I wish to dedicate this story to a Friend of mine that I correspond with from the U.K., Michael, I hope he likes it, but not only Michael but everyone.

The year was 1853, I was a young British naval Officer, I was rather a ladies man, Loved the woman, but I also had a rather strange attraction to good looking young men, I had as yet never done anything sexual with any of them, but I knew that it was only a matter of time before I would have to give in to my urges and at least try it one time

Well I was leaving London, on a Ship bound for San Francisco, California, USA. And I was going to attend some sort of Military Business Meeting, which were kept under covers, as an attache of the King of England.

I said my goodbyes, boarded this big beautiful three mast sailing ship, and watched as the coastline of England slowly faded away into the morning sky.

I would say that we were at least four days at sea, and I had met and became sort of buddies with this young man, he was sort of a captains cabin boy. aboard ship. His name was Evan, I had these strange feelings for Evan, and for some reason wanted to be with him during the daylight hours, but I also noticed that there were some beautiful Ladies aboard whom I thought about too. I sat at the dinner table with the young ladies, my hormones raging, and I felt desire like I had never had before, and I of course knew my place around them, being a Gentleman.

Well I did my best to hide my boner that was sticking out in my trousers and I have a rather substantial size peice of manflesh hanging between my legs, and a rather large set of testicles.

Well there was some music aboard ship that night, and I ask a this one young Lady to dance with me, and for some reason she was really turning me on.

My cock was about to split the material on my trousers, I was leaking pre-cum fluid all over my uniform pants, and I really needed to find some place private and relieve my innner tensions, and let that swollen part of my body just sorts calm down, you know, thats what all us guys have been doing for centuries.

Well after the dance I excused myself and went to find a secluded place and climbed down the stairs into the cargo hole. I found a secluded rather private place not far from the stairs so I could see when someone came down. I had undone my trousers and slid them down, I was rubbing the foreskin back and forth on my cock and reaching up under my shirt and feeling my hair covered chest, twisting my nipples, and I was starting to feel it really good, and god did it ever feel good to finally get ahold of my cock, and I heard someone gasp and sorta cough, I looked over to the side and I saw Evan, standing behind the stairway rubbing his crotch, and licking his lips, He had been watching me, He walked out from under the steps and walked over to me, still rubbing his cock thru his pants, and said Eric, I can take care of that if you want? I really didn't know what to say, but the first thing he did was to lean in and started to kiss me on the lips, starteling to say the least, but very erotic and stimulating. He then said here Eric, and he had me lay up on some bags of grain that were laying there, I layed back and he pulled my shoes off and trousers. I was laying there in the semi darkness, with just my under shirt on and my black dress socks, now I know that to some men this would seem strange, but I have this thing about guys feet, There Oh so sexully stimulating, And I also like my feet to be sucked and licked and played with. Well Evan started rubbing my feet thru my socks and I was getting hotter by the minute,. Evan rubbed my heels as he licked and kissed my lower legs then he chewed on my toes, I was about to cum on my self, a little ticklish, and very sexual, damn I didn't know how I would last, then Evan pulled the socks off and started by licking the bottoms of my feet, gently, slowly, and oh so fucking exciting, my cock was aching and as he started to sucking on my toes and rubbing my feet, I could feel my cock getting primed, pre-cum was leaking onto my stomach like I had a dripping faucet leaking, a puddle of clear sticky liquid had filled my navel, and I was breathing like I was trying to asphixiate or something, God man, this had never happened before, I was feeling like I was floating on a cloud. Evan was moaning, and wimpering as he sucked my toes, he went down the line sucking first on the little toes, and moving to each one individually, God it was exciting.........Awe fuck, I was about to explode. Evan sucked on my toes and finally reached up and grabbed my cock and it took about three or four strokes and It belched out a load of cum all over, I shot it clean up over my chest, onto my face, and into my hair, I was really full of cum, not haveing had a release for quite a few weeks.

I sat up and Evan, got up in front of me and kissed me like a lover, Damn man I had never had sex before with anyone, but this was awesome, I looked down and Evans cock was straining in his trousers, I rubbed it, and he grunted, and said, awe Holy Mother of God, he said as I pulled his cock free from the constraints of his trousers, and squeezed it and pulled its foreskin back, I turned Evan around and sat him down, and said, I have never done this before but I want to try, I leaned down, and took Evans cock to the base into my mouth, it was uncut, thick and tasted a little salty but I loved the flavor of his cock, I could smell the odor of his sweaty, hot, and oh so exciting body, it was fantastic. I started to suck his cock, I gagged a few timeS from it being so long and thick, but I was making Evan go wild, he was saying Eric, Oh god man, I'm gonna blow man, I'm gonna blow, and blow he did, His cock flooded my mouth with this salty, sweet, awesome tasting man nectar, I had tried my own a few times and liked it, but I really liked the taste of Evans cum, I was so surprised that I could swallow it all and then still licke him clean, god it was awesome.

After we finished we dressed and made sure that no one saw us and we stood there and kissed about twenty minutes and then went back topside, and watched the evening sky as it darkened, but I, being a naval officer, knew the sky looked bad and ominous.

As I watched the sky from the side of the ship, Evan standing beside me smiling, his smile turned to a very troubled looked as he gazed at the sky, I said Evan, whats wrong, he said man we are in for a hell of a ride, I said what you mean, he said look, look at the sky, I just said what?, he said were heading straight into a big storm. Evan just said Eric, I got go and help the crew. see you later.

The captain came out of his cabin and started shouting orders to the crew to lower the sails. Batton down the hatches ect. and get prepared for a wopper of a storm.

Evan said man, go below and tie everything down you want to keep, we are going for a rough ride.

I said O.K. and went down below and did just that. I put everying away into boxes and tied what I could down, and I felt the ship start to sway and rock roughly, as the sea and the winds began to pick up rougher and rougher.

After about an hour the Storm was in full sway, God I didn't know that the weather could ever be this bad, it was like a Hurricane force wind came out of nowhere and just started battering our ship. Waves larger than the ship was tearing her apart and I was hanging on for dear life, for that matter so was everyone, all I could think about was Evan, wondering if he was allright, being uptop and in the full blow of the storm.

I felt like The Ship was about to turn over and swaying and then it happened, The Ship leaned heavly starboard and the last thing I remember was something come loose from somewhere and hit me on the head, and knocked me cold.

I felt the warmth of the sun as it hit my face, I felt so wet, and almost chilled to the bone, despite the Suns warmth.

All I could think was my fucking head, it was aching like a muther, I reached up and felt the blood on my forehead, and opened my eyes, I was staring up at beautiful white billowy clouds and saw Sea Gulls flying overhead, and just came to my senses and thought what the hell, where am I?

I remembered the storm and the ship listing to the side and I sat up and looked around and, Whats going on? I am setting on sand, I looked over and saw peices of the ship laying on the beach, a lot of debris all over the place, but I saw no one else, and I realized the ship came apartin the storm.

I finally got myself together and took off my water soaked boots, and started to walk around, looking for more survivors.

I had walked about an hour and a half and saw no one else. I just saw a lot of wreckage from the ship. I found some boxes that contained some clothing and some personal items of a few of the passengers but no one else was there. I found a few things I could use to survive with, but not much.

I had been there about two days when I was searching the Island, and I had no Idea where in gods great world I was, when I heard something, could it be? a faint sound, maybe, and I heard it again, it sounded like a mans voice, I began to run towards the sound, hoping, praying, and then I saw a young man, setting by a fire on the opposite side of the Island, setting there on a beach beside a fire he had built, singing to himself, He looked like he was about my age or maybe, just a little older. I came out of the bushes and yelled, Hey there, He jumped up, startled, and Yelled Hey, and he started running toward me, and I was so happy to see anyone, I ran toward him, and grabbed him and hugged him, at first I had thought it was Evan, but I never saw Evan again, it as the young galley master(cook) from the ship, I said Hello, its so good to see someone again, I thought I was the only one that survived, he said yes, I know, I thought I was too.

He was a French man that had grown up in Liverpool, England, he had a slight French accent and his name was Pierre, and he was beautiful, a head of sort of long Blondish brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and I noticed his lips, God my mind raced back to Evan, and I felt a stirring in my groin but, just held it at bay.

Pierre was like a kid with a new toy with me, wanting to please me, he had located a source of fresh water from a little pool, over behind a hill, and the pool was large enough to swim in, and wash off, tho we had no soap we still washed off in the cool water and there was a little water fall, a small and played around in it, it was a pool were water came out from under this rock and gave us clean drinking water. We found different fruits, and some nuts here on the Island, and Pierre had found a box of things from the ship that had washed ashore, and we had some heavy string for fishing, and he had fashioned a couple of fishing hooks from a peice of heavy metal wire, he had found on one of the wrecked peices of the ship.

Well I was really getting acoustumed to living on the Island, at least I wasn't alone.

Pierre was absolutely a joy to be around, but every so often I would notice, he would go off by himself, and be gone for about an hour.

One afternoon I waited for a few minutes and I followed Pierre, I stayed hidden behind some bushes, so he wouldn't notice me.

He got to this small secluded area among some large rocks and I watched him as he stripped naked, and started by laying up against this rock, and when he took off his trousers I noticed his extrememly large cock, it was hard, thick, and beautiful, man my mouth watered and he was Laying up against that rock, and started stroking that gorgeous cock, and damn, I wanted him badly, Man I might as well let him know it now, we may never get rescued from off this deserted Island.

The more I watched, the more I wanted Pierre. Damn, he was really working his cock over, he had layed back against a large rock, naked and beautiful, and I quietly walked over and touched him on his face, He jumped, startled, and said what the fuck, I said Pierre, He said Ereec, did you follow me? I said yes, but don't get mad, He said are you a queer boy or something? I said If you want to call me that, but remember we might be stuck here together, forever, just you and me, here forever, untill we die, and Lets be honest Pierre, we're all we have. I leaned over and kissed his lips, and he sorta hesitated at first, and then he said, your right man, We should enjoy each other, who will ever know? and he started to kiss me back, I layed him down on the sandy beach area and I got to undress in front of him, He looked up and said, Eric, I have never done anything with a man before, I said just lay back and let me teach you, and man was I in for a joyride, this dude was gorgeous, built like a fortress, and his beautiful hairless body except for his head, underarms, and the thick bush around his cock was clean as a whistle.

I thought about what Evan had done to me, and how excited I had gotten, and I started to lick his feet, I brushed the sand from between his toes and started licking and sucking his toes, He began to moan, he said, Ereec, ouh deed you know I like thees? I said I didn't, I just wanted to try it, I love to suck a guys toes and play with his feet, He said, ouh awesum, I said glad you enjoy it, cause I love it. I was in seventh heaven, lickking on Pierres feet and sucking on his toes, and rubbing his feet, he was going biserk as I licked and sucked and rubbed his feet. Then He sorta leaned over and started licking my balls and playing with my cock, I looked at him as he said, I might az weel geet started to enjoying dees. I liked to lost it and I got into a sixty nine posititon with Pierre and started by sliding his foreskin back and taking his cock full length down my throat, he said man, I ave nelveer felt that feeling before. I just kept sucking, and man did he enjoy it, he went back to sucking my cock and he was getting better by the minute.

After a few minutes, I noticed that Pierre, was getting uncomfortable acting, and he said do you like getting fucked by a man, I said I have never tried that, he said, can I try with you? I said sure, I got up layed over on my back and Pierre started playing with my man hole.

I felt it as his saliva slicked finger punched thru and I jumped and he said just wait, and I felt two fingers go in and it was starting to feel very sexually stimulating, I felt it as he wet a third finger and then he said you ouer ready, Eric. I said just be gentle your cock is a lot bigger than your fingers, He said certainly, and he used spit to slicken his throbbing peice of French meat, and then he pushed the head of his cock against my manhole, damn it was for some reason so fucking excititng to me, never before had anyone touched my asshole, but I was really wanting this, and then the entrance was eye opening to say the least, Pain, oh shit pain, like I had never felt before gripped my ass, I felt like I had a thousand wasps sting my asshole all at once, and then he just slid an eight and a half inch, ucut, very hard cock to the balls, in my ass. I just layed there and gasped for air, I said stop a few minutes, let met get my breath. About five minutes later I could feel his cock in my ass, I felt it swelling each time he flexed his sphincter muscle, I felt his heartbeat thru his cock, and I was getting so fucking excited, I started pushing my ass against his body, sinking his cock to the hilt with each push, and god was it feeling exciting, I was full of electricity, and jolts of lust and sensuality, and little shocks at each thrust of Pierres cock.

I was floating away on a cloud of pure desire and lust, knowing I was making Pierres fullment complete, Pierre was fucking like a breeding horse and saying something In French, that I didn't undertand, and I knew by the look of intensity on his face that I had him hooked into being my mate, my lover, at least as long as we were on this Island, at least it was for me.

Pierre was building up to his climax and I felt it as he grunted and shoved his large cock to the hilt in my man tunnel, and his cock started jerking and I felt like he had dumped an ocean of hot water into my bowels, The warmth of it sent shock waves thru me, and he reached down and took my cock an stroked it a few times and I shot cum clear up in my mouth, and I just licked and stared straight into Pierre's eyes and said Your awesome Pierre, just wonderful.

Pierre ans I layed there and just basked in each others warmth. and feeling so satisfied with each other, I knew he would be the only one for me while we were here, not just because of the fact twe were all we had, but I was in love with Pierre, And I never regretted finding Pierre there that day on the beach, on My Island of Paradise, And It was Paradise, We were finally rescued about ten years later and taken back to England, Pierre and I are still together, He wanted no one else, and neither did I.



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