It had been four years since Jake had seen Mike, although they kept up with phone calls and internet social sites. Jake had graduated four years ago, a year ahead of Mike and was now in south Alabama working for a company that owned thousands of acres of woodland across Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. Jake was now one of the guys hired to manage the property, doing surveys and making sure the fire lines were kept open. Mike had finished college the next year and took a job with a bank in Charlotte, North Carolina where he was making good money and able to live better than he imagined, and now was spending some on a little vacation.

Jake had suggested a visit before but something always came up, but this summer Mike told Jake he would make the trip. When he arrived he was surprised to see Jake was not living in some trailer up on blocks but in a nice little clap sided house tucked up on a hill in the woods. Mike pulled up in his Volkswagen GTI next to the big Ford truck in the drive and realized the difference between their lives. Jake was on the porch as soon as Mike got out.

"I see you finally made it" he said with a smile. "Damn, it took four years but ya finally made it."

"Hey Jake" Mike replied as he came up the steps onto the porch giving Jake a hug. "So what do you do out here in the middle of nowhere for fun?"

"Mostly what we did in college, drink and chase women, although..."and Jake hesitated as he laughed "the women here leave a little something to be desired at times. A little too eager."

"Too eager? Is there such a thing?"

"It is when it involves trying to get a ring on your finger."

"Oh, I see, so you're not ready to settle down and crank out a yard full of kids?"

"Hell no...not yet anyway. Come on in and you can get settled. Then if you're up for you can go with me. I need to go check a section of property just North of here. A neighbor called and said the gate was open. Properly some asshole night hunter breaking off our locks again."

"Sounds like a plan."

"On the way back we can stop and get something to eat. There is this Bar-b-que joint in the little town we'll pass through that is really good."

On the drive up in Jake's truck, air conditioner cranking out cold air and music playing on the radio, they talked about what had been going on and how their jobs were playing out and what they did for fun. Jake talked about his fishing trips, or taking time off going down to the Gulf Coast to hang out at the beach and pick up women. Mike told of the music scene in the city and his weekends into the mountains and how he found a couple of guys who liked to do backpacking trips and how much fun was to be had on weekends. Through their conversations they laughed and joked about how good it was, but after a while they finally got quiet for a few minutes.

"If I tried to drive something like this in Charlotte, I'd go nuts" Mike stated breaking the silence.

"Yeah, it is bit of a beast, but I have to pull trailers occasionally and the trial roads are really bad when we get a lot of rain, so I guess I need it."

They arrived at a small trail road into a stand of trees and as Jake had been told the gate was open. It took only a minute to secure it once again with a new lock and they started their return trip. The restaurant was as good as promised and before getting back to Jake's they stopped for beer. That night they sat on the porch until the still hot night let the mosquitoes get the best of them and they settled inside. They watched TV as they continued to catch up, polishing off the beer. They planned the next day where they would go to a wooded section Jake needed to walk and even decided to take camping gear and set up camp on a small lake on the property. When it got to be late Jake showed Mike to the bedroom just across the hall from his and each made their way to get ready to crash for the night. Jake sat on the bed to remove his socks and noticed Mike had also left his door open, where he could see him pull off his shirt and then begin to remove his jeans. His tall lean body, being so fair skinned, fairly glowed in the dim light of the lamp. Jake was tall, well over six feet and was as hairless as a guy could be except for his light brown hair on his head and what grew over his dick. He looked like he never had to shave; his cheeks having a slight red glow to them. Mike on the other had was five ten and muscular, with thick dark red hair and always seemed to have a five o'clock shadow. His skin tone was darker, easily tanned in the hot humid sun of Alabama. He had a hairy chest which did a thin trail all the way to his pubes. His legs were fairly hairy as well though not his arms. He wondered if their differences in appearance mattered to Mike. He had no problem with women, but as he lay in bed it was Mike that was on his mind. As he watched Mike continue to undress he saw Mike, as he always had, wore white briefs, showing the familiar bulge in front and the round high ass. Jake watched as he pulled the covers back and got into bed turning off the light. When Mike's room went dark Jake snapped to and finished stripping to his boxers and got into bed. He lay there wondering if Mike was thinking of that one time back in college, that one time when something happened. They had been to a game and had too much to drink, then continued to party at several frat houses where each had friends who were members. By the time they made it back to Jake's dorm room it was late and both were really drunk. How it started seemed all a blur now but Mike had been lying on Jake's bed when Jake had groped him, felt his crotch, felt his cock get hard. Jake was too excited and too drunk to care at the moment and Mike didn't stop him. He had sucked Mike's dick, sucked it till he came in his mouth and he had swallowed it, taken it all, and knew, lying in dark over four years later, knew he would do it again if Mike would let him. But he also remembered how the next day Mike pretending nothing had happened, so Jake did too. As time went on it seemed the chance to try again never happened, or Jake was just too scared to try again.

Mike knew Jake had watched him undress, knew he had sat on his bed and watched him strip to his briefs and get into bed. When the light was off so he could look back he saw Mike was now getting ready for bed and when he pulled off his shirt the toned muscular upper torso came into view, and when the jeans came off the boxers that showed his cock flopping back and forth. He tried not to think about it, tried not to remember how good it felt when Jake had sucked his dick, how much better it had been than any woman had ever sucked him before or after. Or was it just better because of how much he had enjoyed watching Jake suck him, take him in his mouth, and how he had thoughts of doing the same to Jake but didn't have the nerve, only pretending those years ago to fall asleep afterwards and listening to Jake masturbate by his bed, knowing he shot his load onto the floor under the bed. He wondered if Jake ever thought of that night since then as he rolled over and tried to get to sleep.

The morning came hot, humid and bright. Not a cloud was in the sky, but they packed rain coats and the gear they needed in case a thunderstorm developed in the evening. Loaded up they took off. As before, they talked about life in general, reminisced about their college days and talked about the football team chances of doing well this fall. By mid-morning they were through the gate to the property and headed down a trail road that was so rough Mike had to brace himself.

"Damn no wonder you have four-wheel drive, if this was wet it'd be slick as shit" Mike stated as they eased down the trail road.

"Yeah, it's a fucking mess when it rains. Some of these clay trails are so bad four-wheel drive isn't enough."

Suddenly the woods opened up to a small lake with an open meadow on one side. Jake drove through the meadow and stopped under one large old oak that stood alone from the other pine and oak. "We'll set up here since it is a place I keep cleared for camping and already has a fire pit" Jake told Mike as they got out.

Thirty minutes later they had their camp site all set up with their sleeping bags laid out in the tent, a gas fired cooker and small table set up a few feet away. Jake began to get the fishing gear out and arrange it in the bed of the truck.

"I say we go catch our lunch. Nothing like relaxing by the lake with a beer in one hand and your rod in the other."

The comment caused Mike to look up and hesitate for an uncomfortable moment before speaking. "I thought you wanted to fish?" he replied in a nervous laugh.

Jake turned red but laughed. "I guess that didn't come out right, did it?"

They spent the rest of the morning fishing some in between beers and their usual back and forth banter. The fishing was actually very good, so little effort was required to have plenty for lunch. Jake fried them up like any good Southerner, deep fried with a few potatoes for the side. After they ate and relaxed for a few minutes, both dozing off some, Jake finally got up.

"Ok, I really do need to survey this property. I'm going to do the south section we drove though coming in for it won't take as long. You coming?"

"Yeah, a walk sounds good right now, but first I have to piss."

Mike walked a ways away and with his back to Jake began to piss. Jake could hear it hit the ground and his thoughts returned, so he busied himself getting his hiking boots on and grabbing the gear he would need. He waited till Jake returned to walk out and relieve himself. Mike was putting on his boots as he looked at Jake's back hearing him piss, wishing Jake had pissed at the same time as he so he could watch, to see what he held in his hand. Then flustered with himself, he got up and grabbed his day pack. They would bring snacks and much needed water. Mike had wanted to wear shorts but Jake told him to wear jeans since there were briars and other things that could mess with your legs.

They hiked for hours, stopping to let Jake survey one area after another, cutting across the property in an irregular grid pattern. Jake led the way, watching for the occasional snake or cutting back the undergrowth when it was needed, walking them amongst the tall pines. They were both drenched in sweat and drinking their water with greater frequency. It was late afternoon when they started down a steep slope with bay trees beginning to appear.

"The small creek that feeds the lake is down here." Jake told Mike as they made their way down and cut through some undergrowth. When they got through before them was a sandy bottom small creek, with water crystal clear.

"Wow, it looks so..." Mike hesitated for the right word.

"Clear? Clean? Refreshing?" Jake asked.

"All of the above."

As they got to its bank Jake pointed to their right and Mike saw the creek came to a pool area about twenty five feet across. As they made their way to it Jake told Mike it was fairly deep and he always enjoyed a cool swim when he got to this spot. The head of the spring was within the property and there was nothing he knew of messing up the water. Jake made his way to a small clearing to the side of the pool and began to put his gear down.

"Last one in buys the beer next time" he told Mike as he began to strip off his clothes.

Mike dropped down on the ground to get his boots off and kept looking over to Jake , who shirtless, had his pants undone and was pulling his boots off, balancing on one foot then the other.

Jake noticed Mike stand back up barefoot, unbutton his shirt and toss it on the ground. He kept wondering if Mike would strip all the way or stop at his briefs. He wanted him to get naked, and the thought began to get to him. When he tossed his pants on the ground he stood a moment trying to decide whether to remove the boxers or leave them on.

Mike noticed Jake standing in his boxers, slightly disappointed he stopped. When he had his jeans off, the thought of the way wet underwear would feel later and realized it was a good enough excuse, he pulled down his briefs, feeling the hot breeze blow over him. His cock was half hard and it felt good. When he looked over at Jake, he was tossing his boxers on top of his clothes.

They both dove in and swam the length of the pool. Jake was a good swimmer but he knew Mike was built for swimming, and wasn't surprised to see his friend outpace him across the pond as they swam back and forth a few times. Eventually they both stopped and just floated along in the middle. All either could see of the other was their faces, some chest, their cocks and their knees.

"Damn this is nice. I forgot how fucking hot it can get." Mike finally stated.

"Hey, when I'm surveying the properties, I think I'm going to die sometimes, but hell, the bright side is I can eat all want and not gain an ounce and I have these little private paradises I can enjoy."

"The other properties have these swimming holes too?"

"Not as nice as this one, and some just have creeks you have to sit down in to get wet, but they all have someplace you can cool off, get fresh water, and take a break from the heat."

They swam around some more and rough housed around a little pushing each other under, then they swam to shore. They came up the bank and sat down on a log letting the warm breezing dry their skin. They sat quietly.

Mike kept looking over at Jake, down at his half hard cock, thick and even darker skinned than the rest of him, and he wondered if Jake ever thought of that night when he had given him a blow job. The thought of it now made his cock rise up.

Jake noticed Mike was glancing his way, looking at him, down at his cock, which was making him get hard. He would look at his baby face and then down the unblemished fair skin all the way down to his cock. Long and thin it was rising up noticeably. He wanted so bad to reach over and touch Mike, to hold him, to do things, more than he had done before. He turned to Mike, to say something, anything but nothing would come out.

Mike saw Jake turn toward him, and waited for a response but nothing was said, but then he knew, knew better than he ever knew before. Mike knew Jake was afraid to say anything but what he had done in the past...well...



"You remember that night we got really hammered and when we got back to your place,"

"Sucked your dick" Jake replied in almost a whisper, barely audible.

"Yeah. I want you to know it was ok....I mean it was great, but it was ok you did it, and..." as he struggled to admit he wanted it again.

Jake leaned over, putting his arm around Mike's neck, he moved in to kiss Mike on the lips. Mike brought up his hand to Jake's face as he held him in place, kissing back. They kissed passionately for a long time, eventually laying over on the ground. Jake went to push Mike over on his back but Mike stopped him, looking at him with a smile.

"My turn this time" as he lowered his mouth down to Jake's fat erect cock. The head was wet with pre-cum, which Mike licked off before taking him in his mouth. He struggled at first but soon had a rhythm of moving his mouth up and down Jake's cock, although he couldn't take it all the way down. Jake put his hands on his head not to push him down but to just feel his hair and the movement of his head on his cock. When Mike slowed to a stop for a second, Jake began to pump his hips up thrusting his cock back and forth in Mike's mouth. The sound of wet dick moving through hungry lips filled the air. Jake's need became urgent. He fucked up into Mike's mouth harder and harder, the need to come rising fast, too soon but the fact it was Mike working his cock was too much. He came hard, hearing Mike gag at first but quickly recovering as he swallowed his load. Jake fell back panting hard as Mike gave his cock a final hard suck and then licked the head clean. Mike rolled over on his back breathing hard as if he was the one who had come.

"Damn, why didn't we do this all the time in college?" Mike asked.

"Because we thought it was wrong."

"Well, fuck that, now get over here and suck me off."

Jake sniggered as he got up and moved between Mike's legs. He worked Mike's long thin cock as best as he could as he worked down its length as far as he could. Just as he couldn't hold off long, neither could Jake, all too soon he was fucking up in his mouth with more and more urgency, hammering upward, grunting with each thrust.

"Fuck, suck it man, I'm there already" Mike grunted out as he shoved up hard. Jake took his load as it blasted down his throat. He swallowed it all and once Mike was spent, Jake cleaned off his cock, slowly, enjoying every inch of it with his tongue.

It was obvious neither had lost his erection as they looked at one another differently. Jake got up on all fours and turned his ass toward Mike and looked back at him.

"Go ahead. Fuck me, I want you to fuck me."

Mike didn't reply, he just got on his knees and moved in behind Jake. He spit on his hand and began to rub it over Jake's hole, even plunging one finger in. Then he spit in his hand again and worked it over his cock. Then it was happening, something Jake had fantasized about for four years. Mike was penetrating his ass, slowly, short fucking motions as he eased more and more of his cock into Jake's hole, pushing in till he was all the way in pushed up against his hard ass. He held still a moment until Jake dropped his head down and begged Mike to fuck him, fuck him hard. Mike began to stroke his cock in Jake's tight hole, pulling nearly out and then pushing back in, not stopping till he was all the way in on each stroke. Over and over he worked his cock into and nearly completely out of Mike, feeling the tightness squeeze his cock. He got faster and faster until the only sound was the slapping sound of Mike's hips against Jake's ass, and their rutting moans.

"Man, you've got a fine tight ass, better than any pussy" Mike grunted out at a barely audible level.

"Fuck, you're making me come again" and Jake began to shoot another load on the ground. Mike's fucking got more intense while he came.

"Goddamn it feels like your ass is trying to eat my cock" as he hammered his cock in Jake's ass. "I'm going to cum."

Mike shot off up Jake's ass, fucking in hard on each ejaculation, until he was spent. He fell over Jake's back breathing hard as Jake eased down flat on the ground. After a few moments they sat up and looked at each other.

"That was better than I had every fantasized."

"You've been thinking about this since that night?"

"Yeah, but I didn't...I don't know" Jake said quietly looking down at his feet.

"Hey, It's ok, I have to admit the idea has floated through my mind a few times too." They sat silent for a moment then burst out laughing.

"Goddamn." Mike said quietly then looked over to Jake. "Ready for one more swim to wash the nasty off?" he asked with a wicked smile.

"Yeah, let's hit it."

They swam around lackadaisically, not talking much, mostly floating on their back enjoying the coolness of the water. When they got out Mike came up to Jake and hugged him and kissed him passionately.

"You want do me?" he asked with some hesitation.

"I think so...but not now. I'm spent. Between getting off and this heat I'm beat" he replied as they separated and Jake began to get dressed. "We need to get going or it'll be dark before we get back to camp."

"Oh shit, I've not considered how long it'll take to get back. What will we do for dinner?" as he started hurrying into his clothes.

"Relax, dinner is covered. I put out some lines in the lake early this morning and we should have dinner awaiting upon our arrival. A few minutes of cleaning and prep and we'll be cooking."

Mike and Jake gathered up all their gear and started the hike back to camp. As they hiked Mike kept looking at Jake's ass, thinking over and over how much he enjoyed fucking it. His cock was soon half erect, and it would stay that way all the way back.

Jake, leading the way, knew he should be surveying the new section they were going to transverse, but he couldn't keep his mind focused on work. All he could think about was the tall fair skinned body of Mike following close behind. He swore he could smell him, they way he smelled when he was sweating and fucking. He couldn't wait to get back to camp.



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