Feeling the warm body of Taylor as he crawled into my bed, the sensations as well as my mind was reeling.

His warm naked body next to mine was almost causing a lustful fever to take over me, but I held my reserve, that is until Taylor snuggled over and his hot naked body was pressing up against my body, I was already bone hard and almost aching.

Taylor smiled at me and asked if It was alright if I let him put his arm across my chest, he just needed someone to love on and cuddle.

'Sure it's fine with me but I won't be responsible for what might take place, its been several weeks since I have had sex with anyone.' I said.

Taylor smiled and said, 'Me too' I haven't allowed myself to enjoy anyone else since I was kicked out of my parents home.' he said.

Taylor came closer to me, I could already feel his hard cock pressing against my side, and I put my arm around his neck and he lay with his adorable young body pressing my body and I was in heaven with the pleasurable sensations I was experiencing, Taylor was a very handsome, well built guy.\I looked down and noticed his adorable black hair, sort of wild and wooley, unkempt, his beautiful dark brown sexy looking eyes, his body was that of a young athlete and his lightly hairy chest and treasure trail was so sexy and hot, but his young thick black pubic bush was just fantastic, his lightly unshaven face was gorgeous, Taylor was truly beautiful.

Taylor smiled and said, 'Jessie, would you mind if I showed you some appreciation for what you have done for me, I don't have any other way to repay you for you wonderful kindness to me.'

'Sure whatever you like, not knowing exactly what he man, but hoping,

It felt so erotic and wonderful as Taylor leaned up to my face and kissed me on the cheek as he began to rub the muscles on my chest and his warm sensual hands began to take me to heaven as he rubbed my stomach, 'Man Jessie for an older guy you have a nice feeling body.'

The sensations were flowing through my body, but when his fingers lingered on my nipples I let out a moan, and my body began to almost go ballistic, I hadn't felt this in so long and this gorgeous young dude was taking me to outer space with his manouvers.

I felt myself floating away and I came to myself, in total bliss as Taylor leaned down and started sucking on my right nipple, you must understand that this is something I have always loved with a passion, I have even brought myself off while just rubbing my nipples, god, the feeling was awesome.

I was rubbing my fingers through Taylor's hair as he lay next to my body my cock was leaking pre-cum like a faucet and I was grunting and moaning.

'I take it you like what I'm doing?' he said with a smile.

'Just shut up and keep doing it?' I said with a lustful smile back at Taylor, it's fucking awesome.'

It was at that time Taylor began to massage my balls with his right hand while he sucked on my nipples, it was in a state of Euphoric bliss by this time and he could have raped me and I would have loved it.

As he massaged and rubbed my balls I lay my right hand down and felt his swollen cock, I noticed he was uncut and the tip of his cock was leaking a warm, wet liquid too, I began to tweek just the tip of his wet cock and with my fingers and thumb, and I began to play with his foreskin as I began to work it back and with his own pre-cum I began to make him groan and squirm.

Taylor continued to rub and massage my hairy nuts and then leaned down and began to suck on my balls , another of the things I love with a passion, and I noticed he was moaning like a straving man enjoying a good mea

I almost lost my load as he sucked both my nuts into him mouth, and I knew then that Taylor had had some good experience in the art of pleasuring another man.

Taylor began to lick up and down the shaft of my cock with his wet warm tongue and as his tongue touched the head of my swollen aching member, I thought I would pass out, his mouth was so hot, it was phenomenal,he was putting the perfect amount of suction on my cock, I felt my body pushing up with my hips and I grabbed his head and slid all my seven plus inches of aching cock into his throat and he began to suck like I hadn't been sucked in a long time. This kid was Awesome, 'A fucking Keeper' I thought I would marry him, if he wanted to at this time.

I knew if he kept this up I would be flooding his mouth with a load to end all loads.

As Taylor sucked me to a wonderful cum, I was stroking his throbbing hot cock with my right hand.

'I'm getting close Taylor, if you don't want my load, you better get off and finish it by hand.'

That was like saying 'Sickem' to a ravenous dog.

Taylor only went faster, I can't tell you how awesome and intense the feeling was becoming, I felt as if my heart would stop.

I had never experienced a whole body climax up to that point before, and wondered what one felt like, I found out that night.

Taylor kept up the taking my cock full length to the balls and I began to jerk, my body was spasming and I was all but convulsing as I moaned and jerked and filled Taylor's mouth with the largest cum shot I had had in a long time.

Taylor almost gagged with the size of the load, trying to swallow all of it.

As my cum filled his mouth he began to grunt and I felt his cock jerking in my hand and he filled my hand with an awesome load.

Taylor's young body was jerking and he was definately enjoying his time with me in that bed that night.

I looked down at Taylor's face after I got my strength back, 'Damn kid, that was phenomenal' I said.

Taylor smiled up at me, 'Thanks I enjoyed it like wow!' Taylor reached up and grabbed my body and gave me one of those wonderful hugs, one that truly was a hug of appreciation and love.

It was awesome to have Taylor laying next to me and sleeping that night we both slept like babies.

I was like a kid with a new toy, I invited Taylor to stay and live with me I had an extra bedroom, but I new that it wouldn't get that much use.

Many nights after that I would go to bed and there would be Taylor laying there naked under the covers with a tented sheet over his lap and a big erotic smile and desirous look on his face.

I loved sucking his wonderful uncut six thick inches and just from how he acted he loved it too.

It was about three months later I was on my knees and Taylor was kneeling on the top end of the bed I had Taylor's hard throbbing cock balls deep in my mouth and down my throat, when I heard a familiar voice.

Taylor, startled: What the fuck, and I looked up and there stood Ronnie at the bedroom door, my old friend, who when he was in the area always stopped by for some action, and sex. I had even given him a key to my apartment.

'HOLY Shit! Jessie, you got us a new toy to play with, Fucking Awesome.' Ronnie said.

Ronnie started stripping and by the time Ronnie was totally naked Taylor said, 'Holy Shit man, that's the biggest cock I have ever seen.' Ronnie walked over to the edge of the bed as Taylor reached over and took Ronnie's nine inches in his hand and began to stroke it, 'Fuck man, that's awesome.'

'Glad you like it, and what might be your name?' Ronnie ask. 'Care if I join in, Damn kid, your gorgeous.' he said.

'It's Taylor, and you must be Ronnie, glad to meed you,' Taylor said, as they shook hands.

I moved around to lay on my back with my head handing over the edge of the bed as Taylor walked over with his bouncing boner and walked up to me and slid his cock into mouth and down my throat, god it was awesome as I sucked his cock looking at that sweet ass and those balls hanging over my face.

Ronnie smiled got some lube slathered it up on my ass and his huge cock, then I felt that old familiar feeling as he raised my legs up to my chest and that big cock slid to the balls into my asshole, I felt fantastic as Ronnie fucked the living daylights out of me, and I noticed Taylor and Ronnie leaning forward and kissing each other as they both used my body, asshole and mouth for their sexual pleasure, I was in heaven as I felt the two most wonderful men in my life using me for their pleasure, I felt my cock being massaged as they both fucked me, at either end and about time I felt Taylor's cock start filling my mouth with his sweet young cum, I began to shoot my load over my stomach as Ronnie stroked it as he fucked me like mad.

It was about five minutes later as I continue to suck on Taylor's slowly deflating cock still in my mouth, I heard Ronnie's moaning and grunting as I felt his ass pile driving my ass with his thick cock, I felt Ronnie grab my hips with my legs up over my chest and I felt his cock swelling in my intestines and flooding my body with his awesome load. Ronnie finished up and as he still had my body impaled on his cock, he almost fell over on top of my body.

I Loved the feeling of Ronnie's hot body on top of me as he slathered me with kisses, as he thanked, and Taylor joined in the festivities and began kissing both of us.

We had an hour of just loving and enjoying each other laying and kissing and licking on each others cocks, sucking each others nipples and just enjoying each other.

We got up and went enjoyed a shower together which ended up being another suck off session, finished up and went out to a wonderful dinner and mad a pact to always be there for each other when ever needed.

I helped Taylor find a job, get a car and begin a new life, and what a life it is.

Taylor got himself a new boyfriend and well, actually Taylor was always bringing a new boyfriend home to enjoy having three-ways with.

We both began to enjoy that a lot.

Taylor in now twenty three, I'm in my early thirties but nothing has changed, we both enjoy each other very much together and with another guy.

It only goes to show you, you never know the rewards that an act of compassion will bring, and remember, every one needs someone to care and understand in now matter what state of life thy are in. Compassion, it works.



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