Tyler sat on the tailgate of his dad's truck, paper plate in his lap, absentmindedly eating the deep fried fish, hushpuppies and fries as he kept glancing over toward the guys sitting in their Jeeps as they ate, talking back and forth. It was the annual community fire department fish fry to raise money and the yard area around the small station, just a garage really, with its two trucks and storage area for the volunteer fire department, was set up with tables and chairs, a tent over the preparation table adjacent to the gas cookers several men were manning.

Tyler was home for the summer and came with his mom and dad, and while they were sitting at a table with old friends, he had eased back to the truck and lowered the tailgate. It afforded him the view he wanted, one that let him watch the guys in their Jeeps, and in particular, it let him watch Jacob. Jacob who was a year older, big and muscular, and mean as hell, was the focus of Tyler's attention. He always had been, ever since the other guys began to notice girls and he began to notice them. Tyler had tried to be careful, tried not to bring attention to himself, but they knew, knew by the way he looked at them, knew by the way he carried himself and they knew by the erections he had sported in gym class the years he had to take it. Tyler had endured it, all of it, the bullying, getting caught in the bathroom and slapped around, head shoved in a toilet, and he had endured the taunts, the snide remarks, and one of the worst till he had graduated a year before Tyler had been Jacob. Captain of the football team, voted popular in one manner or another year after year, and the target of most of the available girls in their school. Rumor had it some older women had thrown themselves at Jacob. And secretly, every time he masturbated, every daydream, every opportunity his path crossed Jacob's, Tyler had desired him.

Tyler knew all about him, knew his parents lived in a new large ranch in the community, knew Jacob's father was an engineer, driving into Montgomery for his job nearly an hour away, and he knew Jacob, all six foot three, two hundred and six pounds (at least it was in the last football program), and he knew Jacob's body, the natural dark skin, the light mat of hair on his chest that trailed down to a thin line down to his pubic hair that fanned out over his cock. And Tyler knew Jacob's cock, at least from their last gym class, the way it hung longer than most, thicker, with the loose foreskin intact and it hung over balls that hung loose, long in their sac, and Tyler had fantasized so often, masturbated so many times with that image in his mind, the thought of being on his knees letting Jacob have his way with his mouth, and when he fingered himself he imagined it was Jacob's cock, all erect, obscenely larger than life, penetrating him, fucking him.


Their banter was it usual bullshit, bragging about their latest conquest, who would put out, who would suck and who would swallow, bringing one round of laughter after the next. It was Andy, who was the worst, whom the other three knew was constantly on the make, never able to keep a girlfriend for he was always cheating with the next girl that came along. Steve and Bill would laugh and comment but the reality was neither of them played around for both were dating seriously, Bill even planning on asking Jen to marry him. All he was waiting on was a check on some cows he sold to market and he was going to get the ring. It was Jacob who was between girlfriends, but it was always so, for he would date one girl or another for a few months then just break up with her.

Jacob didn't know what he wanted, but everyone else seemed to think they knew what he wanted, for he was constantly being pushed to date this girl or that one, told how he should be in college and he was taking some courses at the community college, but the truth was, and he couldn't admit it, not even to his best friends, he just didn't know what he wanted and it frustrated him, made him angry at times, this push to do something, the push to be successful, dating with plans for marriage with a nice house, a car and a truck, kids, a dog, a cat, large screen TV, maybe when he was older even running for county commissioner, or some other office, or....

Jacob didn't know what he wanted, but he knew what he had right now wasn't it. He pulled a piece of fish in two and put the warm soft meat in his mouth, listening to Andy talking about some girl he picked up at a truck stop, every detail of running into her, how he smooth talked her and eventually got her to go out behind a parked semi and his story had all his usual 'can you believe this shit' and 'oh man' this and 'oh man' that and Jacob nodded his head like he was really listening when in fact he was beginning to daydream, to think about what it'd be like to just drive off, head east, or west, or maybe north, and just drive till his money ran out.

Bill nudged Jacob on the shoulder pointing in front of them, over toward John Bradford's truck sitting about twenty yards away under the pine trees that were scattered around the property. Bill pointed toward Tyler sitting on the tailgate all alone and leaned over toward Jacob.

"Look Jacob, there's that faggot."

Jacob looked over at Tyler, thought about how all through school they had tormented him, the way he looked, dressed and the way he acted. Jacob thought about how he was only a little shorter than he was but a lot thinner, skinny, and he had light brown hair with blonde streaks in it, hair that looked like a girls they way it was cut and the way it hung over his forehead, and Jacob remembered their last gym class together, over two years ago now, how Tyler looked so different from himself, his body so young and soft looking, and he had very little body hair, even his crotch only had a sparse little patch of hair fanned out over his dick. And his dick was pink and when it had been hard, much to Tyler's embarrassment, it had stuck out in a curved-up position, the red head contrasting sharply with the pale skin of his shaft and Jacob remembered how everyone bullied him, made fun of him springing an erection in the dressing room and forbidding him from entering the showers till all the others finished, telling him they didn't want to shower with a faggot.

Jacob thought about how he had joined in, had pushed it further, had helped push Tyler's head into a toilet and he remembered how it made him angry, angry with Tyler and with himself. He thought of the times Tyler had tried to be friendly with him, to actually talk to him and he remembered how he had laughed in his face or pushed him, told him to fuck off and now he sat in his Jeep, looking across the yard at Tyler, sitting alone, glancing toward them over and over and he wanted to go over there and punch him, he wanted to tell Bill to shut the fuck up, but what he wanted most was to tell Bill to get out, to start up his Jeep and drive off.


Tyler had gotten his hopes up that summer; believed Jacob might actually pay him some attention, treat him like a human being. But then things would fall apart, become more confusing. The next weekend after the fish fry and he had gone up to Montgomery for a movie. It was a movie he was ashamed to ask anyone to go with him to see, so he went alone. It was at the multi-plex at the Mall on the east side of town and he had arrived early enough to shop around and grab something to eat before going to the movie. The hot summer had driven people inside and the mall was crowded. He had browsed several of the shops and eventually made his way to the food court grabbing a sandwich. He headed toward the theater and decided to hit the bathroom on the way. He ducked into one of the smaller bathrooms off the mall that was infrequently used and as he stood in front of the urinal he heard the door open and someone come in. They stood behind him and Tyler wondered why they didn't use the stall and when he zipped up and turned he saw it was Jacob standing there, staring at him, his face twisted into a mixture of curiosity and anger and Tyler came up short, caught his breath, wondering if Jacob was going to punch him, or worse.

"Jacob?!" he cried out.

"What are you doing here?" Jacob said, his tone flat, sarcastic.

"I'm going to see a movie" Tyler replied, regretting telling Jacob as soon as he said it.

"I guess you're going to see that chick flick?" Jacob replied, his mouth forming a sneer.

Tyler stood silent, unable to reply. Jacob came up to him, close, so close Tyler could smell the bourbon on his breath, could see up close his bright hazel eyes and the way the stubble came in along his jaw, around his chin and he could see, just for a moment, what he thought was confusion, a questioning, then Jacob leaned closer, too close, grabbing Tyler by the front of his shirt, pulling him even closer till their noses almost touched, and Tyler, through his fear, the intimidation of the moment, still wondered what it'd be like to kiss Jacob, to lean even closer and let his lips press against Jacobs.

"Faggot" Jacob whispered and he shoved Tyler back, not hard, just enough to make him step back a couple of steps and Jacob stormed out of the room. Tyler stood for a moment, thinking about what just happened, the way Jacob seemed to look at him just before he threw the slur in his face.


Jacob lay in his bed, staring at the ceiling, listening to the fan of the air conditioning, the soft creak of the old house settle during the cooling night and he felt his confusion, his frustrations rise up, choking him, making him angry. He laid there thinking of his friends Steve and Bill and how within a year or so both would probably be married, settled down as they called it, and he wondered just what the fuck that was, and he rolled over, facing the clock on his nightstand, 3:16 AM flashing on the screen, and he thought of Andy and how he'd end up getting some girl pregnant and marrying her, then in a year of so, divorced, like his parents and he wondered why anyone bothered. Then he thought of Tyler, who he had followed into the bathroom at the mall. Tyler was attending college, moving on with his life and Jacob thought of all the times he had tormented him, made fun of him and in the end it looked like Tyler would be the one who should be the tormentor, not the tormented. The one who should come to his door, bang on it, yell out slurs, and tell him he was no good, that he was a failure, maybe call him...a faggot.


The summer days grew hotter, the humidity stifling, and August was dry, dusty, and the farmers worried about their crops, looked to the cloudy sky, begging it in their futile prayers to rain. Jacob worked at the tractor dealership in the small town, using his popularity to get him the sales, and he did well enough he could afford to live on his own and drive a new Jeep, and three morning each week he attended classes at the community college thirty miles away. It had been a slow couple of weeks and his boss let him leave early on Friday afternoon and Jacob strode out to his Jeep pulling off his shirt, leaving him in his t-shirt. He drove through the small town, cutting down its two blocks that made up main street and headed toward his apartment when he decided to keep driving, to live a moment in his fantasy, and he drove out into the countryside, through the low rolling hills, by farms and pasture land, through stands of tall pine, and as he drove along he passed the Bradford's place and he didn't see Tyler's small little economy car sitting in the drive, and he drove onward, down the steep grade toward Black Bridge, a reference to the creek it spanned, the Blackwater Creek, and as he drove up the other side, rising up toward the top of the hill where he saw the old dirt road that cut back through the woods and back over to the creek at a place everyone went swimming. It was an old logging camp and although the cabins had long since collapsed and began to rot completely away, the area was still a place people liked to go to swim, to party along the bank, or late at night come down to park and fool around. It was getting late afternoon, pass time when most of the locals liked to swim, and Jacob had on his good khaki pants, but he turned down the dirt lane anyway and drove through the low canopy of the trees. It was only a short drive and soon he came to the old camp area. He immediately saw Tyler's small red car parked to the side, the only car, and Jacob pulled down and parked close to it, shutting off his Jeep he sat there staring at the car, his mind wondering what Tyler was doing down here. He pulled his shoes and socks off and rolled up the legs of his pants.

Jacob climbed down and walked toward the creek, moved among the cypress, the magnolia and even a few pine and oak and he eased down the steep bank to the creek's edge and stopped near the water's edge surveying up and down the creek along the visible section, less than a football field in length, before it curved out of sight and it was quiet, not a sound other than the sound of the slow breeze through the trees. Then he heard it, a small splash, just downstream, around the bend, and Jacob made his way along the bank, careful where he stepped, and after few minutes he worked his way through some undergrowth and came to where he could see the creek again and standing in water up to his thighs was Tyler, his slim body so fair and white in the bright sun light, his light brown hair all messed up, wet and sticking up and Jacob crouched down, stayed quiet, watching Tyler, studying him, and he watched as Tyler look up at the sun, acknowledging its warmth on his body, and he watched Tyler rub his chest, slowly, sensually and Jacob watched how those delicate hands with their long fingers moved over his own skin, moved over each nipple and then, surprising Jacob, Tyler took each one between his thumb and forefinger and pinched them, pulled outward a little, and Jacob wondered what he was feeling, how it would feel . Tyler ran one hand down, over the front of his swim trunks, and he rubbed his crotch, groped it with his hand and Jacob watched how he manipulated himself, watched how his swim trunks began to tent out, for his hand to have more to hold, manipulate, stroke through the fabric.

Tyler ran his hand down into his trunks and he manipulated the cock out of sight of Jacob, worked it with his hand, his trunks stretched out in front giving him room. Tyler slowed and looked around and Jacob had to duck down and Jacob knew Tyler was making sure no one was around and when he eased back up he saw Tyler stroking his cock, his trunks pushed down to his thighs. Jacob watched how Tyler ran his hand up and down his cock, stroked it slowly, his long fingers wrapped around the smooth white shaft, the red head protruding out from his fist with every downward stroke. Tyler leaned over and spit on his cock using it for lube as he kept working his hand up and down its length.

Jacob tried to move over, get a better view than the side view he had of Tyler and as he stepped over a few steps the sound of a beer can crushing under foot was enough to make Tyler look over and catch him. For a moment it was dead silent, and the two of them stood stark still, with neither of them moving or saying anything. Jacob looked at Tyler, who still held his cock in his hand, hard and wet, slick with pre-cum and spit, glistening in the bright sun light. Tyler saw the look on Jacob's face, knew it was a frightened confused look, one that could change in a hurry, but he couldn't help it, for he knew it was a dangerous game, one that could get him hurt, but he did it anyway and he turned toward Jacob, stroked his cock slowly and smiled at him.

Jacob watched Tyler turn toward him, stroke his cock in a taunting manner and then he did it, looked him right in the eye and he smiled, knowingly, daring Jacob to do something, and Jacob stormed out of the trees and into the swallow water, not caring about getting wet and he came up on Tyler fast, saw that smile disappear and fear, that fear he had shown so many times in the past creep back into his face and he tried to back away from Jacob, tried to move further out, but his trunks slid down his legs, bound them too much for him to move quickly and he stumbled, fell back in the water and when he tried to get up he found Jacob had him, had a hold of both arms and was pulling him up.

"Faggot, what in the fuck do you think you're doing?" Jacob cried out and he pulled Tyler close to him, water cascading down Tyler's body, his hair matted over his forehead and Jacob looked into the scared eyes and got mad, wanted Tyler to fight back, to not stand here taking it like he always had in the past.

"I'd bet you'd like to suck my dick, wouldn't ya, like for me to pump it in your mouth, make you eat my load, maybe even turn you around and shove it up that skinny ass, fuck you...you'd like that wouldn't ya...take my cock, suck it...you want that? Uh? You want to fuck around with me, you want to touch me, suck my cock..." and Tyler noticed how Jacob's voice had changed, his tone softened and he wondered what kind of game Jacob was playing.

Jacob leaned closer, his tone softer, the volume of his voice much lower. "You want to fuck around, have...gay sex, you want to suck my cock...uh?...come on Tyler, tell me, you want to suck my cock, you want to take it in the mouth, uh? Do you? You want that...me sucking your cock, taking it my mouth...uh? Would you like that? Would you? You want me to suck your cock, then turn around and let you fuck me, put your dick in my ass, fuck the shit out of me...do you?" Jacob leaned toward Tyler till his forehead rested against Tyler's, his eyes pleading, his voice even quieter, barely audible and Tyler felt one of Jacob's hands slide down his arm, move over to his chest, rub it slowly, touch his nipple softly.

"You want me to suck your cock? Tyler. You want me down on my knees, in front of you, letting you put it in my mouth, pump it over my tongue, make me eat..." and Jacob closed his eyes and opened them slowly, looking at Tyler, the hurt visible on his face; "Make me eat your cum" he whispered so low Tyler wasn't sure he heard correctly, but he felt Jacob's hand, felt it slide down his chest, over his stomach and take his cock, holding it firmly, squeezing it till it got fully hard again, and Jacob stroked it slowly as he leaned toward Tyler closer, lightly pressing their lips together. Jacob shivered and appeared ready to cry, looked like it was painful what he was doing, what he was doing out here standing in the creek, soaking wet, as he stroked Tyler's cock. Then Jacob eased down, let his body submerge down to his stomach in the slow moving waters of the creek as he held Tyler's cock up, looked at it, his eyes so focused he didn't hear Tyler at first, but Tyler repeated what he said and Jacob looked up to hear him.

"You don't have to, Jacob. You don't have to do it; it's okay" Tyler whispered, knowing this was tearing at Jacob. Jacob nodded yes and then he looked at the hard cock in his fist, the red head sticking out, wet and slick and he leaned over and licked it getting his first taste of a man's cock, what it tasted like and he took the head in his mouth, removed his hand and moved forward as far as he could till he had most of it. Jacob was clumsy, rough, his teeth constantly scrapping the shaft of Tyler's cock, even his rhythm was odd, the way he moved slow, then fast, like he wanted to get it over with, then slow again till Tyler felt his load build up, felt the need to cum and he ran his hand softly over Jacob's head, let his black hair slide through his fingers as he felt the movement of Jacob's mouth on his cock.

"I'm close...real close. Jacob...Jacob...I"m going to cum, Jacob!" Tyler cried out, thinking Jacob really didn't want him to shoot in his mouth, but Jacob's kept his mouth sliding over Tyler's cock and just a few more times was too much and Tyler came, came hard, pumping his cum into the suctioning mouth. He felt Jacob's hold of his thighs tighten, painfully so, as he pumped his hips, pumping the last of his load into Jacob's mouth.

Jacob fell back sitting on his ankles, his face a look of pure fear and shock and Tyler suddenly was worried, afraid of what Jacob would do now and he squatted down in front of Jacob, his voice calm and soothing.

"Jacob, it's ok, it's nothing. I want tell anyone what happened, I promise, just relax, okay? Come on, get up; let's go back to our cars." Jacob let Tyler help him up and they waded out of the creek and up on the bank. Tyler just began to walk through the trees to his car letting Jacob follow behind him, both of them silent. Tyler saw Jacob's Jeep parked in front of him and as he began to move around it Jacob suddenly grabbed him and threw him against the Jeep, pressed him down tightly over the bush bar of the front bumper and shoved his face down onto the hood. Jacob pressed his body up to Tyler as he held him down, pressed his legs between Tyler's, pushing them apart and he put his mouth up to Tyler's ear.

"You better not say a word, do you hear me?"

"Yes" Tyler uttered, suddenly scared again. He felt Jacob press his crotch up to his ass, felt his hard cock press against him.

"Maybe I should fuck you" and Jacob ground his hips into Tyler's ass and Tyler couldn't help it, knew he shouldn't do it, but he pushed back, pushed his ass against Jacob's cock and he turned his head as much as he could, cutting his eyes around, looking at Jacob, playing this dangerous game.

"Go ahead Jacob, fuck me, take down my trunks, put that hard cock in my ass and fuck me. You know you want to. You want to fuck me, don't you?"

He saw something snap in Jacob's eyes and Jacob shoved him down hard against the Jeep.

"You goddamn faggot" Jacob spit out and he began to pull on Tyler's trunks, trying to get them down. Then they heard it, an old truck easing down the dirt lane as it headed toward them and Jacob jumped back from Tyler as if shocked. He didn't look at Tyler, said nothing else as he climbed into his Jeep, started it up, revved the engine too hard and then he backed up, kicking up dirt from the spinning wheels, leaving Tyler standing there, sand spattered up his legs, and a pained look on his face.


Tyler had the hardest time getting back into the swing of classes, struggled to even get up most mornings. He had been depressed ever since the incident at the creek and for the final two weeks he was home he didn't see Jacob. He thought about going to his apartment in town, considered going by the small bar all the guys hung out after work, but in the end he just stayed home waiting for summer to be over and time to head back to campus. And now that he was on campus he still couldn't get past it and the knowledge that Jacob was struggling with his sexuality, fighting against the preconceptions his family and friends applied to him, wanted him to live up to and Tyler wondered if Jacob would ever be happy and in the process, wondered if he could be the one, somehow, some way, could be the one to bring him some happiness.

As soon as that thought crossed his mind he cursed himself at his own foolishness.

When Saturday rolled around and he had so much course work to dig into he decided to go to the library, a place where others would be, a certain camaraderie among like souls, but where communication with the others was frowned upon and he could just bury himself in his studies. He ate lunch at the cafeteria and sat outside on the lawn in front of the library reading until a small storm blew up running everyone inside. By the time he had gotten through all his assignments and sat back he realized it was dark outside and his reflection stared back at him in the window.

He strolled back to his small studio apartment, located in an old part of town, an apartment that was cheap enough for him to live alone. When he arrived at the complex, walking across the parking lot within the complex he saw the other residents, all students like himself, running back and forth on the balconies that served each units entrance, saw them in groups at one unit or another, the door and windows open and music and the white noise of conversation filling the air. Tyler's apartment was on the third floor of one of the back units, one that luckily didn't seem to have a party going on at any of its units.

He walked up the first flight of stairs, cut around to the second and walked up the second flight of stairs. He could see a door open at the unit right at the top of the stairs and when he hit the landing he looked through the window saw two guys playing a video game on the TV. He turned and headed down to his unit, next to the last one, and when he had gone a few feet he finally looked up and saw someone sitting at his door, feet set flat, knees up, with their arms crossed over the top of them and they had their head lying down on their arms. Tyler knew as soon as he saw him, even in the dim light, sitting in shadow, that it was Jacob. He was almost next to him when Jacob looked up slowly and Tyler couldn't see his expression, didn't know what to expect but when he came up close he could see he looked sad.

"Jacob, why are you here?" Tyler asked, holding back, not sure what to think.

"I...uh, well..." and he looked down and when he began to talk his voice sounded far away. "I guess the first thing I need to do is apologize. I know...for a long time, we...I mean I treated you like shit, and you didn't deserve it, it wasn't right. I mean, it was wrong for me to say those things...when I...was the same way."

Tyler stood there, torn on whether or not to do something. Jacob sat quietly, wiping his nose on his shirt sleeve but not looking up.

"I shouldn't have come." Jacob said, his voice so low Tyler could barely hear him, and he moved closer and ran his fingers through Jacob's hair, an intimate gesture, barely touching him, and Jacob looked up finally, his eyes shiny in the dim light.

"It's okay" Tyler said softy and he squatted down next to Jacob and caressed his wet cheek. "It's okay." He stood back up and held his hand out to Jacob and helped him to stand up. He unlocked his door and pushed it open in front of him and gestured for Jacob to enter. He flipped the light switch to the lamp by his small sofa and tossed his backpack down on the coffee table and watched how Jacob's eyes roamed over the small studio apartment.

"It isn't much, but then again it is bigger than a dorm room, and I have my own bathroom this way" and Jacob looked back at Tyler and nodded he understood.

"How long were you waiting?"

"Since about three this afternoon."

"You want to go get something to eat, or I could just prepare a sandwich here and we could hang out and...talk."

Jacob suddenly moved quickly, came up to Tyler and took his head between his hands and held him as he leaned down and kissed him, passionately, and Tyler slowly moved his arms around Jacob, felt the muscular body in his arms as it moved closer, pressed up against him. Jacob became a man in need. He pulled at Tyler's shirt, tugged it free and pulled it off tossing it on the floor. He tugged Tyler's cargo shorts open, pushed his hand inside them, worked his fingers over the boxers, manipulating the growing erection confined within. Tyler could hardly breathe, felt like his world was spinning out of control as he submitted to Jacob, let him pull his clothes off, grope him, tug on his cock till it was so hard it ached. Jacob eased down on his knees, tugging Tyler's shorts and boxers down as he went, stripping him, exposing the lean fair skinned body. Jacob helped Tyler step out of his shorts and Jacob tossed them to the side. He ran his hands up Tyler's legs and when he got to his thighs he held on tight as he watched Tyler's cock rise up hard, the head flare out and he watched it bob up and down, mesmerized by its motion and then he leaned forward and licked the head.

Tyler took a deep breath when he felt Jacob's tongue lick his cock and he let it escape through his open mouth when he watched his cock disappear into Jacob's mouth. He felt the hot wetness envelope his cock, felt lips milk his shaft and tongue dance along his shaft. Jacob began to work his mouth back and forth, let the cock slip over his tongue and he moved down and back up each inch of its length and Tyler stood on the balls of feet, let Jacob hold him up as he rocked his hips, pumped his cock into Jacob, fucking his mouth.

Jacob held on, took the fuck, let Tyler use him, as he pushed his cock deep into his mouth. Over and over Tyler swing his hips back and forth until he felt his need rise up fast, the urge tense him up tight, and he held Jacob's head and shoved his cock into the wet slick mouth and blasted out his load. Thick wads of cum spattered Jacob in the back of the throat, gagging him as he tried to swallow it all. Tyler slowed and finally stopped and let Jacob lick the last of his cum from the head of his cock.

Jacob let Tyler go, allowed him to step back as he sat back and he looked up at Tyler, smiled at him and then he looked down in embarrassment.

"Jacob...Jacob, look at me."

Jacob looked up and saw Tyler smiling at him and Tyler ran his hand through Jacob's hair, pulled his head back as he leaned over to kiss him.

"Come back to the bed" Tyler asked Jacob and together they moved to the rear of the apartment. Tyler took Jacob's clothes off, slowly, casually, revealing his upper body, his long legs and finally his uncut cock, with its head peeping out as it got harder and harder. Tyler leaned up and kissed Jacob, pulled him over and whispered in his ear.

"You want to fuck me?"

Jacob just nodded yes and Tyler guided him to his bed, let Jacob come down on top of him, down between his spread legs as he felt the big mascular body rest its weight on top. Tyler wrapped his legs around Jacob's waist, held him tight as he felt Jacob grind his cock up and down his own ass, felt the cock press against his hole, thick and blunt. Tyler wanted to feel the penetration, wanted Jacob inside of him and he pushed up with his hips as Jacob pushed down. Jacob's fat cock sank in to his hole, stretched him open, painfully so, as inch by inch moved into him. Jacob never felt anything so tight on his cock, never felt anything milk the shaft like this and he kept sinking it in till his entire cock was buried in Tyler's hole.

Tyler held Jacob tightly, his body shivering, as sweat broke out on his skin. Jacob held still, let Tyler get use to his cock, and when he felt Tyler relax his hold of him, felt his hole loosen around his cock shaft he began to fuck, slow steady strokes, long strokes, pumping his cock through the tight ring of Tyler's opening letting it milk his cock. Tyler grunted with each push into his hole, ever thrust of Jacob's cock deep in him and he urged Jacob on, begged him to fuck him, to pump his cock harder, to let him have it, all of it, and Jacob fucked faster, shifted into position to let him swing his hips fast, hammer his cock into Tyler's upturned ass, slam his hips down smacking their bodies together.

The bed squeaked, rocked back and forth and slammed against the wall harder and harder as Jacob held Tyler tightly, enveloped his body under his own and he fucked, fucked hard, pumping his cock into Tyler, full penetrating thrusts. Jacob kept at Tyler, a long time, till sweat covered them both, and Jacob felt Tyler's hard cock press into his stomach, felt it rub against him and after several minutes he felt the warm cum as it spread between them, felt Tyler's ass spasm over and over, each time he pumped out cum and he couldn't take it, the way it milked his cock and he slammed down into Tyler and pumped out his load. Jacob held his cock all the way in Tyler, let his cock pump its load till it was spent and finally, as he gasped for breath, Jacob fell still, let his body come to rest.

When Jacob rolled over on his side he pulled Tyler against him, held him tight, nestling his head down by Tyler's and after a few minutes just lying there, he holding Tyler, using one hand to absentmindedly run his fingers lightly over Tyler's body, down his stomach and over the spent cock he took a deep relaxed breath.

"You okay?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah, everything is great."



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