Rusty braced himself against the pine tree with his body bent over slightly. His shirt was pushed up till half his back was exposed and his jeans and boxers lay around his ankles. Dewayne was behind him, jeans open and his cock in hand stroking it back to full hardness. He looked over his shoulder and watched Dewayne as he moved up close and rubbed cock along his ass, up and down, the soft spongy head raking along the exposed skin. Dewayne slowly zeroed in on his opening, pressed the head of his cock to it and began to push forward.

Rusty had been fantasizing of sex with Dewayne for a long time, the idea of sex with him playing out in his mind until, finally, on this warm March day he braced himself for penetration, anxiously waiting, his heart racing so fast he felt every beat. He had been ready for a long time, dreaming what it would be like, imagining the scenario of how he'd get Dewayne alone, just the two of them and they would do it. His hands felt the bite of the rough bark on his palms as he felt the initial penetration.

Rusty turned eighteen in January, the first in his class to do so and his parents had let him invite friends and classmates over and they had hung out in the old barn, played around in the hayloft and out in the pasture after it got completely dark they had a bonfire. Dewayne was there, of course, for he was Rusty's best friend but all night whenever Rusty tried to get him off somewhere alone, just the two of them, someone would come along and ruin everything. In the end Dewayne went off with Mary Ann and Rusty found himself sitting on the ground around the bonfire watching it slowly burn itself out, reduced to a pile of red hot coals with only a few flames rising up.

For days afterward Rusty found himself moping, aggravated at the lost opportunity his party had afforded him but he came to view the party as too much with too many people and therefore not the ideal situation. Back in school he saw Dewayne and Mary Ann begin to fight, to disagree about nearly everything and knew it was only a matter of time when he could try again.

January passed relative mild, only the occasional rain shower and temperatures barely below freezing and only a few times at that but February arrived with a vengeance, a storm from the gulf blowing up while a harsh cold front rushed down the great plain states and into the southeast. The snow fall was nearly a record and it shut down the region. With school closed and nothing else to do Rusty met up with some of the other boys who had four wheel drive trucks or Jeeps and they cruised around the community, cutting doughnuts at the school in the parking lot on the slick asphalt and then hitting one fire trail lane or another four wheeling through snow and frozen ground. Dewayne was part of the group with his old Cherokee with its jacked up suspension and large tires and he typically led the group when going off-road. Rusty kept close following in his Chevy pickup, an older model with a regular cab and short bed, much better for off-road use but an odd sight now that so many trucks had extended or four door cabs even those with long beds.

At the end of the day Rusty talked Dewayne into riding over to Monroeville to see if any of the fast food joints were open. It was almost dark when they rode into town and found one open on the edge of town. Rusty chose a table in the rear of the dining area away from the few other patrons. They ate in silence until nearly finished.

"So...did you fuck Mary Ann?"

Dewayne looked up shocked at the question then a smile formed on his face and he nodded yes. He licked the ketchup off his finger and took a drink while Rusty watched him not sure what to say, not even sure why he even asked in the first place.

"Yeah I fucked that bitch. Jesus, she turned crazy right after we did it" Dewayne replied finally setting his drink down. "She wanted my jacket that night and got huffy when I said no and the next day...the next fucking day, she started in about marriage, how many children did I want and how I could work with her daddy on their farm, even live with her parents until we could afford our own place. It was blah, blah, blah until I thought I would kill myself" Dewayne said sniggering at the dire nature of his time with Mary Ann.

"But you got sex out of it?"

"Yeah, I got that" Dewayne said, and he leaned over closer to Rusty lowering his voice, "but I don't know if it was worth it. I would have been better off just...ya know...jerking off."

They both laughed easing back into their seats, Dewayne sliding down in his seat with his legs outstretched to the side.

Rusty looked at his friend, the way he found himself doing a lot in recent times, studying his features and feeling an attraction he kept to himself. Dewayne was so naturally dark skinned with dark brown hair and high cheek bones that spoke of his indigenous ancestry. He was stocky, broad shouldered with muscular arms that stretched the too small t-shirts he liked to wear for the way they showed off his body. He worked out, played sports and worked at the grain elevator in the seed warehouse. It was back breaking work but it kept him in shape.

Rusty let his eyes scan down Dewayne's body till he was looking at the bulge in his jeans, jeans that fit tight and rode low making the bulge more pronounced. Rusty knew Dewayne had the cock and balls to fill it. He'd seen his friend naked numerous times, in P.E. or him changing in his room when Rusty was there or like last summer down on the lake swimming naked at night when everyone else had turned in.

Dewayne was a couple of months younger but he looked years older than Rusty who was lean to the point of being skinny and being tall accentuated his lean build even more. He was fair skinned with dark reddish brown hair and freckles across his nose that he hated for he thought it made him look like a kid, not an eighteen year old man as he thought of himself. But he knew he was being silly, just feeling sorry for himself, for several of the girls in school constantly flirted with him. He played along, even dated a few times one girl or another but he knew, had for a long time, what he really wanted was a relationship with another boy, someone like himself in some ways and time and time again that person kept manifesting within his mind as Dewayne.

"It would be nice to find someone that liked the same things we do and would have sex" Rusty stated, "you know, someone who liked to fish, or go off-roading or..." he added finding himself at a loss for what else to add.

"You mean who would do all the things we like to do and at the end of the day put out?" Dewayne asked sarcastically but Rusty just looked off into the distance, his eyes unseeing as he imagined the possibility, nodding his head yes in reply.

"Shit Rusty, that would be gay" Dewayne sniggered leaning forward again, "I mean that would only be another guy like us who'd like all the things we do" he added.

Rusty didn't say anything and Dewayne seemed to be thinking about what he'd just said.

"Shit...I guess the blowjobs would be better" Dewayne whispered, "and he'd probably swallow instead of spitting it back out ruining my shorts" he added lowering his voice more while stifling a laugh.

Feeling emboldened Rusty leaned over in a conspiratorial way.

"And he wouldn't get pregnant if you busted your nut in his ass."

Dewayne seemed shocked and Rusty worried he had gone too far but Dewayne began to laugh and he sat back and adjusted his cap, lowering it on his head till the bib shadowed his eyes almost from sight.

"Shit...I've heard some guys talk about some girls who let them fuck their assholes and they said it was the best. So tight it just milked the cum right out of their dicks" Dewayne said. "Yeah, I'd like to try that...yes, sir, just..." he added with his voice trailing off and Rusty was going to say something, keep pushing Dewayne on the subject but a family came over and sat too close.

"Come on, let's go" Dewayne said getting up from the table.

In the Jeep riding back to their community the moment seemed passed, the mood in the Jeep different and with the music playing loudly Rusty just sat back in the seat listening glancing over from time to time to watch Dewayne rock the steering wheel back and forth keeping the Jeep in the road. In his mind he plotted, played out scenarios where he could get Dewayne to consider the possibility of sex between them. Without thinking he reached down and adjusted his cock within his jeans.

"Thinking about that blowjob?" Dewayne joked when he saw Rusty manipulate the crotch of his jeans.

"Yeah" Rusty joked back and he cupped his crotch looking over at Dewayne, "you want to give it to me?"

Dewayne looked surprised at Rusty's reply then he laughed shaking his head.

"Nasty fucker" Dewayne uttered slapping Rusty on the arm.

For the next couple of weeks Rusty and Dewayne hung out together, going to a movie or riding around Monroeville cruising along the streets checking out the others they passed. All the while Rusty plotted, brought up sex, and made jokes about it all the while priming the pump as his father would say. Dewayne's birthday was the first of March and there was to be a party in town at the pizza joint where his closest friends would celebrate with him. Amanda was there, one of the girls in their class that gave Rusty the most pause; the girl who could wreck everything.

Amanda was attractive, her father owned the tractor dealership and a car dealership so they were wealthy compared to everyone else. Amanda drove the newest sports car, had the nicest clothes and yet was the most unpretentious person Rusty knew. During the party he saw Amanda flirt with Dewayne, giving him a kiss after he blew out the candles on the cake they had for him. But as the party wound down everyone getting their coats and talking of hitting the late movie Rusty saw Dewayne and Amanda talking near the door and after a moment Dewayne was shaking his head no and Amanda looked hurt. She looked away then smiled weakly, gave Dewayne a quick kiss on the cheek and went out the door.

Rusty was exhilarated.

When Dewayne walked by on his way to his Jeep Rusty rolled down his window.

"Hey, you want to do something? It's only a little after nine."

Dewayne stopped and looked at Rusty and for a moment he looked as if he was going to agree then he shook his head no.

"I really should get home. I'm beat and I have to get up in the morning and help dad."

A couple of days later Rusty was lying on his bed trying to figure out what to do, working out possible scenarios that each ended badly, for he couldn't see Dewayne reciprocating his affections, not in any way. But he couldn't stop himself. In the quiet of his room, all alone, the possibility still loomed real.

He tried to figure out a way to get Dewayne alone in some place conducive to his plans and he thought of the creek, the old picnic area on the lake, and the hayloft in his dad's barn but it was still cold and all of those options seemed unreasonable. He needed somewhere inside, out of the weather and a place where no one would disturb them. Then it hit him, a place that might be perfect. The old Perkin's place down over on one of the last dirt roads in the county. They use to ride their bikes to it and play in the abandoned house and he remembered how they found used condoms, beer and whiskey bottles, and in one back room porn magazines. They had looked through them for hours, neither asking the questions they wanted to ask nor acknowledging what they felt when they looked at the pictures and time and time again tugged on the crotch of their shorts feeling the confinement of their dicks. Rusty smiled as he made his plan to get Dewayne back to that abandoned house, one they had not gone to since they were fourteen, the last time finding the place cleared out.

Rumors went around someone bought the old place to renovate it but that was four years ago and it still sat empty. Tomorrow was Saturday and Rusty decided he was going to check it out and make his final plans.

As luck would have it Rusty's dad needed some part for his small bulldozer he had on their farm and because the model was so old the closest place with the part was in Montgomery. That Saturday morning Rusty got an early start knowing the dealership closed at noon. He had done a search on line and found what he was looking for and once he had the part in hand he drove out to the place the porn shop was located.

He nervously showed his driver's license and once inside milled around not looking at anything with any interest. His stomach was in knots and the two other men in the store made him even more nervous the way each one looked at him when their paths crossed. But he really wanted a couple of the magazines showing gay porn. He circled around the store and in the back on a table he found used magazines and books with stories in them. They were wrapped in plastic so he couldn't see what was inside of each publication but he thought they were perfect with their dates going back a year or so and already distressed a little.

Back in his truck he tried one place then another as places to hide them, first the glove box, then under a floor mat and finally he found he could slip them under the seat tucking the brown bag within its springs. When he got home he had to help his dad with the repair and it was late by the time they finished so he had to wait till the next day.

It was around two o'clock in the afternoon before he got away and found himself inside the abandoned house. It was messed up again, with a burnt place on the floor, empty bottles scattered everywhere and once again he found girlie magazines tossed in the corner of one room. The dust on everything and the faded look of the magazines told him no one had been in the house in quite some time. He mixed the gay porn in with the girlie magazines and tossed the books of stories into the other rooms in one corner or another. He moved some of the stuff around and made it look like someone had really been inside recently hanging out and partying.

Now he just had to get Dewayne to come out to the house.

It was the next Saturday before Rusty got Dewayne alone, the two of them riding around in his pickup. They rode into town to eat lunch and afterward they just cruised around in town and finally back into the countryside, unknown to Dewayne, Rusty just building up his courage. When they were approaching the turn for the old dirt road Rusty slowed to make it.

"Where are you going?"

"Remember how we use to explore the old Perkin's property? Let's go check it out."

Dewayne turned his eyes back to the road in front of them.


Rusty pulled around to the back of the house positioning his truck out of sight of anyone who might happen to pass by. They explored the grounds first, just walking aimlessly around, kicking a beer bottle or commenting on the used condoms lying on the ground. It was Dewayne who headed for the house first and Rusty followed him.

They went through the rooms looking at the disarray, the empty beer and whiskey bottles, the used condoms and the scattered porn. Dewayne hadn't bothered to pickup any of the books with stories in them and Rusty didn't know if he was relieved or disappointed conflicted about whether or not the porn magazines where his best shot of pushing Dewayne.

Dewayne led the way into the room where the porn magazines lay and Rusty watched him walk over to the scattered magazines and push them around with his foot. He moved up next to Dewayne and watched him push one magazine then the next into view. Soon he pushed the first gay magazine into view and Rusty saw how his foot stopped moving, hovered just a second before he pushed it aside. The next gay magazine came into view and Dewayne kicked it aside a little more forcefully.

"Those are gay" Rusty finally stated trying to get a response out of Dewayne.

"Yeah...I wonder who around here would look at that" Dewayne replied with a flat tone of voice.

Rusty backed up a step feeling anxious, his heart racing in his chest. Dewayne finally eased down on his knees and slid one of the gay magazines in front of him. He turned the pages slowly barely touching their edges and soon images of men, naked, their cocks hard, came into view then the sex scenes with men sucking cock, tonguing each other and finally the images of them fucking. Rusty watched Dewayne the way he hesitated to turn the page at the image of two men fucking.

"That is...wild" Dewayne whispered and Rusty eased down next to him. Rusty looked at his expression, the squint of his eyes as he studied the page. Dewayne finally turned the page to the men in another position.

"Look at that" Dewayne whispered.

"You think it feels as good as fucking a girl?" Rusty asked wondering what Dewayne was thinking.

"I guess" Dewayne replied.

Rusty saw him adjust his crotch, just a quick tug with his left hand and he turned the page. Rusty grew embolden to act, to find out if Dewayne would be willing to do those things displayed in the magazine; do them with him. He reached out with shaky hand and let it move slowly over to Dewayne crotch where he gently pressed it to the bulge. Dewayne suddenly jerked back grabbing him by the wrist.

"What the fuck...what are you doing?"

"I...I...Dewayne..." Rusty stammered then he looked down at the floor as Dewayne held firm to his wrist, "I'd do that for you...I would..."

"Are you queer" Dewayne shot back, his voice rising up with a tone of fear and anger. Rusty just stared at the floor trying to pull his arm free. "Are you?" Dewayne asked his voice low. It sounded menacing to Rusty and he jerked his arm free and ran, ran as fast as he could through the door, racing through the house and to the back door.

"Rusty...Rusty..." Dewayne called out as he bounded out the door and kept running. Past his truck, the collapsed old barn at the edge of the woods pushing through the tall dried weeds and small brush until he came out into the woods and he kept running.


Dewayne was scared, afraid in a way he'd never been scared before. He stood in the back yard looking around for Rusty wondering where in the hell he had run off. He didn't mean to scare him. He was scared himself. Those images, the idea of that kind of sex stirred him and he had to admit the idea wasn't new to him but looking at those images feeling his cock grow hard made it all too real.

Then Rusty had touched him.

He heard those words over and over. 'I'd do that for you...I would...' and he felt short of breath. Would Rusty really do that? He knew Rusty would, had known for a while. The way Rusty had looked at him from time to time, those quiet moments when the two of them were alone had told him what he now had to confront. He had to admit he knew, had since he saw the jealously in Rusty's face when he had gone out with Mary Ann.

Looking down at the ground he saw where Rusty had run across the yard heading toward the woods. He breathed out with a sense of exhaustion knowing that Rusty, of course, had gone into woods and he headed after him.

As he cut through the tall brush at the edge of the woods following the broken limbs and twigs, the pushed down grass he went in pursuit of Rusty. His mind played the scene over and over, Rusty's hand reaching over, shaking, as it moved toward his crotch. He had seen it, the minute it was in front of him and he had just watched, wanting to know if Rusty would really do it, reach over and touch him. Then he had freaked out when Rusty's hand touched him, felt his growing erection, an erection responding to those images of guys fucking.

The woods were an old stand, a second generation growth from the early 1900's and the large pine and oak dominated the forest with the ground open, only a few ferns or thick runs of vine climbing into the canopy of the trees broke the rolling leaf covered terrain. He followed the few places the leaves were kicked up, once or twice every thirty feet or so, tracking the path that Rusty had taken.

'What was he going to say?' he asked himself as he moved deeper into the woods. 'What was there to say' he wondered. 'The truth?' and the thought initially scared him but he considered what it had taken for Rusty to reach over, touch him and admit he would do it. 'Would he really?' the question repeated itself in his mind, over and over and over as he worked his way into the woods.

"Rusty!" he finally called out his voice dying out quickly. "Come on man; where are you?"


Rusty didn't know how far he had gone and he finally slowed to a walk, stumbling occasionally as he kept moving. He didn't know why; he just knew he had to keep moving, deeper into the woods, away from out there. Out where Dewayne was waiting on him, no doubt judging him, out where there was a community that would ostracize him if it knew what he felt, the way he imaged sex, not with some girl but with another guy, and not just any guy but Dewayne, the one who had just exploded in anger at him, his closest friend...until now.

He found himself down in a low area, a flat area about thirty feet in diameter where the pine trees grew around it almost framing the space. Near the center there was one lone pine. It was ancient, much older than the others, a thick round trunk that rose over a hundred feet in the air. He went over and sat down at its base. He sat with his knees up, arms resting over them holding his head down letting the tears fall to the ground below.

Only the song of birds filled the air for a long time then he heard it, his name, faint, far off in the distance and he froze in place listening. He started to respond instead he just sat silent. He didn't want to be found and he wanted Dewayne to have to hunt him. He wanted it to take a while before Dewayne discovered him thinking of it as way to calm him down and, maybe, just maybe make him reconsider his rejection. He still held to the fantasy no matter how foolish it was to do so now.

He heard his name called again, closer this time but still a ways away and he sat still listening, waiting for the next cry of his name to echo through the woods. He sat head down waiting, listening, wondering when he'd hear Dewayne call out his name again.

A limb snapped just above him.

He raised his head slowly and saw Dewayne standing on the edge of the depression staring down at him. They stared at each for a long time, neither saying anything.

"Why you'd run?" Dewayne asked his voice low and normal.

It was too normal and Rusty felt the embarrassment of rejection rise up and he struggled to keep his emotions in check. He wiped away the tears and looked at Dewayne, the hurt painfully apparent.

"Because I'm fucking queer and..." Rusty exclaimed loudly unable to finish what he was going to say about his fear of rejection. He just sat staring at Dewayne, waiting on the rebuke.

"Rusty...please...don't...I didn't mean..." Dewayne stammered looking away from him letting his unfocused eyes look through the woods. He turned back to Rusty and eased down the slope careful with each step till he stood in the bottom only a few feet away. "Do you really have those feelings...toward me?"

Rusty looked down and slowly nodded his head yes.

"I never...I don't know how...look, Rusty, yeah, I've had those thoughts, okay?" Dewayne confessed and Rusty looked up and listened to him tell of his own feelings, his own conflicted emotions and how he felt just a few minutes ago, the way he felt turned on by the images and how he let Rusty touch him only to freak out when he felt the press of Rusty's hand on his growing erection.

When Dewayne finished talking Rusty looked at him wanting to know more, wanting to hear Dewayne talk further, to say those things he himself tried to express but only silence stood between them.

"Would it be so bad?" Rusty asked and Dewayne knew what he meant, every nuisance of the question from the sex to the acknowledgment of it.

"I don't know" Dewayne replied and he moved up to Rusty till he was standing right in front of him. "Maybe I could...we could see what it would be like."

Rusty looked up and saw Dewayne's face in shadow and too dark to see the expression on it. But suddenly he felt in control of the situation sensing Dewayne was suddenly passive the way he stood slumped shouldered in front of him. He rose to his knees and reached out tentatively putting his hands on Dewayne's thighs where he slowly rubbed up and down along their muscular form.

Dewayne stood with his arms still hanging at his sides and Rusty moved closer wrapping his arms around Dewayne's thighs hugging him tightly.

"Is this okay?" Rusty whispered. Dewayne didn't respond instead he placed on hand on Rusty's head running his fingers through the reddish brown hair. It gave Rusty the confidence to continue and he buried his face in the crotch of Dewayne's jeans letting his warm breath blow through the worn fabric. He felt it, the flex of Dewayne's cock against his face and he moved his mouth to it pressing his lips around the bulge. He mouthed it all along its length and he felt it flex thicker and stretch out longer.

Dewayne was going to let this happen and Rusty leaned back and undid his belt, opened the tight jeans and tugged them down. He ran his hand over Dewayne's cock bulging out within the boxers feeling it flex within his fingers then he tugged those down too. Dewayne's cock flopped out bouncing up and down in front of his abdomen and Rusty moved to it holding it at the base of the shaft quickly putting his lips to the head, kissing it, swirling his tongue around the flared head and holding the shaft tightly in his fist he sank the head and remaining shaft into his mouth.

Dewayne moaned and let his hands hold Rusty's head in place feeling the way it moved back and forth on his cock. Rusty reached around and held each cheek, let his fingers work the firm flesh then tighten a hold on them pulling Dewayne's hips forward sinking cock into his mouth, all the way till his nosed was pressed into the pubic hair fanning out above it.

Slowly Rusty guided Dewayne to pump his hips, to drive his cock into the wet slick mouth he offered him and Dewayne let Rusty guide him till he began to work his hips in a rhythm, to pull back and push in again, over and over, his pace increasing with his arousal. He felt the way his cock slid over Rusty's tongue, scraped against teeth and pushed down into Rusty's throat where he felt it milk his cock with every swallow and gag by Rusty.

"Fuck" Dewayne uttered as he felt his cock get harder push upward against the roof of Rusty's mouth. Rusty let him pump it into his mouth a few more times then he pulled back letting it slip free. Rusty sat on his heels, breathing hard as drool trickled down his chin.

"Will you...fuck me?" Rusty asked and Dewayne couldn't believe he had to ask. He was wound up, so aroused he'd do almost anything to get off. He watched Rusty stand up and undo his jeans. When they were opened up Rusty pushed them down along with his boxers letting everything fall to his ankles. Dewayne noticed immediately Rusty's erect cock as it stood up at an angle away from his body.

"You really like doing me?" Dewayne asked in a low whisper.

"Yes" Rusty replied and he turned to the massive pine behind him and leaned toward it resting his hands on the rough bark.

"Go in easy, okay?" Rusty said as he looked over his shoulder as Dewayne approached him.

Dewayne had rubbed his cock along Rusty's ass, pushed against his tightness till Rusty began to push back. Dewayne held him by the hips and felt the head of his cock squeeze through the tight opening. He pushed forward slowly, fractions of an inch at a time as he let one hand rub up along Rusty's spine. He felt the quivering surface of his skin and saw how Rusty held his head down. A low guttural moan rose up from him and Dewayne felt him push back taking more of the cock he was sinking into his ass.

"Goddamn" Dewayne uttered as he felt the squeeze on his cock as it slid into Rusty. He pushed forward, slowly, working his cock through the tight ring of Rusty's opening till his hips pressed against Rusty's ass. Holding him by the waist he began to move his hips back and forth, short slow movements at first but increasing as he fucked, deeper and deeper, faster and faster till he was slamming into Rusty.

"Jesus...fuck" Dewayne uttered as he drove his cock inward till he slapped up against Rusty's ass rocking him roughly. Rusty moaned and pushed back trying to get more of Dewayne inside of him lost to the way it felt, Dewayne's cock sunk all the way into his hole.

Dewayne pushed Rusty's shirt up as far as he could as he leaned over him, driving his hips back and forth, the grip of Rusty's hole milking his cock with every movement. He reached underneath Rusty grasping his cock. It was hard and as his hand moved over the head he felt the wet slickness and he smeared it around the head and down the shaft. It made Rusty fuck his hips back and forth, the push back taking Dewayne's cock and to push forward pushing his own through Dewayne's fist.

"Yeah...that feels good don't it...fuck your cock through my fist" Dewayne urged Rusty as he held still letting Rusty work his body beneath him. Back on his cock and forward through his fist Rusty moved with urgency, forcibly driving himself.

The stimulation was too much for Rusty and he began to rock roughly back and forth beneath Dewayne, slamming back so hard he nearly pushed Dewayne over only to thrust forward just as hard.

Dewayne felt Rusty's cock swell thicker in his fist then flex over and over. Rusty was coming, shooting his cum onto the ground and Dewayne felt the way Rusty's ass spasm around his cock with Rusty rocking back and forth in short quick movement, each push forward in rhythm with each ejaculation. Dewayne tried to make this fuck last longer but he couldn't do it and he shoved forward, hard, his hips smacking against Rusty's ass and he filled him with his load.


They lay on the ground in the bottom of this depression, their naked bodies touching in one way or another. Their clothes lay scattered around them, taking off after they had fucked for the first time. They had fucked again after getting out of their clothes and after an hour or so of napping and flirting with each other they did it again, this final time taking a long time for each of them to come. The sun was so low they couldn't see it and the light within the trees was filtered to a dim glow.

"We should go" Dewayne whispered as he watched Rusty's fingers mover over his chest, the index finger twirling around his right nipple till it stood up hard and for a moment Dewayne considered sex again, felt his arousal grow.

"Okay, let's go" Rusty said moving away from him and Dewayne watched him pick up his boxers and slip them up his legs then retrieve his jeans and pull them on.

"You just gonna lay there?" Rusty asked in a sarcastic tone smiling down at him.

"No" Dewayne replied sitting up looking for where his own boxers lay.

"Besides, we can head to my house. Mom and dad are gone to some party and won't be back till late" Rusty said as he picked up his shirt.



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