It's been a weeks since the incident. I drove Jason to my house since his parents were gone on vacation. As we arrived, I helped him out of the car and took him to my spare bedroom, laying him on the bed.

Me: I can't say how sorry I am, dude.

Tears start to roll down my face.

Jason: Dustin, stop apologizing. It was an accident, I shouldn't of forced that blowjob on you. I'm the one that's sorry.

Me: Don't you even start to feel bad, it was all my fault. Whatever you need, I'm here for you.

Jason: Thanks, bro! I won't need much, just some rest.

Me: No problem. Goodnight, man.

I walk out of the spare, an head to my room and crash.

As I drift to sleep, I dream if what awful things I've done.

I imagine Jason sucking my cock. All I see is red, as he starts hurling fountains of blood. I scream in terror.

Next thing I know, I feel Jason's hands in my shoulders.

Jason: Dude, wake up!

I open my eyes, gasping for air.

Me: What happened?

Jason: You were screaming like a motherfucker.

Me: I was?

Jason: Yes! Did you have a nightmare?

Tears, once again, starts pouring out of me.

Me: I just can't even begin to think about how life would've been without you. I can't imagine it, if you would've died, I ...

He shut me up by putting his mouth on mine. Kissing me like our life depending on it. His mouth was firm, yet smooth. I pull back and gasp for air.

Me: Jason, I ...

Jason: Just, shut up.

With that, he pulls me into him, ripping my shirt off. He kisses his way down my neck, reaching my nipples. He slowly sucks each one, as a moan leaves my mouth. He kisses his way down my abdomen, then licks all the way down my happy trail. My bulge getting bigger by the second.

James: I've wanted to do this since we first met.

I start to hesitate as he slides my shorts off. I shouldn't be doing this, but somehow, it feels right.

He starts to suck my cock through my briefs, making it rise to its full capacity.

My briefs are soaked as he slides them off, my dick springing to action.

James: Damn, I can't believe how big you are.

With that comment, he engulfs my cock in one swallow, taking me down to the balls. I let out a loud moan.

Me: Fuck! Suck my cock, yeah, just like that!

He starts to bob his head up and down my man stick. Bringing me close to climax with every motion.

Me: I'm about to cum!

He pulls off and puts my legs in the air, and attacks my ass with his tongue. Shit! This feels amazing!

As his tongue penetrates my asshole, I explode all over my chest.

Stream after stream of hot cum hits my face as well.

He comes up for air, licking all my remains off of me.

Jason: How was that?

Me: Fucking amazing!

Jason: Glad you liked it! Maybe we can do it again?

Me: Maybe, I'm still new to this.

Jason: I know, we'll take it slow, okay?

Me: Okay.

He snuggles next to me. Getting comfortable on my bed. I can feel his hard cock straining againt his briefs. The feeling is somehow comforting. I fall asleep imagining what it would be like the have his junk in my mouth. Yum.



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