From Part 2

We thrashed and spasmed through our releases, clutching and groping at each other wildly as we writhed and, ultimately, falling into one another against the side of the pool. As our chests heaved we kissed, long, deep and passionately.

"I love you, Tommyboy," I said, softly, when we parted lips.

Tommy rested his forehead against mine. With a catch in his voice, which I felt in his chest against mine, he told me, "I love you, Doctor Ryan Sorenson. I love you only, I love you," and throwing his head back, howling to the heavens, he yelled, "I'M YOOUUURRRRRRRRSSSSSS, RYAN. ALL YOURS, ONLY YOURS, FOREVER YOURS! That's the way I want it to be." The last part he proclaimed quieter, his eyes locked on mine.

We were both startled so much that we almost jumped clean out of the pool when my father's voice boomed from behind us, on the opposite side at the other end of the pool, near the house. "Well, then, seems that tells me where I stand in this menage, doesn't it?" And then, as we both stared at dad, also known at some unfortunate times, as Big Al, however unfortunately that factoid now played in Tommy's life . . . and mine, he added, "Or . . . HAVE WE worked this SITUATION out?" with a plotting, devilish smirk. His look and his inflection signified the specter of our complications just beginning . . . as did his brushing grope of himself in his trousers.

"Holy, crap!" Tommy whispered, eyes wide.


And now . . . Part 3

"DAD!" I shouted

"BIG AL!" Tommy shouted at the exact same time.

I snapped my head away from the sight of my dad standing on the opposite corner of the pool, groping himself in the glow of the pool light, and directed a withering glance at my now-fiancé. "Opps, sorry," he stammered. "This may take some getting used to!"

"Not at all, my boy," my dad boomed jovially. "To you I'll always be 'Big Al' I hope!"

"Well I DON'T hope! And dad, WHAT THE FUCK anyway? WHAT THE MANY FUCKS now that I think about it. Get the fuck inside, so we can get out of the pool with some privacy, and then we'll have a talk."

"What's the matter, son? Or should I say SONS? Not like I haven't already seen you both naked . . . plenty of times," he leered at us, rubbing his hardon in his slacks.

"Dad, just get the fuck in the house!" I said, more exasperated than angry. I was really wondering how the fuck this conversation would - could - go anyway. Okay, so Dad, I'm cool with you being gay and fucking around on mom. But fucking my fiancé or husband, well that's OVER! In my own head I rolled my eyes at myself.

My dad, however, did as he was told and started to walk toward the house. Turning back, he said, "You two make a great couple. Or did I mean you couple well? Beats the hell out of porn!" Chuckling evilly to himself, he went on inside.

Tommy was laughing with him! "What the fuck, Tom?"

"Uh, oh - there's that 'Tom' again. I'm really fucked here, aren't I?" he asked, with no sense of the absurdity of this whole thing whatsoever. "I mean, if you're throwing the f-bomb all over and it's NOT while we're fucking, I know I'm fucked!" he added, unnecessarily.

"Come on," I urged, heading to the steps. "We're going to nip this in the bud once and for all!"

"I hate to mention this, Ry, but we don't even have any towels out here," Tommy pointed out.

FUCK! And, as I thought about it, well, Fuck IT! "Come on!" I told Tommy, and headed into the house.

Clearing the threshold, I stopped dead in my tracks, Tommy bumping into me from behind. "Dad, Jesus Christ! SERIOUSLY?!" I exclaimed.

"Oh, shit!" Tommy whistled behind me.

There, on one of our leather slipper chairs, my dad had made himself at home, slouching . . . with his fucking slacks and boxers around his ankles, stroking his hardon . . . grinning at the both of us. "Care to join me?" he asked.

"The FUCK, Dad!" I exclaimed.

"Oh, right," he said. "You just took care of business. I haven't . . . at least for a few hours," he added with a lewd grin directed behind me at Tommy.

"Ugggghhhhhhhh," Tommy groaned into my shoulder.

My dad's cock was impressive. He was certainly impressed with it, and he enjoyed showing it off, obviously. Smearing some precum on his already-slicked, massive, bell-shaped, flared head, he took a good grip of the fat shaft and waved it at us. "How do we measure up, soon-to-be son-in-law? Father and son? See the resemblance?" he directed to Tommy over my shoulder.

"Go get dressed, Tom," I said over my shoulder. "And get me something to put on, okay? I'll deal with this."

"Awwwwww, don't be like that, Ryan. I raised you to be a better host than that, didn't I?" my dad leered.

"Dad, JESUS H. CHRIST! What the fuck is the matter with you?" I asked, moving around and planting my hands on the edge of the chair, almost nose to nose with him.

"You are a FINE specimen, son," my dad told me as he gave me an appraising, hungry look.

"That's it!" I told him, propelling myself backward off the chair and heading to the phone. "I'm calling the paramedics. Whatever the fuck you're on, you need help, dad!" I punched 9-1-1 into the phone's keypad.

My dad looked at me defiantly. He still had his hardon in his hand, but he was watching me intently.

"Yes, my emergency is I need an ambulance and the police NOW! My dad has apparently been poisoned or drugged at least. I'm a doctor - Dr. Ryan Sorenson. Yes, it's thirteen-forty Belfast, off Sunset Plaza, L-A sixty-nine. Right - above Sunset off Sunset Plaza. Right - Belfast Drive. Thanks. No, I don't need to stay on the phone; we'll be fine until you they get here."

I clicked off the phone, and my dad and I locked eyes, his narrowed.

"What's going on, Ry? Who'd you call?" Tommy asked, coming back into the room in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, handing me the same.

Without breaking my dad's gaze, I pulled on my sweats and told Tommy, "The police and an ambulance are on the way. Obviously my dad's behavior indicates that he's on something or has been drugged. They'll sort it out."

My dad still held my gaze defiantly.

"So, what's it going to be, dad?" I asked, pulling my t-shirt over my head.

Finally, my dad reached for his boxers. "What the fuck am I doing?" he muttered to himself. Then he got out of the chair and pulled his boxers up, arranging his flagging hardon.

I watched him pull up his slacks and fumble with the zipper, almost as if he really was disoriented. And then I heard the siren and knew he'd heard it, too, probably easier from where he was near the retracted glass doors to the deck and pool. Oh, he was GOOOOOD!

Well, at least my dad had his cock put away where it fucking belonged!

"I'll get the door," Tommy told me, with a what-the-fuck look.

"Smart move, Dad," I told him. Then I speed dialed my mom's phone. "Mom? Ry. Dad's here at my house, and he's not feeling well. The paramedics are just getting here. No, mom, I'm sure it's just something like food poisoning or a reaction to his meds, but the paras will make sure he's okay, then the ER will check him out and figure it out. I'll call you back in just a few minutes, but you might want to get ready to go to Cedars. I love you, mom, but I've got to talk to the paramedics while they examine Dad."

Then I turned to my dad. "Make it good, BIG AL," I told him, emphasizing the nickname I'd known all my life which had now become abhorrent, and turned to the paramedics, who Tommy was showing to the back of the house where we were. "It's my dad, over there. I'm an M-D, and the symptoms he's exhibiting indicate that he may be suffering side effects of some medication or combination of medications."

As they asked my father all the necessary questions and took his blood pressure and swiped the thermometer across his forehead, my father answered with confused phrases and, generally, looked like he hadn't a clue where he was or what was happening. He really was good. He managed to get them the essentials they needed but not to seem coherent.

There was another knock, and a moment later Tommy was escorting two LAPD officers through. They gave me a nod, and then they talked with the paramedics, while Tommy stayed close to me. "Is he really sick, Ry?" he asked me.

I told him, convincingly, "Yeah, he's definitely sick." And I must be to go along with this nonsense to save my father's rep!

Tommy looked over  at my dad, looking even more confused than before. "Shouldn't you-"

"They've got him, Tommy," I told him, pulling him close to me. As I did I noticed that one of the two policemen who'd arrived was handsome as hell and even better put together. Jesus I hoped my dad didn't cruise him!

One of the paramedics came to us shortly after that and asked me if I wanted him transported. I suggested Cedars, which was farther than they'd normally transport an emergency from my house, but they gave in, probably because I'd told them I was a doctor. I offered to call his primary doctor at home, which I did. Then I called my mom and told her it was for sure nothing serious, probably just a reaction to his medication or interaction between his medications as I'd speculated, but Pat Callahan, his doctor, would meet the ambulance at Cedars. I told her I wouldn't go with the ambulance, and she agreed to call me if there was any hint that it was anything more serious after they examined him.

On the way out on the stretcher, the paramedics stopped so that Tommy and I could see him. My dad looked at Tommy and grasped his hand. "You've got a great fiancé there, son!" and gave the slightest wink. Oh, man - he was going for the gold there, and a little extra.

The police officer who wasn't ogling our house and view, the hot one, looked at me with sympathy, as did both paramedics. He, the cute police officer said to me, "Oh, man. You're his son, right?" as they wheeled Big Al out. To Tommy he said, "And he thought you were his son."

I restrained my urge to roll my eyes. "He'll be fine now. They'll figure out what meds caused it," I told the officer, maintaining the status quo.

"You guys are getting married?" the cop asked us.

Tommy blushed next to me and snuggled into me. "Yes, as of tonight actually. That's what my fiancé's dad had come by about - because he wanted to congratulate us." I squeezed Tommy hard enough to make him realize I wanted him to stop improvising. He just gave me a confused look. Tommy wasn't good on his feet - in fact he was far better on his back or on all fours or . . .

The cute cop looked us both up and down, then he broke into a sly grin. "Well, guess I should leave it alone, with you two celebrating getting engaged to be married and all." Tommy turned to look at me and then back at the cop. The cop picked up on it. "Or maybe you two could use some company in the . . . celebration?" he asked, the grin even broader.

"Aren't you on duty, Officer, uh," I looked at his uniform tag, "Jensen?" Tommy was fidgeting now, knowing that I was interested. I thought I'd played it pretty cool. He knew me VERY well.

"I won't be after this call. My partner there," he pointed to his partner, who was over in our living room, looking around at the wall of things I'd collected from all over the world and then at the view, obviously impressed, "Isn't part of this deal, by the way."

"So how does this work, Jensen?" I asked. "You two leave, then you come back?"

He grinned again. "If you're inviting . . . "

I looked at Tommy. "About what we were talking about in the pool . . . " I left it to him, not wanting to be too expository.

"If we're together . . . " Tommy replied with a shy smile.

"How long?" I asked Jensen.

To us he grinned. "Thirty-five or forty-five minutes at the most, hopefully sooner." To the other cop, he called, "Baylor! Let's go. We're done here." Baylor didn't look happy but walked toward us. To us, lower, "You boys might want to eat something; we're all going to need a lot of energy!" he leered.

It wasn't even thirty minutes later when Jensen rang the bell. Tommy and I had just finished eating some cold leftover chicken breast and braised green beans. He broke into a grin when the bell rang. I couldn't help but grin, too. We both needed to burn off some tension, after the weird experience with my dad. Okay, maybe we didn't NEED to; but we wanted to!

Tommy and I headed for the door, and when we got there he turned and asked, "Anything in my teeth?" baring them wide for me. "And let me check yours," he quickly added, though awkwardly with his gums still showing.

Jensen had a tight white t-shirt on that showed some dark fur at the neck and well-worn jeans that accentuated his bubble butt, strong thighs and long legs. The jeans, I noticed, were loose at the waist but fit his ass like bubble wrap. "Hey guys," Jensen said with a wide smile.

Handsome and built, his dark-haired, light-eyed look was clean and fresh, but he had a vaguely musky scent that was heady. Thick, corded and furred, his arms were bigger than I'd noticed in his uniform, as were his easily-visible slab pecs and six-pack under his t-shirt as it stretched across them.

We both invited Jensen in, both of us copping a feel as he passed. He enjoyed it, grinning even wider and took a healthy handful of my package in return. "Nice hands, boys," he chuckled. "And nice equipment there, for starters," he grinned at me and then reached for Tommy. "Mmmm, yes. VERY nice."

"Like a drink?" I asked, after closing the door behind him.

"How about we skip the drinks . . . unless it's something else I'm drinking?" he answered, running his hand boldly over Tommy's crotch and the outline of his long cock.

"Guess we're not wasting any time then are we?" Tommy asked, peeling his shirt off and pushing down his shorts to stand naked.

Tommy is a breathtaking sight at the worst of times. With his interest peaked - and his cock showing it - he's beyond magnificent. Honestly, for me he has ten times or more the appeal of Jensen.

But Jensen riding my cock - or sucking it - would be a sight to see as well. As he followed Tommy's lead and pulled his tight white t-shirt over his head, the musculature of his upper body and arms danced gloriously. Both Tommy and I were gazing at him as he did, and he ate up the attention.

Jensen flicked open the top button of his jeans, but he didn't push them off, just made sure that top button being open was noticeable, his dark, heavy treasure trail exposed for another inch or so than before. He turned to me and asked, "Joining the party, doctor?"

Tommy glanced at me with that, WELL? look he does so well, then he boldly swiped his hand down over Jensen's furry, slab pecs, down his rippling eight-pack and right into his pants. "Mmmmmmm, indeed!" he grinned, obviously liking what he found there.

I got myself naked, and my cock was nearly fully hard from seeing Tommy's excitement. Jensen looked at my cock appreciatively and reached over and hefted it appreciatively. "I'm going to be walking funny when I leave here, that's for damn sure!" he joked as he undid his jeans fly the rest of the way and got out of his pants.

The sight of him opening his fly was erotic and enjoyable, even though he took no particular approach to make it so. But his thick pubes being exposed and then the hilt of his thick cock as it strained, now hard, down the leg of his jeans was enticing. As he pushed his jeans down, exposing inch after inch of that thick club-like fuckstick, my nuts roiled and Tommy's cock twitched.

Then it was like a starter's pistol had gone off. We were all on each other, all three of us kissing, sucking face, tongues dueling, biting necks, ears, collar bones, our hands a blur all over Jensen and his on us. We were all moaning and growling as we gyrated and ground together and slurped and smacked with a few yelps thrown in when our teeth were too into it too fast.

Jensen's cock was about eight inches - a major fuckclub for sure, as it was FAT, with a head that on any other cock would have looked deformed - all flat and wide - but on his thick club it was the perfect capper. And he was a precummer of epic proportions. I mean, it was hanging off his cock in long teardrops, long as in nearly a foot, and as fast as either of us could swipe it off him, there was more . . . and more. The veiny shaft was almost gnurled the veins were so pronounced, and they throbbed in my hand as I stroked him.

"OHFUCK!" he gasped. "Careful or you'll have me shooting right here right now all over your expensive rug and furniture. It's been a while." I just threw my head back and laughed, knowing it wouldn't be the first time . . . and there was a reason our furniture tended toward leather!

Taking a firm hold of his raging bone I pulled at it and him to follow and headed toward the spare bedroom, not far down the hall. "C'mon, hair trigger," I joked, him following me by the dragging of his cock, Tommy right behind.

We hit the bed in a pile and quickly had Jensen at our mercy. Tom was on his knees by Jensen's head and had his cock down Jensen's throat, effectively rendering him unable to move other than to thrash his body about a little as he fought for air. Tommy could fuck throat with the best of them, and he didn't go gentle. Finally Jensen's gasps and sputters and spasms from gagging subsided, and he had hold of Tom's nuts pulling him harder as he fucked into his throat.

I had Jensen's legs up and my face buried in his sweaty, musky buttfur, and then I shoved my tongue in his surprisingly tight hole. His tang was amazingly manly without being anything other than sweaty, and my tongue, urged on by my nuts, was as deep inside him as I could go. "Fuck yeah, babe," Tom encouraged me. "Get his hole good and ready to be USED!"

I was swiping Jensen's precum and smearing it on and in his hole, then going back in with my tongue and eating it out. I knew it was defeating the purpose, but his precum was sweet and addictive, and juxtaposed against his tangy fuckhole, it was like a smorgasbord of maneats!

Jensen was writhing about, moaning like a little bitch, which he was anything but - a big, studly bitch was what he was - loud and continuously, both in time to Tommy's throat-thrusts and my tongue fucking and finger fucking as I'd knock his prostate when I was smearing his cuntchute with his precum. Finally he let out a cry that was loud and muffled at the same time around Tom's pistoning cock, and then I realized as Jensen's cuntpucker squeezed my tongue that he was cumming.

"OH HOLY FUCK! LOOK at that!" Tommy shouted, as Jensen's first blast literally SPLATTERED Tom's abs, having blasted HARD right over Jensen's face and head. The second thrust was even harder, as I had my middle finger on his prostate, rubbing hard, making his entire body thrash with his climax.

I saw Tom's face contort, and I thought Jensen might have bit his cock as his body wrenched and writhed and spasmed, but then I saw Tommy throw his head back. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" he shouted, and I saw him plant his cock hard all the way in Jensen's mouth and knew he was blasting a load himself.

Jensen's climactic spasms gave way to jerks as he both tried to not drown on the cumload Tommy was blasting down his throat and breathe and free himself from Tom's length which I could see was down his throat to neck level by the bulge in Jensen's throat. FUCK that was hot!

I realized I was still aggressively stimulating Jensen's prostate, at that point with both my index and middle finger DEEP inside him, and I realized I should stop before he had a heart attack or something from the over-excitement. I pulled my fingers out as Tommy pulled his cock out. Jensen's massive intake of breath was both a gasp for air just when he had been about to suffocate, and it was a gasp of relief as his body went slack and he panted.

Going back to licking and spearing his cunt with my tongue, he moaned, but his legs were limp in my hands as I held them aloft and pushed back to his chest. Jensen really had cum like a fucking nuclear bomb. I'd seen his furred torso splattered with ropes and blotches of cum, and I'd seen it running down Tom's abs, too - a few hits there.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Jensen gasped. "I'm in fucking fag heaven!!!"

Hearing him say it I couldn't help but laugh . . . hard. I had to withdraw my face from his cunt and crack I was laughing so hard. Tommy was laughing, too, and he came down and kissed me deeply. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" he exclaimed, licking his lips and smacking them. "GOD he tastes GOOOOOOOD! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

The last was because, after he'd come closer to me for the kiss, Jensen had taken Tommy's nutbag in his mouth and was sucking him as Tommy unintentially teabagged him. Around Tommy's dangling, recharging balls, he said, "FUCK ME, doc!"

I signaled Tommy, who was closer to the nightstand, and he ripped the drawer open and rummaged around until he came up with a condom. His balls back in Jensen's face - and mouth, based on his moan - he suited me up. "Need lube?" he asked.

Jensen, again garbled because he had a mouth full of cumtanks, said, "Just my cum and your spit!" definitively.

Swiping my hand across his splattered fur, I came up with quite a glob of it, and I smeared it in and around his hole, again accosting his prostate with my fingers, eliciting a jerk and jump every time I rubbed or prodded it. Then I withdrew my fingers and spit on my cock and got the condom good and gooey before I lined up at his entrance. "OH FUCK YES!" he cried, his ass wriggling against the tip of my cock, trying to get on me.

"Easy there, officer," I told him, pushing gently, my huge, engorged cockhead against his loosened but still far too tight cuntmuscle.

"Just fucking FUCK me!" he snarled, pushing himself back against me, trying to impale himself on me.

I knew what havoc a premature thrust of into a tight anus could do. I also knew that a lot of bottoms got off on the pain - it was in their heads, being forced, taken, and then the transition to the pleasures of getting fucked anally were that much more intense, extreme for the contrast to that initial agony.

"FUCK HIM, RY!" Tommy urged me, biting my neck HARD, a growl coming out as he did it.

THAT got me, and I involuntarily THRUSTED into Jensen. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" he shouted and then went to Lamaze-like pants through clenched teeth as I realized I'd giving him a good six inches of me in that one thrust. But before I could apologize, Jensen was pushing back, wanting more, still spitting as he panted through his teeth, but clearly wanting the rest. "COME ON!" he managed to beg.

So I did. I began thrusting, and he was howling with every thrust. He was TIGHT, and his cunt was HOT around my cock. I was glad I'd fucked Tommy not that long before, or I probably would have blasted off within a couple of minutes of entering him. But as it was, my nuts were boiling, but I could tell I had a lot of fucking in me before I was ready to finish.

THAT was before Jensen started actively fucking back and clenching his cunt around my pounding fuckrod. "OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" I cried, the sensations immediately ramping up my pleasure level, which was already way up there.

I pounded him - DRILLED him - in that position, his legs high in the air held at his ankles by my hands. I pushed harder, deeper, and I felt our bodies collide and a fleeting thought of the challenges of pelvic and pubic fractures dashed through amid my otherwise incoherent enjoyment of Tommy now sitting on Jensen's face, grinding his fuckhole down on Jensen's obviously hungry tongue.

Jensen's chest was heaving as he struggled for breath under Tommy's ass, but he nevertheless fucked back on me, matching his intensity with mine as I escalated my attack on him. He also worked his cuntmuscles relentlessly, milking my fuckpole like a champ. All at once both Tom and I cried out, and for the first time I noticed he'd been jacking his cock as he rode Jensen's face.

I felt Tom's first cumblast on my abs as he shot one large one first, and that was just as I shoved HARD and DEEP into Jensen and began to unload into the condom. "OH FUCKING HELL!" Jensen cried, muffled under Tom's ass. "I can feel you blasting in me!"

Tom's second and third blasts were more like large pulsing oozes than blasts - the boy had certainly drained his nuts tonight! I could feel mine pumping many times, as my body was stiff and held in position as all my ecstasy shot from my nuts through my cock. Tommy sort of fell against me, and our lips found each other's as I finished up.

The stink of mansweat and cum was in the air. Is there any better scent? As Tom pulled away from me and went back on his haunches, freeing Jensen's face, I saw Jensen had cum again, fresh cumropes and splatters over what I'd smeared into my palm to lube him. I hadn't even noticed. I looked up at Tommy, and he was looking at Jensen's cum appreciatively. "Go on," I encouraged. "I know you want to."

And then Tommy leaned down and began lapping up the cum off Jensen's furred chest and abs, even licked his face. Not the safest, agreed, to lap up an unknown man's fluids, but then shoving my tongue halfway up said unknown man's rectum was likewise not a safe practice either. Somehow in the heat of the moment it had all been worth it - and neither of the thoughts of safety entered my head until the next day - he was THAT hot.

As Tommy finished, I pulled back and slowly pulled out, feeling my still-flared head catch at Jensen's entrance. As I pulled it through, Jensen yowled. "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! GodDAMN you're fucking BIG!" he growled at the end of his yowl of pain. Then his eyes went wide. "Holy Christ!" he exclaimed, looking at the condom. "That's like an ounce or two of cum." Tommy leaned down and swiped his tongue over Jensen's face, catching a string or two of cum from his stubble and cheek and temple, too.

Coming up again, Tommy grinned and reached over and pulled the condom off me and held it up appreciatively. "That's my studman, for sure. And this is like his fifth load today!" he beamed. I thought he was a couple over, but what the fuck? Then he tipped the condom up and began to drink my cum as it drained out.

Jensen moaned as he did it, and we both looked down. Tommy held the condom over his mouth, opened WIDE in eager anticipation, and he let the remainder he hadn't drunk down flow into Jensen's mouth. "Jesus - tastes awesome, too!"

"I think we all could use a shower," I suggested.

Jensen's face went to a smolder. "I think you both need a tongue bath. Indulge a single guy who'll remember this for the rest of his pitiful life?"

I looked at Tom and he was grinning. "Well," I answered, "What kind of hosts would we be if we denied our guest's request?"

"OH FUCK YES!" Jensen enthused, and for the first time since we'd thrown him down on the bed, he was up on his knees, telling us to lay on our stomachs so he could start with our sweaty asses.

Tommy and I got down on our stomachs, side-by-side. I put my arm around Tom and held him tight against me, shoulder-to-shoulder, and he turned and we stretched to kiss each other. Jensen moaned, "FUCK you two are HOT!" and dove into my asscrack tongue first.

"MMMmmmmmm," I moaned into Tommy's mouth, both from the taste of Jensen's salty cum on his lips and also from Jensen's aggressive tonguing of my shithole. He had his strong hands spreading my asscheeks so he could get good and deep, and deep he was, already having breached my tight pucker after tonguing the length of my crack a few times.

Then suddenly his tongue was gone, and Tommy was the one moaning into my mouth. I knew where Jensen's tongue had gone. I also knew that Tommy was getting into it, like he always does, and he had turned his torso toward me, and I'd responded, and we were now locked together in a clench. I was inhaling hard through my nose as we sucked face hungrily, Tommy now growling, and I felt his ass undulating, and I knew he was working Jensen's tongue in him, too. The smell of Jensen's cum on Tommy's face had me going, too, along with the general odor of mansex and mansweat that was pervasive in the room.

With a sudden movement, Jensen attacked my sweaty crack again, and Tommy moaned mournfully. I reached under him and felt him, hard as a rock again, wet and slick. I knew what he needed, so I pulled away from him, eliciting another, louder whine, pushed him down on the bed, and was up and on him, having bucked Jensen off harder than I'd intended. With a SHOVE I was IN Tommy again, him hissing loud at the sudden intrusion. Fortunately both his fuckchute from the eating and my cock from my precum eased the insertion. "Get back to my shithole, Jensen!" I barked back as I began SLAM-fucking my fiancé.

"OH FUCK YEAH!" he yelled from behind me and did his best to get his face into my buttcrack as it slammed in and out of Tommy's hole. But unlike the porn movies, where they make it look so easy, long-dicking a willing mancunt with a nine-and-a-half-inch cock makes it almost impossible to eat an ass without sustaining a neck injury. Jensen gave it his all, though, and finally he somehow got on his back, forced his head right up to Tommy's crotch, cocked his chin up until his mouth was close to Tom's hole and licked and sucked my swinging balls as best he could as I continued to pound my man.


Right about then Jensen latched onto my right nut with his mouth and like a dog with a bone he wasn't letting go. "OH FUCK SUCK MY NUTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" I shouted, savoring the sharp pain and pleasure of his oral grip on my nut as my body thrashed down into Tom's hungry hole over and over.

"I'm gonnnnnnnnnnnnnna - RY I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmm - RY FUCKYEAHRY!" Tommy suddenly cried, and I felt him cumming after I'd been slamming into his p-spot. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he cried, more plaintively than pleasurably, and I knew he had to be fucked-out and his balls screaming by this point.

I felt Tommy buck under me and his cuntmuscles clamped around me tighter and spasmed as he came that time, long and forcefully. My own cumblast was right there, and as his climax went on - one of his megalong orgasms that I found so amazing - he cried out over and over and thrashed his arms into the bed as I began to unload into him.

My own nuts felt like a vise had them. Well, one it did - Jensen's mouth, which hadn't let go since he'd caught it, and he sucked HARD against the pull of my nuts trying to retract, and his tongue virtually assaulted it as I felt my first blast loose into Tom. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTT FUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" I screamed as the pain and pleasure were everywhere in my body.

I felt at some point Jensen pushing me gently aside and down, rubbing my left thigh with one hand and my right buttcheek and lower back with the other. I collapsed onto the bed again, chest heaving under me, breathing hard, just as Tommy was beside me. Jensen lay down gently on top of the both of us, his arm over my shoulder holding me, and I presumed the other around Tommy, and he put his face down on our shoulders, like a bumpy pillow. He was getting a ride, as I felt Tommy's breathing still heavy and rough and felt Jensen rising and falling as my chest pushed us both up and down, my sweaty back slick against his cum-sticky fur.

"GODDAMN you two are HOT!" he whispered appreciatively. "I should probably get the fuck out of here and leave you two alone and take my memory of this amazing time home with me."

Tom and I both started to speak at once, then we stopped and laughed . . . a lot. "OK, go ahead and laugh at the used-up single guy who goes back to jerking it," Jensen joked.

I collected myself enough to say, "No, that wasn't it."

Tommy chimed in. "Not at all. I'm pretty sure I speak for Ry when I say that we were about to say 'Why don't you stick around after we shower?' Neither of us has to get up early tomorrow."

Jensen rubbed his stubbly face against our shoulders. "Mmmmmmm, I'm not sure that's a great idea. A starving man - that's ME - and having feasted gluttonously . . . and then more? I might never be able to go back to my life with Rosie Palm," he chuckled.

At the same time as he said it, I felt his cock thicken against my leg. "Seems like your billy club there has a different idea," Tommy said, and I knew Jensen's cock was between our two legs splayed there on the bed against each other.

"THAT," Jensen said, pushing his cock into us, grinding, "Is, in fact, a Billy club. My name's Bill Jensen, since we never got around to the formality of names.

I leaned into Jensen's not-quite-clublike but very pleasingly hard cock. "Pleased, for sure."

Tommy laughed, and I felt him pushing back on the other side of Jensen's hardon. "Charmed," he laughed.

"Come on," I said, making a move to unpile us. "Let's get that shower and drink some water to replace all those fluids we've lost, then get some rest. That is, if you're going to risk that life-changing sleepover, Bill," I added with a laugh.

We were in our own big bathroom, Tommy having just hurried back from the kitchen with three of the big bottles of water, when I heard my phone. Pretty woman - the ring I used for my mom. "Big Al update incoming," Tommy said with a smile. I rolled my eyes at Tom as I sprinted to the other end of the house to catch the call, realizing that my dad, aka Big Al, the perve that I now knew he was, had caused me to have some of the best sex of my life that day. My gratitude in thought was mixed with revulsion for what he'd done. But hell - family! What can ya do? I thought, as I grabbed and swiped the phone.



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