Cool Dude,I said I'm Jarod, as I reached out to shake Aarons hand, So where you from I ask? and Aaron replyed, Montana, My Dad Is foreman on a big ranch there. I said hey man, thats awesome. I helped Aaron bring his bags into the dorm room and then unload his small car, a Saturn, I think, I'm not two swift on those things anyway.

We got all of Aaron's things into the room and he said crap, I forgot to bring the sleeping shorts that I always wear to sleep in, I said hey man, It won't bother me If you don't wear anything, if you don't want, He looked up and smiled at me for the first time. I felt a little twing happen in my stomach. Well I let Aaron have his choice of the beds, we had sort of a like small two room apartments on campus, there was a study room with desks in one room and the bedroom with two twin beds, and in the other room a walkin closet for our clothes, and storing anything other than clothes, a couple dressers with mirrors, and being on the third floor of the dorm we had a really nice view of the campus.

I noticed one thing about Aaron he was very shy, and didn't seem to want to talk much, and I just kinda tryed to ignore him as much as possible, thinking he would warm up to me eventually, I said, "Aaron do you like snack foods?" and he said yea, why? I said in the closet theres a box on the shelf with chips, and cookies and other things too, and on the lower shelf was a little frig, which I had stocked with Pepsi, coke, and other flavored drinks and, I had even hidden a few beers back in the back of the little frig. He finally said, cool dude, that seemed to be his favorite thing to say.

Well about a month into the school year I learned he was a full back for the football team, and I had noticed he was built like a fucking bull, thick heavy neck, arms Like Arnold Swartzenager, Legs like tree trunks, and I saw him one evening going thru his stuff while wearing just his underwear, of course white briefs, and he turned around to ask me something. I just stood there mesmerized, staring at the huge bulge in his briefs, he noticed I was staring. He said, what's wrong? I glanced away with my eyes, and he said is something wrong? I said, "oh nothing", I just couldn't help looking at that Huge bulge in your shorts, he placed his hands down over his crotch, and covered it up, and said I'm sorry, I didn't mean too, I said Aaron what's wrong? I noticed He had tears in his eyes, He said I know I'm not supposed to let people see me like this, thats what my dad said, I said, "Aaron theres nothing wrong with other guys seeing your cock and balls". It's normal for guys checking each other out, they do it all the time in the shower rooms, He said, that's why after sports I don't shower, I said, What? Man! with a package like that? I then said, Look Aaron, come here, and He slowly wandered over to me, I said Put your hands up on your hips. and He did, I said now, close your eyes, I reached up and grabbed the elastic band of his briefs, and slowly slid them down, he started to act a little embarrassed, and I said no Aaron, and I finished sliding his brief down to his lower hips just letting the biggest cock I have ever layed eyes on flop out, beautifully cut, with a perfectly shaped gorgeous head on it. His nutsack hung down halfway to his knees. I said Aaron, your cock and your balls are beautiful, why be ashamed to let others see them? He just slightly smiled and said, you really think so? Your the first man, besides my little brother that has seen them. I told him Believe me Aaron, and I know cocks, and your cock is gorgeous. As I stood there in front of Aaron, I noticed his cock was starting to swell up, and He just stared at me, I looked down and his cock was standing, I mean standing, straight up against his stomach, I like to fell on my knees, I said Aaron, my god man, It looks like it's at least nine inches long, Aaron said, it's nine and a half, I measured it, but It does this all the time, and always in the wrong places. I ask him do you stroke it off, or have sex, He said I stroke off, but have never had sex before with a girl, I'm sort of afraid of girls. I said, do you like to look at guys? Aaron said, really quietly like, yea, thats why I have trouble taking showers, I get a hardon every time I get naked. I said, Aaron you don't really know just how gorgeous you really are, do you? He said, not really, we don't go to very many places in Montana, I kinda live a secluded life, not being around too many other people, untill I came to college. I let him pull his briefs back up over his erection, but my mouth was watering and I was putting my plans in motion, I said Aaron, then you have never felt the awesome feeling you get from the touch of a girl or a guy on your cock? he said no.

I then gently pushed him on the bed, as I set beside him and said Aaron, your a virgin then, right? at what 19, he said almost 20, I said we have to do something about that, at your age, thats a shame. I noticed his hardon was back and he said, do you know where I can find someone that might do that sort of stuff? I said, I think I can help in that department, Aaron, He was so child like and innocent, he said, really? and as big and muscular and well built as Aaron was, I astounded to see how gentle and easy going, and almost child like he was, I turned down the lights and said come here Aaron, he said O.K. I reached over and finished undressing him, I layed him down on my bed, and he ask if I was going to get undressed too? I said yes, and I stripped completely naked, and Aaron said Jarod, your beautiful, I said Aaron do you really feel that way about me? he said Yes, I do, Back home I always liked to look at pictures in magazines of young men, especially the underwear ads. I loved that. I said Well my body is all yours to do with what you want. He said is this for real? and I said yes Aaron, its for real.

I gently reached over and said Aaron, Im gonna make love to you for the first time, just let it happen and enjoy it alright? and he said O.K. Jarod. I leaned over his beautiful chest and kissed him on the lips, and he sorta moaned, He opened his lips a little and started sticking his tongue just slightly into my mouth, and started licking my lips, my cock did a expansion lurch and got as hard as a peice of rock, Aaron, said, man Jarod I really liked that, I said just wait, theres a lot more. I went down to his beautiful aerolas, big, and brown, around his nipples and his nipples were sticking out hare, and stiff, and when my lips hit the nipples, his body arched up and he moaned. I noticed his cock gave a lurch as I nibbled on his nipples, and the groaning was just fantastic, like music to my ears. Then I went down to his navel, stuck my tongue into his innie navel, and started slurping, and sucking, and licking around his lower abdomen, He was lost somewhere in time, I think, and all he could do was say Oh my God, Jarod that feels totally awesome man, then I went down to the nutsack and started sucking and licking and his balls jumped up against his body, and looked like two small avacados pressing against his body at the base of his cock, I kept up the licking, then reached up and noticed his cock was leaking that awesome clear pre-cum, I slathered some of it on his cock and started stroking, slicking my hand up and down his cock, and swirling my hand around the head of his gorgeous huge cock. I then raised up and took Aaron's cock into my waiting longing mouth, I wanted his virgin nutcream on my tongue, I wanted to feel each throb, each volley as he shot his love nectar into my mouth, Aaron started bucking upward and saying, Jarod man, oh my god, I never, aw shit man, I Love it, oh shit man, I felt his cock tighten up, His body and his ass was like a cramping muscle, tight and hardened and he let out a gasp and said aw, aw, oh shit, and the cum started shooting out into my sucking mouth onto my tongue, and the taste of this cock cream was like nothing I had ever tasted before Aaron was totally into this, his hands were on my head holding it down to the hilt, all nine and a half inches in my throat and damn, I was loving it, thank my lucky stars I had learned to relax my throat. Fuckman, He was like a Stallion, His cock stayed in my mouth untill it softened, and I just kept licking with the tip of my tongue, I wanted every little morsel of his cum, and I got it.

Aaron layed back and said Jarod, Nothing has ever felt so wonderful in my life, I never knew, I said Aaron, I know ,It happened to me like this too. But there so much more. He said "I wanna try it whatever it is". I said, We will, but for now, some sleep. You didn't get to shoot off, Aaron said, Jarod can I sleep with you in your bed, we went to my bed, both naked and fell asleep in each others arms,.

About 2:20 A.M. I was awakened by Aaron rubbing my cock, It was already Hard when I came awake, I didn't move or say anything, I just let Aaron do his thing, and he started stroking my cock like he does his I guess, and that feeling coupled with knowing Aaron was a virgin just did things to me, Shit, I was getting close to cumming, and I am not a quiet shooter I groan, and grunt, and gasp, and blow a fucking wad like a small horse, any way, His hand was working magic on my cock, and I noticed he just stopped, and leaned over, and took my cock into his mouth, and he started sucking like I had done his. His fucking mouth was hot as a firecracker, I knew he was gonna get a mouth full, and very quickly, I just let him go and I started tensing up and felt my cock head flaring, swelling, and my cock was getting stiffer, and Awe fuck! came out of my mouth, I didn't have time to tell Aaron to get his mouth off, I started shooting, and just kept shooting, and It was fucking fantastic, Aaron started gagging, and I patted him on his back, and he finally got it down and licked me dry, I was so satisfied at that moment I could have died happy. Aaron looked up and saw me smiling he said was it o.k. I said Aaron, Damn man, It was awesome.

Three Days later Aaron came back from his locker room from Football practice and said, Thanks Jarod, for what you did for me, I took my first shower with the other players, and I got my usual boner, but I wasn't the only one in there with a hardon. I laughed, and said that's wonderful Aaron, and he said do you want to have sex with me again Jarod? I want to do it again with you. I said Yes, but I want you to fuck me Aaron, He looked up and smiled and said, You want me to fuck you? I said yes, I want that gorgeous cock of yours up my ass, He said o.k. I've never done that before.

I got undressed and I lubed up, while Aaron got his clothes off, we crawled onto the bed and layed down, and I started by sucking on his cock for a while, I said are you ready? he said yea. I had him lay on his back, and I lubed him up really good and lubed up my man hole, He was so innocent I didn't even want him to wear a condom, I got totally naked, got up straddle him, and lifted up his gorgeous hard throbbing cock, and he was smiling and looking straight into my eyes, then I just started slowly setting down onto his very large cock. It hurt at first, it was so damn big, then I just let it set and waited untill I got accustomed to its size, and then started slowly setting down untill it was all engulfed into my love hole. It was awesome, I could feel it all the way up into my body, the pressure in the intestine, especially the prostate, was just fantastic, I started slowly raising up and down on his cock and he started breathing heavy, saying Jarod, Oh Jarod, Its awesome dude, just awesome, and his breathing got courser, and I started feeling his cock expanding and I started a milking action with my sphincter muscle, Aaron started moaning, and I knew he was close, I rolled over under him, and said fuck me stud, and nature took over, and Aaron started that pile driver motion, ramming that huge cock to the balls, I could feel his nuts,bumping on my ass as he pumped and started grunting, He jammed that awesome cock to the hilt into my ass,and then that awesome blast, He unleashed a load and splashed cum into my intestines like a fire hose, fuck it was awesome. I started shooting my load all over my chest, and face, and stomach, and Aaron said, Awe shit man, totally awesome dude, totally awesome. Then he said something that was really touching to me. He thanked me, and told me he was falling in Love with me. I saw a tear in his eye. I told him I loved him too. We had a wonderful Year and really a great time with each other, and He came out of his shell and we shared a dorm room for the next three years. I still get calls from Aaron every so often, and have remained good friend and yes were still intimate even yet.



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