Here's where we last left our hero...

Eric released his other hand and Tony handed him another shot of whisky. Without even thinking, Jeff tossed it back. Some of it spilled over his lips and ran down his chin. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Steve helped him stand and Jeff pulled his underwear up, wobbling all the while. He looked so sexy as he stood there, swaying, in nothing but his tight white briefs, which were sporting a deliciously obscene bulge. His eyes were glassy and heavy-lidded, his mouth was open partway and his lips were slightly wet. 'Okay,' he said drunkenly, his tongue thick. 'Where's my costume?' He staggered toward the door.

'Ooohh... change of plans, Jeffrey,' Greg said. 'You won't be needing a costume. What you're wearing'll be fine.' Steve pulled the confused man onto his lap and snapped the waistband of his briefs.

'What's going on?' Jeff slurred.

'You're gonna dance right here. For us,' Tony said. He ran one hand over Jeff's bulge and blew in his ear. 'Now, why don't you be a good boy and start shaking that tight ass of yours.'

Someone squeezed his balls and shoved a dollar down the front of his underwear. He looked around him. Something didn't seem right. He pulled the bill out of his briefs and looked at it. 'What's going on?' he asked again. His head lolled back and rested on Steve's shoulder.

'You're up next, that's what's going on,' Steve said, running his hand up Jeff's chest and twisting his nipple. 'Come on, dance for us baby!' He stood up and pulled Jeff to his feet. Jeff stood there, not moving.

'But... I'm s'posed to be out there,' he said, gesturing toward the door. He staggered backward into Steve's arms.

'Are you nervous?' Steve asked, as he softly rubbed Jeff's flat belly, letting his fingers run across his rippled abs. 'Oh, look guys... he's nervous. Poor baby. Here... sit back down for a second.' Steve sat down on the table and pulled Jeff up between his spread legs. 'I've got something that'll relax you,' he said. He took a small brown bottle Greg handed him. He opened the poppers and held them to Jeff's nose, putting his thumb over one of his nostrils. 'Here, take a whiff of this. Nice and slow and deep. It'll make you feel all nice.' He rubbed Jeff's crotch through his briefs again. He could feel that his dick was hard.

'Nnnoo...' Jeff murmured. He knew what poppers were but had never used them before and didn't know what to expect.

'It's okay, buddy,' Greg said, taking the bottle and putting it his own nose. He took a long hit and handed it back to Steve. 'See?' he continued. 'Nothing to it.'

Jeff lifted his head and looked at Steve. The drugged-up stud took a slow, deep breath, just as he was instructed. Within seconds his face went flush and he felt his head buzzing. 'Whoooohhh... shit... ' he cooed, all woozy. He felt warm all over and began to giggle. Steve looked at the other guys and then back at Jeff, giddy from the poppers. Fuck! They couldn't believe how high he got off just one hit! He put the bottle back under Jeff's nostril and told him to inhale again. He went back and forth until Jeff had taken three good long hits in each nostril and was higher than a kite. His body went slack as he slumped backward. The guys pulled him to his feet and let him go. He stumbled and staggered and held his arms out to balance himself, and his body pitched unsteadily back and forth between the guys. Hands roamed all over his hunky body, fondling his bulge and tight ass.

Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion as the hands pawed at his body. The guys eased him back and laid him flat on the table. The bottle was put against his nostril again and he heard a far away sounding voice telling him to take another long draw. He did so. Fuck, the stuff was great! He felt like he was floating, his body not his own, out of control. He moaned and grunted loudly at every touch. Mmmm.... He was slowly rolled onto his stomach and his legs were spread apart. Someone was squeezing his ass cheeks, firmly massaging them, and he felt a hand reach underneath, cupping his balls and jerking on his dick. He started to hump the hand, rutting like a fucking dog. Grunting and groaning, thrusting and gyrating.

'Damn, this guy's horny!' he heard a voice say, and he felt his body being flipped onto his back again. Someone was licking his chest and someone else what sucking his nipples.

'Mmmnnnn... ohhhh...' he moaned, thrashing about. The more he moaned the more turned on the guys got.

'Give him another hit,' Eric said. His head was lifted off the table and the poppers were put to his nostril again. He took a deep breath. A rush swept across his brain and he smiled, all stupid.

'Shit, he loves this stuff,' Steve said, still holding the bottle of aroma to Jeff's nose. 'You don't even have to tell him to sniff it. He's huffing it on his own! Looks like we've got ourselves a fuckin' whore!'

Jeff could hear their voices but couldn't make any sense of what was being said now. He was only aware of the sensations running through his body. He took another deep breath of the aroma and he arched his back, thrusting out his chest, inviting the fingers. 'Unnhhnn... mmmmnnn... oohhhh... ooooooohhhhh...'

As the effects of the poppers slowly wore off, Jeff was aware of loud moaning coming from somewhere very near him. He looked around. He was in a room, lying on his back on a table, legs spread slightly and knees bent. He tried to sit up but his shoulders and arms were held down. As his head continued to clear, he realized it was he who was moaning. He lifted his head and saw someone at the edge of the table, stroking his dick through his underwear. It was that guy Steve, and he was taking great care to make sure the cotton material of the briefs chafed at the tip of his hard but sensitive cock. He was holding a vibrating dildo in his other hand and was softly poking and prodding Jeff's big nuts.

'Welcome back buddy! How's this feel?'

'Unnnhhh... mmmmnnnhh... fuuuuccckkk... what are you doing?' Jeff slurred softly.

'You like this?'

'Unnhhhnn...' Jeff was surprised to see his hips thrusting up and down.

'That's right... come on, you big-dicked boner boy. Yeah... show me how much you like it!' Steve laughed, running the vibrating dildo over Jeff's cut abs and down the front of his briefs.

Someone on either side of Jeff began to run their hands up and down his strong legs and inner thighs, fingers scrabbling over his sinewy muscles. Someone was tickling his earlobes and running fingers through his short, thick hair. Another hand was rubbing in a circular motion around his nipples causing them to become erect. Oooohhh... that felt nice... Then the hand started flicking them and he flinched. It hurt but also felt really good. The hands on his ass, dick, legs and nipples all felt sooooo good! The different sensations were painful and delicious at the same time. Steve began to speed up his cock play and Jeff started to grunt and groan more loudly. All of a sudden his legs were lifted up and back until his knees were almost resting on his shoulders. His firm, tight ass was now raised a good six inches off the bench and he could feel four different hands squeezing and caressing his smooth cheeks. The dildo that had been buzzing his bulging nut sack was now slowly running up and down his ass crack, sending shivers of pleasure through him. It gently, but firmly, probed at his butthole.

'Hwhooohhhh.... mmmm.... uunnnhhhh... ' Jeff moaned in a high voice. His drug-addled mind drifted back a few months to a party some buddies and thrown for his 33rd birthday. He'd had several drinks and was pretty hammered when a couple of the guys took out a bong. He took several hits, probably more than he should have, and soon he was totally wasted. And horny. There were a few girls at the party and after some heavy flirting he ended up in an empty bedroom with one of them. The chick pushed him onto the bed, crawled on top of him and began kissing on him. Before he knew it his shirt was out of his jeans and up under his armpits. She began to scrabble her long fingers over his nipples, causing them to harden and to become erect, and then she leaned in and began to tongue them. Jeff couldn't get enough! Previously, whenever he had been with a chick he would be the one fondling and flicking at her tits to get her excited and wet, but that night the tables had been turned. The girl started to flick at his rubbery cones and smiled broadly when he begged for more. Until that night he had no idea that his own nipples were sensitive. No one had ever played with them before and he loved it. The girl took one of his arms, pulled it over his head and bound it to the bedpost. Then she did the same with the other. She softly raked her fingers up and down his broad chest, over his pecs and nipples, and across his rippled abs. Keeping him off balance and distracted, she lowered his jeans down to his ankles. Although he had a pretty good buzz going, he was still hard, and his briefs stretched almost to the limit. She snaked one hand down and over his bulging briefs. It dipped beneath the waistband. She stroked his throbbing dick and kneaded his fat balls for a few minutes all the while watching as he writhed and twisted. Then, without warning, she reached down past his scrotum and began to finger his ass portal ever so lightly. Jeff was so worked up and horny that he spread his legs further and lifted his hips to give her easier access. She slowly inserted her long finger between his sweaty ass cheeks and into his tightly clenched hole and began to probe at his sensitive nut. He went wild. He moaned louder and cursed like a sailor. He begged for more and begged for her to stop at the same time. She tugged his underwear down past his hips and slid them off. His moaning had turned to outright groans of pleasure. He heard noises and looked up. The door was open wide and several of the guys were peering in and snickering at him, lying naked on the bed, wrists tied to the bedposts, getting worked over. He was so drunk and horny that he didn't care that they were looking. He didn't even care when she shoved his briefs in his mouth to muffle his moans and groans; he just wanted to get his rocks off. She spread his legs, grasped his cock with one hand and slowly jacked him off, running her tongue around the rim of the mushroom-shaped head. She continued bobbing up and down on it for the next 15 minutes until he couldn't take any more and it erupted like a volcano, shooting stream after stream of pent up fuck swill into her waiting mouth. The whole time she continued to fingerfuck him and when his orgasm subsided she continued to milk his big dick until he came again. Never before had he ever felt such a sensation, and since that night he was always hoping some chick would bung his hole. They sometimes played with his nipples, but never once had any chick gone near his hairy portal. He desperately wanted them to, but thought they would think he was a fag or something if he asked them to do it. He was even afraid that he might turn gay if he touched his own ass or tits while masturbating.

Now as Steve probed his ass with the dildo, Jeff remembered how good it felt. Part of him knew it was queer but he didn't care. He started pushing his hot ass down onto the dildo.

'Feels good, doesn't it buddy?' Eric asked, tracing his finger along Jeff's face and over his quivering lips. He slipped it inside Jeff's mouth and began to slide it back and forth in a slow, steady rhythm. The dizzy stud, buzzed from the drugs and caught up in all the sensations he was experiencing, began to suck on Eric's finger.

'That's it... ohhh... yeaahhhh.... ' Eric cooed, encouraging the dazed stud. He inserted a second finger. 'I think he likes it, Steve.'

Steve's hands were still massaging Jeff's crotch and ass, softly probing his asshole through his briefs, teasing and tickling the twitching pucker. Poor Jeff was moaning and thrashing, thrusting his hips like a bitch in heat. 'Unnnhhh..... mmmnnnnn.....'

Steve slipped his index finger up the leg hole of Jeff's briefs and ran it up and down his sweaty ass crack. Then, just to get his attention, he rammed it up his tightly clenched pucker. Jeff jumped, snapping out of his trance-like state. 'What the fuck's going on!' he cried out, spitting the fingers from his mouth. He tried to struggle but was still weak. 'What the fuck is this? Get your hands off me you faggot. I'm not gay!'

'You're not?' Steve asked, his finger still probing. 'Why are you moaning then? And why is your dick so hard? Look... it's hard as a rock?' The guys lowered Jeff's legs.

Jeff lifted his head off the table and looked down at his bulging crotch. His briefs were tented with his erection. 'I don't know!' he cried. What was wrong with him? Why was his dick so hard? He was getting a little scared now. 'Guys, this is enough. Let me up, please! I'm not a fag.'

'Are you calling me a fag?' Eric asked, grabbing Jeff by the chin and looking him in the eyes.

'No... no...' Jeff whined, backtracking.

'You're the one who's a fag, man,' Eric sneered. 'Your cock is like a fucking tent pole! Look at it. It's even dripping!' Jeff looked down again and noticed that the front of his briefs were damp with his cum. 'You're totally getting off on this!'

'No. No. I'm not gay. Please. Just let me up.'

Eric let go of Jeff's chin. 'Tell you what, baby,' he said. 'If you can make your dick go soft we'll let you up and you can walk right on out of here. Let him go guys,' he instructed.

Jeff nodded, relieved, as Eric helped him to a sitting position. He looked at his crotch again, willing his dick to not be hard. It was no use. The drugs they'd given him to make his cock stay hard were in full swing. His dick wouldn't be going soft for quite some time.

'Well, well, well,' Eric said. 'Looks like we've got us a closet queer here.'

Jeff tried to cover his crotch but the guys pulled his hands away. They laughed at the sight of his dick poking over the waistband of his briefs. 'Come on guys,' he stammered nervously, 'I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm not queer. Just let me go... please.'

The guys pulled him off the table, but instead of letting him up, they eased him down to all fours. They began to stroke and pat his smooth hard ass all over again. He felt his briefs being peeled back over his ass, down his long legs, and off. A finger ran up and down his ass crack, which sent shivers through his naked body. A hand reached around and started flicking his nipples again and the vibrating dildo found its way to his mouth, slowly sliding in and out.

To Jeff's horror he began moaning and his body started reacting to the touches. He thrust his chest out and sucked on the dildo that was fucking his face. His legs were spread and he felt a hand brush up against his big, low hanging balls. Another hand grabbed at his hard, bobbing dick and began to jerk it back and forth, slowly at first and then quicker and rougher. His ball sack was slapped, grabbed roughly and tugged downward. Then he felt his ass cheeks being spread apart and a long finger began to work it's way up his tight hole, probing until it found his prostate. Jeff jumped as the finger hit its target and began to frig his sensitive nut.

'Nooo..... pleaseee... ohhhhh... eeeeee... fuckkkkk..' he screamed, trying to clench his asshole and struggling to throw the guys off of him. They were too strong though, and Jeff was unable to move. The poppers were shoved under his nose again and as he inhaled the aroma his body slumped.

'Uhnnnn.... ooooohhhh....' he cooed. His hips were now thrusting like a pair of pistons and the hand on his cock was flying back and forth.

'Oh yeah! That's it, Jeff!' Eric urged, inserting a second finger up his ass. 'Go baby, go!'

'Ahhhh!!!! Ohhhhh!!!! Aaahhhhh!!!!' Jeff screamed loudly, his hips bucking wildly. His dick burst again, shooting streams of his hot sticky crud up his chest and onto the hands and arms of the guys who were holding him down.

His pumping hips slowed down and he caught his breath, but the intrusive fingers were still up his ass and the hand on his dick wouldn't let up. In fact, his dick was still erect. What was wrong? Why was he still hard?

'Whoah, Jeff,' Eric said, wiping cum from his fingers onto the pinned man's lips. 'You're an animal, you horny fuck! Ready to go again?'

'Please,' Jeff panted. 'No more.'

'I told you man,' Eric said, getting down on his knees and looking Jeff in the face. 'You can go anytime. Just as soon as your dick gets soft.'

'I can't help it,' Jeff whispered. 'I don't know what's wrong with me!'

'That's easy, you dumbshit,' Eric said triumphantly, a smirk on his face. 'You're a fuckin' faggot!!'

Jeff turned his face away. He looked totally humiliated and defeated. His eyes were red.

'Oh, come on, Jeff. Be honest,' Eric said softly, gently taking Jeff's chin in his hand and turning his face toward him. 'You're enjoying this, aren't you?'

'Go to hell,' Jeff sputtered. He began to struggle again.

Eric roughly grabbed Jeff's jaw. 'What did you say to me?'

'I said go to hell, mother fucker!' Jeff spat, throwing his elbow out. He caught Eric just under the chin, knocking him back.

'You little shit!' Eric said regaining his balance. He grabbed Jeff's jaw and tried to pry his mouth open. 'I'll show you! I've got something for you!'

Jeff locked his jaw shut and tried to throw Eric off. Suddenly he felt his body being lifted off the ground. He flailed his arms, striking at his attackers, but Shane quickly grabbed them and held them firm. He was dragged across the room and bent over a something that resembled a padded saw horse. His arms and legs were stretched out and tied to the apparatus. Eric crooked his arm around his neck, putting him in a choke hold. The room started to go black and just before he passed out he felt his mouth being opened.

He came to slowly. He tried to take in a deep breath of air but something was blocking his throat. Something fleshy but firm. It was lodged in his mouth, moving back and forth rhythmically. It was a dick! There was a fucking cock in his mouth. He tried to move his head, twist it somehow, but his head was being held firmly in place while his face was being fucked. Oh shit, oh shit! The fucker's cock was like a leaky faucet and he could feel dick spooge pooling at the back of his throat. He started to gag and choke, but the thrusting hips didn't stop. He felt another hand on his throat, stroking back and forth, softly but firmly. Before he knew it he was swallowing against his will. Shit! He was swallowing cum!

'Noo.. uhnnnn...' he sputtered, trying not to swallow while at the same time trying to spit the cock out of his mouth.

Shane continued to rock back and forth, enjoying his ride on Jeff's handsome face. 'Yeah...' he purred, as he continued to abuse Jeff's mouth. 'Big fucking stud. Eat my meat, man! Suck it! Oh yeah...' Shane gave Jeff another hit off the open bottle and then took a hit for himself.

Jeff's ass cheeks were spread and he felt something warm, soft and wet flick over his pucker. It was Tony's tongue. 'Ohhhh......!' Jeff cried out, the sound all but muffled by Shane's cock. He had never felt anything like this before! The tongue alternated between plunging itself forcefully into his asshole and lightly rimming him. Jeff could only moan and thrust his hips while Tony sucked and slurped away with abandon.

Suddenly Shane's thrusting sped up. He was moaning loudly. 'Fuck man, I'm gonna shoot! I'm gonna shoot!' He arched his back and let out a low gutteral groan and his dick began to unload into Jeff's mouth and down his throat. Jeff tried to close his throat but was unable to. Streams of warm jizz slid down his undulating throat.

As Shane was halfway through his orgasm, Greg slowly pulled him back. He grabbed Shane's spurting dick and aimed it at Jeff's face. Four bursts of cum shot all over Jeff's face, up his nostrils and in his eyes. His jaw dropped in shock. He couldn't believe that fucker Shane had just shot off in his mouth and then sprayed the rest all over his face! It was so humiliating. Cum ran out of his nostrils and dripped onto his lips and into his mouth. He wanted to throw up, but before he could even begin to wretch Shane moved to the side and Greg took his place. Jeff briefly saw Eric and Steve standing behind Greg, their pants and underwear around their knees, stroking their dicks and waiting their turn at his mouth. Then Greg took hold of Jeff's face and slipped his hard eight-inch cock into his mouth. He thrust his hips back and forth slowly, his balls slapping against Jeff's chin. He put one hand on the back of Jeff's head and stroked his throat with the other.

Meanwhile Tony was working away at Jeff's asshole, gradually loosening up the jock stud's tight hole. The more he licked and sucked the deeper his tongue probed.

Shane pulled his boxer briefs up and got down on all fours. He grabbed Jeff's dick and began to stroke it. He wrapped his mouth around the engorged head and sucked it like it was a lollipop. A nice big Charms blowpop. He jiggled and slapped Jeff's big balls with his other hand.

Jeff felt something on the side of his face. He peered out the corner of his eye and saw a big dick rubbing along his face. It was drooling its crud all over his face and hair. He tried to ignore what was happening to him but it was impossible. The humiliation kept creeping back to the forefront of his mind. But the mouth on his ass... doing things he never knew could be done... Fuck! Why was he getting turned on by it?! It felt great! Suddenly the tongue in his ass pulled out and he felt something smooth and firm take its place. It was the dildo, and it was being slid in and out of his slicked up hole. Back and forth. Back and forth. Suddenly it began to vibrate and Jeff lost it. His hips began to grind back and forth.

'Look at him go!'

'Come on, you fuckin' little Devil Dog!'

He tried to cry out but his mouth was still plugged up with cock. Big, fat, drooling cock. His own cock was twitching and throbbing and bobbing. Suddenly he started to cum again, spraying his jizz everywhere. The hand slapping at his balls stopped and he felt a warm mouth close around one of his big nuts, sucking at it. Then someone grabbed at his nipples and began to twist and pull them again.

Greg started breathing faster and his thrusting increased. 'Fuck... fuck... nnnmmmhhhhnnn....' His dick shot its load into Jeff's mouth. Seven bursts of cum were dumped down Jeff's throat before Greg pulled out. Another shot of whisky was placed to his lips and Jeff swallowed it, trying to rid his mouth of the taste of semen.

His head was turned upward and he found himself eye to eye with Steve. 'It's my turn now, buddy,' he said smiling. But instead of slipping his dick in Jeff's mouth, Steve reached back and pulled the vibrating dildo from Jeff's ass. Without even wiping it off, stuck it into Jeff's mouth. The buzzing tool rattled Jeff's teeth and pushed at the back of his throat, causing him to gag.

'Unnhh... mmmnnnhhhoooo...' Jeff moaned, trying to speak, as Steve slipped two fingers up his rectum and began moving it around in a wide circular motion, stretching his asshole back and forth. Then a third and fourth finger... all moving together, in and out, round and round. Jeff's eyes fluttered and his eyes rolled up. His jaw went slack and he sighed and moaned. Ohhhh.... the fingers in his ass were nudging at his prostate, sending spasms to course from his ass up to his head and back down to his twitching, dripping cock. That, along with the fingers flicking his now raw but still erect nipples and the mouth sucking his fat nuts was almost too much. 'Uhhhnnnnn... nnnmmmm....'

'Go on... you fucking little whore,' Steve said as he continued to slide his fingers in and out of Jeff's loosening ass, 'tell me how good it feels.' He pulled his fingers out, grabbed Jeff's hips, and plunged his hard dick into the winking, slicked up hole. Jeff's eyes widened in pain and he tried to scream, but it came out in grunts and sputters instead. The dildo was removed from his mouth, but before he could react Eric stepped forward and shoved his fat dripping dick down his throat.

Oh god, oh god, Jeff thought, his head spinning. He was being raped... fucked in the ass and mouth at the same time! He tried to move but couldn't. Steve and Eric were fucking him in tandem while Shane and Tony worked his tits, dick and balls. As Steve drove his cock deep into his ass, Eric shoved his dick further down his throat. Sweaty nut sacks bounced off his chin and ass, and his nostrils were being tickled by musky smelling pubic hairs. As it was, he could barely breathe with the fat cock plugging his throat.

'Hey Greg,' Eric laughed, as he grabbed hold of Jeff's ears and gave his hips a thrust, 'get a shot of this! Fuck handles!'

Greg was walking around with the video camera, taking in Jeff's rape from all angles, and he leaned in for a close up. 'Smile for the camera now, you pretty bitch,' Eric grunted as his back arched and he climaxed. His knees gave slightly as his hips bucked wildly, shooting stream after stream of his hot juice into Jeff's mouth, filling it until cum was drooling down the corners of his lips.

Eric pulled his dick out and stuck the dildo back in. He turned it on and let the buzzing tool bounce against the back of Jeff's throat, fucking in and out. He put his wet mouth to Jeff's ear and whispered in a low, nasty voice. 'Where'd you learn to suck cock like that? In the Marines? Yeah.... I bet you were nothing but a cum dump from the day you signed up. A big boy like you... yeah... acting all straight with the chicks, but giving it up like a whore to all the boys.' He flicked his long tongue into Jeff's ear and swirled it around for a few minutes and then stood up. 'Mmmm... I'm ready for more... How about you?' He set the dildo aside and slid his hard dick back into Jeff's mouth. He began to thrust his hips back and forth once again.

Meanwhile Steve was still going at it, hands on Jeff's hips, his dick grinding deep into his tight hairy ass. His thrusts were as long as they were deep, and he pumped his hips slow and steady like pistons. 'Mmmm... you're quite a ride, cunt,' Steve groaned. 'I bet you've been ridden a lot, haven't you? Do you always play so hard to get?'

Between the drugs, the whisky, and the poppers, Jeff's mind was floating in a haze. But he could understand what they were saying and he knew what was happening was no dream. He could feel Steve's big dick ramming up into his ass and he knew he had swallowed several loads of cum. Why had he even come into this place? What was going to happen to him next? He'd heard of guys being raped before, but thought it only happened to weaklings or to guys in prison. Never once did he think that a big guy like him could ever be in this position. He felt the thrusting in his ass speed up and suddenly he felt his bowels being filled with a warm thick fluid. Oh shit! The fag just came in his ass and he wasn't wearing a condom! He felt the cum dripping from his asshole and down his leg. The dick pulled out and another one took its place. The thrusting and pumping started all over again.

After what seemed like hours, the attack was finally over. Jeff was lying on the floor in a naked heap. Cum dripped from his mouth, nose, ears and ass. He could barely move. But he had to piss badly. 'Nnnhhh.... ' he moaned, struggling to form words with his abused mouth. 'Gotta piss... '

'Sure buddy, no problem,' Steve said. 'The bathroom's right in there.'

With a great effort, Jeff hauled himself to his hands and knees and crawled toward the bathroom. His dick was still hard and bobbed up and down, slapping his stomach. It was leaking long thin strands of cum. His fat sweaty balls swung from side to side like the pendulum of a grandfather clock. The guys whooped and hollered, slapping at his ass and nut sack as he staggered by.

When he finally reached the bathroom he looked around. It was more of a shower room. There were a wall urinal, a stall and four portable showerheads mounted on a wall. There were no shower curtains or dividers between them. Worse yet, there was no door. He'd have to piss in front of the guys. Ever since he could remember Jeff had had a hard time going to the bathroom with someone present. He could barely even do it if he was in a stall. He turned back to look at the guys with a pleading look on his face.

'Go ahead,' Eric said. 'No one's stopping you.'

Jeff managed to make his way to the urinal and tried to stand but he was too woozy. He tried to stand again but couldn't. 'Oh, shit... ' he said quietly, shaking his head. But he had to go too badly and couldn't hold it. All the booze he'd drank earlier in the evening had caught up with him. He looked down and, screwing up his face, began to piss. A long yellow stream of piss shot from his hard dick, spraying all over the floor, the toilet, and himself. His ass began to sting... he had to take a shit... but he wasn't about to take a dump in front of all these guys. For almost a minute Jeff emptied his bladder, moaning and groaning loudly. Finally he finished. He was so tired that he couldn't move and stayed where he was, soaking in his own urine.

He heard laughter behind him and saw Steve and Eric out of the corner of his eye. They were in the bathroom door.

'You fucking pig!' Eric yelled, half-laughing, half-serious. 'Can't you even use a toilet right?'

'You know,' Steve said, 'we should clean him up a bit before we take him out of here. Look at this.' He inserted his finger into Jeff's ass and withdrew it. It was covered with fuck slime. He wiped it across Jeff's lips. 'How about an enema, too?' Steve suggested, reaching into a cabinet and pulling out an enema kit.

'Great idea,' Eric said, agreeing.

'What... what are you doing?' Jeff asked, looking up at the two men.

'You pissed all over yourself, buddy,' Steve said. 'We're just going to get you cleaned up. Would you like that?'


'Here, let's go over here,' Eric said as he and Steve helped Jeff to his feet, careful not to get their hands wet with his piss. They leaned him against the shower wall and grabbed a couple of towels. Wetting them down with warm water they wiped the piss from Jeff's legs.

'I'm gonna clean your dick and balls,' Steve said, soaping up his hands and gently grasping Jeff's cock. He stroked the big cock, his fist sliding up and down the fat stalk, slowly at first and then faster and faster. He took his other hand and fiddled with Jeff's balls. Jeff just leaned back in the corner and spread his legs further, making no move to resist.

'That's right, my little gay boy,' Steve said. 'You know what you want, don't you?'

'Unnhhhnnn.... mmmmm....' Jeff moaned, sighing deeply.

Eric couldn't help smiling. 'You know,' he said, 'we've shaved his chest, dick and balls. How about shaving his ass, too?'

'Yeah, let's do it,' Steve said, still jacking away.

About a minute later Jeff's body started bucking and he arched his back. 'Unnhh... fuckkk... yeahhhh....' he cried out as his dick spurted cum.

'Ah, you bastard!' Steve yelled as Jeff came. He aimed Jeff's dick up his chest but still caught some of it in his hand. He put it to Jeff's mouth. The drugged stud, not knowing what he was doing, swallowed it down.

'Okay now,' Steve said to Jeff, pulling his slumped body out of the corner. 'Be a good boy and get on your hands and knees.' He took a can of shaving gel and squirted it all over Jeff's ass. Slowly, but firmly, began to rub the gel over his ass cheeks until it lathered. Then he ran his finger up and down Jeff's ass crack and slipped his thumb into his hole.

'Unnnhhh.... nnnoooooo... nooooo... ' Jeff whimpered, squirming.

'Shhh.... don't move or you might get nicked,' Eric said, running his fingers softly through Jeff's hair. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a bottle of poppers. He opened the top and held it to Jeff's nose. 'Here... take a nice big whiff of this.'

Jeff took a slow deep breath. Eric looked at Steve and smiled. They didn't even have to ask twice. At Eric's urging Jeff took another hit and another until he was flying. Within a minute Steve had Jeff's ass shaved bare. He put the razor down and wiped his hands clean.

While Eric was keeping Jeff floating through the haze of poppers, Steve filled the large enema bag with warm water. He attached a six-foot hose to it and slid the over-sized nozzle up Jeff's ass.

'Fuucckkk...' Jeff cried out, his ass hole stretching to accommodate the nozzle. Eric gave him another snort of the poppers and his body relaxed. Steve finished inserting the hose into Jeff's ass and began to slowly squeeze the bag, pushing its contents up into Jeff's bowels. The warm water rushed into Jeff, and for a few seconds he felt nice and relaxed. But as the water completely filled his bowels he became uncomfortable and he started to squirm.

'Mmmnnhh... oooohhh...' he whimpered.

'Ohhh... hold it in just a little bit more, Jeff,' Steve urged, sticking his thumb up Jeff's ass to keep the water in. 'We have to make sure you get all clean inside.'

They made him wait a few more minutes, just to torture him. Finally they maneuvered him, whining and moaning, to the toilet. They held his body about two feet above the rim and aimed his ass at the bowl.

'Okay, you can go now,' Steve said, plucking his thumb out of Jeff's ass. It made a sound like a suction cup being pulled off a flat surface.

Jeff looked up, his face red in embarrassment. He bit his lower lip and his shoulders hunched. 'Fffuuukkk.... shitttt... ooohhhhh... fuuucckkk!!!' he cried out as his ass flushed out the dirty water, forcing it out like a spray. It was full of the guys' cum and smelled terrible. Then, to Jeff's utter humiliation, he farted loudly a few times and suddenly began to shit. Fuck! Everything he'd eaten that day, lasagna and salad at lunch, steak and potato for dinner, slid out of his ass and into the bowl. He started to piss all over again and the guys had to jump out of the way of his out of control cock. They were laughing hysterically.

'Unnnnhhhh... mmmmnnnnhhhhhh...' Jeff groaned, relieved but embarrassed as hell. When he finally finished the guys lifted him to his feet. Eric wet a washcloth with warm water and wiped his ass clean. Once again Steve soaped up and washed his cock.

They brought him back into the room and sat him back on the table. His head nodded forward heavily.

'We need to get him out of here soon.' Eric said, lifting one of Jeff's eyelids. 'He's gonna come around in a couple of hours or so.'

As Jeff drifted in and out of unconsciousness Eric slipped a metal cockring onto the base of his fat dick. Then he took a slim leather strap and, pulling his big balls downward, tied it around the sack. His eyes slid open just as another picture was taken. Steve and Eric helped him to his feet and slipped on his briefs, gently pulling them over his dick and balls. Because the cockring was keeping his dick hard, the front of his briefs were tented almost straight out and you could not only see his fat, cum-slicked balls, but also the leather strap and the silver cockring. He groaned as they groped his crotch and a smile crept across his face when Steve reached in and slid his finger up his ass.

'Oh yeah... ' Eric purred. 'You're liking that, aren't you? Here, have another whiff, buddy.' He put the bottle to Jeff's nose and smiled as the dazed stud automatically inhaled in the aroma.

They gathered up Jeff's clothes and shoes and led him out through the back door and into the parking lot where a van was waiting. There was five teenagers in the alley outside the back door of the gay bar next door. They looked about 18 or 19 and they whistled and cat-called at the sight of the big stud being loaded into the side of the van, wearing nothing but tighty whities and a dazed look on his face...

To be continued ...



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