I was just landing in the Philippines, at the Manila Airport, I had never been there before, I wasn't sure what language they spoke or any of their customs. I wasn't sure if I needed an Interpreter or not.

I had found a taxi to take me to the Hotel I was booked into. All I knew was that it was a resort Hotel at Manila Bay, a beach side resort hotel.

I'm from the Midwest USA, and I had never been that far from home before, I am a businessman, working as a representative of the large corporaion that I was employeed with.

I am a older gentleman, well not really that old, Im forty two years old, I just happen to be gay, and I have held my good looks quite well, I work out and run all the time for my health and I have been eating right to keep myself in shape.

I have dark hair and deep brown eyes, I don't have a bit of gray on my head that I know of, and I have been told by some of my past boyfriends that I was really a good looking man.

Well I got to the Hotel, got checked in and settled in for the night, I really was tired because of the time difference between the USA and Manila, Philippines. I went to sleep and woke up the next morning refreshed and feeling a little better. I went to the coffee shop like little place in the hotel, and got me a nice cup of hot coffee, man it was strong, but I drank it anyway, but I had to dilute it with hot water tho.

I finally took a taxi to the Office building where I was to meet with the Members of the Board of Directors of this company, And as I was setting there in the chair waiting for the meeing to take place, I found out I was an hour early for the meeting, so I decided to wait, A lady asked me in her broken english, 'if I liked coffee?' I said, 'OH yes, thank you,' I noticed that everyone there was really nice, and unbelievably polite.

I was setting there drinking the cup of coffee, she had brought me, and I saw him, he was beautiful, He had on a green sort of sporty sweatshirt looking top, and slacks, he was setting at a computer console and was typing something into the computer. I just stared at him, he was so adoreable, I noticed his black hair, dark eyes, they were so beautiful and sexy, He was just plain gorgeous looking, not muscular but not badly built either, he was an awesome looking young man. I couldn't help but stare, I was fantasizing what I would do with thatif given teh chance, when I came to my senses, and noticed him smiling and noticing me staring, he just smiled a gorgeous, white teeth smile that would melt your heart.

As I came to my senses I just thought quit your dreaming Dude, your way to old for him, and besides, he looks too good to be a gay man, he's probably been taken by some good looking young chick, and your just wishing.

I went to the water fountain to get my cup filled with water and as I got there, so did this young dude, I smiled and he spoke to me in very good english, 'Hi, my name is Andrei, your from America, aren't you?' I said, 'Hello Andrei, Yes I am, I'm from outside St. Louis, Missouri.' He smiled up at me and said in his sweet voice, 'I know where that is, I have a few accounts that I deal with in St. Louis,Missouri,' I smiled and said, 'wow thats awesome.'

He said, 'Whats your name?' I said 'Ken Nolan,'

He said, 'I'm glad to meet you Ken,' I said, 'and I'm glad to meet you too.' I watched him as he went back to his work station and started working on his computer again,

an I was feeling the effects of my coffee, and I needed to take a leak, I walked over to Andrei and asked him where there was a mens room, He said, 'I need to go too, just follow me, I followed him to the mens room.

Now the mens room there was a little different, than I was used to in the USA, on one side of the wall was a line of urinals close together with no privacy dividers, and on the other were the stalls for commodes. I walked up to one of the the urinals, and took out my cock, and started pissing, Andrei walked to the one right next to me, and he wipped out his cock and started pissing, well I noticed his cock, it didn't look all that long, but I was surprised to see how thick it was. I was finished pissing and I notice he was staring down at my cock and sorta stroking his cock really slowly, and I saw that his cock was starting to harden up, I felt mine start to tighten up and get hard too, his cock had grown to about six and a half inches long, Thats about 16.5 cms.

He looked up at my eyes and smiled and he let his hand drop so I could get a clear shot of it, and I did the same, and he saw my hard cock sticking straight out like a diving board, he was smiling at me and I was smiling at him, we both stood there admiring each others cocks and just lightly strokeing them, untill we heard the door open and someone else walked in, and we stuffed our cocks into our trousers and went back out into the office, all the while just smileing at each other.

I couldn't believe that this beautiful young man was showing an interest in me, he looked to be about twentthree or so, and Here I am, much older.

Anyway, I was walking back out with him, and I ask him what he was doing after he got off work.

He said, 'Nothing, that I know of, Why?' I said, 'How would you like to keep me company this evening?' He smiled a great big happy smile and said, 'Wow, I would love that Mr. Nolan,'

I said, 'Not Mr. Nolan, just Ken,' He said, 'that would be awesome Ken, maybe I can show you around,' I said, 'that sounds great to me.'

well Four o'clock finally came around and we walked out of the office building together, He said, 'I ususally take the shuttle home,' and I said, 'well tonight your going in style, I have a rented car.' He said 'Oh wow,' He reminded me of a little kid in a candy shop.

We got into my rented car, and he was checking it out, he said, 'he didn't get to ride in a car too often,' I just said, 'well tonight is your big night.'

He told me that he lived by himself in an apartment that he had just rented, and we went by and saw it. I went in and he said, 'this is my home.' I noticed that he didn't have a refrigerator, or a spinner or dryer, I guessed that was the same as a washer and drier here in America.

Well since I made good money in America and had a few bucks stored away. I asked Andrei, 'where would you go to get such things. We went to a sort of warehouse store and purchased him a refrigerator. and a clothes washer and drier. I paid for it with travelers cheques, and I thought Andrei would faint, he couldn't believe it, no one had ever been that good to him, I payed extra to have it delivered and we set out to go to a nice restaurant to have supper.

I asked Andrei what he liked to eat, he said, 'I love Chicken' I said, 'well come with me,' I took him to my hotel at the Manila Bay Hotel, into the main restaurant there, it was really nice and sort ritzy. Andrei couldn't believe it, we had a very nice supper and he was mesmerized by everything, and then we went up to my room, He was please with what he saw there.

I asked him if he enjoyed t.v. and he said, 'Yes'.

I turned on the t.v. in the hotel room and he sat there and watched it like he had never seen one before.

Finally it was getting dark and I thought he might want to go home. I asked him if he wanted to go, and he said, 'do you want me to leave?' I said, 'Oh god no Andrei, I would love you to spend the night if you want to.' Andrei smiled and said, 'Oh wow, I would love to spend the night.' I smiled big and said, 'you ready to go to bed now?'

We walked into the bed area and since there was originally going to be just me, there was just one bed.

we stripped down to our briefs and I saw Andrei for the first time, and I wanted to cry, he was gorgeous, so real, not superficial, not a body builder, not a gymnist, but a realy nice looking youn man, and just as pretty as a picture, I was down to my briefs and he smiled and said, 'I just love older men,' He said that he perferred older men, they were more passionate and loveing, and caring. I felt so proud, and extremely happy.

We crawled into bed and he was all over me like a baby after its momma, god It was awesome, I gently started caressing him and just showing him love and sensuality, I was kissing his lips which were like a rose petal, dark pinkish red and so warm, and moist. he was kissing me passionately and licking on my face like a wild sex starved man, I was so heated up, My cock was about to burst open it was throbbing and as hard as a peice of stone. I reached down and felt Andreis cock in these white briefs with a blue leg band and elastic and some sort pattern on them they were really hot looking with Andrei in them, his cock was sticking straight out in them and I wanted to taste it really bad, God I was on fire, and Andrei was all over me, kissing me and licking on my body and we were like a couple of breading animals, lust and desire had totally taken over.

I crawled down and took his nuts into my mouth and starte sucking and playing with his cock at the same time, and then I raised his ass up and started licking his little asshole love button, I thought that Andrei was going to fly off the bed, he was wimpering and moaning and gasping for breath like a person with breathing problem or something, and then I spread his ass cheeks really good and stuck my tongue into his asshole as deep as it would go, God I was in heaven, his ass tasted just wonderful, and He had my head in his hands and he started almost yelling out in pleasure, and he said, 'Fuck men Ken, Please, Fuck me, I want that cock inside me and I want to feel it all the way inside me,Please Fuck ME,' I raised up and took my cock in my hand, and slathered some of the pre-cum that was leaking out the end of my cock and lubed up his asshole with my spit and pre-cum and I rested my cock head on his opening and just slid it all the way in with one stroke, God his insides was so friggen hot, I didn't know how long It was going to last. Damm, I had died and gone to heaven, Andrei, just reached up and took my body with his arms and wrapped them around me, and his legs went around my back and he held onto me while I shoved my cock to the hilt in his turd shoot.

He was going wild, and fucking up at me like a crazed man, in total lust, he was in his own love zone. I just pumped and pumped and fucked him, god his body was awesome and I was passionately falling in love with Andrei. I had no Idea coming to Manila would be like this so quickly, and especially with a young man like Andrei.

I had been going wild with him for about ten minutes and my cock felt like it would explode, damn I was about to fill his asshole full of my love cream and I couldn't wait, It had been a very long time for me since this had happened, I really didn't know if it would ever happen again, and here I was fucking a young gorgeous man that I wanted to please with every ounce of my being.

I finally grunted and felt the feeling of getting ready to shoot my load, and I just stroked about three times more, and I finally let out a very loud 'Oh Fuck Andrei,' and my cock started belching out a load of cream that would have filled a bucket, God it was awesome, I was watching Andrei's face and his eyes were closed as he stroked his cock and shot a load about the same time as I did, all the way to his face, He just grabbed my face and wimpered as he stuck his tongue into my mouth and kissed me wildly.

Finally we both settled down and fell back, exhausted, I felt so fantastic, it had been a long time since I had felt so satisfied, so fullfilled. And all the whole time, Andrei, just kept kissing me and telling me how much he loved me, I have to admit I hadn't felt that kind of passion and affection for a long, long time.

We calmed down and both fell into a warm loving wonderful sleep, and rested like newborn babies, and I guess about seven a.m. I was awakened with a warm wet mouth gently and so passionately sucking my hard cock. It took him about five minutes and my cock started spasming and jerking and shooting another load of cream, it was outstanding, and I turned to Andrei and said, 'Andrei, Im falling in love with you.' He said, 'I know, I am too.' I leaned over and kissed him and hugged him tightly almost crying as I did, then I leaned down and took Andreis cock into my mouth and sucked him off to completion, Andrei, groaned loudly and twisted his mipples and loaded me up with cum, god It was awesome.

I knew we would have to seperate in a few days, but untill that time came, I wanted to keep Andrei with me, I had never felt for anyone like I felt for Andrei, like I did at that moment, It was a sad goodbye when I had to leave to come home.

I have been in contact on line with Andrei almost daily, and I want him to know I love him and he was then and always will be my Pinoy Passion. He was more than just sex to me, he was love, kindness, caring, gentleness and beauty, all rolled into his perfect little guy there in the Philippines, I will always love Andrei.



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