I was getting older by the day, or so it seemed, I had now turned twenty five, I felt like I was becoming a senior citizen, I knew I wasn't even close to that but as the years began to pass I was aware I was still alone, with my personal needs.

I had a good job, making the kind of money I wanted and needed, but there was that emptyness, way down deep inside that all men long for, that special someone that is just there for you to love, to hold, and to love and hold you.

I was still in very good physical shape, I had tried the bar scene, but outside of enjoying the entertainment it too was becoming a drag, boring same ole queens wanting to score with some good looking young dude and leave.

I was still in my own estimation, tho not in a conceited way, very nice looking, well groomed and desireable, hell I couldn't see myself naked in a mirror without stopping and telling myself how I would love to have sex with me. Hehehehe, a little humor there.

I decided to go and visit my cousin in Ohio, it would be a nice get away and I needed to get out and just take some time off and enjoy a vacation. Damn, I hadn't had one in almost three years due to the work load at the company I worked for.

I got my two year old Bronco tuned up, washed up and ready, Loaded some new clean clothes for a weeks vacation away and headed off for Ohio, a little town near Lake Erie on the North eastern corner.

I loved the scenic ride and took my time, I had three weeks vaction time and I was going to enjoy myself.

I had stopped at this rest stop in Illinois headed toward the Indiana border and had to take a piss.

I got out locked my Bronco, and walked into the mens room and quietly in my sneakers walked up to the urinals and started draining the ole lizard, when I heard this funny sound comming from the other side of this halfwall, you know Urinals on one side, crapper stalls on the other.

I finished up and quietly walked around the other side and thats when I saw two hands up on top of this stall wall and the top of some dudes head, I could hear this sucking,slurping sound, and I realized there must be a glory hole in the stall wall between them, and this dude was getting his cock sucked. I stood back and just listened as he got more vocal with his moans and grunts, I could hear a fantastic sounding suck off going on in that stall, and my cock was about to burst in my cargo shorts. I was really wanting that to be me.

I listened quietly and gently massaged my hardon thru my pants when I heard his breathing going spastic and he said,'Oh fuck, Oh fuck, shit man, and I heard him let out a loud growl and just held the sound as I realized he was unloading his balls into some dudes mouth, just the thought of it was awesome, I loved it, shit man, my cock was almost aching.

I sorta watched the stall that he was in and then the door came open, and I saw a very nicely dressed man, wearing a business suit, looked to be about twenty nine or thirty coming out, a very nice looking man. I acted like I was just comming in and he smiled at me as he washed his hands and said, 'if you interested in some hot action, go into that stall, that guys fantastic,' all I could say was 'Thanks man,' and I went into the same stall.

I sat down, cock still straining, sticking out straight, my cock head red and flaring as I dropped my shorts and sat back, almost immediately there was a finger beckoning me to put my hard eight inch cock thru the hole.

I stood up and looked over to top of the wall and checked for anyone else in the room, then stuck my hardon thru the hole, Jesus fucking Ch--t His mouth was hotter than a blast furnace, and mother fucker could that dude suck a cock, I was on cloud nine before I could say 'AW shit man,'

He was sucking like wow man, and My cock wasn't going to last very long at this rate, but I needed to unload, my balls were full and had been storing up for about two weeks, and damn was it feeling awesome.

I grabbed the top of the stall wall and shoved as much of my cock thru that hole as possible, I felt his fingers pull my nutsack thru the hole and he started sucking on my nuts which I have always loved, damn he was fenominal, this guy was making me crazy, he would bring me up to almost the blast point, then let me calm down, then take me back up again, he kept doing this for several times. I was almost in pain, aching, wanting, needing a climax.

I was breathing like I was going to asphyixiate, I felt like I was having an asthma attack or something, I was going wild with this, I had never felt a blowjob like this dude was giving me before in my life, and I had been getting my cock sucked for a long time, ever since I was fourteen to be exact, this guy sucking my cock brought back memories of that first time, it was fenominal, altho at that time I didn't know it was illegal for an adult to do that to me, but who gave a shit, it felt wonderful and I loved it, the more blowjobs I got the better I liked it.

Dam man, I walked around from that time on with a hard cock just looking for a warm wet moutht to stick it in.

Well I was about to climb the walls there in that mens room.

Finally my cock as well as the rest of me could take it no more, and that awesome feeling started back inside, at the base of my rectum and cock, that spasming feeling, flowing forward into my groin and up thru my cock, and I my cock started pumping out a load of mancream that would have choked a horse. I could hear the guy in the other stall gulping and sucking as my cock belched out a big load. By the time I had finished blasting out my load, he had drained my nuts like a roto rooter would clean a clogged pipe, I was worn out, exhausted, and totally drained in every way.

I got up, dressed and washed off then went out into my Bronco and got a cold Coke out of my cooler,feeling relaxed and so satisfied. I decided to watch and see who came out, hopeing to get a glimpse of the guy that had given me the most awesome blowjob of my life.

I had set there for about twenty minutes taking a break so to speak and noticed it was a rather dead day, no one came in or out of the mens room while I was setting there. After about twenty minutes my mouth fell open as I watched a State Trooper walk out of the mens room putting his helmet back on,and go up behind these bushes and out he came on a his Police motorcycle, I almost shit my pants. It was the most fenominal thing I had ever witnessed this gorgeous, built, hunky looking trooper had just sucked my cock and swallowed my load,and lord only knows how many more this morning, Damn man, will wonders ever cease.

I stared my Bronco and headed on up the road toward Indiana, letting what just happened to me sink into my thought process, wow it was almost too much for words, A fucking Trooper of all things.

I had gotten almost a hundred and fifty miles into Indiana into the Amish Territory and I saw this young man way up ahead, walking up the hiway with what looked like a pillow case thrown over his shoulder full of something. I just thought he was one of the local Amish Farmers, knowing that they are like people of the 1800's not using modern amenities like cars, electric, and modern facilities.

I got up closer and decided I would at least be neighborly and see if he would like a ride, being that this open country looked like it was miles before there was another place to get off the road.

I pulled up beside him and pulled over, I opened the passenger door and said, 'Can I give you a lift? There don't seem to be anywhere for you to go to for miles, hop in.'

I was surprised when he gingerly looked around to see if anyone was watching and slid into my front seat next to me.

'He said, 'this is a first for me brother, we don't usually ride in automobiles, its considered a sin you know.'

'Your shittin me? Oops sorry man, I didn't mean to offend, knowing that they are usually religious and all. 'Hi, My name is Jacob, and your?' 'Brother Aaron, well not a brother anymore, just Aaron I guess.'

'Well Aaron, I'm very glad to meet you.'

He said, 'All that religious and brother stuff doesn't matter anymore, I've been excomunicated from the Colony.'

I looked at this young man, and it looked like he was about twenty or at the most twenty three or four, He had the most peircing dark brown eyes, very strongly and manly looking, hard working type of manly build, he was quite gorgeous, he had this little dark beginning of a bear on his face, he was really quite good looking and desireable.

I said,'Excomunicated? What on earth would you get excomunicated for?'

'Well lets just say I did somthing that the Head Elder deemed an un-natural act.'

'What was that, have sex with a cow or sheep or something?'

'Well not exactly.' We have this group of young men my age there in the colony and then there is the older guys, they are the elders of the colony. Well there is this one elder named Brother Thomas, He's married and has three little girls. He's about thirty or thirty two somewhere in there.' Well Brother Thomas, seems to have this thing for guys, you know sexually, I'm sorry its rather embarrassing to talk about.'

'Hey man, thats alright I understand, you can talk about anything with me, without receiving judgment from me.'

'Well I looked over and with tears in his eyes, he began relating to me his story of how the boys there learned what their pecker's, thats what he called it was for, and they learned at an early age to jerk off. He acted so shy as he related his story to me.

Aaron looked up at me, and said, 'Well that is when It all started with brother Thomas, I was in the hayloft of the big barn there on the farm, when he came up the ladder and said,'Aaron, come here, I need to talk to you, I went over and he put his arm around my shoulder and was really making me feel good, you know?'

Then it began to go further he began to hug me and tell me how handsome and good looking a young man I was, then he said, I'll bet you got a really big old Pecker in them trousers don't you? you look like a strapping lad, then he reached out and started rubbing my pecker thru my pants.'

There at first I was startled, but then it began to feeling really wonderful, and my pecker was really reacting to that feeling, then he started undressing me, I was down to my unders and my pecker was sticking straight out inside my longhandled unders.'

Brother Thomas took hold of my pecker and began to massage it and I just closed my eyes and let it happen, I don't know why but I heard myself makeing funny little noises as he stroked my pecker,and played with my chest,I had never felt anything so wonderful'

I knew I wanted him to do more, I just wasn't sure what it was I wanted.

I leaned my head back and began to moan, I felt his hands slide my underwear down, he got down on his knees and took my pecker in his hands and began to work the foreskin back and forth, I wasn't about to tell him to quit, god it was feeling so fantastic, I just knew I would be shooting my sperm cream before long thats all. I had my eyes closed when I felt this warm, wet feeling sliding over my pecker and I almost buckled at the knees from the fantastic feeling it was causing me,' I suddenly opened my eyes and there he was on his knees, he had my hard pecker in his mouth, he sucking my pecker. It was the most awesome feeling I had ever had, and all I knew was that I loved it." I let him do what he wanted and then after about twenty minutes I felt that boiling sensation deep down in my balls, and then it happened, the most fantastic feeling I have ever felt, I shot my cream into Elder Thomas's mouth and he seemed to love it too, he swallowed it all down, and just smiled up at me and said, Aaron, anytime you want this again just let me know.'

'He wouldn't let me suck on his pecker, he said he was saving it for Clara, his wife, she was the only one that got to have his cream.' come to think of it, I never even saw his pecker.'

I just set there as we drove down the road mesmerized with Aaron's story. 'God man,' I said, 'What are your plans now? But What happened to get you kicked out?'

'I loved the feeling of what Elder Thomas had done to me, and kept on doing to me for almost four years, then I decided to try it myself, I had been wanting to try it and I found myself alone with eighteen year old Isaiah Schwartze, the head elders son, we were in the barn doing hay one morning, I was really turned on looking at Isaiah, he is really a good looking young man, and I loved to suck his pecker man it's huge, well to make a long story short, I had done the same thing to Isaiah that Elder Thomas did to me. I sucked his pecker,and swallowed his awesome tasting cream, and I did it several times, but the difference was that last day, his father, Elder Schwartze, caught us.

I was accused of forceing Isaiah to do unnatural acts, and he of course was supposedly redeemed by having been forced to do it, I was excomunicated, and asked to leave the colony, and what hurt the most was that Elder Thomas was standing right there all the time that my trial by the Elders was going on, and he never opened his mouth.' 'I just felt like because of his wife and daughters I wouldn't tell on him and ruin their life. I knew I would be alright somehow. They never found out about him, but I have wondered how many other young guys there in the colony had been sucked off by Elder Thomas.'

All I could say was 'WOW! what and unbelievable story Aaron.'

Well I said, 'Aaron, I'm like you, so you have a friend that isn't going to reject you and throw you out like a peice of trash, I'm going on my vacation, and I would love to have you come with me and we'll enjoy ourselves O.K.?' I saw a really gorgeous smile come over his face, 'What do you mean your like me?'

'I love to suck guys Peckers as you call them too.'

'Really no kidding?'

Well you can guess where we go from here.

That first night was awesome, first I stopped in Indianappolis and we got Aaron some new decent looking clothes on my visa card. He dressed up fenominally, I went with him in the dressing room and he changed into his very sexy underwear and then some nice jeans and polo shirts, he was a really gorgeous doll.

We went to a nice restaurant and had an awesome supper, and then we got a motel room, then the fun began.

I of course got a one bed room, and I helped him trim up his hair, which was straggley, and unkempt, then his beard which I took and shaped up to a close crop, what an awesome looking guy Aaron was.

Then we watched Television, which Aaron had only seen in town, never really watched a t.v. before.

This was almost a whole new way of life for Aaron.

We got undressed and crawled in bed in our new briefs, then I reached over and asked Aaron 'if he cared if I made love to him,? He smiled and said, 'only if I can make love to you.'

We slid off the briefs and when I saw that Amish uncut cock laying across two of the biggest nuts I have ever seen, I felt faint. 'My God Aaron, your cock is enormous, it must have been close to ten inches hard, and that beautiful forskin with the tip of his cockhead sticking out about an inch, slowly pulling back and exposing the shiny head as it got harder by the second, God Aaron was absolutely solid as a rock, I guess from all that hard work, but I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth and heard him let out a gasp, I felt him change positions and he engulfed my eight,thick inches to the hilt, this kid had had some practice at this.

We sixty nined each other to a ball busting cum that night and slept like two babys, naked, holding each other, god it was awesome.

We went on to Lake Erie and enjoyed a whole week of fun, sex, boating, sex, swimming, sex, good food, sex, just an awesome time, and oh yea! did I mention sex.

Aaron is fenominal, I had felt like the love gods had smiled on me and gave me Aaron My Amish farm boy and he was the answer to my hearts cry, someone to love and have for me, and I as his someone too.

To be continued.......possibly.



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