When their master had returned, he found both slaves asleep on the floor. Looking closely, he noticed that both slaves had linked themselves together by the giant rings going through their enormous dickheads, as well as having linked their nipple rings together. He nodded approvingly. He was right to get a second slave, as both would help the other accept their new life. Clearly, he realized, they had also explored the sensuality of their new bodies with one another. Staring that their intertwined legs and dicks, the Master smiled at his greatest work to date - so obvious and unable to be hidden, the massive dicks on his slaves would make them too self-conscious to ever think of escape.

'Slaves,' he said sternly. 'The first one unhooked, back in order, and at attention will get to swallow my cock. Get up now!'

With a start, Alex and James fumbled with their nipple rings, unhooking their torsos. Alex was immediately opening the ring in his penis and separating it from James. While he felt close to the other slave and did not want to separate himself, Master was the first priority. With his ring secured once more, he stood at attention. He noticed, with a pang of loss, that James had already been standing at attention. He had lost the race to swallow his master's cock.

Alex watched his master praise James' ability to follow directions and order him to his knees. He bit his lip as he watched the other slave suck cock happily, his being filled with envy for his fellow slave and shame at his own inadequacy. One word came to mind to describe him in that moment - useless; his dick was useless, his balls were useless, and he was useless as well, not even good enough to deserve sucking Master's cock. He thought about the word, and how in a single day he'd adopted it as something to describe him - with James it was something that brought them together, with Master it was a means of control, and on his own it was a hell. Master and James moaned in pleasure at their activity, making Alex look on in envy once more. Suddenly, Master pulled his dick from James' mouth.

'Enough. I've decided that you both need some more modification.' Master pressed a button on the console's table and it expands to twice its size. 'Both of you on the table, on your backs.'

Immediately, both slaves complied. Master input commands into the console and the table built a shell from their sculpted waists down past their feet. Both slaves felt numbness where the table covered them. Master stroked himself as the table's process continued, his gaze intent on the console. After a short time, the table retraced the shells covering the slaves' lower bodies. Both looked down to see their new modifications - their feet had become bigger, as had their already enormous cocks and balls!

'Eighteen and a half inches for each foot, and your dicks are now ankle-length and twelve inches around, with appropriately scaled balls,' Master said without looking up from the console. He continued stroking himself. 'On your knees, both of you,' he ordered. Both slaves obeyed instantly. He finished jerking as he walked away from the console, letting his cum splatter to the floor. 'When I leave the room, the both of you will lap up every last drop. You will share my gift. Am I clear?'

'Yes, Master,' both slaves answered in unison.

'Good,' Master said, nodding. He approached the door. 'I'll be back later.' He exited and closed the door behind him.

Frantic and eager, both slaves dove at the splatters of cum on the floor, their pierced tongues dragging along the flat surface, savoring every ounce of flavor they could acquire, each droplet sheer ecstasy for them. Once the floor was cleaned, the pair looked at each other and pressed their lips against the other in a ferocious kiss. They pushed their tongues into the other's, sliding along in the hope of tasting residual cum. As they kissed, they pressed closer and closer into each other until they were kneeling upright with their chests pressed together.

James broke away from the kiss and gave Alex an appraising look. He scooted back and grabbed the base of his new ankle-length shaft, then swung it playfully at Alex's muscled abdomen. Alex looked down in silence before breaking into a wide, playful grin. James swung again, only to be caught by Alex, who held the flaccid meat in both hands and brought it to his lips. He watched as the other slave licked his dickhead and underneath his foreskin, the sensation sending pleasure through him, though not enough to arouse.

'I want to lick your feet,' he told Alex. Alex stopped licking James' meat and let it drop to the floor, the piercing making its erotic clunk as it landed. He rose, then seated himself, stretching his legs our so his massive feet were near James' mouth. James adjusted his position as well, imposing his feet upon Alex.

'Big, floppy, useless feet. Big, floppy, useless cock. Big, floppy, useless balls,' Alex put his nose to James' foot and inhaled deeply. 'Two useless slaves with massive, useless appendages.' Somehow, the more it was said between him and James, the sexier it felt.

'Big, floppy, useless feet,' James repeated and sucked on one of Alex's toes, his pierced tongue swirling around it. Alex twitched at the sensation. James moved to another toe, then another, each time swirling his tongue around, each time making Alex's feet twitch at the sensation. After the tenth toe, James began to lick the soles. Alex giggled as the sensation rushed through him.

'I love being a slave with you,' Alex said once his giggles had subsided.

'Useless slave,' James corrected. He licked one of Alex's huge soles again. 'You're so useless, you can't even get it right?'

'Absolutely useless,' Alex agreed, content with his new form and the adjective he adopted to describe himself.



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