It was Saturday afternoon, 3 or so when I had brooke stop the car around the corner from my house. As we were leaving dans' he had offered to drive me the half mile or so and I accepted. I gave him the wrong address because half-drunk cami was deep throating brookes' cock over the gear shift and parking brake. I had a few texts from amy, she was kidding about me being girlie with this man. She had two guys anyway, and I daydreamed; devilishly wondering how fun that could be...

I slept all of the night and sunday I spent a couple of hours getting girl tips from amy, (the girlier I got the more he wanted me) she said cami did too. She taught me how to put braids in my still short hair and pin them up, eyelashes and sexy underthings to wear. My cell rang "do you like cock?" was the ringtone and the picture id was dan taking me from behind. It was him and as my boypussy twitched I picked up; "hi" I half giggled into the phone. " did you have fun the other night honey? " "yes" I replied. "good, brooke has wanted that twink for a long time, you did good, i'm going to make you so happy you're my boytoy cori, you are too cute sweetie". I wasn't sure what to say, "sounds like fun" was all I could manage to blurt out. "It will be girlieboy, but after next week, i'll be back in ten days and i'm going to want that sweet sexy body cori; listen, that convertible car in my driveway, it's for you, the keys are in the glove box". And he hung up. "wow" was all I could think, barely remembering a car in the driveway.

So by the next sunday I am super horny and jealous of hearing about amy and cami getting great dick during the week. I have been driving my car, but they have been getting screwed by their lovers. I decide to try and a find a safe date so I primp up a little; a polo shirt that ends where my leg-showing low-cut shorts start. Ass-flattering boyshorts underneath, lace ruffles sticking out, sandals and a girlie tease of my hair. I get our waitress friend at dans' favorite bar to help me out, she knows all the guys there. Apparently I am too cute, she turns me away from many guys and does give the ok to one, an older guy, 40 or so, nicely built about 6 feet, blue eyes and very framiliar. As he hits on me he stares and tickles my thighs ( i'm naturally smooth and I shave the rest ). My voice drops into the girlie tone and this turns him on, he says. I giggle and he asks if I know the waitress. " a little I answer, why? " "she is sometimes a matchmaker, I was just wondering if you knew her..." he nibbled my ear. I looked up to see her smiling at me, thumbs up; "yes" I whispered in his ear. I could feel his stiff dick rubbing up against my knee as he rotated around to fondle my butt. He pulls at the waistband fo my shorts and fingers the lace from my panties "very sexy, you are so cute cori". It turned me on, as he reminded me about being my teacher, how it turned him on watching my body wiggle during class, thinking of the sex we could have. He was good like dan and brooke, telling me how hot I was, how much we wanted play, how good it would, how good he heard I was! Finally I said yes to going home with him. He lived one block over, and we walked there.

He had a nice house and a pool too, and we had another drink. I could feel his horniness, like dans' and as I started to remember my former teacher i wanted it more. He had been lusting after me and now I was here, this would be great sex!! I was surprising myself even more, while Dan was gone I had met a girl, the sex was good and I thought I was finally over these gay urges.... But now here I was, maybe I was a girlieboy?

These men and their porn... he put on a porn of himself and one of my classmates, a very loud, gay, happy, happy classmate (by the end of the tape I would be slightly jealous). We had drinks and I stripped for him as the porn played and I realized what he was doing to my old classmate. As I watched this twink, on his knees in a pool on the first step; he leaned forward and started giving a blowjob to a very sexy cock and top guy with a six-pac of abs and tan. The man that had been my teacher, Dick was his first name...., the man my girlfriend at the bar had given the ok too. The cock was over 8" and thick like a redbull can. I had stopped in front of him, watching my old classmate slobber all over this mans' cock. His hands were on my hips and pulled me onto his lap "he sat next to you, it's your turn now cori, I know about you and dan and your dates, you are too sexy in that underwear girlieboy" he pulled at the waistband of my boyshorts, and the feeling of his cock stiffening into my boypussy made me give in.

He did like they all do, callin me cute and sexy, hot, and it was hot. This guy should have been a porn star; I slid off his lap twisted around and started to suck his cock. I licked it everywhere, in a circle, up and down, deepthroat, it was a great top cock! I slid my girlie mouth down, up, over, around, repeat. Soon after Dick pulled me off his cock and stood me up; I noticed the tv once again, my classmate happily giving up his young boypussy to dick doggystyle. He smiled and I didn't have to ask, my body did: my ass did that wiggle and his hips noticed.

He grabbed my hips from behind, pulled my shorts down and let his hard cock settle into my ass; I jealously watch my old classmate get screwed into oblivion by the top man holding my sexy ass to be next. On the screen my classmate and Dick have begun a healthy pace of screwing, and I let Dick bend me over the couch, blanket underneath and a pillow to hold my ass up? really, yes. He sees me jealous of the twink he is screwing in the video, he giggles, slaps my ass and says " I love boypussy". My ass wiggles of course and I feel his cock poke against my hole, my boypussy tries to push back but he's holding my hips, making me wait. I feel his cock rubbing against my butt and my pussylips "is this what you and dan do? Cori". "Ye-"you are his girlfriend, oh cori I've wanted your sweet boypussy for years, be my girl tonight baby, are you going to do that cori? His cock is turning me on so much, teasing my hole and I'm slightly angry at my body for wanting it too much. "yes, I'll be your girl tonight, god yes dick have fun with my boypussy". I feel him kiss my neck and happily giggle into my ear as his cock slowly pushes into me. We both lose all the tension in our bodies and moan out in unison "oooooohhhhh ohhhh yes more" I slowly say, raising my ass up to meet the wonderful cock sliding into my girlie pussy. He shares his pleasure"it's amazing, you feel so tight god you are sexy I love pussyboys it's perfect" and he smacks my ass he stops and pulls his cock out. Before I feel it slip out, he slides it all the way in, pulling my hips back untill my ass is slowly grinding against his hips, both of us happy; me realizing again my love for gay top cock and him in bliss ass he buries his dick into a twink he has dreamed about.

It had only been a couple of minutes when he stopped and bit my ear again, I had been moaning the words "I'm so gay I can't stop" and "yes, cock". Dick had just been watching my back and ass move as I ground my butt into his hips while he held us together, enjoying me before we started screwing. He was smiling, and my feminine charm had him hooked, nibbling me neck and ears, squeezing my butt "cori you sexy girl, I didn't know you wanted this so much! Some boys just do this to get stuff, others are curious, but you really are girlie I think, my gay twink boy"' He had started to pump his cock into me , and his teasing just got me hotter. "I'm not a slut, dan doesn't buy me stuff" I replied. "What does he do for you?" His thrusts were faster and deeper now, we were steadily fucking and I was in a pleasure storm as his cock rained off my g-spot. I had to reply "this, we do this, oh god. I promised to be his girlieboy, he has gay sex with me". Dick has figured out he is hitting my g-spot and slows down a little "see that boy on the tv, the one you were friends with? - I buy him stuff, I helped him pass a class, but he fakes it ", he speeds up and all I can do now is stutter out words, I'm almost yelling, thanking dick for dick, asking for cock, telling dick my boypussy loves it. "That's what makes you so hot cori, do you know what I mean?" I mumble a few words, "cori" he slaps my ass and pulls my hair back, arching my back and now his cock is hitting my g-spot at the perfect angle "tell me why you are such a better twink". "I don't want to admit it but I do, enjoying the words as I moan out "I'm girlie for gay top guys, I have a g-spot and it loves cock dick" Triumphantly he holds my head up and squeezes my ass "just enjoy it sweetie, you've earned my cock, it's all yours girl" We continue and as we watch the scene with my old classmate I cum twice as he jacks my cock and about thirty minutes I'm ready to burst again!. And so is he. "oh god thank you, I'm coming again!!" I yell out and he speeds up "your sweet boypussy is making me cum cori, it's amazing I like your little gay pussy" he states happily as he shoots six or seven times into my spasming, tingling pussyhole. We collapse over the couch. "You know cori you shouldn't fight the urges, you are a girlieboy, one of the best I've met, have fun with men like me sweetie" all the while he is squeezing and tickling my ass, keeping under his cocks' wicked spell. "I like it dick, are we going to do this all night?" He runs to the bathroom and returns with a bonerpill, smiling and squeezing my ass again he asks "do you want to" "yes" I answer without thinking as he presses his cock into my hip and swallows his pill.

Another drink as a scene of him with a girlieboy, it's obvious now he has set me up, but that is sexy because i'm horny and he wants me. We down our drinks on his couch, the tv showing and sounding out as Dick screws an orgasm out of my old classmate doggystyle. I jealously dive onto his cock, half hard I French kiss as much as I can, then swirl my tongue around it as I back off then bob my mouth up and down his cock. Dick pulls me off his cock, and i'm bent over the couch again. I can feel his cock stiff up against my pussy lips, he rubs it up and down, around...

Another scene starts on the tv, another twink loving dick's cock, go figure. I was asking for it by now and he gave in, slowly filling me up, then long-dicking me for fifteen minutes as I thanked cock and begged for more "cori your ass is amazing, I have wanted this for years sweetie! thank you". Sounds funny but I must have moaned and screamed " thank you dick" a hundred times that night. At one point, on my back on the couch cumming again while dick fucked me I thanked the "waitress for this great gay sex".



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