongue and mouth on his cock until it achieved admirable proportions. Then he left the bed, knelt behind me, pulled me up to a crouching position, and was wettening and opening my asshole up as well with lubricant and his tongue. I was doing as much sighing then as Aira was.

'OK, good enough,' Big Dick said at length. 'You go sit over on that ottoman and watch for a while. There's a dildo over there. I suggest you use it. You'll want to be opened wide when I get around to you.'

I did as he told me. This was all new and fascinating and just a little scary for me. I found the dildo and hunched back on the ottoman, lost in the scene of this big black dude fucking my wife, just as I had been regularly lost in watching the DVD of Buck doing the same. I lubed up the big black dildo I'd found and put it to work on my hole as my other hand stroked my meat.

Big Dick, after rolling on a condom, crouched between Aira's open, long, slender legs, sank his cock slowly into her cunt and fucked her slowly for a couple of minutes until his cock was all aslather with her flowing mixed with the lubricant. Aira was moaning softly and lifting her hips to meet each of his thrusts down into her.

This didn't go on very long, though. Big Dick pulled out of her and stood up, bringing Aira up off the bed with him. He then turned and sat on the bed and slowly brought her back down into his lap, her back against his chest.

I watched Aira's eyes go wild and then dreamy as he slowly pulled her down into his lap, and her lubricated anal canal onto his rock-hard cock. He snaked one arm firmly around her waist, palm on belly, and two fingers on her G-spot, and found her pendulous breasts with his other hand. His lips went to the hollow of Aira's neck and they started a rhythm of fucking that went from slow and languid to fast and furious. Aira was moaning and crying out in passion as she never did in our lovemaking.

'Now,' Big Dick cried out. 'Come over and fuck her now.'

I rose up off the ottoman and crouched between her legs and thrust my cock deep inside her and began fucking her in deep, passionate thrusts. We were all quite vocal now, crying out in lust and ecstasy and panting and moaning and breathing heavily.

Big Dick lifted Aira and me up enough that he could get out from underneath Aira and then he came around behind me and lifted my hips in his beefy hands. I cried out in pain and surprise as he entered me. This was a different feel than the dildo, but I was very lucky that I had used it first. Big Dick was bigger than the dildo and his action was rougher and more relentless than I had been doing to myself with the dildo. Him sliding back and forth inside me, his cock throbbing, wasn't anything like the controlled movement of a plastic phallus. He'd hold for the longest time as expectation rose and then there's be a long, filling thrust that took my breath away and made my eyes water. I felt completely in his control and completely possessed.

My cries and moans reached a whole new level of passion. This surprised and further aroused Aira, and she, in turn, turned up her counteraction to my cocking several notches. She exploded in a lurching orgasm underneath me.

'Go back to the ottoman now,' Big Dick whispered in my ear in a hoarse breath as he pulled out of me. 'I'll give her another lift and then I'll get her to do what you need.'

I pulled out of Aira and went back to the ottoman and sat down there as Big Dick turned her on the bed and brought her up on all fours, ass facing the edge. He buried his cock inside her ass again and reached around her with both hands, one going to her swinging breasts and the other to where he could thrust fingers into her vagina. And he fucked her anally in long, forceful strokes - just like Buck in that DVD did - until her knees turned to jelly, her moans turned to screams of passion, and she melted in yet another long, lingering orgasm.

Big Dick lowered his chest onto Aira's back then without withdrawing his cock. He held her body up to his, hovering over the bed, like a rag doll. She was clearly spent and fully satisfied. He kissed her on the neck and cheek and whispered in her ear. She was murmuring back to him.

He let her fall gently on the bed. She turned over and watched as he came back to me.

'On your knees, your chest on the ottoman, butt up, legs together,' he said. Big Dick didn't seem to waste any words. I did as he instructed and turned my head and watched as Big Dick brought out a strap-on device, inserted the big, black dildo in it, and, motioning Aira off the bed, showed her how to strap it on herself.

Within minutes, her hands on my hips, her nipples rubbing against my shoulder blades, and her fine, white-blonde hair whipping across my shoulders, my wife was fucking me vigorously and deeply to ever-higher decibel levels of passion and lust with that black dildo strapped to her. Some of the vocalizing was hers, though, and it was obvious that my heightened passion was heightening hers as well.

When I couldn't take it anymore, I rose up, took her up in my arms and dumped her on the bed and began furiously fucking her, alternating between her cunt and her ass until she exploded in a third orgasm that met my own ejaculation and flow. Big Dick was long gone now, having left after showing Aira what to do with the strap-on.

Laying there, panting, breath heaving, and our hips still writhing against each other to eke out the last possible stimulation of our shared flow, I whispered, 'Happy anniversary, honey,' in Aira's ear.

'That was amazing,' she whispered back in a guttural voice. 'How could this be happening?'

'I arranged it all, Aira,' I said. 'I thought we needed - and deserved - saving. I asked around in New York and found that Big Dick offered what we both needed.'

'If only . . . ,' she began and then stopped.

'If only what, honey?'

'If only it could last,' she said. 'But, I'm sorry . . . I . . .'

'Hush, hush,' I whispered, feeling myself come to life again and slowly starting to stroke deeply inside her once more. 'That's the beauty of it. It can continue.'

'I don't understand. Ohhh, yes, like that again. Ahhhhh.'

'I tracked down Buck back in New York. He's more than willing to threesome. We have a standing date starting from whenever you return from Finland.'

'Oh gawd, yes. Tomorrow!' she cried out, as I moved the dildo back in place and started slowly screwing it in to the rhythm of her panting and thrusting back into it.



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