This is a story of fiction. It is set at the 2001 U.S. Open in New York the night Andy Roddick lost to Lleyton Hewitt. If you don't know who Andy Roddick is, he's the teenage tennis player who's been labeled as the 'Next Great American Hope.' Do a search on him and check out one of the literally dozens of Andy Roddick websites. Once again, this is a story of fiction.

Here's where we left off last time...

... Andy giggled as he downed half his drink. He was feeling very warm, as if someone had turned the heat up full blast. 'I think I'm fucked up guys,' he slurred. His head was a bit wobbly and he leaned against the wall for support.

'Nah,' Andre said, sliding closer to the drunk teen and putting his lips to his ear, 'you're just plain fucked.'

'Hnhh?' Andy slurred, his ear tickled by Andre's hot breath and spittle. He shuddered as a shiver coursed up and down his spine.

Andre took Andy's chin in his hand and looked him straight in the eye. 'I said you've just started. Come on, buddy. Don't wimp out on us now.' While he had Andy's attention, Jim and Pete were pouring their drinks into Andy's glass.

'Now drink up, buddy,' Andre said, taking a sip of his drink.

Andy looked down at his drink and did a double take. 'Didn't I just drink like half of this?' he asked, looking from face to face. All he got in return were blank looks.

Pete spoke first. 'Uh, Andy, you've been stalling all night. You've hardly drank anything. I'm beginning to think you're a pussy.' Jim and Andre nodded.

How naïve is this kid, Andre thought to himself, shooting a glance at Pete and Jim. Andy must've drank almost a third of a fifth and was way past three sheets to the wind. He could hardly sit up straight and was having obvious trouble putting together a coherent sentence.

'I'm no pussy,' Andy said, shaking his head vigorously. 'Look!' He took his newly filled glass and drained it. Some of the Margarita spilled over his lips and ran down his shirt. 'Whoopsie,' he said, wiping the back of his hand across his mouth and then drying it off on his shirt. 'Made a little mess.'

'Can't take you anywhere, can we?' Pete laughed.

'Hey, wanna some pool guys?' Jim asked. 'Me and Andy against Pete and Andre? Whaddaya say, guys?' He drained his glass and set it down on the table.

'Let's do it,' Pete said. 'Dre and I are gonna kick your asses!'

'We'll thee about thattt...' slurred Andy, finishing up his Margarita. 'I know how to play,' he bragged.

'Let's do it then, stud,' Andre said, as he slowly slid Andy out of the booth and to his feet. Andy could hardly stand. His long legs kept getting tangled up like a newborn colt trying to stand for the first time. As he continued to trip over his big size 12s, Andre, Jim and Pete helped him over to the pool table in the middle of the room. They sat him on the table and slowly eased him back until he was lying flat on his back.

'Hey, I thought we were playing pool,' Andy slurred.

'Change of plans, my friend,' Andre said, running his hands up the boozed and drugged up stud's mouth chest. 'I think the first thing we need to do is get this wet shirt off of you,' he said, tugging Andy's shirt from his jeans. He began to slowly massage the teen's buffed chest, tweaking and twisting his erect nipples.

'Ohhhnnn...' Andy whimpered. He never felt anything like that before. No one had ever touched his tits before, and there was a tongue in his ear that was driving him wild! He tried to turn his head, but Jim held it firmly in place as he flicked his tongue in and out of Andy's ear. He blew a little here and nibbled a little there.

'Guys...' Andy slurred. 'Whatt're you doin'? Oh, gawd...!' The tongue was now licking the side of his face. 'This is gay... stop...' But the guys didn't stop and soon Andy didn't care any more. It just felt so good. His mind was reeling with everything he was feeling and he found himself giving into all the delicious surprises Jim, Andre and Pete had for him.

Jim took his other hand and put it behind Andy's head. He gently turned Andy's face toward his and let his slobbering tongue trace its way along the drunk stud's Andy's face until it reached his full, young lips. Jim pulled Andy toward him and began to kiss him.

Andy knew he should pull back, but for some reason he found himself returning Jim's soft kisses. He knew he shouldn't be doing this... that it was queer. He wasn't gay. Why was he doing this? It was if he was on autopilot. He felt something at his crotch. He lifted his head off the pool table and, through bleary, drunken eyes, saw Pete massaging his crotch through his jeans. Jim's tongue was now forcing its way into his mouth and for the first time Andy tried to pull back, but couldn't.

Pete unbuttoned Andy's jeans while continuing to massage his cock and ass. His nipples were standing straight out, stimulated from Andre's touch. There was a smattering of hair that led down and into the waistband of the white Abercrombie & Fitch briefs that were peaking out about two inches above the waist of his jeans. Pete leaned in and, along with Andre, began to lick the rubbery points.

'Uhnnnn...' Andy moaned again. 'What are you doing to meeee... why are you taking off my clothes...?'

'Initiation,' Pete said, smirking while he pulled back from kissing Andy. He reached down and unzipped the fly of Andy's jeans. He spread the material out and a white bulge poked through. He lowered his pants. Andy's briefs were tented with his erection.

'Nice,' Pete said, running his hands along Andy's hips. 'Damn nice, Andy!' He cupped the kid's bulging crotch and jiggled his balls. Then he traced his finger along the leg opening of his briefs and slipped his finger under the elastic. He tickled at Andy's virgin pucker.

'Unnnhhh... fuck!!!!' Andy cried out. He threw his head back and it slammed into the table.

'Owww...' the dazed boy yelled, rubbing the back of his head. Then he giggled.

While Pete cupped and rubbed Andy's cock and balls, Andre bent down and slipped Andy's shoes off. Then he slid his pants off and sat him up. Andy was now clad in only his briefs and socks.

'Oh, fuck! Why...?' Andy asked, as his mind slid slowly back to reality. Then, just as quickly, the thought disappeared and all he could think of was what his body was feeling.

'Just enjoy yourself,' Andre said. 'You know you want it'

'Unnhhh... nooo...' Andy whimpered.

'Come on... let's get you up,' Andre said, pulling Andy's limp body to a sitting position. 'That's it.'

'I've got something that'll help get him in the mood,' Jim said, pulling small brown bottle from his pocket. He unscrewed the cap and put the poppers under Andy's nose. 'Here,' he said, 'take a nice deep breath of this.'

Andy did as he was told and took a long whiff from the bottle. The vapors rushed to his head and his body visibly slumped. 'Ooohh... ' he moaned in a low voice.

Jim quickly moved the poppers to Andy's other nostril. 'Here... try some more.'

Andy took another sniff, the aroma setting off mini-sexual bombs in his brain. 'Unnnhhh...' he cooed. Whatever the stuff was, it made him all warm and tingly. He felt himself being pulled to his feet.

'Yeah, you love this stuff, don't you,' Jim teased, giving the dazed kid several more hits until he was almost floating. Andy staggered and stumbled, barely able to stay on his feet. He was leaning against the guys, completely unaware that they were grabbing at his ass, dick and nipples. Andre grabbed hold of Andy and held him against his body, nibbling at his ear lobes, while Jim and Pete continued to molest his body. While Pete slowly jerked Andy off through his briefs, Jim alternated between flicking Andy's nipples and rolling them between his fingers and thumb.

'Oooohhh... uhhnn...' Andy moaned involuntarily. It all felt sooo good. What the fuck was happening to him? 'Oooohhh... mmmnnnnhhhh...' he continued to moan, his body quivering at the touch. Pete could feel the stud's hips thrusting ever so slightly into his hand and he smiled.

'Feels great, doesn't it?' he said, as Andre stuck two fingers between the dizzy stud's lips and slowly and deliberately pumped them back and forth, in and out. The drugged horny teen began to suck them.

'Yeah, he's acting just like Jan-Michael did,' Jim said. Jan-Michael Gambill was Andy's best friend on the tour. Two years earlier, when Jan-Michael Gambill had burst on the tennis scene, he had undergone a similar initiation. The 'Initiation', so to speak, was nearly legendary by now. Nobody quite remembered when the tradition began, but all the top American players had faced the hazing, the last one being Jan-Michael.

'I remember that night,' Pete laughed, thinking back. 'In fact, I still have the pictures and the video!' They had gone after Jan-Michael much the same way they were going after Andy. Jan-Michael had been lured out, set up, drugged, and taken advantage of. Funny thing though, instead of rising in the rankings like the other Americans had, Jan-Michael had begun a so slow descent. Sure, he still played well, but he was now busy modeling and there were also those rumors about him and certain company he kept, traveling with him from tournament to tournament. But those were just rumors...

'Let's get you down on your hands and knees, buddy,' Andre said, moving Andy to a long, wide bench that was near the pool table. 'Come on,' he urged, motioning to the bench, 'hands and knees.'

Andy was still moaning as his tits and cock were being fondled and was aware of being maneuvered onto the bench. He was positioned on his hands and knees as the guys continued to feel up his hot body. Andre lowered his khakis and black silk boxers in one swift motion. He took Andy's chin in his hands. The teen's eyes were glazed as he looked up at his childhood hero. Andre's cock was stiff and glistening with precum and he let the tip run across Andy's face, leaving a shiny trail of juice in its wake. Andre watched as Andy's eyes darted back and forth, trying to focus. 'Andy? Are you with us?'

To be continued...



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