Chapter 1

Anal pleasures – chapter 1 – SPANKED.

Freedom can move your life and it can be seen even in the hardest conditions, together with love and friendship, happiness and beauty. Have a look at the life of eight beggars who live together at: or in English at:

I was so horny that morning that I could not wait to be home to do it. I am Jimmy Ferrier and at 25 all my hormones were boiling.  After having run for an hour, as I did every Saturday in the countryside around my house where I lived comfortably alone with my father, I had horny thoughts about my sexy friend Amanda, who was studying librarianship, just as me. She was an explosive red-headed girl with big boobs and thoughts of her were driving me crazy and I couldn’t control myself and I had chosen an awful place, I knew. I was almost at the very door of a small graveyard only one hundred meters from our house. Fortunately I had had enough common sense to hide behind some trees and I thought nobody could see me. I was on the verge of my climax, but had not cum yet, when suddenly I saw myself before a very well-known face. I blushed when I saw that I had been caught in the act by my father.

Tim Ferrier lived on his own now after ten years ago, Brigitte Ferrier, my mother, cheated him and left him. After a long battle over my custody and taking into account that she had cheated him and my father was really prosperous with his fish business, he gained my custody and I had been living with him for ten years. He is a fishmonger but does not work on Saturdays. Some of his employees take care of the business this day.

-Jimmy –he told me angrily then-, keep your dick back in your shorts and let’s go home. My friend George has just phoned me saying he had come to the graveyard and had seen you jacking off here. So I took no time to think and have come to find you and say, rescue you. Let’s go home. Hope you understand that now I have to punish you.

With my face a deep red, I took my long dick back into my shorts, and saying oh, dad, forgive me, I couldn’t control myself. We were already at home and my father looked at me with an expression mixed of anger and tenderness as if saying forgive me but I have to do this inevitably, told me to drop my shorts and lie on my stomach on the couch for he would spank me. Increasingly redder I dropped my shorts, I was wearing no briefs that day, and lied on the couch. He had never spanked me in my life and I blushed knowing he could see then my hard cock, for I was still horny and had not cum. I was really proud of my dick. I was hung and I had long ago discovered that I could cum many times a day. But my father had to punish me and I did not reproach him anything and soon started to spank me. It was strange what I felt but even being quite embarrassed the pain of those spanks was like a new pleasure I was discovering, though I did not tell him anything. He continued mercilessly making my ass a deep red. I was not a masochist and not even that afternoon of so many discoveries I thought that about myself.

-Hope you understand now, Jimmy, that I am not punishing you for jacking off. We have never talked about these things but hope you allow me now to speak about it. Of course you can jack off as often as you want. I also do it; a lot in fact. Wanking is a free pleasure you can have as often as you want. But if you like jacking off, you can do it as everybody does: at home. Or even if you like masturbating in the country, I’m sure you can find a more secluded place and not at the very door of the graveyard, or else…

-Tell me, dad –I told him with a thin voice as he continued ruthlessly spanking me.             

-Or else, well, imagine this conversation: a boy tells his girlfriend: I have met Jimmy today. And she looks at him and asks: Jimmy? What Jimmy are you talking about? And he answers: I mean, Jimmy, the graveyard wanker. Can’t you see? It would ruin your whole reputation and the rest of your sexual life and after now you will be known as Jimmy, the graveyard wanker.

-Spank me, Dad –that was my answer-, I know I have deserved it. You’re right. I don’t wanna be known after now as Jimmy, the graveyard wanker. So I promise I won’t jack off again near the graveyard, dad. I will do it at home or in a secluded place in the country where nobody can see me.

-Well, Jimmy, if you have already admitted that, I see no point in punishing you any longer.

-You can go on, dad. I have certainly asked for it. It was an outrageous act that I will never repeat.

-I shouldn’t go on, Jimmy, mostly when I know it should be you who would desire to punish me now if you knew some things.

-Dad, I remind you right now I am the graveyard wanker. I am the one who should be punished. What on Earth would I have to punish you for?

And taking a deep breath, he finally said.

-Well, to start with… oh, I thought I would never tell you this, but you have the right to know your father. To start with, I was saying, I am bisexual.

I reacted in just five seconds. I rose from that position slightly enough to kiss him on the cheek, something I usually did.

-Dad, we’ve always been the best of friends. I had no idea, of course but I will assimilate it soon and will like you just as much as I’ve always liked you. And you can tell me anything you want about your sexual life, dad. I won’t get shocked at anything, I promise. And I say again I have nothing to punish you for and you are justly punishing me today. So dad please, keep on spanking me. What if you tell me whatever you want as you do? So you’ve often had sex with guys, I guess.

-Ok, Jimmy, I will keep on spanking you but not much longer. Well, remember me the years before I had this fish business. It was soon after Brigitte left me. Well, I worked in an office then and I had a lot of workmates there. You know Bart. Well, he’s very effeminate and is always acting queeny and has never made any secret of his lust for me, let’s say that even if he knew it would be impossible, he was always trying to seduce me but I never responded to his hints and politely tried to dodge his conversations about sex. I thought of course I would never try to have any sex with boys then. But one day I entered a bar and Bart was there sitting on a table alone. I asked for a beer and sat with him and we started to talk. He apologized first because he was sweating as a pig, had been all morning at the gym and was having a coffee before going home and have a shower. I don’t know what came to me then –as if he was dreaming with the memories of his first gay experiences, my father’s spanks then became softer and I started to admit to myself that since today I was being spanked, I would say nothing and try to enjoy. Tim Ferrier was sweating that day too as he often did. That afternoon I began to understand why my father had so few showers-, but I suddenly broke the conversation, well I had no experience of trying to seduce a boy and did not know what words to use, and was brusque and unexpectedly told him: “you’ve always lusted for me, Bart. What if I tell you now that we could go to your house (we were closer to his house then) and give each other a blowjob?" “I can’t believe you’re asking me that, Tim, but ok, let me have a shower first and then… well, whatever” but I told him please no shower, I was enjoying the way he smelled. He looked at me for a moment as I were a weirdo but then laughed and told me he had a couple of friends who shared my fetish too. Well, we headed to his house and soon both of us were taking our clothes off. I admit a guy as effeminate as Bart is not the thing I prefer, but certainly I enjoyed for the first time in my life a boy’s nude body. And I had to be first. I cannot tell you what I felt tasting a cock for the first time. It was sweaty and it was driving me crazy. I knew perfectly well I would suck cocks more often and… but are you not uncomfortable with all your father is saying?

-No, dad. I can’t believe I have such a brave father. You can continue. Did you also fuck?

-Not with him. Well, my first blowjob was heaven and I even enjoyed the taste of cum and it was perfect to be blown by a boy. I discovered a new pleasure that day. A pity Bart acts so queenly. I don’t really like him and we haven’t had any more sex. Fortunately for me he found a boyfriend soon and I don’t have to avoid him anymore. So, I haven’t repeated with Bart.

-So you’ve never been fucked.

-Well, in fact I have. In these past ten years I’ve been having sex with boys as a jackrabbit, but it was Ron who would introduce me to anal pleasures. Now we’re fuck buddies and see each other often. And anticipating what you might ask me now, I will say no, we are not in love, we are not a couple; just fuck buddies, two horny guys who often have sex with each other.

-Tell me about Ron, dad, but comfortably. I will not get shocked. I only feel I am starting to know my father better today and like you more. And please, dad, keep on spanking me. You have to be punished for nothing; it’s me that must be punished.

My ass was quite red by now but he compromised and spanked me more as he told me about Ron now.

-Well, one day a friend of mine was celebrating his birthday and invited me to his party. You were only 15 then and didn’t come to parties with me. And that day suddenly there came a thirty-year-old boy who was introduced as Ron. He’s tall, has a moustache and a perfect ripped body. He was absolutely attractive and masculine and to make it even hotter for me, he smelled strongly of sweat. He excused himself and said he had only come to congratulate my friend but would soon leave for he needed a shower. He was close to me then and with my awkward way to say everything then I told him that I really liked the way he smelled. He told me: oh, really? I have some gay feelings sometimes, I told him: hope I have not offended you. But he told me: I am gay myself, I am not offended. That’s something I could never have expected; don’t know, he is so masculine; of course there’s lots of masculine gay boys but I did not know at the time. Well, Jimmy, I will tell you this: that man is so attractive and I liked so much his smell of sweat that I could not stand him leaving the party so awkwardly again and brusquely I said: I would like you to fuck me. He smiled and told me he’d love to fuck with such an attractive man, that’s what he said. And after having introduced ourselves and having told him I had never been fucked before, he told me that would make things more complicated for him but if I was willing…

-Well, we headed to his house and just seeing him nude I shot a load. Well, I am really able to cum a lot of times a day if I am horny, and I was horniest that day –I smiled and thought I could also cum a lot of times every day and I had my father’s genes so it should be hereditary. I was wondering whether I should tell him-. And later he did fuck me.

-What did you feel dad?

-Oh, I really appreciate that you’re not shocked, Jimmy. Well, it hurt me a bit. Ron has a long dick and my ass was being really stretched but since that day, I love having pain in my ass, pain and pleasure… I don’t know… ecstasy maybe. I really enjoyed my first time. Well, after he fucked me, I fucked him too. I really enjoyed my first ass; I had never fucked any girl up her butt. Ron and I spent all that day getting to know each other and it was him who introduced me to more anal pleasures. But about these I’d better tell you one other day if you’re not uncomfortable. In short, Ron and I still see each other and have sex from time to time, let’s say once a month as an average. And apart from him, I have sex with many different boys. I don’t know, but in the last ten years it may have been more than a hundred different boys.

-Good, dad, you are brave and I say again that now I like you more. So I hope you understand I have of course no reason to punish you.

-There’s still something worse. Oh, I’d better tell you nothing; you will hate me –and he broke down then and tears started flowing, filling his whole face. I had to talk.

-Dad, is it that you lust for me? You are gonna tell me something like that, isn’t it?

-Oh, Jimmy. See what a father you have. How can you like me if I tell you more things? Can you see now why it should be you the one who punishes me?

-Dad, now I only want you to tell me. After what little you have said, I will always be curious.

-Well, Jimmy –he was still crying his eyes out-, you have already heard me say that I love the smell of sweat and on Saturdays and Sundays you got the habit of running and come home really sweaty. And then you spend a couple of hours at home doing something in your room, maybe studying, maybe watching porn?

-I do watch porn sometimes, dad.

-Good, of course any boy your age would. Then you finally head to the shower, totally sweaty and well your masculine scent is too much for me and the time you are in the shower, I spend wanking over your smell and imagining what your naked body would look like.

He was spanking me real hard now, oblivious of what he was doing, in a mechanical rhythm and I don’t know what came to me then but suddenly I went red when I found out I was cumming in long torrents of cum before my father.

-Jimmy –he asked me then-, why have you cum? Is it the pain of the spanks? I can’t believe you’ve cum hearing your father’s incestuous desires.

-I don’t know why I have cum, dad. But does it matter? -And then I rose a little and kissed him again on the cheek.

-Dad, all our lives we’ve been the best of friends. I will assimilate your lust for me as I have already assimilated your bisexuality. What you have told me does not bother me. I don’t wanna lose you dad. You are so brave that you have told me things you had no need to ever tell me. And I know you will never rape me, so you can go on wanking over me, dad, and even tell me when you have done. And if you don’t have enough with that, one other day I will show you my private parts too so you can masturbate comfortably. I am your friend dad and today I am really getting to know you better. After today we can even be the best of friends, for we have no secrets. Believe me; your lust for me does not bother me. Knowing your incestuous desires I am even glad you are watching now my hard cock, my balls, my ass… even seeing how your son cums. Kiss me dad, and you can keep on spanking me.  Now I know why you wanted me to punish you, but I won’t. I’m the one who has done something unacceptable, dad, I should be punished a bit longer.

-Your ass is really red by now, Jimmy.                      

-I don’t give a damn, dad. I have deserved it. And now we are only better friends, that’s all.

-But can’t you see what your incestuous father can do? Of course I will never rape you. But I can start touching you with desire –and he began then stroking my ass.

-Do it, dad. And touch my dick too if you want.

And he began sensuously touching my balls first and then taking fire to my dick, caressing it affectionately, still unable to believe he could be touching the cock of the son he lusted for. But after some minutes, he surprised me sticking one of his fingers in my ass.

-You see now what I can do if you don’t stop me.

-Dad, you can go on but I am afraid my ass is not too clean today.

-Indeed it is not the day you have wiped it more carefully. I can even touch some shit.

-Does it not disgust you, dad?

-See what a father you have, Jimmy, and for God’s sake if you feel the need to punish me later, do it, or at least to say angry words to me later. Well, Ron introduced me to many more things. One other anal pleasure I enjoy is eating shit, and even feeding. And not only shit.

-Tell me, dad, I am not disgusted.

-Well, I even enjoy farts and have tasted, and also fed, piss and puke, gob, snot, everything that comes from a hot boy.

-Dad, curiously the smell of my own shit is not disgusting me now. I can perceive your finger is so deep that you will take it out coated in shit. Tell me the truth, please: have you also wanked over me thinking you were eating my shit?

-Indeed I have, Jimmy, I always wondered what your shit would taste like –he finished with a thin voice. But now his finger went so deep in my ass that I had a curious reaction and shot a second load in his presence.

-Why have you cum now, Jimmy?

-Dad, how can I explain that for the first time in my life I am having pleasures with my ass? And this is something I thought I would never say. But dad, I entreat you now, could you please finger-fuck me a bit more? It’s been so pleasant.

-Jimmy –he looked at me then with a sober look-, are you just aware that you are asking your father to give you a sexual pleasure?

-Yes, dad. I know I have just crossed that threshold. But could you? This has been pleasant for me, dad, and you lust for me, so we could agree in having both of us some sexual fun together.

He looked seriously at me again and said.

-Then Jimmy, first you must understand that this is the end of the punishment. You have already learnt your lesson and I don’t feel like punishing you any longer and I won’t go on. Now if you’re really asking me to finger-fuck you, I will do it, but just for your fun, understood? But I would really like to ask you something.

-Tell me, dad, and by the way, keep on spanking me, dad; I have enjoyed it. Could spanking be another anal pleasure for you?

-Indeed it is. Well, what I was gonna ask you... You see, Jimmy. You have already cum twice and are asking your father to make you cum a third time. Oh I hope you are not uncomfortable and I sincerely hope you cum a third time. So ok, we can have now some sexual fun together as far as you still desire it. But the question is: I have the arousal of my life today but still have not cum; I have watched my cute son’s private parts and have even had the glorious vision of seeing your sexy dick spilling two loads. So of course I am horniest right now. And well… would you mind if…?

He was shy to ask me but I encouraged him to go on.

-Would you mind if I take my dick out and masturbate as I finger-fuck you?

-Dad, that way it’s fairer. I don’t wanna be the only one having sexual fun today. So do it, dad. I sincerely want you to finger-fuck me but you will cum first. Whip it out, jack off and touch me all you want till you cum first, dad and only when you have finally cum you will finger fuck me and I am sure I will be able to shoot a third load.

-Well, I will keep it if you feel uncomfortable.

Then he really took his long dick out. It was also hereditary; he had a dick as long as mine.

-Please dad, start beating off and touch me all you want. I’m not uncomfortable. This is something tender, a shared fun that after now father and son will have more often, I promise. And I am not gay but I can say you have a really sexy dick too, dad. Come on, have a lot of fun now. You also deserve to cum before you give me some more fun.

So there he was, beating his meat as he sweetly touched my ass, my balls, my cock, timidly first but then seeing I smiled at him and encouraged him to have fun with my body, he was more secure and his face became really bright, living sexual fun with his son for the first time. And there I was watching him desiring that hot man I had for a father came first and later would give me more anal fun, finger-fucking me now.

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