Angel was on his way to meet Buffy. They had finally put their pride aside and admitted how they feel about each other. Tonight was supposed to be their first official date. Not that slaying demons together wasn't quality bonding time, but it wasn't so high on the romance scale. Angel began to walk faster, not wanting to be late. After all, Buffy was not the type of girl to be kept waiting.

Angel halted and turned around as the usual sounds of the night ceased. He prepared to fight whatever was obviously following him, but he was too late. A club connected with the back of his head, leaving him unconscious. They dragged him to the sewer entrance, ruining the designer suit he'd bought just for tonight, and handed him to others waiting there. He was then dragged through a weave of tunnels to a place two very 'special' individuals called home.

Buffy was growing very impatient. She was young, in love, her hormones were in overdrive, and Angel was late. She began thinking about how badly she was going kick his butt when she recognized two vampires coming her way. She was about to fight them, but they stopped and raised their hands in as peaceful a gesture vampires were capable of.

'We did not come to fight you this night, slayer. Our job is just to deliver a message,' said the one with long black hair. He might have been handsome were his true nature not currently revealed.

'Ooh, right. I'm sure you just wanna be friends. Since when? We fight, I kill you, and that's how it's always gonna be.'

'We speak the truth,' confirmed the second, a female who looked to have been about forty when she was turned, 'We will meet in battle soon enough. Our message is this, Spike has Angel. He will be constantly moved so don't bother looking for him. In three days time, he will be held at the abandoned church at Pine and 5th. Come alone. If you don't, Angel will die. If anyone else comes, he'll be killed before you even get past the first few. If you can kill Spike, you'll both live. If not....well I think you'll make a lovely vampire.'

Buffy didn't even move as they left. She just stood there, staring out into space, until some people passing her brought back to her senses. She went home as fast as she could. She had to save Angel, and three days was not a lot of preparation time.

Angel came to several hours later. The sun was rising above ground, but it really didn't matter where he was. He was in the Master's old layer, and from the look of it, someone was redecorating. There were rock band posters hung up everywhere, and a large stereo system was set up next to the throne. On the shelf where the Master had stored his spell books and components, CD's, tapes, and records now sat. It wasn't too hard to figure out who had decided to take up residence here.

'Good! Your awake and admiring the personal touches I've been putting on the place,' announced Spike as he walked in...alone. Not that he needed anyone. Angel was securely bound, and even vampires have limitations.

'What do want, Spike? If you want a fight, untie me. Otherwise, just go ahead and kill me. It's better than listening to that ego of yours gloat.'

'You wound me deeply,' Spike replied while making the hurt face he could, 'Is that what you think I want? No, no, no, Angeles, or should I call you my 'Angel of the Darkness.' That's what you were called when we met, and you sired me. Although, I admit the name sounds better in the original French.'

'What are babbling about?'

'Don't pretend you don't remember. That bitch gypsy who cursed you restored your soul. She didn't wipe out your memory. Don't you ever think about those days. We met, you sired me, and we became lovers. It was just a few decades before you sired Drusilla. Remember how jealous I was when I found out about her, and then, we all became lovers. We were such a happy trio. What I want is to become that trio, again. I want you back with us.'

Angel was at shocked. He certainly hadn't expected this, but he should have. He leaned his head back against the wall and remembered how this all began.

* * * * * * * * * *

Just outside Paris, 1782...

Angel was in his luxurious carriage. He was travelling at night, as usual. It had been twelve years since he'd become a vampire, but he still enjoyed some human things. He liked nothing more than going to a party at night where all the rich and aristocrats would be gathered. He always enjoyed feeding on those foolish mortals who thought their money could protect them from anything, even death. He would use his pretty face to turn the heads of both men and women. Throughout the night, he would feed on roughly ten humans. Everyone would get so drunk, it would be several days before the smell was noticed.

Suddenly his driver stopped. Angel was quite irritated. He wanted to be home within a couple of hours. He didn't live too far out of Paris. He liked it that way. He could feed, party, and be home just before dawn. He knew his driver wouldn't stop without good cause. Angel had made that very clear when he had hired the man.

Angel stepped out of his comfortable ride to see what was wrong. A time of bandits were fighting some armed soldiers of France. Only two soldiers were left standing. One was a grey haired veteran. The other was a blond youth. Four bandits surrounded them. This was certainly entertaining, but his driver shouldn't have stopped. Angel turned to see his driver, at sword point being threatened by two other rogues. They apparently thought to kill the soldiers and rob an obviously wealthy carriage this night, but they had not taken into account who was the passenger. Angel smiled and drew his sword.

The two harassing his driver died first. They were too shocked upon seeing an aristocrat brat fighting to put up much sport. Next Angel turned to the others.

Two of the four were already dead, but the old vet had also fallen. The young man was a skilled fighter, but he was losing. A sword slipped through and cut his left flank, and he fell. Angel killed one thief immediately, but he let the other one live longer. It was obvious he was toying with the man. Both fighters were about equal in skill, but Angel had the enhanced endurance, speed, and strength of a vampire. Soon, the last highwayman died.

Angel looked down at the wounded lad. He was quite beautiful. It was a shame to let such a healthy young man die, at least before Angel had some fun. He effortlessly picked him up and placed him in the carriage, ignoring the blood staining the silk cushions.

They arrived at his home one hour before the sun rose. The servants were instructed to care for him during the day. They really didn't need Angel to add the threat that if the young man died, whoever was responsible (and someone would be blamed) would share his fate. Done, Angel retired to his windowless bedroom and slept the day away.

Angel arose ten minutes after dusk. He bathed and dressed. Satisfied with his appearance, Angel went to greet his guest. Angel walked past the servants without saying a word. He walked into the guest room and inspected his prize.

The lad was sleeping peacefully. A sweat had matted his short, blond hair to his scalp. He looked about twenty, Angel's age when he was turned into his presently perpetual state. He had beautifully proportioned features. It wouldn't be hard for someone to fall for him, but his beauty was still second to Angel's own. He was just the type Angel went for when looking a male companion. Angel liked both men and women, but each sex had a very different appeal to offer him. The boy's skin was pale due to the blood loss, but at least he wasn't in shock. Still, the wound was serious.

He would probably die from it, and Angel couldn't allow this attractive fruit to spoil without him tasting it, especially after seeing the energy the boy had in battle. If you could be that tireless in battle, how tireless could you be in bed? Angel made his decision, he would make him a vampire, but, first introductions were in order.

Angel gently shook the boy. A moan escaped his lips, as Angel's prodding caused a little blood to leak through the fresh bandages. The boy's eyes fluttered open and were greeted with the face of his unknown saviour.

'Who do I owe my life to?'

'No one. It has not yet been saved. You will most likely die if drastic measures are not taken,' Angel stated calmly. 'But introductions are in order. What is your name, boy?'

The youth wrinkle his nose in irritation. He obviously was insulted by being called boy by someone who looked no older than himself, but he held his tongue. After all, this man had saved his life.

'I am Alexander, but most call me Spike. Don't ask to hear the story behind that. I would like to know the name of my host.'

'I am Angeles.'

The boy cocked an eyebrow at the name. It was unusual. Truthfully, he'd never met anyone with that particular name.

'Do you want to live?'

Spike nodded in response.

'Then, it is time for some drastic measures.'

Upon saying those words, Angel covered Spike's mouth and bit into his throat. Spike struggled and tried to scream, but it was no good. He was weak already, and Angel was one of the undead. Angel drained Spike to the point where he would die in less than a minute before breaking away. Angel quickly bit into his wrist and held it to Spike's mouth.

Spike knew nothing but the thirst. He didn't think as he drank vampiric blood. All he knew was the thirst had to be quenched. He drank and drank, until Angel pulled away. Spike lay still as the fire spread throughout him. He couldn't even scream from the pain. In fact, what he felt wasn't fire but blood. The vampire blood was devouring what little human blood he had left, becoming dominant. As it changed his cells it affected him in other ways. The seeds of evil and corruption within all humans grew in Spike. They grew so fast, they devoured Spike's soul and replaced it with a demon's spirit. In moments, Spike was physically, mentally, and spiritually a vampire.

He looked up at Angel and saw his true face before Angel's beauty returned. Spike knew he looked similar to Angel's previous visage and instinctively willed his own beauty back. They just stared at each other for a time. Neither one moved, until Angel kissed Spike.

Two pairs of hungry lips pressed against each other. Two tongues did battles in foreign mouths. This was not the gentle kiss of human love. It was the passion and lust of vampire love. After ten minutes, they broke away. Spike looked a little ashamed when he made a confession to Angel.

'Angeles....I've...I'm....I haven't....'

Angel couldn't believe it, a virgin! Spike was a virgin! It was indeed a surprise. It couldn't be from lack of opportunity. This one could easily have had whores offer themselves for free to him. It wasn't lack of passion either. Angel had just seen proof of that. Well, this would be an interesting experience. Angel would teach this boy everything he knew. Spike would be his protege in everything, even in bed.

'Do not fear. I will teach you everything. I will teach you the pleasures of men and women, the thrill of the hunt, how to fight, how to kill. You have a pretty face. It's almost as nice as mine. I will teach you to use it, as well, for it can be your greatest weapon, but first, I will you the way to pleasure another man in bed. Just follow my lead.'

Spike nodded and gave control to Angel. He shivered as Angel kissed his neck, tracing a path to his left nipple. When Angel reached his destination, he began undoing the hindering bandages, which were no longer needed. In a minute, Spike's smooth, whole, muscled flesh was revealed. Angel leaned down and began to kiss and suck Spike's pink nipples. As Spike moaned, Angel proceeded to gently nip at them, causing them to harden.

Now, Angel worked his way down to Spike's crotch. He cupped the hardening member in his hand and licked it from head to base. Angel even began licking at Spike's balls. Fully hard, Angel took Spike's eight inches in his mouth. Slowly, each inch disappeared. Angel took care to protect the sensitive organ from his teeth. He sucked and worked his tongue on it as he began thrusting it in and out of his throat. That was one advantage vampires' really had over humans, since they didn't need to breathe, they could give the best blow jobs. Spike was overcome with pleasure. He unknowingly began to rub the back of Angel's head speeding him on. After five minutes, Spike's previously untouched cock shot its load. Stream after stream of the salty liquid filled Angel's mouth, and he swallowed it all.

Angel pulled back as Spike became half hard. He leaned up and kissed Spike, allowing him to taste his own seed residue in Angel's mouth. Youth was truly Spike's. After the kiss, he was fully hard, again. Angel smiled and climbed onto the bed with him. He indicated his own hard member and motioned to Spike.

Spike took the silent direction and began repeating what Angel had done to him. He kissed Angel's throat but tried to be more creative in the pattern that led him to each pink nipple. Once they had become firm, Spike trailed his kisses ever downward, paying extra attention to the six pack of Angel's chiseled body. He started licking, fondling, and kissing his manhood as Angel had just moments ago done to him. Next, he sucked Angel's nine inches of cock. He lacked the techniques that only came with experience, but his youthful energy made up for it. While he sucked, Spike began stroking himself.

'Don't do that.'

'What?' Spike asked. He pulled away from the cock near his face, so he could see Angel's face.

'Don't play with yourself. I have more lessons for you tonight, and I need you to be hard for them. Besides, why waste cum on the bedcovers? I assure you, I'm more appreciative of the it.''

Spike nodded, not knowing what to expect from his sire. He resumed sucking. Angel had been fucking constantly for years, so he held out for quite a time, but seeing his cock going in and out of the virgin mouth was too much. After twenty minutes, Angel placed his hands on the back of Spike's head to hold it still, while he emptied his nuts. Unable to pull away, Spike had no choice but to swallow. Angel's seed was salty and a little bitter, like his own.

As the last drop was swallowed, Spike's head was released. He looked up at Angel expectantly, anxious for more of these pleasurable lessons. Angel reached over for two pillows.

'Spike, you need to lay flat on the bed, face down, for this. I'm going to use one pillow to elevate your ass. The other is for your face. If you need to scream, scream into the pillow. You're a virgin at this, so it will hurt but only for a short while. You can take it, and after a couple of minutes, all you will know is the pleasure. Trust me. Just try to relax.''

Spike nodded and got into position. Angel grabbed a container of oil he kept in all the nightstands for just such an occasion. He lubed himself up and worked some onto Spike's puckered opening. Seeing they were as ready as possible, Angel began to press forward through the resisting muscle. Spike let out a yelp of shock and continued growling as the burning continued. The generous lubrication helped, but it only went so far. Soon Angel was fully inside Spike. Spike was shaking from the pain, but he was doing a good job at not screaming. Angel waited for a few minutes, allowing Spike to adjust and himself to become familiar with the hot tight hole he was in.

The pain eventually lessened, and Spike stopped shaking. Angel began drawing out very slowly. He stopped when only the head was still inside. Then, with equal slowness, he pushed back in. Gradually, the pace quickened. The original pain Spike had almost completely dissolved to the pleasure. Each time Angel thrust in his cock hit Spike's prostate gland, sending tingles throughout his body. It wasn't quite the same as the orgasm he'd had in Angel's mouth, but it felt good none the less. Soon, Angel was furiously pounding away at Spike's ass. It was so tight, Angel couldn't hold out. He came long and hard, adding more lubricant to the oil. Angel collapsed on Spike's back and rested, letting their sweat mingle.

Spike moaned, and Angel remembered he'd told Spike not to play with himself. He must still be rock hard. Carefully, Angel removed his dick from the quivering orifice. He grabbed the jar of oil and told Spike to roll over. Spike was about to get up, but Angel spoke.

'No. Just lie there on your back. I'm going to ride you.'

Angel crept forward, until he and Spike were face to face. Angel pushed on his chest and sat up. Straddling Spike's waist, Angel lubed up Spike's member and his own hole. He wouldn't be quite as tight as Spike's ex-virgin hole was moments ago, but Angel was still very tight and extremely hot. He slowly sank onto Spike's own spike and moaned with pleasure. Unlike a virgin, Angel didn't take long to adjust. Soon, he was bouncing up and down like a madman. Spike had already cum once, so he was able to hold out longer this time. He lasted for twelve minutes in Angel's insides before filling them up with his second load.

They both collapsed. They rested together for three hours, before Angel told Spike to get up. Spike frowned. It was obvious he wanted to stay in bed with Angel. Angel wanted to do just that, as well, but certain things had to be taken care of quickly.

'I don't see why we can't stay in bed.'

'Believe me, I'd like that, too. Unfortunately, I have to prepare you.'

'Prepare me? For what? I know we're not going to church.'

Angel laughed. This one was indeed cut from the same cloth as Angel. After his laughter subsided, Angel grew serious.

'No. I need to teach you to survive. You have to learn how to fight, so you'll be able to face the slayer. I don't need to tell you that even vampires can die.'

'What's a slayer?'

'Get dressed and meet me outside. I'll explain it all.'

And so it began. In the months to follow, Angel trained Spike, until they were equals in a fight. They would raid small villages and camps with other vampires, leaving none alive. The other vampires were indeed cruel, but none were as viscous, and monstrous as the pair. They were a perfect match, but even the best of lovers get the wanderlust. They took breaks from each other to travel and explore. It was during one of these breaks that Angel sired Drusilla, and during another, Angel was cursed by that old gypsy to have his soul and conscience restored, but those are separate tales.

* * * * * * * * * *

Spike watched the emotions cross Angel's face as the memory hit him. He'd tried to shut all those memories out. He felt less guilt and pain that way. All those people were dead, because he'd been a monster. More were still dying, because he'd made Drusilla, Spike, and a few others.

'I see you do remember. You can't tell me you don't miss any of it.'

Spike was right. He did miss some of it. He certainly didn't miss the killing, but the passion and wholeness he'd felt when the three of them were together was something else. Angel never thought he'd feel that completeness again, until he met Buffy. Maybe that's why he loved her, she made him feel the sense of being whole.

'You're right. I do miss the passion and the feeling of truly belonging, but that's all. I don't miss the killing or torture. I love Buffy, and what I was can never be, again.'

'That's where you're wrong, man. I was digging through the Master's spells. I mean, he won't really be needing them. Among them, I found a certain ritual. It seems the curse that gypsy slut used had been done once before, so two thousand years ago, the Master created a counter spell. This ritual will cause the seed of darkness to consume you once, again. Then, you'll be back with us. How I've missed you,' Spike said as he caressed Angel's cheek.

'Just how does this ritual work?' Angel asked, the fear showing in his voice.

'Don't fear, black heart. It's the pretty standard formula, the right components, the right alignments, and the proper chants. The only hard parts are the main ingredients and the alignment. As for the alignment, it only occurs once every fifty years. It happens in three nights. As for the ingredients, there's you, five other vampires have to be present, the sorcerer, that's me, some run of the mill stuff, and the blood of the slayer.'

'Buffy?!' screamed Angel pulling at his bonds, but the chains held.

'Don't worry. You won't care about her after you're restored. In the event you still want her, the ceremony only calls for her blood, not her death. You can turn her, and our three becomes four.'

'What makes you think you'll be able to beat her?'

'Oh, please! You know me. Hell! You taught me how to fight. In the last century, I've faced two of her kind. I won, they died. The only reason she didn't die in that first fight was interference. She'll have to come alone this time. According to my message, I'll kill you if she doesn't come alone. I wouldn't really, but she thinks I will. The meeting place is where Drusilla will wait to bring her here. Imagine her shock when she finds out where she's really going to have to go. I'm told she doesn't have fond memories of this place.'

Angel struggled as Spike left, but he couldn't get free. All he could do was sit and wait for Buffy to come, as Angel knew she surely would.

End Part



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