I woke up in the middle of the night in Rusty's bed and sat to watch him sleep for awhile. He was so content and looked so peaceful. I began to list the pros and cons of starting to have a relationship with Rusty, as I'm getting the feeling that he wants to see me more and I want to see him more.

So, I'm getting a divorce, which gets the Ron part of the picture out - but then there's Dan. I do love him and would love to see him on the side if Rusty wouldn't mind - but then Rusty is a huge fan of Dan's - maybe we can both have him? That could be fun! I guess I should take it one step at a time. The first thing I need to do is find an apartment and move my stuff down from Malibu...

Rusty stirred and put his arms around me to cuddle. I asked him if he was awake and he didn't answer. Then I started to fall back asleep. Then a moment or two later, he was mumbling in his sleep and he said something I couldn't understand but it sounded like he was having a conversation with someone and then I heard him say 'but I'm already falling in love,' and it sent a chill down my spine.

I woke up and it was much earlier than I thought it was and he was in the shower. I heard the water go off and I saw him for a brief moment and he came back to the bedroom with two mugs of coffee and a big smile.

'Good morning, gorgeous,' he said with a grin. Still wearing his towel, teasing me.

I stretched and yawned and said 'Hi Rusty. You're so sweet to bring me coffee!'

'Did you sleep okay?'

'Well, I woke up in the middle of the night for a moment and you were talking in your sleep. It didn't keep me up or anything. You put your arms around me and I went back to sleep easily.'

He apparently didn't know what he said in his sleep. 'What was I talking about?'

'I couldn't really understand but you were talking to someone,' I didn't want to reveal what I had heard.

'I didn't embarrass myself, did I?'

'Well, I wouldn't say that.'

'I'm heading in for another session on my legs at Steve's shop. Do you want to come along and watch or do you want to stay here for awhile? I need to work again but will be off at six.'

'How soon do you have to leave? Can I think about it for a moment?'

'Sure - I don't need to leave for about a half hour. Can I ask if you'll be free this evening? I'd love to be with you again and do something - maybe really go out this time,' and he winked at me.

'I'm yours! I'd absolutely love to be with you again tonight.'

'What are you doing today?'

'I'm going to apartment hunt some more - Mark is going with me and I hope I might find something today.'

He sat down next to me and put his arm around me. 'I know this is only day three of us being in the same bed...and I'm taking a huge risk here....but, um, well, if you want to, and don't let me sway you either way, but if you want to...you could stay here until you figure out what's next for you.'

I sat silent for a minute and said, 'Do you think that's a good idea? I mean, I really like you a lot and we've had so much fun the last two nights...I'd worry that you'd end up hating being in such close quarters with me so soon. I'd be bummed if you got sick of me, Rusty.'

'How are you feeling about me about now?' he asked boldly. It really did put me on the spot.

I tried to hold my cards a little to my chest. 'Well, like I said, I really like you and I've had such a blast these last two nights. I hope that you want to keep seeing me because I really want to know you better.'

'Andy, I'm going to take another risk and hope that it won't scare you off...' he started.

'What is it?' and I knew what was coming.

'I'm really falling for you - and it's not just sex,' he looked down at the floor. 'You're pretty special and I want to know everything about you.'

I grabbed him and kissed him. 'I'm pretty crazy about you, too. Can I think about it? That is staying with you? I don't want this to be the wrong thing to do and fuck it up.'

He said he was fine with that and he looked happier than he looked earlier and I said that I wanted to get up and brush my teeth and he waited there for me.

I heard him call Steve while I was in the bathroom and ask him if they could start 1/2 hour later. It sounded like a yes.

I got back there and sat down again and he moved toward me and took my face in his hands and kissed me softly and I knew he wasn't kidding about any of what he said.

He gently pushed me back onto a pillow and swung my legs around to the bed so I was laying down. He lay next to me and held me for a long time.

'Can I just lay here with you and hold you? I just want to feel you next to me,' he whispered in my ear.

I grabbed him and squeezed him.

'Tell me one thing I don't know about you yet and I will too,' he said, looking up at the ceiling.

I had to think about what would be the best thing to tell him. I don't know what he knew about me and I didn't want to tell him some outrageous thing about me after he just professed his feelings. But what the hell...

'I was a serious drug addict in my teens and into my early twenties. Mostly heroin.' and I looked over at him. His expression didn't change.

'I'm lucky that you made it out okay.'

'Me, too.'

'Okay - I've been out since my early twenties. Since that time, I've been with many guys, but not as many in the last ten years. I've only been in relationships twice and those two relationships were long and ended badly. So I guess I could say that I've fallen in love only three times in my life.' Was he trying to be subtle or not?

I couldn't really say anything but I squirmed under his arm to lay on his chest and kiss him there.

'How long until you have to leave for Steve's shop?'

'I have another half hour.'

'Good!' I opened his towel and climbed between his legs and started sucking his half-hard cock until he was fully out there and he was closing his eyes and opening them and holding my head while I went up and down his shaft and kept squeezing his balls. I was only in boxers and I started getting myself really turned on.

I told him to sit up against his headboard and I grabbed the lube and a condom and I kept sucking him on and off and giving his balls a tongue bath. He was smiling and putting his head back and saying things like 'wow this feels so great you are so fucking hot andy oh my god what are you doing to me jesus fucking christ' and I stopped to take off my shorts and started fingering my ass after I put some lube on my fingers and I went back to sucking him a little bit and then handed him the condom and told him to put it on and I lubed up my ass a lot more and when I saw the condom on him I climbed up over onto his lap and sat my ass right down on his cock and he moaned really loud and threw his head back.

I started moving my hips on him and I still had a bunch of lube on my fingers so I started reaching back behind me to start playing with his ass and he let out another moan and grabbed my waist. He kept holding me while I sat there rocking and playing with his ass until I had a couple of fingers in there. Then I rode up and down his shaft a few times but I couldn't keep working on his ass as easily so I sat back down and he moved his hips as best as he could.

I started fingering his ass a lot and he was moaning a lot harder and suddenly I could feel myself rising up towards an intense orgasm and I said 'stroke my cock for me, please, oh please, Rusty, damn' and he smiled at me and made me beg a few more times and then it hit us both at the same time.

He stared into my eyes and said 'don't stop what you're doing, oh god, i'm losing it oh shit i'm going to come right now' and I could feel him trying to push up with his hips and I bore down on him really hard and he had his head tipped back and he came hard, moaning like crazy and saying my name and right after that I finished stroking myself and came really hard and hit him with cum in the face and all over his chest while he watched me, still inside my ass.

He smiled broadly at me and wiped a bit of my cum from his chest and licked his fingers and looked at me. I climbed off and collapsed for a moment.

'Shit - I need to get moving...I'm getting back in the shower - join me?' and held out his hand. 'I wish I could lay here and cuddle more but Steve will kill me if I'm later than the late I already am,' and he pulled me up and we walked into the bathroom. My legs were a little wobbly.

We got in the hot shower and he held me really close to him and let the water run all over us. 'Andy...you make me feel so great,' and he kissed me while holding me tight.

'Me, too, sweetie,' and I smiled up at him. 'I'm feeling the same way you are but it's so early it scares me to really say it. But I think you're incredible and I hope I can be a part of your life.'

'You already are, Andy. I think a big part already,' and he finished rinsing off and I stayed in for a moment to actually soap myself up.

When I got out, he was in that sexy uniform of his and he looked at his watch and said 'Shit - will you call Steve and tell him I'm motoring over right now - and apologize for me?'

'Of course. Do you want me to lock up and put the key in the slot?'

'Keep the key. Can you meet me back here at 6:15 or so?'

'I'll be waiting,' and we grinned at each other. I walked him to the door in my towel and he gave me a really great kiss and squeezed my ass as he held me.

I watched him out the window, getting into his car and he waved. A few minutes later my phone buzzed. It was him. 'Hi! Did you forget something?'

'Well, only, um, that I well, I can't help it Andy,' he sounded really sort of serious and sort of hesitant.

'What is it, Rusty?'

'I'm going to be really lame and call you because I just couldn't do this in person yet. I'm already in love with you. If you think this won't work, please tell me so I don't get more hurt than I would already be. I'm sorry if I'm throwing this at you after only a couple of days but I've wanted you for so long and you are every bit as incredible as I imagined - in every way. I am the happiest I've been in...'

I interrupted him - 'Rusty?'


'I'll be here when you get home... and then I want to take you to dinner and make love to you all night. Does that sound good?'

He laughed and said 'Yeah, that's perfect. I can't wait.'

Then I called Steve and he gave me plenty of good-natured shit about us and we talked for a bit until he said 'your boyfriend's here' and we hung up.


I headed back to Rusty's apartment before six and hung out. It gave me an opportunity to walk around more and take in his whole place. I didn't snoop but just looked at everything immediately visible.


Rusty walked in around 6:20 and he was holding some red roses. He set them down and grabbed me and dipped me backwards in his arms and planted a huge kiss on me. Then he gave me the roses and they were awesome. I had talked to Steve later in the day today and he said Rusty talked non-stop about me the whole time he was there - asking Steve questions about me, talking about how great I am, Steve said he was nauseous talking about me so much (he likes to give me shit all the time) and said he'll be disappointed in me if I hurt Rusty in any way. I assured Steve that I wouldn't be sticking around if I wasn't already crazy about him. 'What about Dan?' he asked. 'Not sure yet about any of it.' I really wasn't.

We stood and held each other for a few minutes and didn't say anything. I loved burying my nose in his neck and smelling his body. He always smelled really great - since he's outdoors all day, I could smell the sun and wind on him, along with the scent of the soap he showered with, a little of his deodorant, a little bit of sweat. It was pretty intoxicating, really.

Rusty looked down at me and said 'do I have time to take a quick shower?' and I nodded and let him go. I sat on the couch and waited for him, thinking about how really wonderful he is and how I couldn't wait to know him more. I turned around and could see him naked from the back getting some clothes on and his ass is just so fucking gorgeous I almost bolted over there to start biting it and working on it with my tongue but I held back - I wanted to take him out - walk around Hollywood - have dinner - hang out a bit - go record shopping - laugh and talk; after that we'd come back here and I'd have dessert - his ass.

He came out looking so hot - faded Levi's and high-tops, a plain black t-shirt and he was holding a great black jacket. He let his hair go without stuff in it and it made him look that much more boyish and even sexier. God, I think I was really falling hard for him. I got up and took his jacket and laid it down and put my arms around his waist and held him close again. He held me back and squeezed me and we smiled at each other without saying anything.

We decided to walk around instead of driving anywhere. He lives a not too far off from where most of the fun is in West Hollywood. We held hands and sometimes he put his arm around me and squeezed me. The air was getting a little cooler and it felt great to be out walking around. Then we started running into all kinds of people who knew him, who knew me, and it was actually fun telling people that we were seeing each other. I had to break the news that I was getting a divorce because I saw some eyebrows raised from people Ron and I knew. Rusty seemed to be having a great time showing me off and I loved seeing him so happy.

We had dinner at an Italian place and had a nice time talking. I started asking him about the tattoos and why he decided to go all out and do almost his whole body. He said it started with Steve doing his upper arms with some great vintage science fiction and horror movie stuff and he couldn't stop going back for more. Steve got into it because Rusty was the first person who had only his work all over him. They kept planning more stuff and going on and on. It went from his upper arms to his back and then down the rest of his arms and then they started on his chest. Then the tops of his hands and then his neck. The legs were left for last and so far Steve has done his lower left leg, front and back and next week they'll start the other. He got a lot of stares from just about everybody - he's tall, really fit, gorgeous and is covered in ink. He's on the street all day delivering mail so everyone knows him.

He asked if I would tell him more about my drug years and how I recovered. I know he wanted to know much more about me and Ron but he held back. He asked a couple of questions. I told him the answers and then said I'm always willing to talk about it but I'd much rather talk about Rusty and maybe about me and Rusty. He liked that a lot.

We slowly walked back to his place, holding hands and at every street corner that we waited to cross at, he kissed me softly. I could tell he was on top of the world and I felt really at peace and happy to be with him. He had this extra level of confidence, it seemed.

We soon got back to his apartment and had a couple of shots of tequila and then a beer and listened to a lot of music and talked. It was starting to heat up again between us but it was nice to relax and kick back a little before the intensity that happens when we're in bed.

I finally set my beer down and took his from him and climbed onto his lap on the couch and started kissing him and biting his ears and neck and grabbing his hair and he started to shift under me, his arms around my waist, his hands grabbing my ass. He kissed me back, sucking on my tongue, fighting my tongue with his and moving his hips up under me to press his hardening cock up in his jeans up towards me. I pulled his t-shirt off and started playing with his nipple rings while I bit his neck some more and I could feel his cock under me, trying to shift itself from within his jeans and he started to moan a little very softly.

He then squirmed out from under me and picked me up in his arms (he's so strong!) and carried me into the bedroom and not saying anything. He dropped me onto the bed and climbed up on top of me and started kissing me all over the face and neck and I was reaching up to pull on his rings a little while we were kissing and I could see his hard cock straining at the crotch of his jeans and I squeezed it and he moaned in my ear which sent some chills down me. He sat up and unbuttoned his jeans to get a little relief and smiled at me. I moved back a little and took my shirt off and he took his shoes off and my shoes and took his jeans off and took mine off and we were both in our boxers, but not for too long. We were both super hard and he lay back on top of me and grinded his pelvis into mine and I was already going out of my mind holding this big sexy guy on top of me, listening to him moan when I touched him or kissed him in different places.

I had a little surprise that I wanted to bring out in a little bit - I had a small vibrating dildo that I really wanted to put in his ass while I sucked his big cock. I wasn't sure if he was into toys, but I thought I'd suggest it to see what his reaction was first. I wanted to drive him over the top and hoped he was willing.

He pulled off my shorts and then his and started kissing me all over my chest and stomach and then he was holding my cock in his hand and rubbing his face all over my cock and balls and smelling my scent and moaning and saying 'god andy you smell so great i could lay here all night like this you are so fucking hot' which made me twitch a little and I was putting my hands in his hair and softly stroking it and he stayed between my legs and started very lightly tonguing me all over, my ass cradled in his hands.

He was licking my cock up and down which felt pretty awesome with that tongue stud of his. He moved downwards and was soon licking my ass all over inside and I felt his tongue start to enter me. His tongue stud was hitting me in all different areas and when he put some pressure from it on me I started moaning like crazy.

He let go and climbed over me, his cock in my face and we went down on each other for awhile, stopping periodically to let the other work for a bit. From my vantage point it was easy for me to start working on his ass with my tongue. He stopped working on me and raised his head up and was moaning, balancing on one hand, squeezing my cock with the other.

I rolled him off me and crawled over to kiss him and hold him for a minute. 'Can I try something on you?' I asked, with a smile.

'You bet,' he grinned.

I got off the bed and went to my messenger bag and I had the dildo in a plastic bag. It wasn't too large but it had the benefit of batteries and it was a powerful little guy.

'Wow,' he said while stroking himself. 'I haven't had fun with toys in a long time.' I was sort of wondering how long it had been since he'd slept with anyone.

'Lay back and enjoy,' and I grabbed some lube from my bag, too, and got back on the bed. He was on his back which was perfect.

I started working on his ass some more while he continued stroking himself and looking at me, his eyes all lit up in anticipation. I stopped and sucked his cock some more, his hands on my head, his fingers running through my hair, moaning softly the whole time, saying my name. Then I stopped and lubed up the dildo and put some more lube on my fingers and started putting my fingers in his ass while I resumed sucking him a little bit and he was starting to arch his back up a little and moaning a little more loudly.

I started working the dildo in and out of his ass while I held onto his cock and watched his face and he looked so fucking hot, taking it all in. Sometimes he close his legs a little and squeeze me and I could tell he was already coming up to a plateau.

'Do you like this, baby?'

He almost couldn't speak. 'Oh fuck yeah you make me feel so good.'

'Ready to crank it up a notch?'

'Yeah,' he could barely get the words out.

My little toy had two speeds so I started on the slower one. I pulled it out almost all the way and twisted it on and his body jumped for a second and he said 'holy fuck' and I saw him clench his fists.

I slowly worked it in his ass again and tipped it down slightly so I knew I was hitting his prostate and then I went back to sucking his cock at the same time and he went silent and I could see his jaw clenched and his fists by his side and he was moaning really low under his breath and sort of moving his hips.

I moved the dildo a little more quickly back and forth and suddenly he put his hands on my head and screamed 'jesus fucking christ i can't take it anymore' and he shoved my head down onto his cock harder and he bucked right up into me and came over and over holding my head down and screaming 'oh fuck oh fuck oh andy oh fuck fuck fuck shit' and I knew he'd had enough of my friend so I pulled it out but kept his cock in my mouth for a few more strokes and sucked the life out of him.

He had his eyes closed and finally pulled my head up and was panting and panting and sweating and I moved up into his arms and his eyes were wet.

'What planet are we on?' he asked me breathlessly.

I kissed him. 'How was that?'

'Ummm, I don't think I can talk right now I'm a little confused,' and he smiled at me with his eyes still closed.

'You said you hadn't had fun with toys in a long time. Do you like doing that?'

'Yeah, not all the time because I think you can rely on them too much after awhile.'

'Who was the last guy you were with...if it's ok that I ask you that.'

Still with his eyes shut he said, 'Andy, it's been at least a year and I don't remember his name.'

How could anyone not want this gorgeous guy in all that time? I guess he doesn't fit any stereotypes, just like me, just like Steve, just like Mark.

He sat up and said 'Am I a loser or what?' and he smiled.

'You are silly - I just think no one deserved to be with you, you're so hot. I'm lucky I get to,' and I kissed him on the nose.

At that he rolled me on top of him and started kissing me again, all over my face and neck and biting my ears. 'Can I use that on you?' he whispered.

'You bet - let me go clean it up,' and I quickly went to the bathroom and washed it and came back and he was staring at me with what I could only describe is love in his eyes. He looked absolutely enchanting - the lights were slightly dimmed in his room with only a small light on a side table. He was laying on the bed, on his side and smiling at me - I never saw him smile so much in all the time I've seen him around. Of course, he would smile if we were talking directly to each other, me not knowing that he had a thing for me. I really felt so great being here with him, everything new and exciting.

'Come here,' he said. He rolled me on my back and took the dildo from me and he started kissing me all over my chest and stomach, biting my nipples, rolling that tongue stud over them and making me arch my back up. I stroked his hair while he was kissing me. He put his head down on my pelvis again and stayed there for a moment, nuzzling my cock a little bit and kissing it softly and I was quickly becoming hard again, my dick pushing against his cheek while it tried to stand up. He started massaging my balls and then went down and started licking them, pressing his tongue stud on them and making me moan slightly. Then he started licking me all the way down to my ass, pushing his tongue on me harder and it felt so fucking nice.

He started tonguing my ass again and stroking my cock with his hand. Then he started lubing up the dildo and started gently putting it into me while he went back to sucking my cock. He was super gentle but persistent and it was totally making me climb higher. He looked at me and said 'Good?' and I nodded and he took it out and figured out how to turn it on to the low speed and started working in into my ass again and it made my hips jump up from the bed for a moment and I moaned low from inside my chest and he started working it in and out and resumed sucking my cock. The combination of his tongue stud, the vibrator and just looking at his head and those sexy tattoos on his arms, holding my cock and putting the toy in me made me start going up hill really quickly and I lost my breath and I literally screamed 'fuck, oh god, don't stop, fuck me with that thing, faster, suck my cock, oh, fuck' and I felt my head start spinning and I felt this rolling wave of warmth and then I started ejaculating really hard into his mouth. I could feel my balls emptying and shooting out of my dick into his throat and his tongue stud was holding on to me, pressed against my shaft and I sort of wailed 'oh, god, i can't take anymore' and he stopped and sat up and watched me, panting and curled up in a ball. He came over and spooned me and curled me up in his arms and kissed my cheek and my shoulders and back.

'I love you, Andy,' he said while his nose and lips were nuzzled back into my shoulders and neck.

I turned over to him and said 'I love you too, Rusty...I know it's so soon but I can't help it - you are so special,' and I put my hand on his face and stroked his cheek.

'It's not too soon for me. I've wanted you forever.'

We lay there curled up together and then I turned back over to him and we lay together, our bodies intertwined, fully embraced in each other. I felt so peaceful and safe there. I knew that what we were both feeling was genuine love and I was so happy that Steve got us together at just the right time.

more later...



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