As Uncle Bobby and I sat there on the couch I had reached over and was rubbing his gorgeous hair covered chest, realizing that Uncle Bobby looked so much like My Dad, all I wanted to do was show him how much I loved Him, he had given up so much to take me in and care for me.

I was in the process of feeling so awesome, I had started kissing Uncle Bobbys hot awesome lips, when he shoved me backwards, 'Hold On here, What the Hell's going on,' he said.

I knew he was enjoying it his eight plus inches were about to rupture the cotton of his Calvin Klein white briefs, I looked down and saw the pre-cum spot that had been leaking from that awesome cockhead of his.

I Reached up and touched Uncle Bobby's face and said, 'Uncle Bobby, do you remember that day at the lake when we were on that campout, it was the weekend of that car accident?'

'Yes, I remember,'

'Well when we went skinny dipping that day, I saw your naked body, I noticed your ass and that awesome cock of yours and something happened to me, first off I got a boner like a rock, and I would have given anything to drop to my knees then and there and start sucking your awesome cock, even back then I knew I would someday have to try to do something with you, I have always loved you immensly and had these sexual feelings for you.'

'No Shit Terry, Wow I had no Idea that you were, Well Gay.'

'Oh Uncle Bobby if you only knew how many times I had layed in bed and stroked my cock dreaming of having sex with, remembering that day I saw you naked, and I thought that you might just enjoy it too, you never go out with a gal or guys either, and I know that your cock would love to feel some love and attention.'

'Hell yeah! you got that right, that would be awesome, but your my nephew.'

'What the hell does that have to do anything?' I asked. 'I'm just a guy who happens to like you, I love you Uncle Bobby, and I have sexual desires for you, I want to please you.'

'I can just look at that throbbing cock in those briefs and I already know that You would like it too, and I know I would.'

I reached over as Uncle Bobby watched my right hand and I wrapped it around his very thick cock, it flexed tight in my hand, and I began to stroke it back and forth.

Uncle Bobby just slumped down further on the sofa and spread his legs as I began to work on his nuts thru his briefs. My own boner was about to kill me wanting freedom from its confinements, god was I ever getting turned on.

'Your really sure about this Terry, I mean, Well who gives a fuck, Awh fuck that feels good.'

I had Uncle Terry right where I had always wanted him, I continued to stroke that awesome uncut cock observing that pre-cum spot getting bigger and bigger, I leaned over and got a little taste of the pre-cum as I began to lightly nibble and chew on his cock thru his shorts, I was in heaven, feelings and sensations like I had never had were shooting thru my body like lightening bolts, I was on fire, I wanted to swallow Uncle Bobby whole.

I Finally had Uncle Bobby moaning and wimpering as I worked on his manhood, God I was a happy camper at that point, My wish had always been to pleasure him and now it was happening.

I stopped what I was involved in and I reached up and took the elastic of his briefs and pulled them down, OMG! it was more beautiful than anything I had ever seen, that awesome uncut cock stood tall and thick and oh so proud in front of my eyes, the pre-cum glistening like sparkling stars in the light of the t.v.

I leaned over and I felt Uncle Bobby's hand touch my shoulders and work their way up to my head as I began to licking on the most impressive nut sack and huge thick almost lemon sized testicles I had ever seen, I had always felt mine were big but his were awesome.

I sucked his nuts gently, lovingly, and sensously.

I felt his nuts began to tighten up into his scrotum and I licked them with virosity of a loving child licking and enjoying an ice cream cone.

I then took my tongue and began to lick up and down the shaft of his thick cock, I felt it jerking as he moaned and flexed his cock in appreciation.

I finally got to the head, I worked my tongue under the foreskin,and swirled it around between the head and the sheath covering it, and I tasted that awesome salty, sweet tasting pre-cum, which I could have drank in a goblet, like fine wine.

I was breathing like a air starved man, and I was so excited by what I was enjoying that I was shakeing.

'Holy Shit Terry, where did you learn to do these things?'

'Hey Unc, I'm not done yet, theres more. I began to work his thick, veiny, cock like a master cocksucker, I had Uncle Bobby Reaching up over his head and grabbing the top of the couch, his muscles were tightened like he was working out as his hips began to thrust upward, like he was fucking my mouth, I knew I was almost there with him.

I decided I wanted to make this last longer, and I knelt down on the floor and spread his legs apart as he watched me with this huge smile, I grabbed under his knees pushed his legs up, exposing his asshole, and it was fantastic looking a dark rose pink hole that looked sorta like a starfish, surrounded with this light amount of hair, swirling around in a circular pattern, it was fantastic, I leaned in and slid my tongue into his anal crevice, I heard his loud moan, 'AWE FUCK MEE' Uncle Bobby said. I just smiled and went to work and gave Uncle Bobby the most awesome rim job I ever gave anyone. It was awesome. I tongue fucked and worked on his anus for about twenty minutes untill he was at the point of no return, 'If you keep that up Terry, Im going to cum all over the place.'

I wanted his seed in my mouth, it was my quest, my dream.

I let his legs back down and I went back to work on his awesome cock, I felt his body began to go rigid as He began to raise up with his hips, making these almost unrecognizable sounds, I knew he was close to cumming, 'You better get off if you don't want my load, OH JESUS,'

I had his nuts in my hand as I felt them give a slight jerk, and then that feeling as his cock began to jerk and pump vollies of cum into my mouth and throat, I just kept sucking.

I was almost to the point of swallowing it all and I almost began to gag, my god he must have stored up ten years of cum, or at least it seemed like it from the size of the load he gave me.

He flopped back gasping for breath, 'Wow.....Holy Fuck man, that was the most awesome climax of my life.'

I was just setting back on the couch just wiping my mouth off, when I felt Uncle Bobby's hand reach over and start stroking my cock, It was feeling outstanding, actually the best hand job of my life, 'Hey It's only fair to take care of your boner after what you did for mine.'

Uncle Bobby just smiled and slid my boxers off, took my seven plus inches in his hand and began to really work on it, damned it felt good, I was quickly getting to the point of blowing my nut when he stopped and leaned over and started kissing me, I felt waves of love flow thru me, he was kissing me and stroking my hard cut cock, I was grunting as he soon brought me to the brink, then he leaned over and slid him mouth over the head of my cock and took it to the pubic hair, I let out a loud groan, shoved his head down hard and began to unload a wad of man seed into Uncle Bobby's mouth, I almost felt bad, I didn't know if he really wanted it or not.

He swallowed every drop and just kept licking on it like it was a lollipop.

He smiled at me and said, 'Well Two can play at that game Terry, How was it.'

After I got my breath and was able to speak, I smiled leaned over and just kissed Uncle Bobby on his moist lips and said,'I really love you Uncle Bobby. It was fantastic.'

Things began to blossom from that day on. I was moved into his bedroom from that day on, and it was like the beginning of a marriage, we had the most awesome sex two people could have. Believe me when I say I love my Uncle Bobby.

In the coming months things were taken to another level, we both got introduced to anal sex, but I'll leave that for another Chapter.



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