Seven hours to go. Seven hours until sundown. The time had passed relatively quickly for all. Spike and Drusilla were preparing for the ritual, while Buffy was preparing for the battle to come. In just seven hours, an event that might change them all forever was due to occur.

'Giles, found anything?' asked Buffy impatiently.

'The only references Willow and I have found are to an alignment of certain planets and stars. They form an ancient symbol of power with earth as the focal point, but I can't find any specific ceremony for it. It merely appears to be a magnifying lens for other ceremonies.'

'So they are planning some kind spell.'

'Yes, but as to what the ceremony is, I have no clue.'

'Doesn't matter. This time, only one of surviving.'

Buffy went back to sharpening the last of her stakes. Everyone with her had seen that look before. She meant to kill Spike at any cost. She was in a dangerous mood right now, so they all left her alone.

* * * * * * * * * *

Spike and Angel were alone. Angel was still as secure as ever. Spike didn't want to risk anything, so the most Angel had had was a sponge bath. Even in this disheveled state, Angel was as beautiful as ever, and Spike had not failed to notice. Spike was wearing ceremonial magician's robes as he walked over to his captive.

'Tonight's the night. Dru's already waiting in the cavern near the church where she'll meet Buffy. It's just you and me. You really should eat something.'

'I won't kill.'

'You don't have to.'

Spike cut his own wrist and held it to Angel's lips. Angel drank for various reasons. One, he was so hungry. Two, he knew he needed to be strong for tonight. If he and Buffy were to have any chance for escape, Angel would need strength to fight.

Once Angel had drunk enough to ease his thirst, Spike pulled away. He smiled and caressed Angel's cheek as he had so many times past.

'That wasn't so bad, was it? I've got a surprise for you. Since Dru still likes having her own room, I got a king sized bed for us to share. Let me tell you, it was a pain in the ass to get it down here.'

Spike stopped talking, as he noticed the bulge growing in Angel's pants. It really shouldn't have surprised him. Angel had always gotten horny after feeding. Spike smiled, as a thought entered his head.

'I don't think I can wait, baby. I need a preview,' announced Spike.

Spike unzipped Angel's pants and let the nine hot inches out. He kissed and licked it at first, becoming familiar with Angel's cock. Angel couldn't even speak as slowly each inch disappeared into the hot mouth. Spike swallowed it all. He would pull back up to the head and then all of the dick would disappear. Spike repeated these long strokes, becoming faster and faster. Angel moaned lost in the pleasure. All thoughts of Buffy vanished. All he knew was the mouth around his member. His hips thrusts as much as the chains would allow, speeding the blow job even further. With a scream, Angel shot his seed into Spike's mouth. Just like the old days, Spike didn't stop sucking. He swallowed every drop. When Angel's cum finally stopped flowing from his dick, Spike pulled back and looked at him.

Angel turned his head away in shame. He had just enjoyed a blow job from Buffy's enemy, a creature of absolute evil, and he'd gone along with it. He knew no matter what, he'd never be able to look Buffy in the face, again.

'Feeling guilty?'

Angel remained silent.

'You won't after tonight. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to prepare all of the potion I can without Buffy here. No sense in taking any longer than needed.'

Spike lit the flame under the cauldron and began to add a variety of objects to the liquid. Exotic spices that smelled sweet and bones and decaying flesh made for an interesting combinations of scents. Angel leaned back and waited for the night.

* * * * * * * * * *

Buffy arrived at the church, just after sundown. She walked inside, expecting a horde of vampires to jump her. When none did, Buffy really got nervous She pulled out a stake and rubbed it nervously. As she entered the main hallway, Buffy saw Drusilla waiting.

'Where is he?'

'Come with me.'

'What to stop me from staking you, right now? Tell me where he is and maybe I won't.'

'You kill me, the little doll dies.'

Buffy clenched her jaw and lowered the stake, but she wouldn't put it away. She followed Drusilla down to the basement and the entrance to the tunnels under Sunnydale. Drusilla calmly walked in, but Buffy hesitated. She hadn't been down here since she battled the master. The paths were unfamiliar, but it wasn't hard to guess the destination. As a precaution, Buffy dropped a bead from her pocket every so often. In an emergency, she needed to know how to get out quickly.

They arrived at the familiar entrance to the lair and stepped inside. Before Buffy took ten steps, Spike dropped from the ceiling and hit Buffy from behind. She was stunned, and it was easy for the other twenty vampires there to carry her to the wall and chain her spread eagle. Spike knew Buffy was known for getting out of these jams, so he didn't want to give her any opening.

'Welcome Buffy. I'm so glad you could make it.'

'Are you?' Buffy asked, recovering from the blow.

'Why, yes. You see without you, this wouldn't be possible.'

'What wouldn't?'

'The ritual that restores Angel to his full vampire nature, mind, body, and no soul.'

Buffy went pale, as the words hit her. Their interest wasn't her, it was Angel. She'd just assumed it was a trap to dispose of her.

'I see you understand, but do you want to know why I went to all this trouble?'

'Not really, but you're gonna tell me, right?'

'Well yes, but I thought I'd ask. You already know Angel sired Drusilla and myself, but did you know he was lover to both of us? That's right! Angel makes love to both men and women. He even was the one to take my virginity.'

Buffy, for once, had nothing to say. This was a side of Angel she'd never heard of. She expected a lot of things from his past, but this wasn't one of them. Forcing herself to concentrate on the present, she turned back to Spike.

'So, what's my role here? The slayer sacrifice?'

'Oh please! Get real, Buffy. Not every ritual has a sacrifice. All I need is some of your blood. It's one of the key ingredients to the elixir. When Angel drinks the potion on this night of power, he'll be my 'Angel of the Darkness' once more. Afterwards, he might even want you to join our little family. There's plenty of room in my king-sized bed.'

Buffy nearly threw up at the thought. She wanted to kill Spike, not fuck him. She knew Angel probably felt worse as those words were said.

'It's show time.'

Spike lifted a curved dagger and goblet to Buffy's manacled hand. He cut the palm of her hand, and some blood fell into the cup. Spike walked it to the center of the room where a cauldron bubble with a lavender liquid. As she followed Spike with her eyes, she saw Angel chained on the other side of the cavern. He was shirtless and looked like he'd been chained that way for some time. She would have stared longer, but Spike recaptured her focus. He emptied the blood into the potion and the liquid turned black.

'May the powerful, good blood of the slayer bring new evil!' Spike intoned, and his true face appeared.

'May it bring new evil!' echoed the others.

Spike walked over to Angel and took some blood in the same manner. He emptied it into the pot, as well. Lifting his arms towards the unseen sky, Spike continued his invocations.

'Great spirits of all that is putrid, gather here now! We, slaves to your dark will, call you! One of yours has been turned. With his blood we complete the poisonous medicine to restore him. Great KAKKAMMANUNU, bless this night with your black flames. Use of piece of the fallen to restore him. Consume his soul! Let the darkness return!'

'Let the darkness return!'

Buffy watched as black fire erupted from the bubbles. In a few moments, the flames died down. The liquid grew still and Spike dipped the cup into it. He carried the oily substance towards Angel and knelt beside him. Buffy had never seen Angel looking so helpless or weak before.

'Drink, Angel. The potion must be taken before the moon sets, and it's already lowering into the sky. We don't have forever, but we will soon.'

Angel refused to open his mouth. Spike was reaching to pry his mouth open, but an arrow shot his arm. It didn't do more than graze him, but the shock caused him to drop the goblet. He looked to the entrance and saw Giles holding a crossbow, as well as Willow and Xander.

'Kill them!' Spike screamed.

The other vampires rushed on the three. They were quickly subdued, but their distraction was all that was needed. Had Spike not been so consumed with restoring Angel, he might have noticed how slick Buffy's blood made her wrists. They were slick enough for her to slip out of her bonds. Buffy grabbed her discarded stakes and joined the fight. Five vampires fell. Spike covered Drusilla's escape. Once she was gone, he called down the corridors for his army. The heroes heard the noise of several vampires approaching. Even Buffy could only fight so many.

Buffy continued fighting, and the others freed Angel. As soon as he was free, the five made their hasty escape, following Buffy's trail. The other vampires arrived too late, but Spike sent them after them anyway.

'Find them. Kill them. Bring Angel back. If you can't do that, at least get rid of whatever markers Buffy must've left for those meddlers to follow.'

Spike sat down, and Drusilla came back. She had been crying judging by the blood on her face. She looked puzzled when Spike smiled at her. She expected him to be upset.

'Angel's gone.'

'We'll have another chance, baby.'

'I can't wait another fifty years, Spike.'

'You won't have to. I'm a terrible liar.'

'But those dolls took him. I saw...' Drusilla confusedly protested.

'You don't understand. I gave them the impression that Angel had to drink tonight. Only the potion can be made this night. He can drink it anytime.'

Drusilla smiled and looked at the nearly full cauldron of the stuff. It was as black as the night itself and held as many promises.

'C'mon, Dru. Let's put this stuff in jars and hide them all over the place. I don't like keeping it all in one place. We'll have to wait a while for their guards to drop, but it we'll. When it does, we'll recapture Angel and force some down his throat. C'mon, though. I want to do this fast and go to bed. This night has been tiring.'

* * * * * * * * * *

The group got above ground an hour before sunrise. It was just enough time for Angel to get home. Buffy thanked the others and walked with Angel. She knew he probably didn't want to, but they needed to talk.


'It's alright. I understand you don't want to see me anymore.'

'Is that what you think?' Buffy asked, shocked.

'You mean you do?'

'Ask Giles. I cried on his shoulder for hours. When I thought I'd lost you, I fell apart. It made me realize how much you mean to me.'

'But...all I've done..'

'Is in the past' she interrupted. 'It's the person with me now I want.'

'You don't know what happened down there.'

'I don't care. Spike is monster. It's all just one more reason for me to kill him.'

'But you don't know....'

'Listen to me. I don't care. What do I have to do? Kick your butt?'


'We can do that on our next date. Hopefully, it will be nice and boring.'

'Well, if you want boring, invite Xander,' Angel said with a grin.

Buffy laughed and kissed him. They'd arrived at his place, and the sky was getting light. He got inside closed the door. Buffy smiled and began walking home. If she hurried, she'd have enough time to shower and change before school started. The End of Part 3 of 3



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