This is a story of fiction. It is set at the 2001 U.S. Open in New York the night Andy Roddick lost to Lleyton Hewitt. If you don't know who Andy Roddick is, he's the teenage tennis player who's been labeled as the 'Next Great American Hope.' Do a search on him and check out one of the literally dozens of Andy Roddick websites. Once again, this is a story of fiction.

Here's where we left off last time...

...Andy was still moaning as his tits and cock were being fondled and was aware of being maneuvered onto the bench. He was positioned on his hands and knees as the guys continued to feel up his hot body. Andre lowered his khakis and black silk boxers in one swift motion. He took Andy's chin in his hands. The teen's eyes were glazed as he looked up at his childhood hero. Andre's cock was stiff and glistening with precum and he let the tip run across Andy's face, leaving a shiny trail of juice in its wake. Andre watched as Andy's eyes darted back and forth, trying to focus. 'Andy? Are you with us?'

'Why are you doing this?' he asked, barely able to get the words out.

'Oh come on now, Andy,' Pete said playfully, 'you know you want it.' He lowered Andy's briefs and traced his finger up and down the sweaty ass crack a few times. Andy tried to clench his butt cheeks together, but Pete spread them, leaned in and began to tongue the tight pink hole.

Andy's eyes bulged when he felt Pete's tongue in his ass. But there was nothing he could do. He began to feel something else now, too. With his tongue still buried in Andy's ass, Pete was reaching around to both fondle Andy's big balls and to slowly pump his hard, seven inch cock.

With all the alcohol he'd consumed mixing in with the drugs, Andy was slipping in and out of consciousness. When he was aware of what was happening, he tried to avoid the contact, twisting and hunching his young body, but then he'd slip back into his haze, his hormones taking over. Soon he found himself surrendering to the hands of his friends.

'That's good, Andy,' he said, speaking softly in a low, lulling tone, watching the young stud's eyes. 'Very good. Here, now let me give you something even better to suck on.' Keeping his fingers in Andy's mouth, Andre used his other hand to push his pants and boxers down past his hips, his huge cock drooling pre-cum. He withdrew his finger from Andy's sucking mouth and replaced it with his cum-slicked cock. He rocked his hips back and forth slowly, fucking the boy's face.

Andy gagged and tried to spit the monster cock out of his mouth, but Andre grasped the back of his head and thrust it in further, thrusting his hips like pistons. Andy continued to try to push away, but Jim put the poppers to his nose again. 'Here Superstar,' he cooed, 'take a nice deep breath. Yeah.... that's it, boy.'

Unable to resist and needing to breathe, Andy took a snort. The vapor filled his head and he cried out and arched his back. Jim quickly switched the bottle to the other nostril.

'That's good,' Jim coaxed. 'Big, big breath. Come on, do it!'

'Uhhhnnn...' Andy moaned as the intoxicating aroma swirled through his brain.

'Good boy,' Pete said, making his move, easing two fingers into Andy's slicked up ass.

'Ohhnnnnn...' Andy was dizzy and confused. And horny. Never before had he felt such sensations! It felt good and he found himself giving in.

While Andre was thrusting his dick in and out of Andy's mouth, Jim was ripping open a condom and unrolling it onto Pete's big cock. He nodded to Andre. Andre pulled his cock out of Andy's mouth and shoved the poppers back under his nose. With one swift thrust Pete shoved his hard cock into Andy's virgin asshole.

Andy breathed in sharply as Pete entered him, getting a big whiff of the aroma. His head was spinning out of control and before he could even scream out, Andre had shoved his big cock back into his mouth. All that could be heard was a muffle. Andre once more began to fuck Andy's face, his hips pumping rhythmically in and out of the dazed teen's mouth. Within moments the young drugged up tennis player was sucking away on his own, like it was a baby's bottle.

Pete was also thrusting his hips back and forth as he rode Andy's tight virgin ass. He wet his fingers, reached up and twisted Andy's red, raw nipples. He pulled at them and tweaked them back and forth. He grabbed Andy's hard, bobbing cock with his other and jerked it roughly.

Andy was so out of it now that he gave in completely to the delicious sensations assaulting his hunky body.

'Mmmmuummppphhhh...' he gurgled, his moans barely slipping past Andre's fat cock.

Then, as if on key, both Pete and Andre came. Andy's ass and mouth were both flooded with cum as the men jerked back and forth, shooting their sticky, creamy jizz. Cum was spilling out of Andy's mouth and Andre firmly stroked his throat to help him to swallow the warm goo. It was too much and Andy's hips bucked as he shot his load into Pete's hand. Pete put it to Andy's mouth and poured it in.

Poor Andy Roddick. Spinning in a drug and alcohol-induced daze while his childhood idols had their way with him. It certainly wasn't the night he would have envisioned, had he been able to think at all right now.

But now it was Jim's turn. He had stripped down completely and stepped in front of the helpless teen. His cock was rock hard and he roughly guided it into Andy's mouth.

'Uhnnn.... unnnhhh....' Jim grunted as he face-fucked the kid. 'Take it all, you bitch. Oh yeah...'

'Pull out, Jim,' Pete said, withdrawing his dick from Andy's ass and yanking off the condom. 'I want to hear him moan and have Andre get a few pictures.'

Jim pulled out, but he was so worked up that he couldn't control himself and before he knew it, he was spurting his pent up load all over the cute teenager's face.

'Ohhhh,' Andre said, snapping pictures. 'You spooged all over his face! Awesome!'

Andy stayed on his hands and knees, too dazed to move. There was cum all over his face and in his hair and it dripped onto the floor. The guys stood by laughing.

They pulled Andy to his feet and Pete helped him step back into his briefs. Then he sat the drugged-up young studlet on his lap.

'Oh, poor Andy,' Pete said, rubbing the teen's irritated cock through the soft cotton briefs. 'Only nine-teen years old, the Future of American Tennis, handsome, straight... wonder what a tabloid would pay for these pictures of you sucking cock and taking it up the ass?'

'Too bad he doesn't understand a fuckin' word you're saying,' Andre said, snapping another picture.

'You know,' Jim said, still naked and now stroking his cock. 'I never got to finish with him.'

For the next couple of hours Pete, Jim and Andre took turns fucking Andy in both his ass and mouth. He was so out of it because of the alcohol, drugs and poppers that he didn't even resist. They each took turns having their pictures taken with the drugged out stud, posing him in various lewd and obscene positions.

They redressed Andy and helped him into the limo. On the drive back to the hotel they couldn't resist kissing the cute teen and feeling him up more.

'I think we got enough on him to keep him in line until the next American prospect comes along,' Pete said, stretching.

'Yeah, James Blake is looking pretty good,' Andre said.

'So is Mardy Fish,' Jim added.

'I'm thinking about the Bryan brothers,' Pete said with a twinkle in his eyes.

'Ooooohhh.... twins!' Andre and Jim said in unison, big smiles spreading across their faces.

The End



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