James sat on the park bench and checked his email from his phone. He was in the right spot, at the right time, on the right day. He was even wearing the right outfit. He wondered, then, why the man he was meeting was not there as well. He felt his stomach twist and knot in anxious anticipation. The meeting with this man was something of an interview, but it worked both ways - the man would ask James some questions, and James would ask others. In the end, if both parties approved, they would move on with their deal. Still, he felt nervous; while he knew he could back out of the deal at any time during the interview, the afternoon's outcome would impact his life permanently. He saw someone approach, a tall man in his mid-thirties with a lean, muscular build. He looked James' shorter, chubbier frame up and down.

'You must be James,' he said, his voice deep and confident. 'Nice to meet you.' He seated himself on the park bench without any invitation.

James' mind raced back to the various emails he exchanged with this man beside him. 'Likewise, Mister Poole,' he replied pleasantly, turning and extending his hand to the taller man. He noticed the man's clothing was very casual: a tight fitting tee, snug jeans, and a pair of flip-flops. Mister Poole had said to come to the interview in a specific outfit, so James had donned on a pair of black khakis and a dark green polo shirt with running shoes.

'Please,' he said dismissively, 'I'd rather you call me Jeremy for this interview.' He gave James' hand a firm shake. 'Are you nervous?' He sat on the bench with every inch of his body exuding self-confidence.

'A little,' James said with a chuckle. 'I don't know quite what to expect.'

'Well, James, as I said in my e-mail, this is an interview for me as well as you. Feel free to ask any questions you have.'

'Well,' he said. 'You know my story. I just want to get away from my life, even if only temporarily.'

'OK,' Jeremy said. 'Well, let me explain everything again. If you go through with this, you will be mine for the next six weeks. In that time, you will do everything I say without hesitation. You will not even need to think.'

James nodded. With all the recent stress he'd been through, disappearing and having no need to think would be a blessing. 'And at the end of those six weeks?'

Jeremy smiled and made a sweeping gesture with his hands. 'You're free to go.'

James thought about the arrangement and nodded. 'And there are no catches whatsoever?'

'What catch could I give? I outlined the terms clearly, did I not? If you agree, you are my slave for the next six weeks. You will wear what I say, you will move how I say, do as I say, and even think as I say. Six weeks of complete, utter, and totally voluntary submission from you is the only thing you need to give. And when we're done, you can go wherever you like.

'But I want to stress that since this is also your choice, you will have no rights or leeway. If you accept, you are going to be my gay bottom bitch. Not 'curious,' or 'bi.' You will be gay. Am I clear?'

Why not? James' mind was completely willing to give up everything that made him who he was, at least for six weeks. 'Yes, you are. And, I agree.'

'Agree to what?' Jeremy looked sternly at James. 'I want to hear you say it, and I want you to hear yourself say it.'

'I agree to submit my entire self to you for the next six weeks,' James said. He felt a rush through his body at the very notion of it.

Jeremy smiled. 'Awesome. Now, put these on.' He produced a pair of dark sunglasses and handed them to James, who donned them. James noticed immediately that the lenses had been painted black, and the side pieces were large and opaque, blocking all visual input. Jeremy led James through the park and into a car, buckling him in the front seat. Once situated, Jeremy drove away from the park, away from the neighborhood, and even out past the city limits.

Once at their destination, Jeremy's house, James figured, Jeremy guided his new slave out of the vehicle and across very soft grass. In the distance, James heard birds and the sound of wind blowing the leaves on trees. It was very tranquil, and very remote, he deduced. Any attempt at escape would likely be impossible, if the need arose. Jeremy continued leading James, the ground changing from soft (dirt, probably) to wood, then to carpet. There was the sound of a door closing and locking before the glasses were removed.


He ignored his new surroundings as he heard the command. Immediately, James pulled his green polo shirt up over his head and let it fall to the floor beside him. He kicked off one shoe, then the other, kicking them aside to the same spot. Next came his white ankle socks, then his belt. He looked down at his abdomen, his belly a little large due to bad eating habits and poor exercise through his youth. He undid the button of his pants, ignoring all such thoughts. He belonged to Jeremy and was therefore not required to think, therefore he would not. He unzipped his khakis and let them drop to the floor before stepping out of them and kicking them aside. He slid his thumbs down the waistband of his dark red boxer briefs and slid them down, his ass and cock feeling the air of the room. He stepped out of them, tossed them onto the pile of clothes, and stood awaiting instructions. Part of him was self conscious, worried that Jeremy would berate him.

Jeremy leaned forward and put his open hand under James' scrotum. His fingers hefted the weight of the younger man's balls before slowly caressing their way towards the penis. He fingered the head for a few seconds before undoing his jeans and pulling his member out from within. It was significantly longer than James'.

'You're circumcised, aren't you?' Jeremy reached out and tugged gently on the head of James' penis.

'Yes,' he answered.

'Have you ever seen foreskin before?'


'Well, you will. Get on your knees and suck me. Play with my foreskin, lick my head, and swallow my shaft. Got it?'

'Yes!' Instantly, James dropped to his knees and opened his mouth. He ran his tongue along the head of Jeremy's member, tasting the warmth and flavor of his first dick. He pulled back on the shaft, watching Jeremy's foreskin roll back and reveal more of his swelling head. He slid his hand forward, the foreskin returning, draping itself over the head. He licked the skin, enjoying the new sensations. He licked the head and foreskin, repeating his play until he felt ready and put the whole of Jeremy's head in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around inquiringly, exploring the new, fleshy warmth. Soon he advanced, very slowly, down the shaft, each advance bringing a stronger whiff of Jeremy's crotch with it. He felt intoxicated and continued to greedily take more and more in until he gagged and reeled back, coughing.

'Easy,' Jeremy soothed, his hand resting on top of his slave's head. 'You don't need to take it all now. Just blow me until I cum.'

James resumed, learning how to bob his had back and forth and stimulate Jeremy's dick. He ignored the aching of his jaw and continued sucking, intent on completing his task. Without warning, warmth exploded inside his mouth. Jeremy's hands clamped his head in place, ensuring that more semen exploded directly into James' waiting orifice. He heard Jeremy's voice hiss, 'swallow,' and complied, enjoying the taste and feeling of fresh cum inside his mouth and throat.

After a moment, Jeremy recovered. 'Not bad for your first time.' He pointed to the couch. Now lie on your back, legs apart, feet in the air. Once James was in position, Jeremy positioned his erect member on the tip of James' exposed hole. 'I want to hear you scream, moan, and beg for more.' He pushed into his slave's hole, forcing his saliva-covered shaft deep into the younger man's ass. James, as ordered, screamed and moaned, yelling how hot it felt and how much more he wanted. Jeremy smiled and began to thrust, working the virgin hole without mercy, each moan and squeal making him thrust harder. He pounded on James' ass steadily, each movement making the bottom scream with agonized pleasure. After some time, Jeremy released, his cum exploding into the hard-fucked hole. James continued to whimper and moan, begging for more cum.

'Now that you're mine,' Jeremy said, pulling out, 'I have a little something for you.' He walked over to an end table and opened a wooden box, retrieving a small syringe. He walked over to James, whose legs were still in the air, and injected him between the anus and the scrotum. James screamed a little at first, then calmed down and drifted into sleep.

When he awoke, James was on his back in a dark room. He figured it was a basement. Jeremy stood over him. 'Look who's awake. How do you feel?'

He remained still, his body feeling different. 'I feel cold,' he said. 'And different. I can't quite place it, though.'

'Look in the mirror and take a look, slave,' Jeremy said, pointing to a wall.

James sat up, the surface of whatever he had been laying on cool against his bare skin. The coolness felt unusual, as though he'd never felt the sensation on any part of his body before. He gazed into the mirror and immediately noticed he was bald. His torso was sculpted muscle, his arms and abdomen well-defined. He saw that each nipple had a small ring piercing them. He slid off the smooth surface and saw that he towered over the ground on long, muscled legs. They, too, were hairless. He looked where his torso and his legs joined, marveling at a knee-length uncut penis and low-hanging testicles that were significantly larger than the ones he used to have. His massive, uncut dickhead had a thick piercing in it. There was no hair anywhere on his body. He looked at himself in the mirror and gasped, then noticed the flash of two metal studs in his tongue. He looked at Jeremy in disbelief.

'For the next six weeks, this is your body. Every part of you belongs to me, your mind as well as your body,' Jeremy asserted. 'As such, you will look as I wish you to.'

James felt a rush of sensuality course through his being - his escape from his life was becoming even more drastic than he'd imagined. 'Thank you,' he said humbly.

'Now for some rules,' Jeremy declared. 'As of now, you will only know me as 'Master.' The person you knew as Jeremy is gone completely. I am Master, you are Slave. You have no rights, no say in anything, and no independent thought. When I speak to you, you will be silent unless I command otherwise. When answering me, you will use 'Master' or 'Sir' at the end of every response. Am I clear?'

James accepted his role instantly. 'Yes, Master,' he said, loud and clear.

'Excellent,' Master replied. 'When I am in the room, you will take one of three positions: standing at attention, on your hands and knees, or sitting down with your feet flat on the floor and your legs bent and spread wide.' James instantly shifted to stand at attention, which was rewarded by an approving nod from Master. 'If you are invited to sit, you will sit with your legs apart, allowing me access to your ass at all times. Obviously, you will be naked inside the house at all times; after all, your dick is so big, it wouldn't fit into any clothes.' Master drew closer.

'Slave, would you like to see one of the most amazing things about your new body?'

'Yes, Master,' James replied evenly, doing his best to squelch any thoughts of excitement. Master took the massive slave-dick in his hands and stroked it for several long minutes with no reaction other than gentle ripples of pleasure coursing through the slave.

'You will not become hard or cum unless I allow otherwise.' Master released the massive dick, and it swung down like a pendulum between James' legs. 'A lot of people demand control; they're fools. No, I've made you the ultimate slave and totally removed erections and orgasms from you.' He tweaked one of James' pierced nipples, and James managed to stand attentively despite the mingling feelings of pain and pleasure. 'What do we say?'

'Thank you, Sir,' James answered. He figured six weeks with a knee-length dick would not be so bad - an erection would probably result in passing out. As the realization of thought entered his mind, he forced it out, intent on being the blank slate his master demanded him to be.



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