Sunday night with Dick ended around 2 in the morning, I drove home from the bar in my convertible. I left a message for my boss to let her know I was taking a sick day. Halfway home Dick called me, he wanted another date tomorrow, well today, around noon he wanted to go for drinks then go home and play like boyfriend/girlfriend. I agreed, we'd meet at 1, I needed to sleep for awhile. I just had to text amy, she was close and stopped by wanting to know what i'd been doing tonight anyway. She was telling me to have fun with it. We talked for a little bit and I admitted I was scared to be gay, but it was so fun once I started. I needed to decide she said, having fun was ok or maybe I was a twink girlie boy. She hoped wasn't but here I was planning another date with a gay top man who had just treated me like a girlie twink. Oh well I didn't have to decide today, I decided after a few mimosas. She left me a small pill and told me if I was going on my date to take it and my night would be filled with ecstasy, especially If I was gay.

I slept untill Dick texted me at 130 in the afternoon, I was late. I had a couple mimosas', I was hooked now, and primped up a little, painted my toes and put on one of my sisters' belly chains. I texted amy, to rub it in I was getting day-after sex! Dick was waiting for me, there was a drink waiting and my g-spot jumped when I saw him. Our waitress friend was there and she was all smiles, I thanked her, a lot and she giggled, a lot then explained she understood. She loved dick too. I stopped at the bar for water and swallowed the pill amy had given me.

As we were finishing our drinks he took a boner pill as his hand tickled my ass while he admitted he "wanted me again; my sexy twink body. My curves were girlie and sexy, I had just turned 18 and my sweet ass was amazing; he liked hitting my gspot and hearing me moan and scream like a sexy girl". The guys at the next booth had noticed me giving this older man a boner pill and were now listening in and being a little drunk I decided to return the display of affection and give these guys something to talk about. I pulled down the waistband of my shorts to show the baby blue bootyshorts with lace ruffles and then went girlie using the sexy voice from now on , I replied " I feel so girlie around you it makes me horny and I feel so sexy in these panties you bought me" he smiled and the two eavesdroppers got quiet. Ok he replied "let's go back to my house and you can be girlfriend for the night sexy ", I giggled and stood up to leave. We had a quick shot of tequila at the bar then left for his place, and he grabbed my ass on the way out to please our audience. Whatever amy had given me had me starting to feel sexy, the hand on my ass felt especially good and I had an idea to invite our eavesdropping friends to watch, but dismissed it as I just started giggling. Seeing my painted toenails, feeling the panties around my waist and butt, knowing my bangs were teased to make me cute and a handsome gay top taking me home, I had never felt sexier. My body had control of my mind and I waved to the eavesdroppers with a smile as I ground my ass into dicks' hips. He was thanking emma for introducing us. I thanked her too and told her "I gave him a Viagra, he wants to fuck me gay, I'm gonna let him try!". She giggled and kissed me on the cheek, "sweetie you are pretty hot for a girliboy, every top in here wants to be gay with you". I blushed and felt relieved and suddenly very twinkie. "Are you ready" I asked dick and ran my fingers over his cock. He replied happily "lets go, I have more panties and stuff I want to see your hot body in", and we left.

We made out after dick let us into the house, he squeezed and fondled my butt while I squeezed his cock, half-hard and thick, my mind started spinning knowing it was for me. I put on techno music and felt like dancing, dick made us a drink and put in another dvd he had made. It was another twink, him and a very sexy college girl. Within minutes we were on the couch naked in a 69, I was using my mouth on his cock as it grew. I was just smiling as I worked that cock over with my lips, tongue and throat. Once he was hard I buried my nose in his balls, quickly deep throating that sexy cock. I was feeling so sexy and this cock in my mouth was turning me on, my whole body was electric for it and I continued to suck dick, giving what he calls my best bj ever. It may have been, I was sucking his dick like a pro, it was the kind of sexy dick you just wanted to touch, and lick. I was sucking him like it was the last time I would do that, and he was coaxing me on, letting me know how good I was sucking his cock. It felt so sexy and soft against my lips, but rock hard underneath. I felt the smooth skin on my lips and they tingled, my tongue tingled when it rolled along his hard cock. At one point I was holding it like a flute, just running my lips and tongue up and down, like buttering up a corn cob maybe. He started eating me out and i stopped, happy as he tickled my boypussy lips, making me tingle there. I ground my butt against his tongue and French kissed the head of his cock, then he slid up behind me, putting me on all fours and rubbing his stiff cock against my ass and my horny opening. "Do you remember this from last night sweetie? Remember how I treated your sexy boypussy cori?". I remembered and my body wanted it again, wiggling and trying to push back onto his cock. His hand held my hips in place as he asked one more question " are you my girlieboy cori? You are so sexy, I want your sweet ass tonight". "yes" I blurted out wiggling my butt on his cock again, "just like last night" "oh yes, I think you are going to turn me gay dick!". He popped the head of his cock in and I quivered in pleasure and delight "yeeeeeeesssssss dick" I moaned as he held me in place, then slowly pushed his cock all the way into me as my my entire body tingled, savoring the cock inside me. "oooooohhhh yyyeeesss ooooohhhh dick yeah" I moaned as his hips met my ass, his cock pressing on my g-spot; my entire body spasmed happily and I knew, "that's it sweetie, love my cock" ; I had begun to grind my boypussy against his cock, working my g-spot sending chills everywhere, moaning out "yes yes yes". He started screwing me and all I could do was moan out " yes yes oh cock yes oh oooohhh yes " and a minute later I came, surprising us both! "Oh oooohhh god yes dick oh cock oooohh I'm cumming yes yes oo oh oooo o oooo hhoo oooh oh oh oh yes" . Dick was smiling the whole time and using his cock to pleasure me into cumming, I could see in the mirror, at that moment I liked that he loved twinks like me.

He had not cum and screwed me through my orgasm, which I love. I bounced off his hips and a few minutes later he sped up and nibbled my ear off as he came inside me, the cum making a sloppy sound as his hips slapped my ass and I clenched my pussy, making him feel better. "oh yeeeaaah" he moaned out and pulled my hips tight to his, grinding in deep. "god you're the perfect girlieboy cori, I like your sweet bottom it's so hot". "Thank you" I croaked out as he hit me deep the last few times "you're cock is pretty hot too dick I like it". "Girls like you; the boys and the girls always do honey". I was looking suspiciously at him out of the corner of my eye, but still wiggling my ass against his hips. "It's natural, for you to love cock so much, all girls do, but the ones who act on that are called sluts. Your body has a g-spot, you're a girlieboy and llke the girls you want it, you do have two older top men dating you, right?" He pulled his cock out and I instantly wanted it back, my mind remembering the boner pil I had gotten for him. "Right" I was feeling amazing, happy, horny, sexy, girlie. He had went to his bedroom and returned with tan thigh high panty-hose,a sexy pair of panties, almost a thong and matching silky tank top. It looked cute and I knew he wanted to see me in it, he was already half-hard again. "Will you wear this for me, your body is very girlie, sexy curves and your ass is too sexy cori, you were built to turn men like me on because you need it". "girls and girlie's like you, you are the best I've been with, I like watching your body spasm, hearing your girlie voice as we screw; the blue eyes are hot and watching your cute face is so fun; your body knows what it is doing and it is very good at it." "My body responds to that and your cute girlie ways, that's what I meant sexy.

I took the outfit, went to the bathroom and put it on; (it turned me on knowing he was into this, that he really wanted me) I rolled my hair into a cute braid and ran it across the front then clipped it with a hair clip that had a star in pink crystals. I looked good, he checked out my ass and spanked it "very nice sweetie." Do you understand what I was saying?" - I smiled as I reached for his cock. He pushed me onto the couch and stood with his cock in front of my face. "How many boys like me have you had?" I asked before I started licking his cock. He started talking and I continued to blow him; "I met dan five years ago,one every summer so you are number , I stood this summers' boy ( he works with you, dan introduced to me) up last night to be with you, I've wanted you since you first got to high school. I guess dan had talked. I kept giving him a blowjob, my mouth tingling, my brain and boypussy tingling, I wanted to hear more. "When did you know you like sex this way? I asked. "I went to a bar one night and he told me he was looking for a boytoy or girltoy. He explained to me that some boys were girlie and just as good or better than chicks. He pointed out a few 18 yr olds and they were kind of sexy, he left with one 30 min later. The next night I see him and the guy at a different bar, our bar but I didn't know it was gay. I went home with him and one of his ex-boytoys and the boy showed me how a girlie boy could be better than some chicks, by the time I left I couldn't get hard".

That was pretty hot and he was fully hard now, I stood up. I wondered how he was going to fuck me this time and I turned around to show my ass off in the panties. I was feeling so sexy in the silky nylons, panties and lingerie my brain was happy and I was using my body to ask a gay top for sex. He guided me behind the bar and facing forward up against the lower serving station. I felt his back on mine and the his stiff cock rubbing my pussyhole, he had pulled the panties aside and all the sensations had me dazzled as he bent me half over to the counter and asked if I was a girlieboy as he teased my boypussy lips, driving me crazy. I wiggled around trying to get onto his cock, he held me still and I finally answered "yes, you're right dick," as he slid all the way into my boypussy and started screwing me."I like it when you hit my gspot, I have a girlie need for a top man like you, you and dan have me addicted to your cocks! You talk me into your bed and I cum so good. " He was hitting my gspot now, kissing my back and watching my ass bounce off his hips as we both came. "He stroked me deep for a minute "yeah honey, you're boypussy is amazing! I bucked and humped back, enjoying every second as I came "thanks dick, god it'suuuuccchhh gooood cock!



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