I woke up in Rusty's bed around 7 or so and he was in the shower. He came back in with a towel wrapped around his waist and was all smiles. I looked at him and smiled and took in his body. He is so fucking hot - I can't believe I just spent the night with him. He came over and kissed me.

'Good morning, gorgeous!' he smiled and held my face in his hands.

'Good morning to you! You are so hot in that towel I'm already getting worked up and my eyes just opened!' Rusty blushed and smiled at me.

I sat up and he took me in his arms. 'I had such a beautiful evening with you - I can't stop thinking about you. Will you really be with me tonight again? We can finish the part of last night's date that we didn't get to - movie or something?'

'I'm up for that and anything else!' I watched him as he took the towel off and started to get dressed. I could take in that body all day. Fuck! I had to restrain myself from lunging at him and to take a bite of his ass. Then, what does he do next? Puts on his postal uniform - walking shorts that show off his fantastic legs, cool black walking shoes and a short sleeved shirt with a t-shirt underneath. Uniforms always drive me a bit crazy and seeing him in his did not help!

'I'm going to see Steve to have about two hours of work done on my legs and then to work. I'll be off at six. What are you doing today?'

'I have some phone calls to make and some errands to run. Is it okay if I stay here and take a shower and eat something? Can I lock up?' I wasn't quite ready to get up and leave and I wanted to linger here for awhile and think about last night.

'Yes, absolutely. I'll get a towel for you and you can lock up with my spare key and shove it under the door.' I guess after only one date I shouldn't expect to be able to keep the key!

'Can you meet me here at 6:30?' he looked at me and smiled.

'Yes I will. Let me get up and brush my teeth so I can kiss you a bunch before you leave,' and I grabbed my boxers and messenger bag and went to his bathroom.

I got back and he was half sitting, half laying on the bed, balancing on his elbows and watching me in the reflection of a mirror that gave him a view of me in the bathroom.

He smiled and patted the bed next to him for me to sit down. He grabbed me and started kissing me like crazy and I could feel the heat rising between us and I was getting hard right away. He pushed me back so I was laying down and said 'Well, I was planning on getting some coffee with Steve but I could use some breakfast,' and he winked at me. Next thing I know, he's pulled down my shorts and is sucking my cock.

I am particularly vulnerable when I'm half-awake and he caught me at just the right time to totally blow me away. He had me moaning in about three seconds, rubbing that tongue stud on my shaft while he squeezed my balls. Then he started in on my ass, another place the tongue stud came in handy - holy fuck! He even had me squirming a little bit because it just felt too good. Then he started fingering my ass and went back to sucking me and taking each of my balls in his mouth - again the tongue stud - fuck! I reached a plateau pretty quickly and he could feel me getting close so he kept fucking me with his fingers and really pressing that stud on my cock and going a bit faster and I came really hard in his mouth and went to outer space in my head. I finished and fell back on the bed. Rusty smiled at me. 'That was nice - I guess you enjoyed it as much as me!' he said.

I sat up and put my arms around him. 'Thank you - you didn't have to do that!'

'Yes, I had to. You're too sexy laying there in your boxers. Kissing you just made me want to get my mouth on that gorgeous cock of yours. I wish I wasn't working today - I have a lot of other things I want to do to you!' The light was shining in on his eyes and he looked so gorgeous I felt my eyes getting wet just looking at him and thinking about what he did to me last night.

'Shit - I have to get going - Steve is opening up early for me so he can work on my legs for a bit. Are you okay then?' He stood up and grabbed his wallet and keys and phone from the dresser.

'Yeah, I am. Will you call me when you have a chance?'

'Of course I will. I can't wait to see you tonight.' he came over and kissed me once more.

'I can't wait to see you,' I stood up, still naked, and walked him to the front door.

'Maybe I should give you a key so you can greet me like that after work!' He squeezed me around the waist.

'Oh, it's probably too soon for that, but maybe someday?' I kissed him on the neck.

He winked again and we kissed a few more times at the front door. 'Bye, sweetie,' he said and walked backwards out the front door, looking at me one more time.

'Bye. Have a great day and I will meet you here at 6:30!' I was really excited to know I'd be seeing him that afternoon.


I got up and showered and went to a coffee shop and had a quick bite and then went back to my car. I needed to make a really important phone call. After twenty-five years of being together, Ron and I were about to end our marriage. We met at age 16 at a club we had both snuck into. I was already a dragged down heroin addict and had run away from home and was selling blow jobs at the clubs when I could to support my already growing habit. My parents had kicked me out, thinking it might bring me to my senses, but that didn't happen for quite a while after that.

Ron was a knight in shining armor - a really rich gorgeous guy who rescued me. He was the same age as me but was pretty independent already. He took me home with him. His father was constantly traveling and his mother was already separated from his father and spending time in spas in Europe, drinking.

We stayed together all that time, with weeks and a few months here and there where we had our little flings and affairs. When we got into our late twenties and early thirties, we declared one night that we would stay together forever but we'd have an open relationship always. Even after we took the leap to get legally married, we kept that pact. For a long time, it worked. It kept things interesting, most definitely. Of course, I was already involved with Dan and didn't have too much interest in sleeping with other guys - but Ron did. He had and still has a weakness for models and ordering up escorts.

Ron also set me up early on with enough of my own money to never want for anything. There were never any strings attached, because, I guess when you're that rich, you just don't care about it that much. I've never worked and I never went to college. If he hadn't been generous with setting me up with money and investments, I would be sort of fucked, but I knew I could make it...

After all this time, however, I started feeling a little smothered; he had bought us a house up in Malibu and I hated being up there. I belong in the city, where my friends are and where all the fun is. He was more into the fancy restaurants, exclusive beach stuff, whatever.

I hadn't had any flings for almost two years when I began to think of Dan again and called him. Ron had already planned to go to London and we fought. Things had been crumbling for awhile and his trip and me calling Dan brought everything to a head.

Ron saw it coming and it was a pretty sane conversation. I started it and he even cut me off mid-sentence and said he knew what I was getting to. He said he would stay in London for another month and that he was sort of involved with someone there already, which I figured. We've known each other for so long that there didn't seem to be any pain about this whole thing. I wasn't upset, just maybe a little stressed out. Ron was pretty lackadaisical about it, which initially pissed me off, but then I remembered that he always acts like this, even when his grandmother died.

After spending the night with Rusty and after the past week with Dan, I just knew I was making the right decision. I never really had the chance to date anyone else for all these years. I was 41 and the only guys I had ever been with besides him were flings, one night stands and affairs. Never anyone who I could go out with in public or really get to know. Even though I barely knew Rusty yet, I already felt like he was someone who I wanted to get to know better. Hell, maybe things would work with him, maybe not.

I felt a great sense of relief. I had already told Mark and Steve that this was coming down the pike and they offered up their guest room for as long as I needed it. I decided that today I would start looking for a place to live. After I got off the phone with him I was finishing my coffee and I got two text messages from Dan:

Love you. Will try to call later.

And then, a few minutes later:

Can't stop thinking about you. Trying to figure out next time.

It was nice to read those but now I was distracted by Rusty. How do I get myself into these messes? I called Mark and went over to Mark and Steve's for a little while to see if I could use one of their laptops. I didn't feel like surfing on my iPhone and I wanted to start looking for a place. I don't really own any furniture of my own and really only have my clothes, records and books. I've never lived with anyone but Ron or my parents. Mark said when I found somewhere he'd help me go pick up all my stuff in Malibu and go on an IKEA spree with me for furniture and all the other stuff I'd need. So I made a few calls and looked at a few places and nothing popped out at me at the moment. I think I was too distracted. I spent the rest of the day watching TV at Steve and Mark's. Mark was out much of the day running errands and I didn't feel like moving.

My phone buzzed and I saw it was Dan. I answered...

'Hi sweetie!' he said cheerily.

'What's new? Miss you,' I replied.

'Andy, I couldn't sleep all last night. I can't stop thinking about you and trying to figure out what we could do to see each other again. I can't stop thinking of all the things you did to me every night and it's really getting me turned on.'

'Dan, Ron and I are splitting up,' I thought I'd lay that out there to see what he said.

'It isn't because of you and me,is it?' he sounded a little worried.

'No - it's been a long time coming, actually. I just haven't talked about it with anyone.'

'I'm sorry. Unless you wanted this, then I'd be relieved for you.'

'I'm relieved, actually. I need my freedom.'

'Well, that might make things a bit easier for us to get together, anyway? Right?'

'Maybe...what did you have in mind?'

'Don't know. I've got some stuff I want to work on that I started before I came to see you.'

'Well, okay - just let me know...I went out with Rusty last night.' It had to come out sometime, I figured.

'Oh.' He sounded disappointed. 'Was it good?' What was he referring to?

'We had a nice time; he's a great guy. But tell me when I'm going to see you.'

'I'm on it. Stay good. I love you, Andy. Will you send me a picture right now from your phone?'

'Sure. You should too so I can keep you with me until I next see you in person. I love you, too.'

'I will. Don't get in too much trouble. I have some more new stuff to play for you next time I see you.'

'Bye, Dan.'


I got a picture from him and it was pretty cute. He was holding the receipt from the hotel and making a sad face.

Since I was at Steve's, I grabbed one of Dan's records and held it next to my face and pretended to kiss it. He sent back a message and said if I kissed it he could feel it through the vinyl. I sat for awhile and thought about where I was at this moment - free from my marriage - free to carry on with Dan - free to go out with Rusty - but how could I manage both Dan and Rusty? I told myself to deal with the here and now. I was excited to see Rusty again. So excited that I really want to jerk off - I was getting hard already thinking about him and his gorgeous body but I thought it would be awkward to do it on my friend's couch, taking the chance that Mark could walk in at any moment.

Six rolled around and Mark was home, cooking dinner for Steve like he apparently does every day (he doesn't work and went to cooking school and loves to make food for him). My phone range and it was Rusty.

'Hi! I'm off work - can you meet me at my place?'

'I'm on my way!' I was really excited to see him.

I got to his place about 6:15 and sat in my car thinking about things and what I should do when he pulled up behind me. I could see his smile flashing at me when I looked in my rear view mirror and I got out. He came over to me and hugged me tight and ruffled my hair. 'Let's go in! I could use a beer,' and he took my hand. He was so positive, so comfortable with himself, so happy - it was never like that with Ron. Ron was comfortable with himself but he was hardly ever positive.

We went in and after he closed the door he gave me a really deep, passionate kiss, crushing his body into mine and moaning slightly while he kissed me. He pulled away and smiled at me with his eyes and his mouth and I just about melted into a pool of water right there on the floor. He was even hotter than what I was remembering all day long. He went and got us beers from the fridge - and said he was taking a shower to 'get work off me' and would I join him?

We got in the shower together and the water felt so awesome raining down on me and he grabbed me and kissed me again, this time pressing his slightly hard cock against my stomach. I was also in the same mode and just couldn't take my hands off him. He washed my hair and soaped me up and spent a lot of time washing me, kissing me almost every spot he rinsed off. I returned the favor and we were both absolutely full-on hard. He shut off the water and grabbed two towels. We got out and I turned to him and said 'I can't waste this hard-on,' and he nodded and took my hand and we went back to the bedroom. Then he got our beers from the kitchen where we left them and took his towel off and stood there, drinking his beer, naked, with this huge, huge cock looking at me and I said 'Stop teasing me!' and he stood there and said 'Why, what do you mean?' and started stroking himself and leering at me.

He set down his beer and tackled me on the bed. What, no movie? I wasn't disappointed, really. So he tackled me and took my towel off. He started kissing and licking me all over and biting my nipples and had me start pulling on his nipples rings a little and every time I did that he moaned and lifted his head up and it gave me some ideas.

'Come here...I want to tell you something,' I whispered. He leaned all the way on top of me until his head was near mine. 'I want to fuck you - I didn't get a chance last night and that ass is driving me crazy.'

'I would love for you to do that to me...I've been thinking about that today while I was working, that I want you to fill me up with that gorgeous cock and make me howl.'

'But I want to know...can I pull on your nipple rings while I fuck you? I want to put you over the edge...'

'Oh, absolutely...that's kind of what they're there for,' and he smiled and went back to kissing me all over and licking me and then I surprised myself that I could manage lifting him a little and I rolled him onto his back while he was on top of me. He is so fucking solid I got a chill down my spine in anticipation of fucking his completely perfect and hot ass. I sat on top of him and started biting his nipples, one at a time, while pulling the ring on the other gently and looking to get a reaction.

'I'll say stop if you're pulling too hard - but gradual is best...and that feels fucking great,' he leaned back and closed his eyes.

I continued doing that for awhile and then started kissing his stomach and licking his pelvic bones. His stomach is so hard - but it doesn't look fake - you can tell he works hard on his body but it doesn't look like he's a muscle man - he's just solid and sexy and really fit. I then moved back and started teasing his cock with my tongue and he moved his hips up and moaned a little. Then I started licking his balls while I stroked his cock and kept moving my tongue down further and further and I start sucking on the underside of his sac and kept going down towards his ass and he was moaning a lot and saying 'oh god Andy fuck yeah that feels so great don't stop keep stroking me oh god there's your tongue oh it's so wet and feels so good' and I started working on his ass with my tongue and it was so great.

I climbed up to his ears and started biting them and said 'I want to get inside you and make you scream,' and he moaned softly and smiled and I reached over to where I thought he had some lube and condoms in his side table and he did. I got one out and started putting it on and then put some lube on my hand and started working on his ass with my fingers and stroking his cock a little and he lay back and stared into my eyes and he was so gorgeous and so fucking sexy, laying there with all those tattoos and those blue eyes and I felt like I was getting harder just looking at him.

He sat up and turned around and got on all fours and I entered him and said something like 'oh my fucking god do you have the most incredible ass' and i couldn't take my hands off it while I started to slowly slide in and out of him. He was moaning already and stroking his own cock more and then I started thrusting into him at a faster rate. He felt so nice and sometimes I could feel him gripping on to me and that really drove me wild and I could tell by his groans growing louder that I was hitting his prostate.

I leaned over him as much as I could without losing my leverage and reached under and started pulling really gently on his nipple rings and he was still stroking himself and he started saying things like 'oh god Andy yeah oh my god don't stop damn you feel so good inside me pull on them a little harder' and I did and he moaned really loud and said 'fuck I'm coming oh god don't stop' and I slammed into him a few times and he shot his load all over his own chest and onto his face a little and when he seemed to be finishing I started to come into him and that made me slam into his ass even harder and when I came I had both arms around him and my face on his back.

I pulled out and fell over next to him. He lay down and grabbed me.

'You are a god, Andy. I've never felt this great, ever,' and he kissed me really softly and kissed my neck and shoulders and held me.

'It was awesome, Rusty, and you are so hot. Your ass is just incredible,' and I kissed him some more.

We lay there for a few minutes looking up at the ceiling in silence, holding hands and getting back to earth.

After a few minutes I said, 'Rusty, I need to tell you something,' which after it came out of my mouth I realized was the wrong way to start a sentence right after you've had sex with someone. Of course, he immediately sat up.

'What is it Andy?' and he looked concerned.

'Ron and I split up today. Over the phone. We're getting a divorce after he gets back from London and I'm moving out. I started looking for an apartment today,'

'Wow. I'm sorry, or should I be? I mean, you know...' he sort of stumbled on the words.

'No need to be sorry - it's been coming to this over the last four or so months, really. It was sort of a mutual breaking up and there have been no tears. After twenty-five years of being together on and off, it was time.'

'What will you do?' he asked.

'Well, Ron set me up financially years ago and so I have nothing to worry about in terms of living well for the rest of my life without working if I want to. I'll get a place down here in Hollywood, where I belong and where I can be close to my friends...and you, too, I hope,' and I smiled at him.

He grabbed me and pulled me close to him. 'Well that's good. I certainly want you close to me, if you want me close to you,' and it already seemed like, even on the second date, that we were really into each other and were already dancing around talking about tomorrow, being hopeful that each of us were thinking the same thing and wanted the same thing.

I was clearly into this guy right now - but I restrained myself a little. I barely know him, really, although Steve assured me that he's a stand up guy, despite him acting so outrageous on occasion. I could tell that some of his stuff was either a coping mechanism for being sort of shy or lonely, or just something he liked to do to get a rise out of people.

Then, of course, was the Dan element. I tried to put that out of my mind for the time being and focus on Rusty.

'Andy, can I buy you dinner again? And maybe we can go out for a drink and then come back here?'

'How about pizza delivery, another beer and more time here?'

'Even better! I didn't want to come off as a maniac but I could stay here forever right now and hold your body close to me,' and he looked into my eyes with a serious look.

We cleaned up and put on some clothes and ordered food and sat in his living room and talked more about ourselves, our families, our pasts a little. He told me that in case I didn't know, his name is Russell, but hardly anyone knows that anymore. We talked about his tattoos, Steve, Mark, music, books, films. He is really smart and knows so much about films, especially all the vintage scary movies that he loves and film noir and stuff like that. You could tell how passionate he is about that stuff and it made him even more sexy.

Pizza came and we had a blast eating together and drinking beer and then we headed right back to his bed, to make love again and drive each other to a new height. I felt safe and content wrapped up in his arms and I was so grateful that Steve picked just the right time to set us up. Rusty was beautiful, sexy, a great lover, has a great body and is one of the most interesting people I've ever met. When I drifted to sleep I thought about how this is where I'd like to be, with him, and I hoped that he felt the same already and that it would be the right thing. It certainly felt right already.



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