I'm Jay, 29, 6'3", a bit of a chub, moderately hairy but I manscape. Nothing says sexy like smooth balls and cock. I've been coming to a local cafe for 2 years and seen many people come and go. Some sexy women but that's about it.

One day, I see a cute Japanese twink come in. Petite, looks to be 17, dark hair with bleached stripes. Could be mistook for a girl. I adjusted myself to hide my suddenly erect cock. I had to have him.

He came and went and I had a pleasurable nut that night. I went back a couple days later and saw him sitting on his laptop, dressed in a tight fitting tshirt and capris. Fuck, he looked good.

After getting my drink, I sat at his table. He looked at me in awe. I introduced myself and found out his name was Tashi and is 19. We talked for a bit and found out he was home alone, parents in Japan for an anniversary honeymoon. 

After some more banter, he invited me over, I happily accepted. I drove us to his house, I followed behind him as he lead us to his room. As soon as we entered, he threw himself at me. Gripping his ass firmly, our tounges wrestled for dominance. I need this beautiful boy.

I gently broke the kiss to try to get some air, he instantly dropped to his knees, yanking at my pants. He pulled my pants and underwear down, then ingulfing my hard cock. Shit, I can't breathe, this is a wet dream come true. I finish undressing myself as he hungrily sucks my leaking cock.

I pull him off and strip him down to his briefs. His ass looks so sexy in his tight white briefs. I throw him face down onto his bed, remove his briefs, spreading his cute petite ass open and dive in. He moans and whimpers as I tongue fuck his tight pussy.

I slobber on his hole, my cock aching harder, hungry for pussy. He cries out like a bitch in heat as he cums from the rimming. I pull away, thinking we're done, but he begs for me. He pleads for me to fuck him. I happily oblige. I get behind him on the bed, soaking my cock in spit before teasing his pussy.

I poke and grind, acting as if I'm entering him only to pull away. After a few minutes, he's crying for my cock. I take aim and give him what he wants. I plow balls deep into his awaiting pussy. He cries out in lust, raising his legs up from his knees and locking me into him.

I grip his petite frame and begin pummeling his ass. Lust in total control, I watch as my cock pistons in and out his boi cunt. The sound of my hips slapping his ass and his feminite moans echo about the room.

Not sure how much longer I can hold out but the tightening in my nuts answer that question. I grunt then roar out as I bury myself within him, feeling his pussy quivering on my cock as he cums again, at the same time as I cum. Releasing at least a months worth of tension. Rope upon rope, I breed his ass.

I slowly pull out to regain our composure. I'm still hungry. I look at his sweet pussy and lust overtakes me again. I throw him onto his back, into the puddle of his own cum. He looks at me in lust as he raises his legs. I dive back into home. He tightly wraps his arms and legs around me, locking his lips upon mine. 

I continue to abuse his pussy for all it's worth. My cum lubing his pussy for my hard cock. Driving as hard, fast and deep into his pussy as I can. Sweat covering our bodies, I feel his pussy tightening onto my still sensitive cock. He throws his head back and screams like a teen on her first orgasm as he cums. 

I cry out to sweet jesus as the dam breaks and a river of cum floods his ass. As soon as one orgasm finishes, another one erupts. I rest my head on his shoulder as he holds me close, my cock still buried inside him. I hear a slight gasp and I turn to look and see a Tashi look alikein the doorway. 

My newfound lover looks at me with a smile and realize they are identical twins. As I pull out to quickly dress, his brother rushes me and swallows my cock, cleaning it. He then eats my cum from his brothers pussy and licking his brother clean of all cum. 

He turns back to me with a smile and asks when is his turn. I smile knowing I'm going to drain many nuts with these two sexy bois.



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