My name is Michael, I am from a midwestern town in mid Missouri, and I am a relatively happy young man, I was from an average American Family and quite content with Life.

We Live in a suburban sub-division in a medium sized town and My dad who's name is Jerry, and I love to go camping, and we have always done it with Uncle Larry and his son Steve, who is same age as me, 18. This works out well since we live across the street from each other.

Dad and Uncle Larry had grown up together and married sisters, my mom and Aunt Mary.

We had planned this weekend camp out for about a month and a half and when the time came we Loaded up our geer and took off in Uncle Larry's SUV.

We traveled for about two hours and ended somewhere in the Mark Twain National Forest in Southern Missouri. We Found the Camping Area and we found a nice spot about 100 yard from a Large Lake, Very senic, and quite secluded.

We set up camp Pitched a rather Large Tent that sleeps about 10 people and went meandering around the grounds for a while looking for whatever we could see and find.

My cousin Steve was a rather jock, nicely built, muscular, and he was always the leader in whatever we did, but I was the one with intellegence, not badly built, but not as muscular built as My cousin Steve, Not that that mattered, but it was just the way it was.

I had noticed that Dad and Uncle Larry were very close, but I had thought that it was due to the fact that they had been close friends for most of their lives and then became brother-in-laws, which made the bond even closer, Boy I was really in for a big surprise on this campout.

Well, we built a campfire, and made supper and then decided to go for a little swim in the lake since it was secluded we decided to go skinny dipping, Steve and I stripped and jumped into the cool water, and Dad and Uncle Larry finally stripped and Holy Shit Uncle Larry's cock was Huge, Fuck I thought my Dad's was big, but I noticed Uncle Larry had a foreskin on his dick like my Dads. Steve and I were both cut. I thought that it was just the way they did it back then I guess, but for some reason I found it rather exciting and a turn on, and why I felt that way I didn't really understand, I just couldn't keep my eyes off Uncle Larry's cock.

We finished our little swim and it was getting dark and Steve and I walked back up to the camp site and dryed off with towels I noticed Steve's cock looked almost hard, and Mine was getting there from looking at him, We pulled on some gym shorts and tee shirts and set down by the fire and Dad and Uncle Larry told ghost stories and jokes and Dad and Uncle Larry popped out some beer and allowed me and Steve to have a couple, since this was a special occasion, Father and Sons Bonding Campout.

We both loved our dads very much, Well it was just about bed time and Steve and I decided to share a double Sleeping bag and Dad and Uncle Larry Shared another one, Well I got into the sleeping bag with Steve and layed down on my stomach and because of the excitment of the day I couldn't stop thinking about Uncle Larry's huge cock, I couldn't sleep and I layed there trying to get comfortable while laying on a very hard dick of my own. Steve noticed I had a boner and whispered, man roll over and stroke it off, It ain't anything we haven't done before with each other is it. I gently rolled over and noticed Steve had his shorts pulled down too and was gently stroking his cock, trying to be really quiet, We were trying to do it very quietly and we noticed over on the other side of the tent Dad and Uncle Larry was makeing some funny sort of noises and something was going on, we froze and then looked over their direction and I guess they had thought we were asleep, but the moonlight was just light enough to get a pretty fair shot at what they were doing, Fuck man, My Dad and Uncle Larry was on top of their sleeping bag, both naked, and Uncle Larry was laying on his back with his legs up under his shoulders and Dad was eating his ass out, Fuck, Steve punched me on the shoulders and whispered Fuck man, Then as we gently stroked our cocks to that scene we were watching, Dad leaned up and took Uncle Larry's cock into his mouth and started going down to the hilt with his mouth sucking Uncle Larry's cock, Damn Uncle Larry was really getting into this big time, he was saying that's it, suck that cock, awe yea man suck that fucking cock, I was about to burst at the seams so excited my nuts were tightening up and aching, I could feel Steve laying against me and while we watched, Steve started shoving his cock against my back and I reached around and wrapped my hand around his cock and started strokeing it, he wispered, oh shit, Mike, that feels fucking awesome, don't stop please, Steve reached over my body and grabbed my dick and started stroking, and as we watched Uncle Larry and Dad Having sex and Steve stroking on my cock, I was so close to busting a nut, shit man, I could tell from feeling Steve's cock in my hand, it was all wet and slick from pre-cum he was damn close too.

Then the scene changed I heard Uncle Larry voice get a little louder and Saying Oh Fuck Jerry, I'm getting so fucking close, awe shit man, mother fucker, Holy------ Ughmmmmmm, and Uncle Larry was unloading cum into my Dads mouth and Dad was swallowing it, fuck that was the hottest thing I had ever seen, I wanted to do that myself and I rolled over and went down on Steve's cock, and he just grunted and rammed his cock into my mouth and started kinda grunting, then he blew a wad into my throat and mouth, kinda tasted salty and sweet and sorta bleachy sorta, but not really that bad I liked it. Steve wispered oh fuck Mike that was awesome, I said yea I really liked it. Steve then whispered, but you haven't got off yet, and I layed back and when we looked up Uncle Larry still had his legs up under his shoulders, And My Dad was getting ready to shove his cock into his asshole and He was loving it, Fuck I got really turned on then Steve was watching them and pumping my cock and I was about to blow, Then I grunted and started to feel that feeling way back in my groin and that spasming, and I started jerking and feeling that cum starting up thru the urethra canal into my cock and then out the opening in the head all over my chest and on Steve's hand, it felt just amazingly awesome, Steve whispered fuck man you shoot like a horse, we cleaned up, with a pair of underwear that was laying there, and continued to watch Dad and Uncle Larry, Dad was really pumping Uncle Larry's ass and then Dad started moaning and grunting and saying Oh fuck man, I'm gonna blow it, of course they were trying to be as quiet as they could, but we still were laying there listening and then Ddd must have had a huge climax because he all but yelled Oh Fucking Mother of God, and we saw My Dad ram his 8 inch cock all the way to the hilt into Uncle Larry's ass hole and uncle Larry just raised it up to meet his thrust and grunted and said Oh Shit Oh Yea Fuck yea! and evidently He shot another Load too.

Steve and I layed back quietly and just watched them and after a few minutes Dad got off Uncle Larry and layed there all splayed out like he was dead or something Uncle Larry said Hey Jer, that was awesome, Steve just kinda looked at me and wispered, Steve whispered, I wonder how long this had been going on, I said Longer than we know evidently.

The morning came too early and we got out of the sleeping bags and went down to the lake to wash off the sex, when we came back Dad was up and Looked at Steve and I and said wonderful night, and started to make a fire and put on some coffee.

Uncle Larry came out in his shorts and said morning guy, sleep well, and Steve Looked at me and I looked at him, smiled and said, Like a baby.

We went for a Hike and expored a cave, things you do on a campout, went fishing in the lake and caught some fish for our supper that night.

Steve and I decided to ask our dads how long they have been doing each other so that afternoon we set around the campfire and just came out and ask them, Dad, you know that we both love you, but we were both awake last night and saw what you were doing, It looked really hot and we got excited watching, and Steve and I were wondering Just how long you two have been having sex with each other, They both looked a little embarressed and looked down, then said, since before you were born, and I ask, has it been a regular thing, Uncle Larry said yes, we both like sex with a guys and since we were married we decided to keep it to just us two and be safe that way, and only when we could get away, we didn't think you guys were awake last night, I said Hey Pops, It's alright, Steve and I have been doing each other for several years now too, so we understand.

Uncle Larry leaned over and spoke something into Dads ear, and Dad said O.K.. then the subject was changed.

We had our fish for supper and fried potatoes and some sliced tomatoes and had a really nice supper on the camp stove, set around the campfire and joked and cut up and then decided to go to bed. A surprise was awaiting, I crawled into Our Sleeping bag and Uncle Larry crawled into the bag with me, I saw my Dad tell Steve to get into the bag with him, What the Fu--? Then Uncle Larry pulled of his undershorts and reached over and and grabbed mine and pulled them off and I looked at Uncle Steve and just smiled and he smiled back at me and Then he leaned over and took my half hard seven inch cock into his mouth and I thought I would faint the feeling was just like nothing I have ever experienced before I looked over and Steve smiled over at me and I noticed my Dad was sucking Steves cock, Steve was really loveing it I could tell in his face, and his smile was like he had won a new car or something, Well the feeling in my cock was just awesome Uncle Larry was sucking on my nuts and stroking my cock and I wanted to touch his huge cock and he said go ahead It spits, but it don't bite, and It loves attention, Fuck I was in the twilight zone, I grabbed his cock and it felt unreal it was so huge, I would guess about 9 inches, at least, and it was like a peice of granite, then he layed into a sixty nine position and I got my first taste of uncut cock, I loved that foreskin, and I pulled it back exposing the head and I put my mouth over it and took in as much as I could of that monster and started licking around the rim with my tongue and Uncle Larry said easy Kid at that rate I'll flood your mouth before we get started, He went back to sucking my cock, I forgot about Dad and Steve and just let the experience take over, I was lost to the world, the feeling was awesome and then I felt that tingling sensation in my cock and I started kinda wimpering, I could feel every sliding movement, so alive and sensational and every swirl of Uncle Larry's tongue that coupled with the intoxicating smell of Uncle Larry's man smell, the odor of his testicles, and the taste of his cock in my mouth threw me over the edge and I started bucking and jerking and I fell it like a flamethrower shooting out of my cock into Uncle Larry's mouth, and then I felt his cock start to spasm and start that throbbing and jerking motion in my mouth and he started shooting a very tasty load of cum into my mouth, I was swallowing as fast as I could, I wanted to get it all. I looked over to Steve and Dad was working him over good too and Uncle Larry and I watched as Dad brought Steve to a very ball busting almost screaming cum, Steve was grunting saying things like Oh Fuck me, Oh shit, Uncle Jer, Oh fuck, and then My Dad started just like Uncle Larry, swallowing his load as he jerked and spasmed and humped his hips up and his cock into Dads mouth, After Steve jerked my Dad off and he shot a huge grunting load, and the after glow of it all was over, we went to the cooler and got all of us a beer and just set and smiled and enjoyed each others company.

Then Uncle and Dad spoke up and said, Now boys remember what happenes on these campouts with us, Stays on these campouts with us, Understand? Steve and I both replied at the same time , Absolutely, we wouldn't want to spoil a good thing now, would we? and we all just laughed.

We enjoyed each other quite a lot in the next few days camping out in the country woods, Steve and I and Dad and Uncle Larry got really a lot closer and not just the sex part either, and when we got back to town Uncle Larry and Steve and My Dad and I have had quite a few times of being together. I have learned to let Steve fuck my ass and I love it and I fucked Uncle Larry, and have even given my Dad a good blow job a time or two and he has sucked me off a few times two, Just a great relationship between the four of us. Just keeping it 'All in the Family.



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