I wake up the next day cuddled close to my Japanese twink lover. My hard cock pressing against his cum crusted ass. Oh how I enjoyed fucking this boi. I slowing climb out of bed to take a leak.

I walk into the bathroom, Tashi's identical twin brother is in the shower. I warn him of my pressence as I let the piss flow. He opens the curtain as I'm finishing and pulls me inside. Before I can speak, he drops to his knees and takes my semi-erect cock into his mouth. 

He sucks on me till I'm good and ready before pushing me back against the wall, turning around and impaling his virgin hole onto my cock. He tells me I'm his first and has wanted me since I made his brother my bitch the day before.

I hold onto his hips as he begins sliding on my cock slowly at first then harder and faster. I bite my lip, trying to hold back. He cries out as his ass clamps onto my enflamed cock, causing him to erupt. The vibration of his quivering ass sends me over and I erupt deep inside him. 

Just then, Tashi throws open the curtain with a slight disappointment look on his face. As his brother pulls off my cock to apologize, Tashi swallows my cock then his brothers. He grabs us both by the hand and leads us to his parents king sized bed. 

They both throw me onto the bed then tag team sucking my cock and nuts. My eyes are in the back of my head, I'm in heaven. Tashi pushes his brother back, sitting on my cock and begins to ride me slowly at first. As his brother starts to suck on Tashi's cock, he goes lust crazy. Starts bucking on my cock like a sex deprived slut.

I watch as he holds his brothers head, practically skull fucking him, whimpering and yelping in pure lust. I throw Tashi onto his back, legs on my shoulders as I pile drive his ass. His brother quickly gets into a 69 position and they both go stir crazy on each others cocks.

The sight of two sexy Japanese twinks blows my nuts off. I cry out as I cum once again, flooding Tashi's ass once again. I pull out to see a river of cum pouring out sweet Tashi's ass. I need more. I have one more in me.

I get behind Tashi's brother once more and begin another assault on his freshly deflowered boi pussy. Slamming his ass with all I have, balls deep, turning his cute ass red with my hips. I feel Tashi alternating between his brothers cock and my nuts.

I feel his brothers hole clamp down onto my cock as he whimpers onto Tashi's cock. He erupts into Tashi's mouth, followed by Tashi himself. I pull out just in time to unleash one more huge load. Some shooting into the brothers gaping hole, the rest all over his ass.

I fall back, panting hard, as they swallow each others cum. Tashi wastes no time and licks/sucks my cum from his brothers ass. Licking down his cock and nuts seeing how I came all over him. We lay there cuddling, our nuts emptied but looking forward to another nut busting threesome with these sexy bois.



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