I was finally in my senior year in High School, on the baseball team, I worked out a lot, and was in great shape physically, Oh yeah, my name is Kyle.

I was good looking and well built enough but there was something missing in my life, and the cause of it was I wasn't attracted to females, and actually I liked guys, I liked guys a lot, now you must realize I am not a 'nellie' or a 'Fem' in any sense of the word.

Actually I don't like 'sissies', or flames,' never have, never will.

Truth is if I had a good solid hardon, a femish or Flamish guy would make it wilt in a heartbeat, I just figured if I wanted a female, thats what I would get, I prefer a robust, masculine, well built guy the more manly, and masculine the better.

All of my younger life as I grew up there was this one guy I knew, but he was my Older Brother, Benjamin's best friend, his name was Allen Borgschulte.

Allen was just about the most awesome guy that I have ever know, I have seen him with his shirt off and personally I would get weak in the knees, his chest was so muscular and defined, so very thickly muscled, his stomach muscles looked like they should be featured in Mr. Olympia magazine, he was just awesomely built.

Benjamin and Allen had played football, first string A team, all thru high school, and I had the honor of watching Allen strip to go to bed since he had come over to spend the night with Benjamin. His body was awesome and that bulge and that ass in those tight white briefs, fucking hot.

The reason was Benjamin and I shared a bedroom, and I can't tell you the number of times I laid o in my bed and listened to my brothers vocals as he jerked off after the lights went out, just the sound would get me harder than flint and I would end up doing the same thing, funny, I could tell when he shot his load from the way he sounded and grunted.

I am pretty sure Ben knew I was doing it too, and then there was that one night, after he came home from a game and crawled into bed, I thought Benjamin was asleep, I snuck over and raised the covers and began to play with his soft cock, it felt so thick, I was about sixteen then and I knew I loved the feel of cock, but I was playing with his quickly swelling cock, I fished it out of the fly opening in his briefs and began to lightly play with the cock head, and rubbing my fingers around the bell part of his hard as glass cock head.

I wrapped my hand around it and began to stroke it gently and I heard Ben's voice begin to moan a little, I jumped up and ran to the other side of the room where my bed was and Ben whispered, 'hey man that was feeling fucking awesome, come back and finish what you started.'

'You were enjoying it?' I asked, 'Hell yeah man! I loved how it felt.' he said.

so I walked back over and layed beside my brother and I crawled up on his bed with him and he slid his briefs down to his ankles and I preceeded to play with his thick hairy nuts and stroke his cock, bringing him to a huge thick creamy climax, I felt his body as he tightened up, he crossed his legs and squeezed them tightly together, and then he just started jerking, 'OH shit, Oh shit, awe fuck.' he said as he shot his load, and then he just laid there, with cum all over his upper body, and my on my hand, and for some reason I wanted to taste it and see what it tasted like.

I licked it off my fingers and that wasn't enough I began to lick the cum off my brother's body, he just lay there surprised, and watched me as I licked all the cum off his body and swallowed it, and then said,'Holy Fuck

Kyle, you really like that shit don't you? Wow man, that was the most powerful cum I ever had.' 'Man Kyle, you can do that anytime you want.'

I felt so proud to make my older brother, my hero so happy and make him feel so good. I just said. 'Sure man, anytime.'

Well I must say that started something and I began not only jerking my brother off, but I began sucking him off and swallowing Benjamins cum too, he liked that even better, he would come home from a game and yank his briefs down and I would automatically go to his bed, and chow down on his thick, cut, veiny, eight inch cock, I loved it.

I would lay there and finger his asshole and play with Benjamin's hairy nuts and sometime I even ate his asshole out, it was phenomenal to feel his body as he would get close to cumming and Then to feel his thick cock against my tongue as it began that pumping sensation as it spurted and belched out a thick load of awesome tasting cum into my throat, it was about my favorite thing.

But time moved along, and Benjamin Graduated from High School, and joined the Marines, the last time I got to suck his cock was when he came home for Christmas leave. It was like he couldn't wait for me to take his cock into my throat, but truthfully I would do anything for Benjamin.

Well it was Last Summer, about July, I was setting at home and I had noticed that My brothers best buddy, Allen had started comeing around,visiting me, I guess he was missing Benjamin, I was sorta filling in for Benjamin I guess.

Allen was attending the local Community College and wanted to get that out of the way before joining the military. I was enjoying his coming over a lot, sorta gave me another brother, character to fill in for Benjamin.

Well things started getting hot for me in the sexual area, at least concerning Allen, I would remember that hot sexy, body and that full crotch package and I would get these stronge sexual urges for him, I wanted to eat him alive if it would have been possible.

I even had him come over and spend the night one night, Mom said it would be o.k. and that her and Dad was going away for the weekend and she had always liked Allen anyway, and it was fine with her and Dad for him to come over and spend the weekend.

Allen got there about three that Friday afternoon, and Mom and Dad left about four, they were driving and wouldn't be back untill late Sunday evening.

I had just finished up with some things in the garage and was just wearing a pair of cutoff Levi's, bent over and the lower part of my ass was almost hanging out, I knew they were sorta sexy and provocative, when I Heard this voice, 'Damn Kyle, you have one very sexy ass, You know that?'

I raised up and there stood Allen, smiling at my backside. I felt almost embarassed.

'WHAT?' I said, doubting what I had heard.

'I said, you have one hot, sexy looking ass Kyle.'

'I thought that was what you said, Do you go around telling that to all the guys you see bent over?' I said with a twinkle in my eye.

'No just asses that I wouldn't mind tapping.'

I was in a state of shock, here stood ,Mr. High School stud, A guy that had more females after him Than any other guy in the world, making statements about my ass, I was speachless.

I just stood there and looked at him not knowing what to say.

'Oh come on Kyle, Benjamin told me that you like to suck cock and getting fucked in the ass just sorta goes with it, am I right?'

'My Brother told you I did such things?' I asked.

'Hey man, I'm not making fun of you, I was hoping maybe, you might like to get it on with me while I'm here, alright? Jesus, man, I need to get off badly, and I love to fuck a nice tight ass. Yours is truely awesome looking man.'

'Your making fun of me arn't you? You found out that Im gay didn't you?'

'Well Kyle, does this feel like I'm kidding?'

Allen walked over to me as I stood there like a Zombie, and reached over and took my shoulders and pulled my body against his and then puts his hot, wet lips against mine and slid his sexy tongue into my mouth, 'Now would I do that with you if I was poking fun?' he said.

'UGNH UNAH!' I grunted in a state of total shock.

We went in the kitched and there as he leaned against the kitchen counter, I began to kiss him full mouth, deep tongue and passionately and we began to grope and rub, then rub and grope, stroking each others cocks and crotches, and rubbing under each others shirt, playing with the nipples, and by he time we had been groping each otherfor a few minutes, I had a full blown boner that was about to break, it was folded over inside my cutoffs, fuck man it was aching by now.

I undid my cutoffs and dropped them to the floor to relieve the pressure.

I told him to let me do the work, I undid his trousers and they fell to the floor, and I saw a cock that would have made a porn star jealous, Dam it was so friggen thick, and long, he was uncut too, I was shocked at that, but I wanted to make it with Allen and I engulfed it to the balls as he arched his hips forward and took my head into his hands and began to face fuck me.

I loved his body odor and crotch aroma, sorta like deodorant soap, mixed with a light sweat aroma, it was totally intoxicating, and I was in a sexual Twilight zone, more now than I had ever been.

I was totally insatiable as I worked that beautiful uncovered redish blueish cock head and it was tasting so fantastic, I could taste this sweet, salty, clear pre-cum flowing out of the end as I worked his cock head over. and ever so often taking his cock to the balls, making him moan.

I had sucked him off a while and he said, 'Shit man, stop Kyle, I don't want to cum yet, lets go to bed, I want that ass.'

We went up to the bedroom and both got totally naked, I remembered how I had felt as I watched Allen get naked, his cock was awesome standing straght out that beautiful bluish red cock head would uncovered and exposed, and his ass was so awesome, shapely and slightly hairy.

I got into the bed and began sucking his cock again, then I raised his ass up and began licking and tongue fucking this gorgeous ass, it was phenomenal, I love his taste and flavor. I would have eaten his shit I liked him that much.

After I had taken him to a state of Euphoria, he as gasping, grunting, moaning and almost like a drunk I raised up and had him mount me and fuck me like a madman.

This guy knew how to fuck too, Allen had me folded over, on my back with my knees up to my shoulders, My asshole was extremely filled and Allen was slamming that huge cock to the balls with every thrust, and I was in heaven, my cock was about to explode from his cock rubbing my prostate gland as he fucked me senseless.

The sensations were going thru me like electricity, and I was watching his face as sweat rained down on my face, as he was driving his thick cock to the hilt inside my intestines, fuck it was the most fantatic fuck of my life, and even though I felt like my asshole would have to be repaired when we were finished, from the assult on my insides, I was in heaven, and I was being held like I was being loved, His arms were wrapped around my upper body, and I felt his body began to go rigid, and it tightened up and his breathing become faster and more laboured, and I felt his cock as it tightened up and got very hard like a steel pipe, then his body started jerking as he filled my insides with his nectar and love. I didn't want him to disconnect and we just layed there connected, and I stroked my cock a few times and blew a load all over both of us.

When his cock finally softened and flopped out I felt so empty and lost, but I knew before this weekend sleepover was done, I would feel this again, and yep I sure the fuck did.

I can honestly say I feel like I'm in Love with Allen, and as of right now, I think he's in love with me! or at least with my ass and cocksucking abilities, either way I love it.



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