The following four weeks I spent with my long curly hair. Every morning I shampooed my hair with my sperm I produced standing naked in front of the bathroom mirror. Then I had a shower washing my hair and body and then drying my hair with my hands and a hair dryer.

Sex with my boyfriend was either he fucking me up my ass or me sucking his penis while he washed and massaged my hair. One day we decided that the time had come that my head should be shaved again. To my greatest pleasure my boyfriend wanted to have his head shaved as well now and we wanted to have that done at my barber shop on the same day.

We fixed a date at the barber shop for the following Sunday morning. After getting up in the morning we took a shower and then my friend fucked me up my ass while he applied a lot of gel to my hair and he combed it straight backwards. My penis got hard and I took him in both hands and we came to our first orgasm that day.

The barber welcomed us dressed in leather. His penis was looking out of his leather dress and as soon as my friend and me took our clothes off he got a huge erection.

I sat down in the chair and the barber started to wash my hair. My friend kneeled down in front of me and started sucking my penis. Soon my hair was free of gel and soaked with of shampoo. Then my hair was rinsed clean and the barber started to dry my hair with a hairdryer. I gave him a sign to pass the clipper over to me and while my hair was getting dry I started shaving my friends head with the clipper.

He got very exited as he felt the blade of the clipper on his head and started to masturbate his penis still sucking mine. After a short time the front and top of his head was shaved down to the skin and now I shaved the sides and the back of his head. When that was done I caressed his skinny head and he gave a loud sigh when he bursted out with his orgasm. I had mine then as well and shot my sperm into his throat.

Now it was my turn to get my head shaved. We were standing now in front of the mirror, my friend in front of me and I caressed his shaved head and pushed my hard penis into his ass and fucked him hard. The barber took a full hand of hair on top of my head and held it up. Then he shaved the sides and the back of my head down to the skin.

I felt the barber's thick penis behind me and I led him with one hand into my ass. He then started fucking me and still having that thick bunch of my hair in his hand he shaved it all off in one go. My whole body was covered now with my long hair that had come off. The barber caressed my shaved head now and I sent my shot of sperm into my friend's ass.

Now the clean shave of our heads had to commence. Now it was my friend who sat down in the chair and I kneeled in front of him sucking his penis. The barber covered my friend's head with shaving cream and then took the razor knife and shaved his head completely clean. I felt his penis getting bigger and bigger in my mouth and as soon as his shaving was done I swallowed his shot of sperm.

Now I sat down in the chair and my friend's business was to suck my penis while my head was shaved clean. I caressed his clean shaved head and I realised that his hands now were going down again to his penis to give him relief.

Feeling the cool steel of the razor knife shaving my head clean my erection got huge again and within a few minutes my friend had a drink of my nice juice and my head was shaved clean as well.

We thought that now our barber should have some pleasure again and we two guys with our clean shaved heads kneeled down in front of him and we gave his penis one hand each and masturbated him. When he had his orgasm he used his penis as a hose pipe and shot his sperm on our shaved heads. He then massaged our head with his special after shave.

We then washed our heads and got dressed again. Coming home again we couldn't resist throwing off our clothes again and having sex with our shaved heads. We tried different positions always including our shaved heads as our most erogenous zone. The following days we shaved each other's heads regularly to have a good reason for more good sex.



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