The sun was slowly setting in the west as I set on the porch. I was thinking about life in general. I had been setting here in a chair on the back patio porch, with a beer in my hand, remenissing about past experiences, and loves.

I am a older, rather well off gentleman, I am semi retired, I am an Insurance salesman, and I have done really quite well, I am really financially set for life.

My thoughts went back to the years when I was much younger and sexually active, and being a gay man, I had to keep it under wraps so to speak. During those years, being gay and open was rather scary, there was so much gay bashing, and homophobia was really rampant, some of my gay friends were beaten badly by hate groups, and some of the homophobic trash.

I was thinking about the first time that I had gay sex, an older man, about thirty three, or there abouts, was working at the place I was working, and he befriended me. I ran a fork lift in the factory that he and I worked at.

We were working the second shift at the time, this was prior to me going into the insurance business.

On our shift we went in at three in the afternoon, and we got off at eleven thirty that night. Well Lloyd, the guy I am talking about, came up and said, 'Hey Cal', my name, ' do you want to go to the Pine Room Lounge for a beer after work?' I said 'sure, that would taste really good'. I knew I had been having some conflicts about likeing women, it just wasn't there for me, the way other guys had been telling me their reactions to women were, but I did have those same reactions to men, such as seeing them at the urinals in the mens room, I reacted to that with my cock getting hard, I was thinking something was wrong with me.

Well that night at the bar with Lloyd, we were talking, and the more beers I drank, the looser my tongue got, Lloy ask me, 'Do you have a girl friend?' I said 'no'. He said he didn't either, then he said 'what do you do for sex? I know you aren't a monk and celebate', I said 'no, I do the usual', he said 'you mean stroke your cock?' I said, 'you got it'.

Lloyd then ask me if I had ever had a man suck my cock? I said 'not yet', he said 'didn't you ever wonder just what the touch of another mans hand or mouth would feel like?' I said 'sure, but who wants to do that to me, without telling the world that I like being sucked off by a guy'.

Lloyd just said, 'man, why don't you come home with me and spend the night? tomorrow is Saturday and we don't have to work tomorrow night, we can sleep late, and besides, I will enjoy the company'.

I just said, 'sure man, why not?'

We got to Lloyds house, and I noticed he lived by himself, Lloyd had a pretty nice place, he wasn't married either, I really didn't give any thought to why he had invited me.

He took off his clothes and just walked out into the living room in his briefs, and said, go ahead and make yourself at home, get comfortable, he got us a beer from the frig and we sat on the couch together in just our briefs, He said, I hope you like porno movies? and he popped one in and flipped it on. I was just starting to get a boner watching the movie and seeing Lloyd in his briefs, they were very full in the crotch area, Lloyd looked like he had a very long thick hunk of meat. and I could make out a nice set of big balls in there to.

I had actually started staring at his package when he had walked into the living room with the beers, he noticed my looking and the very hard cock jutting up in my briefs. Just looking at his package I was getting so friggen turned on, I could feel the pre-cum leaking out the opening of my cock. I was a little embarrassed and he just smiled and said Cal, are you turned on looking at me? or from the movie? I said well, to be honest yes, a little of both. I looked down and Lloyd just set down beside me and said It's alright man, I am gay too, He said 'I love to make it with guys'', I said I have never done anything with a guy', he said 'don't you think it's time you did?' I just said 'ugh Huh'.

Lloyd led me to his bedroom and said 'it's time you came to know just what your all about', I said O.K. and I set down on the bed, Damn, man, I had these visions of a guy holding you down and almost raping your asshole, really like a viscious molestation of your body, thinking that gay sex was horrible and terrible, at least thats the way most straight people had portrayed it.

I set on the edge of the bed and Lloyd came over to me and reached over and said 'man, Cal, I really never noticed how handsome and well built you really are', I said 'your pretty good looking yourself Lloyd', he said 'well thank you Cal'.

I was braced for god know what, and then he just leaned over and started rubbing my body all over my chest, my legs and my stomach, he started twisitng my nipples and saying how beautiful I was. I noticed his cock was inflating in his briefs and my cock was leaking like a faucet running water, got I was totally excited, He leaned over and started kissing me on the lips and I got really turned on and started kissing him back, I wrapped my hands around his neck and yanked him into me and kissed the living daylights out of him, I was a really hot newcomer.

Lloyd said 'slow down man, we have all night' and laughed, He started rubbing my inner thighs, and legs and when his fingers gently, softly and so fucking sexually reached my balls and he started rubbing them I just wilted, and said 'aw fuck', I just took a deep breath and spread my legs and gave him complete access to my package, He pulled the elastic band open and slid his hand down into my basket and wrapped his hand around my uncut seven incher and said 'man your cock is realy nice and thick', I said 'I guess so, I just know it likes what your doing', he said 'just wait, it gets better', I said ugmmmm, and he started stroking it, DAmn He had me wrapped around his finger, by haveing his hand wrapped around my cock.

Lloyd just layed me back on my back on the bed and slowly slid my briefs off, and leaned down and started licking on my nuts, I liked to flew off the bed, god was this awesome feeling or what?

I was about to float to the ceiling with his doings, he was rubbing my nut sack gently as he stroked my cock with his other hand, and then he just leaned over and slid my foreskin back and took my cock to the hilt into his mouth, I liked to had a heart attack, I just grunted and moaned Oh Shit man, and I felt the most gloriously awesome feeling take over my body that I had ever felt, I couldn't possibly think sex with girl would ever feel this awesome. Fuck I was enthrawled with this feeling, I realized I was enjoying it so fucking much, I reached over and took Lloyds very thick hard throbbing cock into my hand, and started stroking his cock. Lloyd moaned his pleasure as I stroked his cock and then he reached down and took his briefs off too, I wanted to taste cock and I leaned over to his package. I got a wiff of his crotch aroma, god it was totally intoxicating, He had a wonderful aroma to his package, I smell his pubic bush and started licking it, god I loved that hair, and then I slid his foreskin back and took the head of my first cock into my mouth, I was a gonner, hooked on this, it was fantastic, not only the getting a b/j but sucking cock for myself too.

Lloyd was enjoying what I was doing too.

After about twenty minutes of sucking and being sucked I felt a climax building up and I felt that feeling of unloading my load into his mouth, a first for me, and He just swallowed and licked and gave me the most intense pleasure I had ever had, I started feeling his cock move in my mouth about that time and I tasted his load, man I love the feeling of a cock unloading into my mouth, I was completely hooked.

That was back when I was nineteen, But now I'm fortynine and things are different now, gay sex is more open, and there are places to go for hookups.

I had gone to many places that were full of life and sex for a guy, but now that I'm older I just go there and have drinks, I still look pretty good but I'm not in my twenties or early thirties and that's what most of the dude now days want. Stud, Jocks, sheer perfection in a young body, adonises, and as the ole saying 'Greek Gods'.

I was setting at a table in a actually not 'gay bar' but 'gay friendly', clientle of both pursuasions. I was setting there and just watching the eye candy walking around to greet each other, not feeling rejected but rather alone, if you get my drift.

I had set at this small table in the corner, I was nicly dressed and I had a mixed drink, a Long Island Tea to be exact, I had noticed several good looking younger men at the bar, and this one that kept looking over at me. I noticed several guys of varying ages sorta hitting on him, but with a rejection, and I thought, I know that feeling. The bartender came walking over to me with another drink, set it on my table, I looked up and said, I didn't order that drink, he said, compliments of the young man at the end of the bar, I looked over to the bar and saw that young man, that had been staring at me, he looked like he was just barely legal and just as cute as a babydoll, he was so fucking good looking. His hair was black, almost that wild looking coif, his thin black eye brows were perfect and his face was the face of an angel, he had the line around his face of a couple days of not having been shaven, and his smiled lit up the room, He was fucking gorgeous, then he raised his glass and held it up at me, I raised my glass and saluted him too. In about three minutes he came walking over to my table, ask 'is this seat taken' I said 'why certainly not', he smiled and ask 'may I?' I said 'certainly', he sat down and said 'My name is Jacob', I said 'well hello Jacob, my name is Calvin, most people call me Cal''. I said I want to thank you for this drink', he said 'believe me it's my pleasure'.

I can not tell you how I was feeling at this moment, I could feel his vibes, I smelled his light body splash odor, I almost had to pinch myself to see if I was awake or asleep. I said 'what made you buy some old decrepid geezer like me a drink', he smiled, and said man, 'don't sell yourself so short, your one hot looking man, I have this thing for older men', I said 'really?' he said 'I always have'.

I said, 'I must tell you something Jacob, I am Gay', He said 'I was hoping so, If not this was all a waste', I said 'really', he just came out and said 'man, I would love to take you to a motel and have passionate sex with you', I said 'REALLY?' he said 'oh yea', and he was staring straight in my eyes when he said it, he slid over to me and set right beside me and slid his hand up against my crotch, I felt his forefinger moving in a gentle circlular motion, around the hardening, thickening head of my now throbbing cock, and he so sensuously spoke in my ear and said 'yea, I want you really bad', He said 'younger men don't get the job done for me, I want a mans man, and I want him to have experience, I love a man that is well groomed, nicely kept and has a little gray around the edges and If I may be so bold, I love a man with a foreskin, most younger guys don't have that'. I said 'well your in Luck tonight', he just smiled a great big beautiful smile.

He said, 'do you have a place close by, or do I need to rent us a motel room?' I said 'my place is just about three miles from here'.

I ask him if he had a car, he said yes, and I had him follow me home and we pulled into my driveway, and around back to the garage door. Since I have a two car garage He pulled his little Mazda into the garage beside my Lexus.

We went into the Garage, and went into the house, He said, I need to use the restroom and I went up to the bedroom and got partially undressed he came out of the rest room with just his boxers on. I was in my briefs and he said 'god man, your hot', Jeeze man, this kid was breathing like he was haveing an breathing episode or something, almost panting, he was really turned on with the expectation of having sex with me. He turned around, and I noticed a hard, thick, hot, cut cock, sticking out of the slit in his boxers he must have had eight inches, and he said it was six inches around too, all I know it was thick and long. It was so fucking hard he could have cut glass with it. Thats what I like about a really young dude, their cocks gets really hard.

We got into bed and I had barely gotten naked when Jacob had my cock in his mouth and groaning and grunting and sucking like a vacuum cleaner, and god it felt so damned good, It had been quite a while since I had been in bed with a guy, I was in hog heaven, Jacob was going for broke, damn, I had to slow him down.

I layed down on the bed finally and got Jacob besides me and said now, let do this together, I leaned into a sixty nine position, and we went at it, he was about to explode I had his cock to the hilt and it was a mouthful, and then I said 'Jacob', he said 'Huh', I said 'man you want to fuck me?' He said 'oh yea', and I got some lube prepared my body to recieve his manhood, damn man, I really wanted to feel that steel rod between his legs in my ass, I was almost over anxious, and he was kissing me and licking my face and just almost going wild ,and I really got a good look at Jacobs body and he could have had anyone he had wanted, and there had been some really hot looking dudes hitting on him at that bar tonight, God he was built really awesome. I felt so honored that this young stud wanted me, an Old geezer.

Well I layed back and let Jacob slowly enter my man hole and he said, "oh fuck me, this feels like a little bit of heaven", and he leaned in and I felt the hair against my ass and felt his balls just bouncing on my ass cheeks, he was buried.

He smiled and started his motion of fucking and he was sweating and getting into this love making and I was feeling the effects my climax as it was building up, and he was getting closer and after about ten minutes of hard heavy fucking, we both blew a load within a minute of each other, He collapsed on top of me. I said Jacob, he just moaned, and said 'Cal that was awesome, can I spend the night here?' I said 'I would really love that', He licked the cum off my chest that I had shot and smiled, kissed me and just made out with me almost all night long, He sucked me off at least one more time that night and he stayed hard almost all night long, I let him fuck me again before sunrise.

Jacob has become a regular part of my life, when we go anywhere I introduce him as my son, he just laughs. but being around him had made me feel so different, because I learned from him that if given the chance an older man can come to the realization that age is just a number, and that being around a younger man has made me feel younger. I am looking to a long relationship with Jacob.



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