My hair had grown for a long time since I last had my head shaved. It had grown down to my shoulders and before shaving it off again I wanted to have fun and sex being a long-haired monster. But I wanted a change of my look and I asked my private barber who once had shaved my head.

He suggested that I should have my hair permed again and we met at his shop after closing time. He shut the curtains of the shop and told me to get out off my cloths. I was naked in a few seconds and then I sat down on the barber chair. He put a long cape around me and then he put the chair in a position that my head was over the sink behind the chair. He took his cloths off as well and stood naked behind me.

I felt the warm water rinsing my hair and my penis got thick and hard immediately. I started masturbating when the barber shampooed my hair and soon my hands got wet from the pre-cum. I dried my wet hands with my body and pubic hair and continued masturbating. When my head was full of shampoo and massaged by the barber's hands my hands caught the sperm I sent out with my first orgasm. I worked my sperm all through my pubic hair and the barber started to masturbate his penis as well. He shot a load of sperm on my shampooed head and worked it all through my hair with his hands.

Then my hair was rinsed with water and then my hairdresser started to divide my hair with a comb into sections for the curlers. He started rolling up my long hair from my forehead to the back of my head on big curlers. Watching my hair being curled up like that my dick got hard again and I had to wank it again.

On the sides of my head now came smaller curlers and soon I had my hair curled all around my head. Now the fluid for the perm was coming on the curlers and after that was done we had to wait for the result. We did not waste time while waiting and we now both were rubbing our dicks.

Now the time had come to check my perm. The hairdresser took one curler off and found that my hair was perfect. My hair with the curlers was rinsed again with water and then all curlers were taken off. My head was rinsed clean now.

My hair was washed again with shampoo and I felt that there now was a wild forest of curled hair on my head. I was wanking my penis again and now I leaned my head back for the final rinse with water. All my curls were falling backwards now and that was the next time when I shot my sperm away and shampooed my pubic hair again with it.

Now my hair was dried under a hood dryer and I served my penis again. Finally when my hair was dry the hairdresser and me took turns in grabbing into my curls. I was standing in front of the hairdresser and his hard penis went inside my ass. He fucked me while he grabbed my hair and my penis got with my own hands.

After that we dressed again and I went home. Arriving there I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror and I threw my cloths off again. I filled my bath with warm water and when it was filled I bowed down over the edge and put my curled head completely under water. Coming up again my long curled wet hair covered my face and I went to my bed wet as I was. With a dark curtain of my wet hair in front of my eyes I jerked off again and shot my sperm all over my naked body.



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