Just then the other alien walked in.

I couldn't see the other alien but I could feel his presences.

'Bright Light' the second alien said, 'This one seems more settled than the

other on'

'Yes Red Cup' The first alien responded, 'I am enjoying this examination.'

'Can I ask, are those your names, 'Red Cup' and 'Bright Light?' Mike asked

still unable to turn his head and with a raging Ten inches of hard meat

pulsing between his legs. The alien had released his grip and his heavy

cock dropped to a heavy forty-five degree angle.

' Yes we are often called by the first object we pointed to as a child for

me it was a bright light.'

Red Cup asked of Bright Light, 'This human is so different from the other,

Shall we release the full restraint and allow him some free movement?

His mind is clear and focused towards his penis. He wishes to give us

pleasure. Release him but stay on guard. At the first sign of violence

restrain him.

Mike took a step. The ships soft floor swallowed the pants that had been

resting on the top of his shoes. Mike turned his head and was again taken

back by the angelic beauty of these creatures from another world. 'My name

is Mike. Please call me Mike' His thoughts full of desire and curiosity

were sent to the two aliens.

'Yes we will call you Mike. Are you named for a microphone?' Bright light


'No, May I get closer to you. I would like to touch you.' Mike said as he

dropped to his knees. Mike was becoming frightened. He was beginning to

feel like this was a religious experience. All Mike could think about was

kissing their feet.

' Be not afraid, Mike. We want what you want. We think you are beautiful

too. Come to me and kiss my feet.

Mike crawled over to Bright Light feeling the soft floor on his knees. The

floor was warm and felt alive. Mike lowered his head to the floor, his

nose touching the tip of the blue slipper he was wearing. He was fighting

for control. All he could thing about was his desire to touch hold and

devour this alien. He needed to hold him and taste him. He was truly

worshiping this creature.

He tuned his head slightly and noticed Red Cup had also lost his blue glow

and was now also visible to him. Red Cups cock was larger than Bright

light. Mikes need to have Red Cup close to him was understood and he moved

closer. Taking a spot behind Mike, he touched his back.

Mike raised his head looking towards the heavens, screaming at the top of

his lungs capacity. His eyes rolled up into his head as all of his senses

became overloaded with desire. It was his sole purpose to provide pleasure

to these two aliens. This is not a new feeling for Mike but never to this

extent. He was no longer sane.

After a few minutes Mike regained some control. He was terrified. These two

glorious creatures, one in front one in back were both fully sexually

aroused . Mike had nothing but pure desire pumping through his veins. His

body was being destroyed by lust.

He screamed, 'Fuck Me' and then again 'NOW, FUCK ME NOW PULLEASE'

The two aliens looked at each other with their coal black pupils and


'I think this one is ready,' Bright Light projected his thoughts.

Red Cup reached to the wall and slid his strange hand along the wall. When

he pulled his hand away there were trails of slippery clear slime that

reached from the wall, to his fingers. He placed the heal of his hand at

the base of Mikes spine. His long third finger seemed to move without

joints. It bent in strange directions but was clearly headed toward Mike's

rectum. The tip of the finger started to make fluid circles about 2 Inched

in diameter progressively getting smaller and smaller.

Mike eyes were rolling in his head again as he was feeling the circles

drawn on his ass. Ahead of him he saw Bright Light stepping closer. His

cock just inches from his face Mike tried to open his mouth. His whole body

was still over stimulated. He was too excited to control his

actions. Bright Light understanding this stepped closer yet and helped Mike

open his mouth. His cock now a full eight inches of angry looking meat. The

pink foreskin still draped over the end with a bit if purple peaking

out. Copious amounts of a clear thick fluid draining from the tiny slit

that must have been a urethra. His eyes following the trails of the fluid

as the landed on the floor and were immediately absorbed.

Mike managed to gain enough control to move his tongue. He had to taste the

magic nectar dripping from this alien organ. Just as the honey touched his

lips he lost control again.

His eyes went through another spastic episode as he felt the first invasion

of his backside. A warm moist object entered his hole. He knew it was no

cock. A small multi jointed warm moist snake entered his hole and was

searching around. The long alien finger touched his prostate Mike's cock

jerked. In his squatting position it touched the floor. 'My God' Mike

thought. It felt like the floor kissed his cock.

His mind regaining some control realized he had a sweet salty taste in his

mouth. Another clear drop of fluid landed on his tongue. With his eyes

closed he pushed his tongue under the foreskin and started to circle the

end of Bright Lights cock. Mike felt as though he was on some kind of an

opiate. He was definitely high on something. He wanted to pleasure these

two aliens and have them pleasure him. Mike had been on the verge of orgasm

for twenty minutes now. His cock had a continuous dull ache from being over

stretched with his blood and desire.

Mike felt in control as long as he kept his eyes closed. It helped to

reduce the stimulation he was receiving. He squeezed his eyes shut as the

assault on his ass continued. The alien finger in his ass was growing

thicker. It was blowing up like a balloon. Stretching and now pushing again

onto his pleasure button. He needed release. He would have to speed things

along so he rocked forward. Bright Lights cock plunged deep into his mouth

and entered his throat. He reached up and pulled on the aliens sack holding

the large and weighty balls

Now the alien was over stimulated. He let out a whistling sound something

like a scream. Alarmed Red Cup pulled out his enlarged middle finger from

Mike's ass. Red Cup noticed it was pleasure that caused the whistle. Now

relaxed the floor raised Red Cup higher. His hard cock was now even with

Mike ass. There was to be another round of assaults to his ass. With his

middle finger wound around his massive cock for added support Red Cup

stepped forward Inserting his cock full into Mike's stretched and

well-lubricated ass.

Mike held Bright Lights cock deep in his throat. His need for oxygen seemed

secondary to his function as a cock receptacle. He opened his eyes and

looked up. He could read nothing from the blackness of his eyes but he

noticed a slight grin forming around his perfect lips. Mike could feel

something happening in the alien cock. His tongue could feel something

flowing through the hard cock resting in his throat. That fucking alien was

pissing down his throat. There was no need for Mike to swallow. The cock

was inside his throat and simply emptied into his stomach. Having emptied

his bladder Bright Light slowly withdrew his cock.

Bright Lights tuned around and the floor adjusted its self to present

Mike's mouth with the most perfect ass- hole he had ever seen. An

invitation for his mouth but first Mike slid his nose right to the

opening. All he could smell was peaches. That sweet ass smelled of ripe

peaches and cream. Mike ran his tongue around the outside working toward

the center.

Meanwhile Red Cup was slowly fucking him in the ass. He would withdrawal

his cock completely and Mike's ass would snap shut and grab hole of the

foreskin. The foreskin served as a guide so without looking or feeling for

an opening Red Cup could force his cock past the tight sphincter and push

against Mike prostate. Each time Mike's cock would bounce and hit the

floor. The floor would reach up like a mouth and kiss the head of his dick.

Mike could not understand. He should have reached orgasm a hundred

times. He was still on the edge ready to come when they both stopped.

Red Cup and Bright Light walked to the wall and the bumps that looked like

the had eyelids opened up and reached out to there cocks. There seemed to

be no pleasure for them but when the wall let loose Mike could tell that

Red Cup's Cock was now clean.

Red Cup presented Mike with his freshly cleaned cock Bright Light greased

his long center finger on the walls slime and inserted it all the way into


Mike could feel the cock go past his throat and he grabbed those huge balls

and twisted them until the sack was holding them tight and shiny. Again

Mike could feel the flow of urine passing into his gullet but felt nothing

but pleasure. He felt as he had provided this lowly service to these

wonderful creatures. Mike was soon to provide another service. Red Cup

began to face fuck Mike. Long deep and slow strokes all the way deep into

his throat. In and out deeper and deeper until he had it all.

Bright Light was pounding him from behind now. Mikes cock was bouncing and

banging the soft floor until he felt an opening. The fucking floor was

sucking his cock.

Unable to take anymore the weak and explosive Mike looked up once again and

saw Red Cups eyes changing. The blackness turned into a translucent milky

white. Mike could see he had eyes just like his. The face fucking

continued until he heard a whistle in stereo. From the front Red Cup

grabbed Mike's head and plunged his cock roughly into his mouth until it

could go no further. Then with small very short strokes he continued to

pump Mike face. This time Mike knew what was being pumped into his gullet.

He counted fifteen pulses passing through the hard thick cock as he emptied

his seed.

>From behind, Bright Light reached around and the pads of his middle

fingers latched onto Mike nipples. His pounding was relentless and the

floor continued its work sloppily sucking on the cock. Mike shot first and

the floor made sounds sucking up spurt after spurt shooting from his

cock. Mikes ass clamped down onto Bright Light's dick. This sent him over

the edge filling his ass with shot after shot. Mike collapsed onto the

floor and lost consciousness.

When Mike opened his eyes he saw Keith's concerned face. Mike was on the

floor next to Keith.

'Are you alright?' Keith asked. 'You've been asleep for hours?'

'I'm fine. Where are we?

'Please don't think I'm crazy but I think we were picked up by

aliens and I don't mean Mexican.'

'Oh yea, I remember now. Do you have any idea how long we've been


'According to my watch about three hours. But I was asleep for a

while too.'

'Mike, have you like seen anyone?'

'Well Yea... Keith honey... you know how we were going to try

to be faith-full to each other?'

'Yea, what about it?'

'Could we like start tomorrow?'

'Mike, I don't think this is the time to talk about this. We gotta

get out of here.'

'Just listen to me Keith. What's the last thing you remember?'

'I remember you got me real horny. Is that what you mean?'

'Well yea what was the last thing you said to me?'

'I told you 'Not here, someone will see''

'Well Keith you were right. These aliens were watching me play with that

gorgeous cock of yours and they got all excited.'

'Mike, you mean these are GAY aliens.'

'I don't know if they are gay or not but they like the same things we do.'

'How do you know this? Have you been anally probed'

'I'm beginning to feel like a hick farmer drunk on shine talking to you

this way but you're not far from the truth. I have been intimate with


'You mean those bastards raped you'

'Well kinda, I didn't exactly have a choice. But I didn't tell them to stop

either. It was the hottest experience of my life. Well, next to our

lovemaking. Come here honey' Mike said scooting closer to Keith.'

'Get away from me. I'm not going to kiss you. There's no telling where your

mouth has been. What did you do blow 'em or let 'em fuck you.'

'Well yea... but I really didn't let them fuck me they just did. I had no

choice remember.' Mike said pouting

'Ok then' Keith said putting his arms around him and giving him a

kiss. 'You say you liked it?'

'Oh yea it was a religious experience. Oh babe. I did something you have

always wanted me to do with you. Now don't get mad...I drank their piss.'

'You're fucking kidding me. You'll drink some strange aliens piss but you

won't mine.'

'I will now babe. It's the way they did it. I didn't taste it at all. Their

cocks were too deep in my throat and it just went.'

'If we ever get outa this I'm gonna fuck you a new hole. This is all your


'How the hell do you figure that,' I said getting angry.

'You drug my ass out to that park in the first place.'

'Well get over it we have other problems than your fucking whining.'

'Do you think we're going to get outta this,' Keith said calming down

showing concern.

'To be honest with you babe. I don't think they are done with us. But they

did promise to return us unharmed. One of them told me you freaked out so

they let you sleep and dealt with me instead. One cool thing though. They

are little and not intimidating. But they are so beautiful and sexy and

they had like a power over me.'

'Would you be afraid if they come back?'

'No it was kinda good. I could like read their mind. I know they could read

mine. I always new what they were going to do before they did it. They knew

my reaction before hand too. The didn't talk but they spoke in voices in my

head. Bright Light was one and the other was Red Cup.'

'What are they Indians...I'll be Big Dick' Keith said laughing.



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