I guess being the youngest child in a family of four children has its good points and its bad points. I was the 'baby,' problem was, as I got into the teen years I resented being the 'BABY.'

Well I was a good looking young man, hormones raging like a mother. I was growing up, not a baby any more.

I had an older brother, Gary, who was my idol.

Gary had played football in High School, I remember I was so darned proud when he became a letterman and got 'The Jacket' for his accomplishments in High School sports. And I was Jealous too.

Gary was a real ladies man, he had girls hanging out of his pockets. And most of the guys in High School was jealous of him too, he was built like a brick shit house, muscular, always lifted weights. As guys go, he as about the epitome of a young man. He was everybodys friend too. the envy of most of the other guys at school.

I guess I was about fourteen when I was in the basement of our house. I don't even recall what I was looking for but I heard Gary's voice when he said, 'Hey be quiet, we can do it down here.'

I just got really quiet, and Gary and his girlfriend came down the stairs, Sarah Louise Jamison, Gary started making out with her and before they had been going at it very long, I watched from between two big boxes as Gary reached up under her skirt and started finger banging her. He was really hitting it pretty good, when she started moaning and almost going wild, and she said, 'Oh God Gary, I want You,'

Well Gary stood up and dropped his trousers, then pulled his briefs off and out popped the biggest cock I had ever seen, He said,'Suck it Sarah' She leaned over and took his big cock into her mouth and sucked it, I was so turned on I took out my dick and started stroking it so fast, I was about to bust, My heart was beating like a drum in my head, my cock was tingling and I was feeling something that I had never felt before. Up untill that time I had never shot a load before, I had played with myself, but never had a climax.

Well Gary let her suck it for a few minutes and then took a condom out of his pocket and put it on and then she pulled down her panties and he fucked her like a wild man, He almost yelled out loud when he finally shot his load into the condom. I even noticed she was getting into it too. I didn't know girls did that.

I waited until they left before I wiped off the cum off my hand and off the floor there where I was watching, I really felt proud of haveing done it, I finally shot sperm, Wow.

Well Im nineteen now and My Big Brother is in the Navy, stationed at the Pensecola, Florida Naval Base.

Gary called home and ask permission of Dad and Mom if he could bring a friend home with him for his leave. Of Course My parents said yes.

I was standing at the front door when they pulled up in a taxi, I ran out to meet my big brother and gave him a hug, then I saw what had to be the best looking guy I had ever seen, He was dressed in blue jeans, a light grey shirt and Reebok sneakers, I felt a funny twinge in my stomach when I saw him.

Gary just looked at his friend and said, 'Rick, this is my little brother Kevin,' Rick stuck out his hand to shake mine and I shook hands and he looked into my eyes and held onto my hand just a little longer than usual and smiled and said, 'Damn Gary, Hes better looking than you are,' I blushed and said, 'Thanks.'

We went into the house and we got things settled in.

Rick was going to be staying in Gary's room with him, and as far as I knew everything was really neat.

Rick was a wonderful guy, he was a little older than Gary, he had been in the Navy about two years longer and was a First Class Chief Petty officer.

And he was absoulutely gorgeous. He had dark wavy hair, a smooth complection, really an awesome looking specimen of manhood.

I was in the bathroom about three days after they had come home finishing up showering, had my towel around my waist, I was finishing up with the shaving when Rick walked in and said, 'Mind if I take a leak, I'm about to bust,' I said, 'No, not at all.'

While I was shaving I could see Rick's cock in the mirror, I just about swallowed my tongue, he had about the biggest cock I have ever layed eyes on. I was just staring at it in the mirror, when Rick saw what I was doing, I just turned red, and he smiled and winked at me. He put it away and left.

That Friday night, Gary came in and said, 'Rick, I have a date with Sarah Jamison tonight, you mind staying here with Kevin this evening?' Rick said, 'Not at all, Kevin and I are good buddies now,' and he squeezed my neck and just gave me an affectionate hug.

Well Gary left on his date saying he might not be home for the usual reasons and he smiled a big smile and left.

Rick and I played cards and he beat me every hand, we played some other kind of games, and then we watched the T.V. for a while, I guess it was about ten o'clock when we decided to hit the bed, I asked Rick if he wanted to sleep with me in my room, he just said,'yeah sure, why not.' It might get interesting.' And he winked at me again, I had no Idea why he winked, or what he meant by that saying.

We got up into bed and I noticed he was wearing boxers, I wore my briefs. He said, 'I usually sleep nude,' but because of the situation He would wear his boxers. I just smiled at him and said, 'Hey sleep nude if you want, I don't care.'

We crawled into bed and after I leaned over to turn the lights out. I layed my hand down where his legs met his ass and noticed he had removed his boxers, so I just slipped my briefs off too.

We layed there and chatted and giggled and told silly stories and just enjoyed each others company.

Then things got quiet, Rick, leaned up on his elbows looked over at me, I could see him fairly well because of the night light the was always on in the closet.

'Hey man, what do you do for sex?' Rick asked.

'The usual young man stuff, You know?'

'Jack off?' Rick said.

'Yeah, doesn't all guys?' I responded

'Not if you have something better.' Rick said

'Better, what would that be, I don't have a girlfriend.'

Rick just laughed, man, Girls aren't the only thing that can give you awesome sex.

I said, man, what you talking about?'

Rick said, 'Kevin, you ever had anyone touch you, you know, sexually?'

'No, never.'

'You never even had a blowjob, before?' Rick said.

'NO, I have wondered what one would feel like tho.'

Rick looked over at me and said, 'your about to find out.' I just smiled not really getting his drift yet.

He leaned over and started rubbing my chest and twisting my nippels, Damn, I didn't know that the nipples would feel like that, It was fantastic.

In less than three minutes I was totally on fire. my cock was standing straight up hard and tight, and Rick was taking me on a sex journey I had never been on before, God it was awesome.

He leaned down and started sucking my nuts. they were pulling up tight against my body.

then he did something I have never heard of before.

He had me pull my legs up against my chest and he went down on me, licking my rectum hole, it felt like electricity shooting thru my body, god it was awesome.

Rick had done just about everything I could think of and then some to me before he sat up and took my cock into his mouth and started sucking me off. God it was fenominal, Rick kept up a steady pace and just when I felt like I was about to cum, he would back off, and then he would go after it again.

I was on Mars. time and space meant nothing, this feeling I was experiencing was just absolutely the most awesome feeling I had ever experienced.

Rick knew what he was doing. He was taking my hard throbbing member into his throat and humming and sucking like a madman.

I was like I was on drugs or something. He had sucked my cock about ten minutes and I grabbed his head, let out a very loug grunt, and said, 'Rick, I'm Cumming, I'm Cummmmmmmmm,' and It was over, I blasted out a load of cum like a fire hose. Rick just took it all like it was an everyday occurance to him.

I fell back on the bed and just layed, Rick said,'Now that was better than jerking off, wasn't it?'

'Oh fuck yeah!' I said.

Rick smiled and layed back down, I leaned over and took his cock in my hand, god it was awesome and huge, Rick said, 'HUMMM that feels awesome Kevin.'

I just slowly started to slide his foreskin back and forth on his cock and he started humming and moaning. I wanted to make this about as good as I possibly could for Rick, I leaned in and took that awesome uncut cock of Ricks into my mouth, and got a taste of man meat for the first time.

I loved it, and making Rick happy with what I was doing got me going, and after that, he got harder and harder and he hunched upward, grabbed my head, shoved his cock deep into my throat, and yelled.'Anchors Away, My Boy,' And his cock started belching out a load of fucking cum into my throat, I had never had anything like that. It was funny tasting but I loved it. Damn, I knew I had done the same thing for him he had done for me.

We layed there and embraced for a while, I was in dreamland with Rick, I felt almost like I was in love or something.

I asked Rick if Gary knew he liked to suck cock. He said, 'Gary knows, and that he had sucked Gary off on board ship a few times but just for the sake of keeping his 'Pipes clean,' I think is how he put it.

Well Rick went back to base with Gary after the leave was over, but I never did forget the way he came that night, yelling 'Anchors Away my boy.' I guess its funny how things remain as strong memories in your mind.

Rick and I hit it off really well back then, and we took care of each other in the sex department while he was there. He let me fuck him the third night and I let him do it to me too. It was really awesome too. I can't wait untill he comes back home with Gary.



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