Last time on 'Amateur Night'...

They gathered up Jeff's clothes and shoes and led him out through the back door and into the parking lot where a van was waiting. There were five teenagers in the alley outside the back door of the gay bar next door. They looked about 18 or 19 and they whistled and cat-called at the sight of the big stud staggering helplessly, wearing nothing but tighty whities and a dazed look on his face...

“You know,” Steve said, as they led Jeff to the van. “He's still pretty fucked up. Whattaya say we call those boys on over and see if they wanna have a little fun our Marine here?”

Eric laughed. “Dude, you're wicked.” He looked over at the group of teens. They were staring, mouths open. Because they were underage they couldn't get into any of the clubs so they had to stand around in the alleys outside, hoping to either sneak in or to somehow score. Tonight looked like it could be their lucky night. Eric called them over. “Hey guys!” he called out, gesturing for them to come over to where the van was parked. 'Any one wanna take this stud here for a ride?'

The guys practically sprinted over. “You're fuckin' kiddin', right?” one asked.

“Nope,” Eric replied, give the five youths a quick once-over. They were all pretty hot. “We just thought you guys'd like some dick and ass tonight.”

“Fuck yeah! What can we do?”

“Jeff here likes it up the ass and down the throat,” Steve said, pushing Jeff down to his hands and knees. He lowered his briefs down past his hips. “Well, he likes pretty much everything.”

“Is he drunk or something?” one of the teenagers asked.

“Or something,” Steve said.

“He looks pretty fucked up,” another guy said.

“And that's a problem how?” his friend asked. “Shit, these guys are givin' him to us. Don't question it. Geez, you're a dumbass.”

One by one the teenagers lowered their pants and underwear and surrounded Jeff.

“Have at him, boys!” Eric encouraged.

For the next half hour or so the five teen studlets teens assaulted Jeff's hunky body in every imaginable way. They fucked him in the ass and mouth, cumming in both his mouth and up his ass, as well as on his face and back. It's amazing the amount of jizz the teen dick holds and just how far it can shoot. They also sucked Jeff's dick and titties while Steve and Eric took turns keeping him dosed with the poppers. Finally Steve and Eric stepped in.

'Hate to stop things right when they're getting fun, guys, but Jeffy here has another appointment across town. But we can offer you some lovely parting gifts.'

'Parting gifts?' one of the boys asked.

Eric pulled out the polaroid camera. 'How about a shot with him?'

'Cool, man!' the kid said. And one by one each horny teenager posed with Jeff sitting on their laps, arms around each others' shoulders, briefs down at his knees, and the shiny cockring keeping his dick erect.

Eric handed the polaroids around as Steve loaded the dazed hunk into the back of the van.

'Thanks man!' the teens all said, comparing their pictures, amazed that

they'd made it with such a stud like Jeff.

“Okay,” Steve said. “It's time to get Jeff to his next stop. Eric. Why don't you give Jeffy some juice? He looks thirsty.” He was referring to the bottle of spiked juice they'd left in the van.

“Oh, and guys,” Eric said, with an evil look in his eyes that only Steve recognized. “If you want, you can knock on the back door over there at Hot Stuff and ask for Shane. Tell him Steve and Eric said it was okay to let you in. There's plenty of beer and shit and other stuff in there if you want.”

“Cool, thanks man!”

As Steve and Eric drove off, Eric dialed up Shane on his cell phone and told him what he'd just told the teens. “Oh,” he added. “Feel free to do whatever you want to them. They're fuckin' hot!”

“You are so bad,” Steve said, laughing. “I bet by the time we get back from dropping of Jeff we'll have a couple more waiting for us.” He took a quick look behind him at Jeff. The drugged up hottie was slipping in and out of consciousness. Might as well let him rest. Where they were going he wasn't going to get much.

“I'm gonna get Sam on the phone and let him know we're on our way,” Eric said, dialing a number. He spoke a few words into the phone. “Okay,” he said, hanging up. “He's expecting us in a few.”

Sam Taylor worked the front desk of the Easy Eight motel on Rosecrans. 'Gotcha,' he said, finishing his conversation with Eric and hanging up the phone. He watched and waited until he saw the familiar van pull into the parking lot and up to the office door. He watched as his friends slid open the side panel and headed toward the entrance. He looked inside the van and saw someone slumped on the floor. So... it was Amateur Night at Hot Stuff again. This wasn't the first time Eric and Steve had dropped off the 'winner' at the motel. Sam had worked out an arrangement with them: he got to suck and fuck the leftovers all in exchange for playing dumb when the guy stumbled to the front desk the next morning, wondering where the hell he was. Sam had worked out several deals with several people during his two-year stint as the night clerk at the Easy Eight. Pimps and drug dealers loved him for his 'look the other way' attitude and he was well paid for his troubles, both with money, women, men, and his choice of drugs. The guys from Hot Stuff were a nice bonus, though. He loved sneaking into their rooms, finding them all drugged up and completely unaware of their surroundings, and then fucking them again and again and again.

His favorite was a guy from about three months ago. Mark... shit! The guy was fuckin' hot. Six foot two, light brown hair, built.... And the best part was, he ended up at Hot Stuff by accident! It was a Friday night and his friends had thrown him an early bachelor party at one of the strip clubs next door when, after downing several beers, he went to look for the bathroom, got lost and found himself outside and turned around. Steve and Eric heard him banging on the back door of Hot Stuff, drunk off his ass, looking for the men's room. They let him in and the rest was history. Steve and Eric showed him the restroom and, when he was finished, gave him a roofie-laced beer as they chatted him up. The rest was history. They dropped Mark off at Sam's and Sam had thought he was so cute that he decided to keep him for the whole weekend. From what he could gather from Mark was just a good Christian boy out for one final fling before he took that long walk down the aisle. Please... what's a good Christian boy doing at a strip club? Drunk, no less? Anyway, Sam didn't care. He fed poor Mark enough drugs to keep him out of it until Sunday night. Unbeknownst to Mark, a new internet star was born. Everything from his drunken insistence that he was a good Christian boy to his pretty face getting fucked to his tight ass getting pounded had been filmed and posted on the net.

Eric and Steve walked through the front door. 'Hey Sammy! How's it hanging?'

'No complaints here,' Sam replied, grabbing his crotch. He took a key off a hook. 'Room 27 okay?'

'Sounds good to me,' Eric said, taking the key. He looked back toward the van. “He's a pretty hot fucker. Total homophobe. Nice tight ass, too.”

“I hope you didn't loosen it up too much,” Sam said.

Eric shook his head. 'Oh, I wouldn't worry about this guy. He's tighter than shit. Big dick, nice ass... Former Marine. Name's Jeff, but I'm sure you'll be calling him much worse by the time you're through!'

'A Marine, huh? My favorite,' Sam said, licking his lips. He had been in the Marines himself briefly. He'd gotten kicked out just before graduation from Boot Camp. It was liberty day, the day before graduation when your friends and family are allowed on base to visit. Well, his drill instructor, a real hard ass, had caught Sam and a friend fucking his buddy in the bathroom of a restaurant at MCRD. He'd gotten a dishonorable discharge and the shit kicked out of him by his old man. That's when he moved out and started his own “business.”

'Be careful,' Eric warned. 'He's gonna be coming around in a little while. He's a real devil dog.'

'Don't worry,' Sam replied. 'I'm prepared.'

'Oh, and leave this for him,' Eric said, tossing a small manila envelope to Sam as he left. “It's his winnings from tonight.”

'Got it,' Sam said, catching the envelope. Eric reached into the van and pulled Jeff out. He led him into the office and to the front desk.

Sam looked at Jeff and did a double take. “No fuckin' way!” he cried out.

“What?” Eric asked, fondling Jeff's ass.

“No fuckin' way,” Sam repeated. “That's Sergeant Shelton, my drill instructor from Boot Camp! The fucker who got me kicked out!”

“Whoah, you sure?”

“Yeah,” Sam said, taking a closer look at the drugged up stud. His face was coated with so much cum that it looked like a glazed donut, his lips were slightly swollen (probably from sucking cock all night) and his eyes were half-closed and heavy-lidded, but it was definitely Sergeant Shelton. Sam'd recognize that face anywhere. He peered over the counter and caught a glimpse of the obscenely tented briefs. “Fuck! Merry Christmas to me! This shithead made my life a fuckin' living hell for 13 weeks and then had me booted the day before I was supposed to graduate from Boot Camp. And this is your winner tonight? Sarge is as straight as they come!”

“And boy, can he cum!” Steve joked.

“He's not really our winner,” Eric said, “'cause he never made it out to the dance stage. He came in late, already half in the bag, not really knowing what the hell he was doing. So, we gave him a coupla shots of Johnnie Walker, making sure one of them was spiked, and here he is. That 'magic' potion you gave us works like a charm. Jeffy here didn't know what hit him!”

“Man… this is gonna be great!” Sam said, rubbing his hands together.

“Well, let me get him ready for you then,” Eric said, uncorking a bottle of poppers.

Sam watched in amazement as Eric thrust the poppers under his former drill instructor's nose. Jeff was so fucked up he didn't even resist and took several deep snorts. With their victim sufficiently dazed and wobbling unsteadily, Eric lowered his underwear and tucked them under his leather-strapped balls. He then grasped his 10-inch boner and led him out of the office, across the parking lot, and to the room.

He emerged a few minutes later and went back to the office. “Oh, I put a new toy on him,” Eric said. “It's a combination cockring/dildo, and best of all, the dildo vibrates by remote control.” He handed Sam a small device. “It's all yours, pal.”

Eric and Steve left and Sam waited a few more minutes. He flipped a switch and the sign out front changed to 'No Vacancy.' He put a 'Be Back Later' sign in the door and forwarded the motel's phone to the answering service. He unlocked his employee locker, grabbed a few items, and stuffed them into a gym bag. He reached for a small bottle of pills on the top shelf and popped two in his mouth. Viagra. He was already rock hard, but if he was gonna fuck the shit outta Sarge, he wanted his cock to be hard and ready for a long time.

Sam crossed the parking lot quickly and, carefully looking around, opened the door to Jeff's room and slid inside, hiding in the shadows. Jeff had dozed off a few minutes after Eric put him to bed and was now stirring. He moaned lowly as he awoke. He was lying on his back, no blankets or sheets covering him, dazed half out of his mind. Sam could see that Jeff's briefs were tented with his erection and that his lips were slightly parted. He thought he detected a bit of drool. Or maybe it was cum.

Shit... Jeff looked good enough to eat, lying there in his cum-soaked white briefs. He was moaning more loudly now, like some cunt getting banged on prom night as his hands unconsciously roamed up and down his chest. He slowly opened and closed his eyes. His head was spinning and he couldn't gather his thoughts together. His eyes popped open again when he realized he wasn't in his room. He didn't know where he was, but he knew this wasn't his room. Where the hell was he? How did he get here? It was nearly pitch black in the room, the only light coming from a small bedside table. It glowed 3:22 am. He thought back to the night before. Shit... where was he? Oh yeah, now things were coming back. He'd gone to that club... Hot Stuff... around 8:45 or so the night before... but that was what... almost 8 hours earlier? Where did the time go? He thought again. The last thing he remembered clearly was having a drink with... what were there names? All he could remember was tossing back a couple of shots and then... nothing. Shit... did he really drink that much? Oh wait... he was remembering more. Everything was a haze. Oh fuck! It all started to come back to him in bits and pieces... down on all fours... naked... someone grabbing at his dick and slapping his balls... fingers up his ass... Shit... had he been raped?! He must've been so fuckin' hammered that the guys took advantage of him... But raped? Oh man! Raped!!! He remembered flashes of light and clicking noises... Was it a camera...!? Did the fuckers fuck him and take pictures!? Then there were those kids in the alley and a ride in a van... that stuff in the little brown bottle they kept shoving under his nose… what did they call it… poppers? Did they drug him? What the hell?

His lips felt swollen and his mouth hurt. There was a funny taste in his mouth... kind of salty... Shit... it was fuckin' cum! He began to retch when he recalled what had happened to him. He had sucked dick! He winced at the thought of just how many dicks had been in his mouth that night and how many loads of scum had been dumped in his mouth. He must've been really drunk or drugged because he felt like shit. He raised a weary hand to his face and could feel the still-tacky spooge, like snot, all over his face and up his nose. It was even in his ears and in the corners of his eyes and his hair was still sticky with the drying stuff. He dragged himself to a sitting position and swung his feet over the side of the bed to the floor. He wanted to vomit. Anything would taste better than all the cum he had swallowed. Oh fuck, how did he get into this?

He managed to get to his feet and staggered the few steps to the bathroom. He could barely walk and had to hold onto the wall the hole way. Whatever they had given him had really worked a number on him. He couldn't even see straight and had no idea that Sam was standing just a few feet away, watching him. He flicked on the light switch and squinted until his eyes became adjusted to the bright fluorescent lights. Fuck! It felt like someone had kicked the shit out of him. His ass ached, his dick and balls ached, shit... even his nipples ached! He touched a swollen red nipple. Ohhhh... it hurt but it felt kinda good! He moaned lowly as he unconsciously continued to rub at his nipple while looking in the mirror. Wait... something else was weird... His chest had been shaved! He looked down at his chest and then back in the mirror. There was a reddish-black mark on his neck. A fucking hickey! Damn! They gave him a hickey! Shit... his whole chest was covered with 'em. What happened? He swooned. Man, he was really fucked him up.

He glanced down and saw his crotch. What the hell? His dick was sticking straight out, pushing his underwear out like a fucking tent. He pulled back the waistband and stared in horror. He was wearing a cockring! And it looked like it was hooked to something. He could feel something up his ass. What the hell? He lowered his briefs and saw the leather strap wrapped around his nut sack. Oh shit! They even shaved off all his dick hair! He hands flew to his ass... shaved clean. What were the chicks gonna say when they saw his bare dick, not to mention his ass and chest? Fuck! What were his buddies at the gym gonna say when they saw him? They'd laugh and think he did it purposely. They'd probably even call him a fag... tell everybody about it. His prick was throbbing and drooling and he winced gingerly as he tried to remove the strap. He finally got it off.

From his hiding place a few feet away, Sam hit the button on the remote control, activating the vibrating device in the dildo. He watched in awe as Jeff's body twitched and his knees buckled at the sensations buzzing in his ass.

“Unnggg....ohhhhh....” Jeff moaned. What the fuck was that? He reached down and tried to undo the cockring.

Sam was in heaven. There was his former drill instructor, now a fucked out cunt. He had to have him. He silently pulled a poppers mask from his bag and crept toward the bathroom, careful not to make any noise. Jeff was preoccupied with trying to remove the cockring/dildo and didn't see Sam hovering in the shadows outside the bathroom door.

Jeff had finally removed the leather strap and was on the working on cockring/dildo when Sam gave it another buzz, snickering silently as he watched Jeff's reactions. Jeff looked down at his dick. It was still hard. He touched it. He knees buckled again and he moaned loudly as his dick began to shoot a load of cum. It splashed against the mirror and the countertop. Jeff moaned out loud. It was sick and twisted and wrong, but he couldn't believe how good that just felt. He finally got the cockring off and the dildo out of his ass, cleaned himself up with a towel and had just pulled up his briefs back up when Sam pounced, clamping the poppers mask over Jeff's nose and mouth.

'Mmmpphhfff!' Jeff cried out, the sound muffled by the mask. Sam's breath was warm and sticky in Jeff's ear and on his neck as he whispered. 'Don't fight it, Sarge. Come on… nice deep breaths. Come on… Oh yeah…' Jeff tried to struggle to free his arms, but Sam was holding him tightly, pinning him arms to his side. He could feel Jeff's body twitch and he felt himself go hard as the big Marine struggled in vain. 'Mmmmpppphhh!!!! Mmmpphh!!' Jeff continued, the mask still in place, the poppers clouding his mind. His eyes began to fade and his fighting lessened.

“That's a good boy, Sarge,” Sam said.

Sarge? Sarge? Jeff's mind reeled as he tried to recall the voice.

“Oh yeah... you probably don't remember me, but I remember you,” Sam said, his mouth grazing Jeff's ear.

The masked covering Jeff's face and mouth freely allowed the popper fumes to swirl about. The drugs he'd ingested earlier had weakened him so much that he was unable to resist. All he could do was inhale the poppers and slowly spin off into a drifting haze. He felt his head and limbs lighten. Against his will, he felt himself taking deeper breaths, inhaling more and more of the aroma. It was so comforting… just slipping away. His body crumpled back into Sam's arms and he was aware of being dragged backward and laid out on a soft surface – the bed. The mask was no longer covering his face, but it didn't matter. He was too far gone to put up any kind of resistance. He felt his briefs being tugged back down and a large hand grasp his cock and begin a slow, corkscrew motion on it. At the same time, two fingers slipped into his asshole and began a similar, corkscrew motion. Jeff moaned out loud at the dizzying sensations. His mind was still a whirr… but the feelings… The fingers in his ass were grazing his prostate, sending delicious signals to his drug-clouded mind and causing his dick to lurch and burp pre-cum.

Nice! They'd shaved him bare. He licked at Jeff's now hairless balls, lapping up the fresh jizz. He pulled Jeff's underwear all the way off and tossed them on the floor. He left Jeff lying on the bed groaning and writhing while he grabbed his bag, taking out a pair of leather cuffs and fastening them to Jeff's wrists. They had hooks on them that he could clip to chains he'd previously installed on the bedposts. He put a pillow under Jeff's ass. Mmmm... he was gonna have nice easy access to that nice ass of his! He grabbed his bag and pulled out condoms, KY, more poppers and placed them on the bedside table. Finally he took out a penis-shaped bottle he had filled with a syrupy concoction laced with the drug Steve and Eric had used on Jeff earlier in the evening. Poor Sarge was gonna feel totally horny and helpless all at the same time. Even better, the drug would fuck with his mind and make him think he liked it. The next day he would hate himself of course, but tonight he was just gonna be a fucked out twat.

Sam got off on working over straight guys and he especially got off on having it all in living color. He took a digital video camera and tripod from the bag and set it up. Then he got back on the bed, reached into his bag and pulled out a fresh pair of white briefs. He pulled them up Jeff's long muscular legs and over his tight ass and dick. He placed the dazed man onto his lap and softly stroked his crotch, waiting for him to snap out of his dream state.

'Mmnnnuuhhh... ohhhhnnn...' Jeff moaned. He tried to move his arms and realized he was bound. 'Hey, whthus goin on?' he mumbled.

'Too much poppers? Did you pass out there for a second, Sarge?' he asked, whispering lowly in his ear. Jeff turned his head and looked into Jeff's eyes. He blinked a few times, as if his mind was sorting through old photos... suddenly there was recognition and Jeff's eyes widened. Sam smiled. 'You didn't think tonight was over, did you?' He ran his hand softly up Jeff's leg to his inner thigh and as Jeff opened his mouth to protest, Sam shoved in his cum-soiled briefs.

'Mmmpphh!!' He tried to pull away, straining at his bonds. The muscles in his arms bulged has he struggled.

Sam spread Jeff's legs a bit more and cupped his bulge. He fondled it a bit and felt him getting hard. 'What's this? You likin' this Sarge? You a faggot? Because you're gettin' all hard.'

'Unnnn... mmmmm...' Jeff moaned through his gag as Sam continued to lightly tickle his inner thighs and softly stroke his ball sack. 'Mmmmm... uuunnhhhh... oooohhh.' Despite all he had been through just hours before, his body was only remembering the pleasure.

'Oh yeah, you like this, don't you,' he whispered, his face next to his. He rubbed his crotch and ran the other over Jeff's erect nipples.

Jeff came to his senses and shook his head violently. He was sputtering through his gag and finally managed to spit it out. 'No... get off mee, you fuckin' fag!'

'Ohhh,' Sam cooed softly, 'you just need to get in the mood.' While still keeping up his massage on Jeff's crotch, he reached over and grabbed the poppers mask and put it over Jeff's face. “Here you go. Now you'll feel all better.'

Jeff took a breath and threw his head back as the familiar aroma invaded his nostril. He took another breath. 'Uhhnnnn... ohhhhh.' His head lolled back and his shoulders slumped. Sam kept the mask on until Jeff was completely out of it. Then he lifted his head and gave him another long hit in each nostril. He leaned in and ran his tongue over Jeff's hard nipples. He nibbled at them. 'Uhhhnnnn...'

'Yeah, that's it,' he said. “You like these.” He worked his long index finger between Jeff's lips and into his mouth. He slid it back and forth and as soon as he felt Jeff's mouth react, he replaced the finger with the dick-shaped bottle of drugged juice.

As Jeff slowly began to suckle on the dick-shaped bottle, slurping down its drugged contents, Sam reached out and pinched at Jeff's nipples. Jeff moaned but continued to greedily nurse, both hands wrapped around the shaft of the bottle.

'That's a good boy, Sarge,' he cooed, sliding the cock-shaped bottle in and out of Jeff's bottle like a fat dick. 'Suck it all down... I'm gonna teach you a few things tonight.' He was planning to make Jeff beg him to fuck him. He pulled the bottle from Jeff's mouth. That was about enough to get him started. Jeff reached out with both hands to grab for the bottle and as he did, Sam chained the leather cuff on each wrist to a hook on the headboard and then shoved the soiled briefs back into his mouth.

'There you go, you Devil Dog!' he said once he had Jeff tied down. He stood up and unbuttoned his jeans. Within seconds he was stripped down to his white Calvin Klein boxer briefs. He straddled his captive stud. He squirted some KY onto his index finger, reached into the leg opening of Jeff's briefs, and slowly massaged his ass pucker. The pounding his ass had taken earlier had loosened up his sphincter muscles and it wasn't long before Sam was able to work three fingers into Jeff's ass. Sam slipped Jeff's underwear off and Jeff's hips thrust upward and his cock lurched. 'Mmmm... nnnhhhhh... ohhhhh...'

Sam slid his fingers in and out of Jeff's butt. Back and forth, back and forth. He found the big man's prostate and frigged it. Jeff flopped around like a fish out of water.

'If I take off your gag do you promise not to scream?'

The horny stud nodded yes. Keeping a finger probing Jeff's ass, Sam removed the gag.

'I gotta cum. Pllleeaassee.... You gotta get me off....'

'Shhh... ssshhhh...' Sam whispered, putting his fingers to Jeff's lips. 'You don't want everybody in the place to hear you getting made like this, do you?' Jeff shook his head.

With his finger still buried in Jeff's ass, Sam grasped his dick with the other. It was like a tent pole, sticking straight up, glistening with pre-cum. Sam ran his thumb over up the sticky shaft to the tip, wetting it completely with his sap. He did this slowly and deliberately, knowing it was causing intense feelings.

'Uhnn! Oh! Fuck! Fuck!!' Jeff cried out, trying to keep his voice as quiet as possible. Sam continued fingering and bent his face over Jeff's cock. He flicked his tongue lightly at the head. Jeff went wild.

'Ohh... man... you gotta get me off man,' he whispered again hoarsely.

'Oh, I'll get you off. But you have to ask. You have to BEG.' He started to jerk Jeff's dick, roiling the big palm of his hand over the cock tip, the rough skin of his hand chafing and irritating the soft sensitive dick head.

'Mmmmmm... oohhhh...' Jeff whimpered, his body wracking with spasms.

'Is this what you want?' Sam hissed lowly, roiling his cupped palm over the sticky cock head.

'Ooooooo... ohhhhh... yessss... yesss... ohhhh... man, do it! Do it!'

'Do you want it?' he asked again, speeding up his cock play.

'Yes! Yes! You gotta let me cummm..! Pleeeeaasseeeeeee..... unnnnhhhh...'

'Are you sure?' Sam asked. Jeff nodded. “Ask me to fuck you. And say please.”

Jeff nodded his head wildly. “PLEASE!!!! Please get me off!” Sam pulled his finger from Jeff's ass and grabbed the poppers mask. He put it over Jeff's face and instructed him to take a deep breath. He didn't have to ask twice. Jeff took several deep breaths and when he was completely high again, Sam removed the mask. He opened Jeff's slack mouth, aimed his big dick at the gaping opening and gave him a few more jerks.

Suddenly Jeff's body arched and he pulled at his bonds. “Uhhhnnnn!!!!' His nuts tightened and his dick convulsed. Streams of his own cum began to shoot from the tip of his dick right into his open mouth. Some missed his mouth and got in his nose and on his chin. When his thrusting abated Sam softly stroked the side of his face.

'Swallow now. Swallow,' he coaxed, closing Jeff's mouth and stroking his throat. 'Be a good boy and swallow.' Jeff obeyed, too buzzed to be aware that he was eating his own cum. 'You missed some on your lips, buddy,' Sam said. Jeff flicked his tongue out and cleaned up the remaining cum.

Sam put the dick bottle to Jeff's lips and coaxed him to drink. As he sucked down the contents, Sam cuffed his ankles with two leather straps and looped lengths of cord through the metal rings on the cuffs and through two small pulleys that had been on the headboard. He yanked at the ropes and Jeff's legs were pulled up and over his head, exposing his naked ass.

He lifted Jeff's heavy nut sack out of the way and buried his nose in Jeff's ass. His tongue snaked in out and licked at the shiny pink hole.

'Ohhh... unnhhh...' Jeff moaned as he arched his body and pulled at his restraints. The tongue swirling in his ass was sending waves of pleasure through his body. 'Oh, gawwwddd.... mmmmm...'

Sam looked up, past Jeff's erect dick. 'You want me to fuck you, Sarge?'

'No, no,' Jeff insisted, shaking his head violently. He was buzzed from the drugs but he still didn't want to get fucked.

Sam handed the nearly empty dick bottle back to Jeff and watched him wrap his sexy lips around the nipple and suckle, emptying the contents. He dove back down and for the next hour he worked the fucking stud's hot hole over and over again. He alternated tonguing his ass and inserting up to three fingers at once in it. All the while he masturbated Jeff's flagpole cock and plucked at his raw titties. He took him to the edge of orgasm several times, pausing every few minutes to ask the same question. 'Do you want me to fuck you?' Each time he asked Jeff refused, but Sam knew it was only a matter of time. He took individual bottles of poppers and put them to Jeff's nose and let him inhale deeply. One hand was wrapped around Jeff's rigid cock, with his rough thumb running over the over-stimulated mushroom head, and the index finger of his other hand jammed firmly up his ass, nudging at his prostate.

'Do you want me to fuck you?' Sam asked again, his voice low and raspy.

Jeff still wouldn't relent. Something in him wouldn't allow it. “No... no...”

Sam could see that he wouldn't break Jeff tonight. 'Well, Sarge,' he said, “whether you want it or not, you're going to get it.” And with that, Sam grabbed a condom from the night table, put it on and thrust his hard, rigid dick into Jeff's ass.

Jeff screamed but Sam gagged him with his dirty briefs once again, muffling any noise.

“Oh, come on you little cock whore,” Sam said. “You've been getting fucked and sucked all night. What's the big deal now?

Sam continued to pound his hard cock into Jeff's pussy as the former Marine drill instructor moaned and writhed. His hips were bucking as he Sam sped up his thrusts. Jeff began to cum and there were more muffled cries as stream after stream of fuck swill shot out of his cock like cannon fire. Up his chest, on his face and over his shoulders. Jeff's orgasm subsided but Sam, still juiced up, continued to fuck and fuck and fuck. Jeff writhed and moaned as his sensitive fuck nut was dinged, but being tied up, there was little he could do but put up with Sam's incessant banging.

After half and hour of constant fucking, courtesy of Viagra, it looked like Jeff had passed out, but to be sure Sam wet a rag with some chloroform from his and held it to Jeff's nose. 'Uhhhnnn... noooo....' Jeff moaned, his eyes fluttering. Then he was out.

Sam got dressed and unbound Jeff. After taking several pictures he slipped Jeff's briefs back on. He took more pictures. And more pictures. Then he packed up all his gear. He was about to leave the room when he remembered the envelope Eric had given him. He took it from the bag and was going to place it on the bedside table like he usually did when an idea flashed in his mind. He tore it open and withdrew the prize money. He rolled it tightly into a tube and wedged it up Jeff's asshole. He gave the passed out stud a long kiss on the mouth and then another on the neck, being sure to leave another hickey. He covered him with a sheet, kissed his forehead and, taking his bag, left the room.

A dull pain in his ass woke Jeff from his chloroform-induced sleep. He looked around. The digital clock on the nightstand displayed 10:27 am. He reached up and flicked on the lamp on the nightstand, squinting as the light blinded him for a minute. When he became accustomed to it he opened his eyes wider and looked around him.

His clothes were strewn haphazardly on a chair. He crawled out of the bed and staggered to the bathroom. Flicking on the light, he looked in the mirror. His nipples were red and raw and his lips were slightly swollen. He was wearing his briefs but they were sticky and soaked through with drying cum. He turned to go back to bed and stopped. He wasn't in his room... then he remembered last night... oh fuckin' shit! The throbbing in his ass returned. He reached down the back of his briefs and felt a thick wad of paper. It was inserted in his ass.

He gingerly slid it out and was about to drop it on the floor when he recognized a twenty-dollar bill. There were several of them, along with a few fifties and a couple of hundreds. They had been rolled up and shoved up his asshole. He counted the money. There was $2000.00 and a note that said “Congratulations!”



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