So here I am. Tied to spank bench in nothing but white briefs. There are two strangers holding me captive and my friend, or I thought he was my friend, has left me in their care to go buy some food. I am blindfolded and gagged unable to free myself or even see anything that is going on. All I can hear is the quiet whispers of those now in full command. Suddenly a hand grabbed my right cheek and squeezed. I was getting a little tender from the smacks my friend hand given me before and this sudden and unexpected grab made me jump.

"He likes it!" said Scott.

"Oh, I knew from the moment I saw him he would love something like this." Darrel said. "It's why I didn't untie him. And think about it kid, your friend saw you like this, played with you like this, and then still left you to us. I'm sure he is going to tell everyone what he saw. You will be living this night for the rest of your life because how could anyone let you forget the time you foolishly let yourself get into this scenario."

He was right. I was burning with humiliation. I had done this to myself and had no one buy myself to blame. I was such a fool.

"Now, let's really show this little sub boy what it means to be bound and in the care of some real masters." said Scott.

I could feel them running their hands on my back, ass, and thighs. I was their captive and attentive play toy.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack.

Each cheek received a few swats from their hands.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack.

They were getting themselves into a rhythm.

Smack, Smack, SMACK, SMACK!

I began to burn and groan as the smacks against my ass were getting harder and harder. I was involuntarily moving my ass to try and avoid their inescapable hands. I could hear their grunts and Oh's of pleasure as they announced how I must be enjoying it. Then I felt a paddle against my cotton clad ass.


It was blinding. I bit down on the gag in my mouth and yelped. It was the hardest swat as of yet and it covered my whole ass. My ass began to burn bright. I could feel the heat and then it began to tingle as the paddle rested against my cheeks again.


The second blow was just as hard but my ass must be getting a bit numb. It didn't feel as bad as the first but the burning sensation was far more intense. And the laughing that was coming out of these two men made it all the more worse.

"So he did this to himself?" asked Scott.

And I had to endure the entire tale of Darrel coming out of his bathroom to find me half tied in just my briefs to his spank bench. Gag and blindfolded and left helpless making slight giggling sounds through the gag. He explained how it all became clear that I had mistaken the wrong apartment for my friend and how I had done this to impress him. Non of the last part was right. It was a joke. I thought my friend was into this and would be embarrassed to have me find out. I did it all just to make a few laughs and stop any weird feelings between us. A harmless joke that has completely backfired and made sure we are awkward from now on.

"Well then," said Scott, "lets get the boy ready for his friend before he comes back!"

They laughed and pulled my briefs down showing my glowing ass to them. Suddenly there was a liquid being dripped on my ass. And before I even knew it a finger was forcing its way through my tight ass hole and stretching me out. In and out it worked making my cock betray me and spring to unnoticed attention below me. One finger was used for a bit then a second. Then there was something longer. Something a bit thicker sliding it's way into my ass. It stopped and rested there. And then a pressure began to build in my stomach. It was warm and filling. It ached for release that couldn't come. Then one of the men said, "Relax and push gently." There was a sound of gushing water filling a bucket as the pressure eased from my body. They were giving me an enema.

"There we go, D, he's all cleaned out for his friend." said Scott.

"That was nice of you Scott." replied Darrel.

They both just laughed. I was wiped of any remaining liquid and felt lube being returned to my ass hole which felt light and empty. My stomach missed the full feeling from before. And then my ass hole felt a pressing intruding object knocking on my sphincter door. It began to force my hole open and slowly my ass accepted the intruder like a friend. I could feel it inside me. Stretching me more and more. But I could not get it out. It would not move. It was uncomfortable. It ached for the release that wouldn't come on it's own. I could tell it was a butt plug and it was plugged in tight.

"This plug isn't going anywhere, boy. You need to be stretched out if you are to have any fun yourself." said Darrel.

I didn't know if this was a friendly gesture of something else entirely. What did they mean if I was to enjoy myself? Then my underwear was pulled back over my ass and covered the plug that was semi sticking out from my stretched hole. I got a smack on each cheek that allowed me to feel the plug all the way inside me. And then I heard the door leave and foot steps leave the room. They had left me. I was alone in this captivity with my own thoughts. I wanted to kill my friend for leaving me like this. I wanted to run for the hills and never look back. I wanted to hide in shame for the fear that anyone would find out about this.

 was probably kept in this position for 5 or 10 minutes. I can't really be sure but It felt like an eternity. Finally I heard the footsteps coming back down the hall and the door open. I muffled moans of protest to show that I was ready to get out.

"Oh no boy, not yet. But trust me it's coming!" said Scott. "D, let's finish getting him ready."

So I could hear movement and things being moved all around me. The gag was being taken off and I began to yell that I wanted to be free. But a hand silenced me.

"Hold on boy, stop making sound!" Darrel said.


I could feel the plug get pushed into my ass hard and stinging all over my ass. I yelled into the hand.

"Now, we can do this hard way or the easy way boy. You technically broke into this house. Now let us do what we need to do or we just spank your ass till you break apart." commanded Scott.

I instantly fell silent. A new gag was inserted into my mouth. It had a hole in it so air flowed easier but it kept me from closing my mouth at all. My jaw was already aching from the first gag and this one was wider. I was doing what I could not to think of the growing pain in my jaw muscles. Then hands went under my body and attached two clips to my nipples making then smart for a bit. The pain in my nips went away but there was a growing ache there now as well that I couldn't avoid. It was harder to just lay down completely as I had been because when I did the clamps were pushed harder into my chest. I was beginning to sweat from all the intense attention I was getting. I could hear rustling of things and tape and metal being attached below me. I didn't know what that was but I was sure it would be made clear before long. Then I heard the thing that sent chills down my spine. Click, Click, Click. They were taking pictures of me. Helpless and completely defenseless they were recording this moment. It was so frustrating to know I would never be able to just forget about this and move on. I could hear them laughing about how this would keep me from talking because if they were going down, everyone would know about it. And they had the pictures to prove it. The plug was removed and one of them rubbed my hole with their finger sliding in and out with ease. They were admiring their handy work and liked how open and vulnerable my hole now was. SMACK SMACK! Came their hand on my burning cheeks.

"Wow you are really glowing red, boy!" said Scott.

"It is really hot to see!" said Darrel. "It's getting me pretty hard, I must say!"

And Darrel pushed his crotch into my face. I could feel is hard on growing through the shorts he was wearing. My own cock was harder than I had ever felt it. Bobbing up and down below me I could do nothing to cure myself of these feelings. Then I felt the soft flesh of a cock sliding through the gag hole which had been lubed by my own drool spilling out of it. He used the excess to wet his cock up and slid it in forcing my helpless mouth to service his member against my will. Slowly it was pulled in and out and with commands that my tongue not be passive made the experience for him quite enjoyable I imagine. He began to face fuck my helpless mouth groaning and moaning that he had wanted this since he saw me. I was sputtering and gagging on his cock when suddenly I felt his head swell and begin unloading thick warm and creamy cum into my helpless throat. He pushed his cock farther down to make sure I was swallowing the juice he was providing me. I hated the taste of cum and as he pulled slowly out of my mouth a last burst of cum covered my tongue. I could taste the salty tang of his man nut. They then cleaned up around my face and gave me some water to show no signs of the blow job I had just been forced to give.

"Sorry I just had to get in that mouth. But when your friend comes back you will not say anything to him about that. We made a promise that we wouldn't fuck you till he came back and although it's not your ass I took, I don't want him to back out on what he agreed to if we held off." said Darrel.

I was in shock! So he had made a deal. This was the reason he was willing to leave me like this. Held and and helpless to these men. What could they have possibly said that would allow for my imprisonment to continue?

The joke was certainly on me. And it was getting bigger every min.



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