Keith thinks I've put on a few pound so now we have to go for these long walks. I told him I would not just walk around the block. We live in a subdivision and no one walks anywhere, except to the beach. If he wants to walk we can go to the Bong Recreational Park. It's just a short drive from here and they have real wildlife. Something Keith is not too familiar with.

Keith is every mans dream. He is six-foot three inches tall a large strong chest with just enough blond fur to tickle when you give him a light massage. His eyes are blue his legs are long and so is his cock. He weighs one hundred and eighty pounds without an ounce of fat. That comes from working out at the wellness center everyday and jogging every other day his

regular five mile run. Keith is a city boy through and through. He eats junk food including all of the chemicals but loves to flex those muscles.

I tend to be just the opposite. I've always wondered if that is what attracts him to me. I am five foot four inches tall and also weigh one

hundred and eighty pounds. I am a computer analyst and sit all day so I am on the soft side. My hands, my skin and my abs are all soft and tender but my cock makes up for it. My cock is only 4 inches soft but grows to a healthy cocksucker-chocking nine and a half hard inches with a beer can diameter. I eat only natural organic food and love nature and sex. That's only natural. Right!

Anyway there is this lovely two mile stretch of path that makes a semi circle back to the parking lot. At the one mile mark there is a little pond full of frogs birds and other critters, as well as a nice park bench. The bench gives me something to look forward to. You see I love outdoor risky sex.

I don't want to take a big risk though. This is a rather secluded area in the park. The parking lot is huge. It could probably handle one hundred and fifty cars. Yet I have never seen more than three cars.

We got up early on Monday to go for our first walk. I was very excited cause I intended to take advantage of Keith. I was having difficulty hiding my intensions from him. My shorts were not helping me.

When he came out of the bathroom wearing his wife beater and bicycle pants he took my breath away. I carried my bag in front of my crotch and we headed to the car.

The car was very warm from the bright sun. I had forgotten my sunglasses but felt it would not be a problem. We drove in silence. Keith was still a bit upset about going to the park. He wanted me to go to the sterile Wellness Center and walk around the air-conditioned flat walking track.

We arrived at the park and found the lot was empty. I reached into my bag and slipped out a couple of single packs of lube and some condoms trying to be unseen by Keith.

The path starts out in a wooded lot with great tall oaks. There is a lot of undergrowth but the paths are well maintained.

'What the hell is this,' Keith yells flaying his arms about.

'Just a spider web. Hun, take it easy.' I said

Ten steps latter 'Did you here that!'

'Just a squirrel. Come on relax.'

We were getting deeper in the woods and the ground was sloping down.

Because it was still early spring the tree canopy had not yet filled in and

there was still a lot of sun pounding the tops of our heads. Between the

hot sun, the warm day and Keith's tight bulbous ass I was getting very warm and perspiring. I quit trying to hide my erection from Keith. He was too busy looking out for bear.

I decided I would make my move on him once we got to the pond. It's in the open but I wasn't too afraid of being caught. But it could happen. I would have to get him to relax.

The path continued winding through the woods until the ground leveled off. Here there was just bush and under growth until we reached the

pond. Here Keith started to relax. I think it was because it was open and

he could see if a bear was coming. Even though the nearest bear is in the Milwaukee Zoo.

'You want to take a break and sit for a while?' I asked

Following the path back into the woods with his eyes he decided,


We sat down and I put my arm around him. He looked around and then gave me

a warm passionate kiss. I reached up and ran my fingers through his damp

blond hair. I slid down off the bench and put my mouth onto his Lycra covered penis

'Not here.' He said softly

'Why not. No on will see.' I said as I pulled his pant down and slipped the

band under his low hanging balls lifting them up against is semi erect seven-inch penis.

I bent over and closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation of pushing his tight

foreskin over the engorged tip of his cock with my tongue. Then I saw a

dimness cover by closed eye.

'Oh my God,' Keith said loudly. 'What the hell?'

I quickly withdrew his wet cock from my mouth, 'Is someone coming?' I asked

getting up and turning around.

That's when I first saw the strangest thing. It was like a blimp but not a

big. Cigar shaped and silently hanging in the air. It was light blue in

color. If it were not blocking the sun I don't think I would have seen

it. It looked like a very small plane without the wings. Hanging from the

craft was a ribbon of shimmering light unbroken running from the ship to

the ground and looping back. It looked like a conveyer belt just dangling

and running across the path ahead of us.

That was when I first noticed I could not move. I was frozen in place. I

could turn my head and move my eyes but my arms and legs were frozen. There

was no pain or sensation of any kind. I just couldn't move or speak.

I looked towards Keith. The poor dear was absolutely terrified. His eye

scrunched closed with his wet still erect penis with the foreskin pulled

back and his balls forced up by the band in his pants. If I weren't scared

myself I would have been laughing.

The frogs and birds were now silent. I expect they too were frozen by the

craft. There was not a ripple in the pond or a leaf moving in the trees.

The blue conveyer was coming closer. I think its color and the silence

helped me not to panic. I knew now we were the next targets for the

belt. As it came closer I could see it was picking up small animals insects

and other creatures of the forest. It was blue but it was more electric

than anything. It was like an energy field that was a magnet for life. And

this magnetic belt was heading for Keith and me.

I do not remember making contact with the beam or belt whatever it was. I

was in a new place and I was alone.

The light seemed to come from everywhere. Not a harsh light more warm a

glowing with a light blue haze. I was standing and tried to take a step. I

was able to move around only within a few feet circle. I had no visible

means of restraint nevertheless I was restrained. The floor was soft and

cushioned. I seemed to sink into it about an inch or so. As I looked along

the floor to its edge I noticed not so much an edge as a transition

place. The floor changed into the wall gradually and it had some bumps or

protrusions sticking out. They had doors, actually more like eyelids. Only

some of the eyelids were opened. They seemed to be spaced about a meter

apart in rows. The walls curved into the ceiling and they all seemed to be

moist. I could not touch it but it glistened as if moist.

Then I saw the most magnificent creature I had ever seen. He was small but

had features that made him look tall. If he were above you he would look

eight feet tall. As he stood in front of me he was only about four feet. At

first I thought he was naked but I noticed a familiar shape in his crotch

not unlike Keith in his Bicycle pants. This creature if he was like us was

surely a male. He had a head like ours but was hairless. His eyes were a

pair of dark pools, a solid pupil no iris and no white. His skin was

flawless and also slightly blue but more of a blue over pink.

My eyes stopped when I saw his hands. They had only three fingers and a

thumb. The middle finger was twice the length of the other two.

'Like you without an apposing thumb we would still be swinging from


I heard speaking. I heard the voice of a dear friend that I lost in a car

accident. I know it's not my friend yet it is so familiar and no sound came

from the creature.

'I know you hear me. Fear me not. You will not be harmed in any


'Is that you talking?' I said, 'Can you understand me?'

'We do not talk, we communicate. We understand through thought. You will

hear the voice of someone that had special meaning to you. Languages are

confining and restrictive thoughts are pure and universal not requiring


'Where is Keith?'

'Your companion seemed very distressed. We have allowed him to sleep for

now. He is in the next compartment.'

'What do you want with us?'

'We were gathering local fauna for scientific examination. We usually avoid

your species. My partner became interested in your behavior as he was

probing you mind by the vegetation. We were curious concerning your

nonproductive reproduction rites you were performing. They are similar to

what we do for recreation.

'You mean you were getting off watching us have sex.'

'We were curious and thought a closer examination might be warranted. I

will first examine your body. You will be unable to move but you may

communicate your responses to me through you thoughts. You friend became

very distressed at this point so we have decided to inform you of all our

moves first. Be assured no permanent harm will be done. You will remember

nothing and you will be returned to you point of origin.'

'Do I have a choice in this matter.'

'No you do not.'

The alien seemed to glide over to me. His strange hand configuration had no

difficulty negotiating my buttons. He removed my shirt and placed it over

one of the eyes on the wall. It silently disappeared into the eye.

His fingertips had soft pads on the ends. They seemed to be doing more than

feeling me. His hands were touching my chest all over. He was tracing

across my chest in a grid pattern that stopped only when they found my

nipples. With the pads of his longest fingers on each nipple I felt a

tweak. Yes the same kind of a tweak I would receive at a leather


The alien communicated to me. 'You like that?'

A picture flashed through my mind of a scene where I was on a restraining

bench, hands and feet bound with someone touching my nipples with small

electric prods. I noticed the alien squirm.

'You like it too don't you.' I said trying unsuccessfully to turn

my head to see the alien's crotch

'Yes I do.' The alien stepped back to show me his growing organ

still hidden in a veil of blue.

He then began to unfasten my belt. He pulled it out of the loops and

dropped it to the floor. The floor then folded over the top if it and it

disappeared. My baggy shorts simply fell and landed on top of my shoes.

The alien was behind me and I presumed he was not able to see my fully

engorged and for the first time ever ten-inch cock. In this paralyzed state

I was having my favorite bondage-scene taking place without so much as a

piece of string. I began to wonder if the alien actually did have a penis,

what it might look like and if it works like ours.

The alien without saying a word stepped into my view. I saw him turn his

head towards one of the eye bumps and the blue coloring of the alien

disappeared. Standing before me was truly one of Gods Angels.

The alien was perfect in every way in miniature. His body was muscular lean

and hairless. His features were handsome yet foreign. And yes he had a

penis. It looked to be hanging soft at about six inches and was uncut. His

testicles and scrotum were larger than normal. They had been hidden in his

uniform. His color was the healthy pink of a newborn babe. His skin seemed

thin. Only his hands remained strange.

He walked behind me and I felt his hand reach between my legs. I could feel

his middle finger wrapping itself around the shaft of my cock as his other

two grabbed my testicles. Each of his short fingers began to squeeze my

nuts as his middle finger began to stroke my cock. I was so hot I think my

dick was still getting bigger still. I was beginning to feel like one big

penis. If you touched me anywhere I might explode.

Just then the other alien walked in.

End of part one



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