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It's the day of our big game, and I refuse to let what happen between Jason and I last night get in the way of this very important moment.

I was so so pissed off at him, and I still am. We've been friends ever since he joined the team, and he wants to ruin it by confessing his love to me? Please!

I find the inner will inside of me and get out of bed. I grab some clothes and head to the bathroom. After taking a much needed piss, I realize I need to release some steam from inside of me. What better way than to stroke it off, right?

I walk back into my bedroom, now fully naked, and lay on my bed. I stack some pillows up to support my head, and go straight to business. I spit on my semi-hard 9 inch dick to lube it up. This is just what I need.

I start a steady stroke, making sure my hand goes over my whole 11 inch cock. As my left hand goes to my balls, my mind starts to inagine my sexual fantasies.

As my eyes drift close in satisfaction, I drown myself in my pleasure. I imagine Jason .. Stop! I don't imagine Jason, instead a hot blonde girl with huge boobs. He, I mean she! She, starts to suck my cock vigorously. I grab his hair .. Fuck! No matter how hard I try, my mind keeps going to Jason. The fuck?

Just after that thought, my door bell rings. Who the hell could this be? I drag my clothes on and walk to the door, openin it with frustration.

Right in front of me, stands a very apologetic Jason. I don't even think twice about it, and slam the door, which Jason stops with his very muscular hands.

Jason: Look, I just want to talk.

Me: I don't care what You want.

Jason: I'm coming in.

And with that, he barges past me into my living room. He goes straight to the couch, and motions for me to sit next to him.

Me: I'm not sitting by you. What do you want?

James: Listen, what I did last night, I'm sorry. I know it must've took you by surprise. Hell, I don't even plan to do it. Is there anyway we can move past this?

Me: It's not that easy, how are we suppose to just forget it?

Jason: Not forget, just move forward.

Me: I don't know, man.

Jason: What's that?

I look to where his finger is pointed, and notice that my still hard dick, is very noticeable on my football shorts.

Me: What?! You've never had morning wood before?

Jason: Dude, I know you. You wake up at 7 AM on game days.

Me: And?

Jason: It's 9:04, there's no way you've had a boner for 2 hours, dude!

Me: Alright, fine. I was just trying to relieve some stress before you got here.

Jason: You were jerking off?

Me: Yeah?

Jason: Mind if I join?

Me: Yes, I do mind.

Jason: C'mon, bro. No touching this time, I swear.

Me: NO TOUCHING! Do it, and I'll beat your ass.

With that, Jason reache into his cargo shorts, and pulled out a very prominent hard on. I unintentionally joined him. We were close to each other, but not to close.

Jason: What're you imagining?

Me: A hot, wet pussy.

Jason: Nice.

Me: You?

Jason: I don't have to imagine, I see everything I want, right beside me.

I brush off the sexual comment and just continue to stroke. He's not going to ruin my life.

15 minutes in, you can definitely smell the sweat and testosterone in the room. The only sound you hear coming from our balls slapping against the couch, and the occasional moan.

I feel myself building up, and prepare to shoot.

Me: Dude..I'm about to..about to blow..

Jason: Fu..Fuck..me too..

I start jerking violently and moan out in pleasure. Right before the first squirt comes out, Jason reaches over and grabs my dick. He points in toward his abs as I start flowing. Stream after stream of cum lands on his chest and abs, sending him over the edge.

He sprays all over himself, and lets out a long moan.

We stop at the same time, and as realization kicks in, I look at Jason.

Me: What. Did. I. Fucking. Say?!

Jason: Sorry, dude. It just happened. It was erotic, right?

With thy comment, he starts slurping up the cum on his chest.

Me: You disgust me! What happened to moving on?

Jason: I don't want to move on, I want you. How are you still hard?

Me: It's called I'm a teenager, dumbass.

With that said, he lunges for me, plowing me into the couch. I try to get free, but his hands strap my forearms down. He swings his legs over and places his knee on my wrists, his hands now on my waist. I'm heavier than he is, but he's surpringly hard to move.

Me: Dude, get off of...

I voice stops completely as he engulfs my dick, talking st least 7 inches with one movement. Without my control, I let out a moan. I buck my hips up, trying to get free, only to send all 11 inches into his mouth.

He chokes, and comes up for air, then falls to the ground, spitting blood into the air.

My protective instinct kicks in, and I jump off the couch and go to Jason's side.

Me: Jason, are you okay?!

He leans his head up and spits out a mouthful of blood.

Me: Jason! Answer me!

His head slams back down as his eyes roll back.




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