I have always been a curious person. I think it's fun to find out things that others are too scared of. But there was this time that that might not have been the best decision I have ever had. I live in NYC and I was supposed to visit a friend of mine. It was a guy that I was kinda interested in anyway so I jumped at the chance to hang out at his apartment. I had never been there before so he he told me how to get into the building and which floor I was supposed to walk up and which door was his. He told me that he'd just leave the door open so I could just walk in. It was probably at around 8:30pm or so when I showed up and the building was huge. I mean really big. I walked to the door and thought I'd just buzz up if the door was locked but someone was coming out at the same time. They held the door open for me and I just walked in. I went over to the elevator and pressed the eighth floor button. When I got off the elevator I walk right up to apartment 7 and saw the door was in fact open. Everything was exactly as he had said it would be. I thought nothing of it and walked right in. I heard the shower going in the bathroom and figured he was just in real quick before we went out later that night. The lights were all dim but as I walked into the apartment I got more and more curious to look around. I mean, here was this guy I had the hots for and I had the chance to look around his apartment with him distracted. I could always just tell him I had walked in right as he was coming out of the shower. He wouldn't be any the wiser. So I walked into what appeared to be his bedroom. It was intense. Here was this guy I knew from work and his bedroom was clearly set up for some kink play. There was this bench in the middle of the room and you could tell all you'd have to do is slide in and you'd be semi secured. He was into bondage and self bondage at that it looked like. Well I could hardly keep from busting out laughing. This guy was never one to give off the dominant vibe. Then it hit me how incredibly humiliated he might be if he knew I knew about all this. Well it was too good and too overwhelming that I didn't know if I could keep the secret. So I did the next best thing. I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my pants and shirt. I decided to climb into his little chair bench thing. I figured if he saw me like this, we would both have a good laugh and nobody would be weird about it. That and I secretly hoped he would find this kinda hot and want to play. I found a gag laying beside the table and strapped it on. There was a blindfold nearby as well and I put it on so I wouldn't be looking right in his face when he saw me like this, just to take the tension off.

It was almost agony waiting for him to come out of the shower. But finally I heard the shower cut off. Right as I could hear the bathroom door opening my phone began to sound like a text was coming through. It happened about 5 or 6 times right as I could hear my friend walking in the door of the room. I just kept waiting for the sound of laughter to come out of my friends mouth. I tried to laugh through the gag but that just made muffled moaning sounds. I could hear him walking up next to me and felt his touch. Well, this suddenly might be going differently then I thought and I wasn't at all sad about it! But I realized my binds were being tightened on my ankles and wrists. I wasn't being let out that easy. OK, I thought, this is taking my joke a little far. But nothing happened. Then the sound of the text message went off again.

I could hear the sound of my pants being picked up nearby. The jingle of the keys and rustle of denim as he searched for the sound coming from it. I then heard my friend speak....

"Oh dear, you made quite a mistake didn't you?" he said.

He read the text messages about how my friend was sorry he had given me the floor and apartment number switched and wanted me to call him so he could come down and get me so we could head out. He continued to read, if you already tried to go into the wrong apartment it's cool, I know him. He's really helpful and he'll guild you to the right apartment.

So they knew each other too!!! I was freaking out. But I guessed he would just let me go, we'd have a laugh and I'd just have to beg him to forget this confusion so I wasn't humiliated by my friend.

"Don't worry boy, you will see your friend. But this is a funny situation you have gotten yourself into." he said.

I could hear the sound of him texting someone. Click click click went the letters.

"I'm just letting your friend know you are down here and he should come and grab you so you guys can go out." he said. "See, I am a nice guy. I'll just go open the door so he can come in."

I then heard him leave the room and open the door. I then heard footsteps walk back into the room and dresser drawers open and close.

"Just so you know I really am a nice guy. I have a bit of a dark streak as you can tell but all in all I am good." he reasoned.

I moaned and whined through the gag for him to let me out. I struggled with all my might, and fought to find the release with my helpless fingers. But there was no use. I was stuck.

"Oh I will not be letting you out. I am a nice guy, but it seems you wanted your friend to see you like this, and as the nice guy I am, I will be only to happy to oblige. So when your friend gets here he can have his viewing the way you intended and then we can let you go. No problem there is it?" he mocked.

I could do nothing but moan and breath.

"Good," he said.

Not a few seconds more I heard the door open and my friend call out for me. I tried to moan a please for mercy but it was doing me no good. I heard him walk down the hall and talk to my friend. He told him it had been no problem with the mix up. He thought I was a fun guy and a bit interesting too. My friend just agreed politely and asked where I was. He explained that I had gotten a bit tied up in his room and he just needed a bit of help before I could go out with him. Absentmindedly, I'm sure, he just walked with this man who was holding me hostage into his room. Immediately,

"HOLY SHIT, DUDE! What are you doing? Why is Jack tied up like that? Do you guys know each other?" my friend blurted out.

"No, no," said the apartment owner, "I was in the shower. I am assuming he thought it was your apartment and seeing as how I wasn't available to correct him, Jack, here took the liberty to get himself in this situation. Now I did secure the restraints so there is really no way he could get out on his own. But I figured that he really wanted you to see this, and I didn't want to disappoint him. So, what would you like to do with him?"

My friend just started laughing and asking if it was true and how he couldn't believe it.

"Were you guys planning on playing with some bondage today?" he asked my friend.

"Not at all! We were just going to get some food and hang out I thought but obviously he wanted more than dinner," he shot in my direction.

I was humiliated. I was turning so red I'm sure sweat was pooling on my lower back.

"Well," the owner said, "he is tied up on a spank bench. There is no escape unless you give it to him. I will not undo the straps. But I will say this, if he wanted you to see this then I'm sure he wouldn't mind a little fun either. But, that is completely up to you. You are open to use the space if you want. But I should tell you, and warn that one trapped there, in about five minutes or so the sub who was supposed to be in that chair will arrive. He is a switch and is quite a dom as well, so I'm sure he wouldn't mind giving you a hand with handling this situation if you wanted, but he will want something if his space is not free."

And with that he left the room leaving me tied doggy style on a spank bench in just my white briefs. My ass bent over and exposed with a gag firmly on and a blindfold that would not yield, all the in the presence of my friend who I was supposed to be hanging out with tonight.   

"So.....nice briefs dude." said my friend John

I was so embarrassed. But maybe this was just the ribbing I deserved. I was such an idiot for getting myself into this mess. But hopefully this was the extent of it.

"I had no idea you wanted me to tie you up like this. Haha." he scoffed. "So what should I do with you?"

I squirmed. What could he mean?

"So many tools here. I never knew Darrel was into all this." I could hear him pacing. "You know you look like a pledge all strapped down in your whitey tighties. It would be a shame to let that go to waste."

I could hear some rustling of things. I was so confused and frustrated. I had only done this so my friend would get a good laugh. Well he was getting a good laugh now. My mind was racing. It was more than racing. I was spinning. Lost in the darkness of the blindfold and prisoner of my own demise.


Holy shit! I yelped and jumped as much as I could in my binding. I yelled through the gag as my ass seared and throbbed. I was shocked. He just smacked my ass twice with a paddle!


"Three, Four, Five, SIX!" he yelled out! "I think we should treat you just like the sub you are! Don't you think? Just tell me to stop and I will."

But nothing could come out. I was helpless.

"I think we should do a nice round 20 swats before I let you go. It seems fair since you went to all this trouble in the first place." he reasoned.


"That's ten!" he reminded me. "Only ten more to go and you have your freedom."

I could feel the paddle gliding against my ass like he was making sure to get his position just right and cherishing my agony. But suddenly through the small moments of silence of his laughter I could hear talking out side the room. The talking got closer and closer. Till I could hear clear voices in the room with us.

"So you say he just walked in and, wow! Look at that view!" said the stranger I hadn't met before.

I could only imagine the view this man had of me. Helplessly stinging in my bondage while my friend held a paddle against my ass.

"Well kid, are you just going to look at me or finish what you had going on in here?" he said to John.

John sounded stunned. Like he had been caught doing something naughty or wrong. I think it was setting in on him the public nature of our private moment alone.

"Oh, well, I was going to.....I guess I should..." John stuttered.


I moaned through the gag.

"Now is this all the show I'm going to get? That was nothing Darrel!" the stranger said.

"Well, Scott, I think they are new to this type of play." Darrel said.

"Is that true, kid?" said Scott.

"I have never really done this before," said John. "But we are already up to twelve," he said to try and bolster the situation.

"How many had you agreed to give him before he was free?" said Scott.

"Twenty." John said definitively.

"Ok," said Darrel, "lets get it done and over so me and Scott can have the night we had planned."

"No, no, no, Darrel. This is too good," said Scott. "How often does someone find themselves in this situation.

I had been completely forgotten as far as my wants were concerned. All I could hope for was that my friend John would come to the rescue and get me out of this! Please get me out of this! It was all I could do but try and project my thoughts to their minds.

"Hey kid," said Scott, "you guys were supposed to go to dinner right? So how about this. I give you this fifty bucks and you go out and get some beers and pizza. Maybe a bottle of vodka. And while you are gone we show this kid exactly the world he wanted to see. I'll even throw an extra fifty in for each of you when you get back."

It was more of a command than a question. I could hear the jumbled confusion of my friend as he was ushered out the door with force and I began to yell and squirm all over again. I was now being taken by men I had never met, never talked with, and I had no idea what they wanted to do with me or to me! But with the click of the front door and the silence that followed I knew I would soon find out.



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