Bobby held Clay's cock up as he studied its shape. It was so different from his own, the tapered head on the curved shaft, so smooth, the skin so soft while his had a flared wide head and his shaft was arrow straight with a web of veins snaking up its length. And there were the general differences between Clay and himself, the way Clay had naturally dark skin with his cock and sac even darker while he had fair skin, prone to burning in the sun with his freckling growing worse across his shoulders. His arms and neck always had a little more color than the rest of his body and his blonde hair, so brightly yellow it grew almost white during the hot days of summer. Clay went without his shirt as often as he could and his upper body would tan dark by summer's end. Clay's dark hair was thick, wavy, always in need of combing.

Bobby ran his fist of Clay's cock milking the last of his cum out and as it beaded up at the slit he leaned over and licked it off. Clay gasped for breath at the touch of his tongue and Bobby looked up smiling.

"You're always so sensitive afterwards" Bobby said as he reached down and took his own cock in hand, it still hard, the head leaking copiously for he had not gotten off yet. He leaned back, his head resting on Clay's stomach and stroked his cock, slowly, his fist traveling up the full length then down again. Clay watched intently, watched how Bobby stroked his cock, the way the head flared up wide, turned dark red and was soon shiny and slick. Bobby began to rock in time with his stroking and Clay felt his motion, the way he rocked back and forth, his blonde hair lying back against his own skin, moving with Bobby, tickling him. He gasped once again, the sensation of Bobby's touch and suddenly, when Bobby inhaled hard and his body quivered, he saw the cum pump out of Bobby's cock. He'd seen Bobby come several times and each time he was surprised at the thick wads that exploded from Bobby's cock, spattering his upper chest, then long ropes would whip up along his stomach till his cock just ejaculated small dribbles that fell to his abdomen. The smell was strong, familiar, masculine, and he watched it trickled down Bobby's chest and pool around his navel.

Clay usually let Bobby clean himself up afterward but he stared at the thick white trail of cum as Bobby lay back breathing hard through his open mouth with his eyes closed. Clay had never touched Bobby, never done anything in reciprocation for he considered Bobby the queer one, the one who liked dick and he just liked to get off, willing to let Bobby have his fun, but he knew it was more than that, a thing that was complicated, something he had trouble admitting. He looked at Bobby who appeared to be dozing, his breathing slowed dramatically from just a minute ago. Clay moved his hand and let it hover over Bobby's stomach and he hesitated for a second then let his fingers touch down into the cooling pool of cum and Bobby flinched at the touch and he leaned up, eyes now looking at Clay's fingers touching him, circling in his cum pooled on his stomach.

"You cum so much" Clay whispered as he circled his fingers in Bobby's cum. Bobby looked up at Clay, at his expressionless eyes, the way he appeared in a trance as his fingers circled in the cum on his own stomach. Bobby looked down and watched Clay's hand move in circles with only a couple of fingers extended down raking through the cum. Clay suddenly lifted his hand, cum trying to drip off his fingers and he brought them to Bobby, his movement slow, patient, and Bobby knew what he was going to do and when Clay's hand grew close he opened his mouth and took the slick fingers and sucked the cum from them. A drip landed on his chin and Clay used his thumb to rake it off and slipped it into Bobby's mouth.

Bobby knew Clay had never done more than lay back and let him suck his cock but there was something different this time, an intimacy he'd not felt before and he reached down and raked his own index and middle finger through the cum pooled on his stomach then he turned to Clay. Clay watched as he brought the cum covered fingers up to his face, and Clay's eyes grew wide as Bobby's hand hovered before him.

"Clay...its mine...take it" Bobby said in such a low voice and he moved his fingers to Clay's mouth and Clay hesitated, took a deep breath, then he did it, he opened his mouth and let Bobby slip them into his mouth. At first it tasted weird to him, something not quite bitter, exotic, and he sucked Bobby's fingers clean. Bobby pulled them free and looked for a reaction, some expression to how Clay was reacting. He watched Clay's eyes come down on him and a smile form, casual, accepting and Bobby knew this time was truly different and he turned to Clay leaning toward him and watched Clay lean to him closing the space between them till their lips came together.

Bobby had hoped for a long time his friendship with Clay could be something more, something he didn't even fully understand, and all through grade school, even though they were best friends, there was always something that separated Clay from Bobby. It grew more prominent when Clay began to date, one girl after the next and Bobby had tried dating too, even double dating for a while, but after a couple of years he slowly came to realize the falseness of his actions and he stopped dating girls. For a while it was okay, but over a few weeks this caused Clay and him to eventually stop hanging out together, for Clay was in one relationship after the next and Bobby became just a third wheel since he was always alone. After graduation they each went their own way, Clay working on his family's farm and Bobby taking classes at night and working in his father's auto repair shop.

It was a fluke they way they ended up together once again. Clay had gone fishing down on Sand Hills Creek and when he packed up to leave his truck would not start. Clay had tried to get his parents, then his brother but he had no luck having to leave messages with each of them. Then he saw Bobby's number and took a chance. Bobby was surprised to see Clay's name come up on his phone, a number he had kept even though they had not talked in months. Bobby answered with an inquisitive tone.


"Hey Bobby...look, I'm glad I caught you..." and Clay explained his situation, where he was and asked Bobby if he would run by his folks house and get one of them to come get him.

"Clay, I'll come get you" Bobby replied.

"You will?"

"Yeah. Just give me time to run home for dad's tool box and a chain in case we need to tow you out and I'll come on down."

Nothing happened that afternoon but by the time they got Clay's truck running it was dark and the two of them went into town and had dinner together, renewing their friendship. To Bobby's surprise Clay admitting he really missed him and said he was just tired of dating all these girls around the community and in town who only seemed to have marriage on their minds and wanted to know if he'd like to hang out like they use to.

Over the next couple of weeks they renewed their friendship hanging out together all the time. Riding around the countryside listening to music, going into one of the nearby towns for lunch or dinner and on weekends there were trips to Montgomery or Mobile to see a movie or go out to some club to hear music. Clay didn't understand why he enjoyed his time with Bobby more than any of the girls he had dated and at first it did trouble him, this rather gay feeling but over the course of the next few days with Bobby he stopped thinking about it. For Bobby there was a frustration seething just below the surface, an inner turmoil he fought to control and the more Clay was around the worst it got.

It was a rainy Friday night when things changed.

Bobby's parents were gone to visit relatives in North Carolina and he had the house to himself for the next five days. Clay had worked till dark on the farm and by the time he got cleaned up and to Bobby's it was late. Bobby had the television set for a movie and was pulling out a cake his mother had made and sodas. He pulled out his father's secret stash of bourbon and soon the two of them were kicked back watching television. Bobby sat on the floor, leaned back against the sofa with Clay lying across it.

Neither of them was particularly interested in the movie and they talked off and on all through it. At one point Bobby asked if Clay would prefer to play some video games but Clay said he didn't feel like any games. They had grown quiet for a scene that captured their attention but once it was over Bobby shifted bringing his knees up and propping his arms over them. Clay watched Bobby change positions, then he found himself looking at his friend, the way his hair feel loosely over his ear and was so neat around his neck even though it hadn't been combed in a while. He looked at Bobby's neck, the smooth skin so bare, so fair and light in tone compared to his own and he let his eyes roam down the short sleeve to the bare arm, the skin so smooth looking with its light blonde hair so fine it was barely visible. He reached out and slowly, using his index finger, he lightly touched the hair over the ear till Bobby swatted his hand away.

"Hey, that tickles" Bobby exclaimed as he twisted his head around as if it helped to erase the sensation. He looked back at Clay and saw him staring back with a content pleasant look to his face. "What?" Bobby asked and Clay just shook his head as he smiled. Bobby turned back to the television, leaning back propping each arm on the edge of the sofa close to Clay, so close the hairs on his arms felt the fabric of Clay's clothes brush against them. Only a minute or so passed and Clay began to run his index finger along Bobby's arm. Bobby didn't jerk away, didn't say anything as he turned and watched Clay's finger move over his arm. Bobby lifted his hand, twisted it at the wrist and let his fingers brush up against Clay's upper arm.

"Clay..." Bobby said when Clay hushed him.

"Don't say anything...okay?" Clay whispered as he shifted over and let his body press up against Bobby's arm. Bobby pushed his arm back reinforcing the contact, the way it made him feel. His heart raced, beating so hard in his chest it made him short of breath. He turned around got up on his knees and ran a hand up Clay's arm and over to his chest. Clay lay still, propped up on one elbow watching Bobby's hand as it moved over his body.

"Do you want me to stop?" Bobby asked his voice nervous, hoarse sounding and so low as to be barely heard but Clay nodded his head no and lay back closing his eyes. Bobby looked at Clay in repose, eyes closed, and took it as a sign he could do what he wanted, what he desired and he rubbed his hand down Clay's chest, over his undulating stomach and slowly, enticingly, ran it over Clay's crotch. Clay pushed up with his hips as Bobby felt the cock growing hard within the confines of the jeans. Bobby squeezed it gently, felt it grow thicker as he watched the bulge elongate as it pushed upward.

Bobby had such a mixture of fear and desire, a conflict of doing something he wanted versus something others said was wrong, but Clay was allowing the touching and responding to it. Bobby reached for the button of Clay's jeans, his hands shaking, and he unfastened the jeans and fumbled to unzip them. He saw the white boxers come into view and they bulged obscenely with the hard cock underneath. He spread the jeans open and reached in and ran his fingers over the hard shaft within the boxers. It flexed with his touch and he let his fingers wrap around it the best they could feeling its girth, the hardness of it and Clay inhaled deeply.

Clay didn't open his eyes, didn't say anything as he lifted his hips up and slowly pushed his jeans and boxers down till they were at mid-thigh. His cock bounced out free, flopping back against him then coming to a shivering stop as it hovered just above his abdomen. Bobby just stared at it, the shape of it, so dark skinned, much darker than the rest of Clay and he reached out, his hand shaking, and took it, let his fingers wrap around it. Slowly, gently, he stroked Clay, from the arrow shaped head down the base where the thick pubic hair tickled the side of his hand. Clay pulled his arms up and folded his hands together putting them behind his head making his shirt ride up higher. Bobby looked at Clay, looked for some sign, some visible evidence of permission but Clay was still, his eyes closed and it was enough, this non-acknowledgement.


Bobby stroked Clay with little rhythm but he soon found his hand slick and noticed Clay was leaking, the clear slick liquid pooling at the slit and his own hand smearing it down the shaft. He stroked faster, let the lubricated shaft slide through his fist till he felt like Clay's cock grew thicker, harder and Bobby stopped, letting it go and watched it bob up and down. This wasn't enough, there was more to this moment he knew he wanted and glancing one more time at Clay to see if his eyes were still closed Bobby leaned forward till his face was so close he could smell Clay's scent, his sex, and Bobby stuck out his tongue touching the head of Clay's cock. It was an odd flavor, almost sweet and he brought his lips to the spongy head and kissed it.

Clay gasped for breath and pushed his hips upward and his cock slipped between Bobby's lips. Bobby moved down with Clay's upward push and soon had Clay in his mouth as far as he could take it and he twirled his tongue around the shaft filling his mouth. Bobby moved his head up and back down letting the hard shaft slip slickly through his lips and he did it over and over till Clay reached down suddenly and held his arm tightly as he pumped his hips with Bobby's movements, pushing up with Bobby's descent. Clay had been stimulated too much, too aroused and he came quickly, pumping cum into Bobby's mouth filling it with his thick load until Bobby had to swallow.

Afterward neither said anything about what they had done, Clay acting as if it didn't even happen. He left Bobby's house shortly after, not even staying till the end of the movie, but the next night he came back and over the next couple weeks they grew more casual in their encounters, less nervous, and even though Clay wouldn't talk about it, he seemed more aroused each time they got together till there was no pretending. They would find a secluded location, somewhere prying eyes could not find them and remove their clothes, both getting naked, and Clay would let Bobby touch him, stroke his cock, then suck him off while he laid back and watched. Then he watched Bobby jerk off, stroke his own cock till cum spewed out and covered his chest and stomach.

For weeks this routine continued, the two of them getting together and driving to some secluded place, or going into the barn at Clay's or if either of them had their homes to themselves, they'd end up in bed where they quickly found themselves in some position that allowed Bobby to play with Clay's cock and eventually sucked him off. Clay didn't touch Bobby's cock, but he watched intently each time Bobby brought himself off, watched the cum fly through the air amazed at how much Bobby shot, and once Bobby was spent he would watch rivulets of cum trickle down Bobby's chest and stomach. He knew it wasn't right, the way Bobby gave himself to him, did what he did, and he knew he should do something, anything, in return, but he was afraid, fearful to take that final step. During this whole episode he had not once missed dating a girl, hadn't thought to try, and late at night when he was in bed reliving the events of the day when Bobby had touched him, had taken him in his mouth and sucked him off he had jerked off till he came again, the cum dribbling out of his cock where he smeared it with his hand while he stroked himself dry. Several times he held up his hand in the darkness and smelled the cum on his fingers, inhaled that unique scent and wondered what it tasted like, but he did not have the nerve to bring his fingers to his mouth and taste it.

Now Clay had taken Bobby's cum, had licked it off of Bobby's fingers, and he had found the taste enticing, this that Bobby had produced, and he felt those barriers he had created, this separation between him and Bobby erode away and as Bobby plunged his tongue into his mouth, their lips locked together he brought his hand up and held Bobby head as he accepted this intermingling.

Clay eased over and down on the floor following Bobby as he lay on his back. Clay moved on top of Bobby bringing his body down on top of him and the contact was hot, the way their bodies connected, their legs intertwined and arms wrapped around the other, lips roaming over lips, along jaw lines, necks and around ears. Clay pressed his groin down on Bobby's with cocks mashed together making them grow erect once again. Clay pumped his hips driving his cock along side of Bobby's cock, feeling the way they ground against each other.

Bobby was overcome with relief, the joy of Clay coming to him finally, moving down on top of him, no longer afraid of the intimacy of touch between them and he spread his legs, let Clay slip down between them. He wrapped his legs around Clay's waist turning his ass up feeling Clay's cock move over him, probe along his body.

"Put it in me...Clay...put it in me...okay?" Bobby pleaded and Clay rose up and looked down at Bobby and saw the pleading in his eyes and he nodded his head as he reached between them, took his cock and rubbed it over Bobby, pressed the head against Bobby making him moan beneath him. Clay felt Bobby's tightness, felt the way his hole resisted him.

"You sure?" Clay asked Bobby, his voice soft and questioning.

Bobby held Clay's ass in his hands and pulled him downward till he felt Clay's cock breach his hole and penetrate him a couple of inches. Bobby threw his head back, mouth open, as his body quivered beneath Clay and Clay felt it, felt the way Bobby responded, felt the way his skin suddenly seemed so hot, so slick with sweat and he held Bobby firmly in his arms.

"Fuck me...fuck me Clay" Bobby whispered into Clay's ear and Clay began to move his hips, upward and back down, driving his cock into Bobby, inch by inch he went deeper and deeper into him till he pressing his hips down against Bobby's ass tightly with every downward thrust. Bobby was so tight, the way his hole milked Clay's cock, literally seem to squeeze it as he pushed it inward and then pulled back, over and over, and he couldn't hold back, felt the primitive urge to swing his hips faster, to thrust his cock into Bobby's hole harder, faster, till he felt it swell up larger, felt the head get so sensitive he cried out, his body tensed up tight, every muscle straining against his own skin as he pounded his cock into Bobby, drove it deeply into his hole and came. He slowed the swing of hips, settled his body down on Bobby as he dragged his cock back and forth through his load buried deep within Bobby.

Clay lay still for a while, his breathing still labored, and Bobby held him tightly as he nuzzled his lips along Clay's neck.

"Thanks Clay" Bobby whispered in his ear and it didn't seem right to Clay, Bobby thanking him. He should be the one expressing gratitude and he moved on top of Bobby, shifted his body on top of him, his cock pulled free and he felt it, Bobby's hard cock pressing into his abdomen. He swallowed as he thought of Bobby hard again, his cock up and leaking against him and he held Bobby tightly in his arms and rolled him over on top.

"Bobby..." he whispered, hesitating, working to suppress his fear, " me...okay?"



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