Well now, where do I begin this story of an event that happened about ten years ago?

I have always been aware that I was a little different than other guys, especially when it comes to knowing that I have always, as long as I can remember, been attracted to men.

When I was younger my father would take me with him to the 'YMCA' when he would go there to have his cardio workout swim. Because of having trouble with his back and right leg, the doctor suggested he try swimming for a whole body workout, in stead of jogging or walking. This was working out fine for him, but I constantly found myself staring at the naked men in the dressing room. I found hat I was getting aroused, even as a very young lad. I would see some mans cock and balls, and pubic area, and my little peter would stiffen out like a peice of concrete, I must say I really loved it, I would go into the crapper stall and rub my little pecker untill I couldn't stand to touch it thinking about older guys.

I might add here that altho I loved looking at these older men, I had never been touched, or touched an older man untill much later in my life.

I had really noticed as I began to attend High School that this feeling about other guys wasn't changing, it was getting stronger the older I got.

I had jerk off experiences as a teenager with guys my own age , I guess I was about eighteen then, really still a virgin.

After I had graduated college I began to realize that I was truthfully 'Gay' and finally accepted it, except for the fact that as of yet I hadn't done anything with anyone about it.

I got a job after college, moved into an apartment house and started life as a single, adult male.

I was jerking off about three times a day, making my cock red and sore, sometimes raw as hell. I knew what I was wanting to do but had not made a hookup yet, I was rather shy and withdrawn when around other men. What I was needing was to have sex with another guy, and find some simbalance of life as a gay adult.

I had lived in the apartment house about two years and I noticed across the hall was a door to the apartment there.

The apartment house was layed out with apartments on both sides of the building with a main hallway down the middle, which allowed entrance to the main doors into the apartments. There were patios with sliding glass doors on the outer sides of the apartment, and each apartment had its own balcony patio, neat for bar-b-ques etc.

I noticed there was a Mr. William Biltmore living straight across the hall from me, we all had name plates on our doors as well as the apartment numbers, mail slots etc. I had seen him only once, he was a very nice looking man, looked to be about thirty five or there abouts, actually handsome and sexy as hell.

He was really quite handsome, always wearing a suit, very well dressed too. But I seldom saw him, he worked days and I worked nights.

The incident that this writing is about happened one Saturday night, it was about seven when I started into the bathroom to take a shower. I had gotten completely undressed, standing there naked as the day I was born, I looked into the bathroom vanity to get things ready, I even had the water running to heat the water up for me.

I looked around and realized I was out of shampoo, I hunted for even a little spot of some but, it was useless. I was completely out.

A thought hit my mind, I wonder if Mr. Biltmore might loan me enough shampoo to shower with, at least untill I could get to the store and pick some up some more.

I grabbed a white undershirt, some jogging shorts slipped them on, and a pair flip-flop shower sandless.

What happened next is something that only happens in novels, or movies, trust me. I knocked on Mr. Biltmores door, I heard his footsteps walking toward the door. It opened and my mouth fell opened, he was standing almost nude in front of me, My god he was awesome looking, he grabbed me, pulled me into him, slammed the door shut, and before I could get my breath or get a word out of my mouth, He pulled my mouth to his and started passionately kissing me. I was in total shock, but totally excited too. He began deep tongue kissing my mouth, but Damn, it was absolutely out of sight, it was an awesome feeling, Never had I ever been kissed on the mouth by a guy, but here I was, getting my face bathed in kisses, and I was totally loving it.

Mr. Biltmore just started undressing me, rubbing my back and front, twisting and rubbing my nipples, licking my neck and ears, and going almost wild with me.

He started rubbing my now hard as a rock cock, I was in not only a state of total Shock, but I was fucking turned on like a mother.

Mr. Biltmore, just said, 'come with me,' I couldn't even speak, I was not going to spoil, or take a chance of ruining what was building up to be an awesome experience.

We got to his bed and Mr. Biltmore started pulling my jogging shorts off. My cock flopped out sticking straight up and he smiled and said, 'Holy Fuck Kid, that Is one awesome looking cock there, and I want it BAD.'

He started rubbing my nuts and playing with my balls, I was in fucking outer space, it was fucking awesome. He Leaned down and for the first time in my life, I felt a hot, wet, sensous, mouth on my cock head as he started sucking gently and taking me to the stars, I was moaning and running my fingers thru his hair and just enjoying the hell out of this experience. I felt like I was in a wet dream and didn't want to wake up.

Mr. Biltmore was a master cock sucker, I was about to fly off the bed as he sucked and swirled his mouth and hands around my seven and a half inch very thick, very hard cock.

He was moaning and grunting as he sucked my cock, and about ten minutes after he started I thought he was going to make me cum in his mouth, He just stopped.

He knelt up and said, 'Fuck me son, I want you to fuck me like a madman, fuck me like the nasty whore I am, fuck the crap out of my hungry, hot, needy asshole,I want to feel that big cock of yours inside me.' 'Fucking fill my hole, make it hurt.'

I got up on my knees, he handed me some lube, and then He took this little brown bottle of something I had never seen before, and He sniffed it with each nostril, moaned, smiled at me and raised his legs clean over his head. I got up between his legs looked down on this very awesome looking man, placed my lubed cock against his pucker hole and just fucking jammed my hardon to the balls into his turd tunnel. Oh My God! It felt so hot and awesome, Mr. Biltmore let out a loud gasp, 'OH HOLY FUCK BOY' thats it , give it to me, fuck me hard.' I did, I rammed and jammed and fucked him like a madman, He must have enjoyed it, man was he ever going wild. He was almost yelling with pleasure, moaning and groaning, god it was fantastic feeling.

Finally I felt my load building up, I let out a loud grunt like a bear, and I started fireing my cannon off into his intestines, wimpering and grunting as I blew. Mr. Biltmore felt my load shooting deep inside him, and he shot his load across his face and chest and then started laughing.

I collapsed on top of him and he hugged me and kissed me and petted me, God Damn boy, that was one fantastic fuck there.

At first I just thought he had seen me in the hall, or maybe felt that I was probably gay or something. All I know was that this was an awesome experience. We were both totally worn out, exhausted and completely satisfied.

We had gotten up and he asked me my name, I got up got dressed I told him my name, Chad Morrison, He said,'Chad this has been one hell of a pleasure for me, can we do this again sometime, soon?' I said, 'Oh hell yeah we can, I enjoyed it too Mr. Biltmore,' He said, 'no, all my close friends just call me Bill, I will definately have you back again soon,' I felt so pleased and proud. Mr. Biltmore reached out and shoved something in my short pockets, and smiled, kissed me and said,'Thanks.' I later noticed it was three one hundred dollar bills, I almost shit.

About that time the doorbell rang, He opened the door, and there in front of us was a gorgeous young, well dressed, very sexy looking young man. Mr. Biltmore said, 'yes may I help you,' He looked at us and said, 'I am Mark, from the escort service you called.' Mr. Biltmore looked totally shocked, he turned to Mark and said, 'well if your from the escort service,' and he looked over at me and said, 'Then who the hell are you?'

I looked surprised at him and said, 'Im Chad from across the hall, I came over to see if I could borrow some shampoo.' Mr. Biltmore's face turned red and he said, 'well ain't this some kind of shit?' He then busted out laughing.

I smiled and left him and Mark to work this out, went back to my place to take my shower, pondering the whole experience that I had just gone through.

Two days later Mr. Biltmore was just coming out of the door of his apartment when I was coming out at the same time. He looked at me and blushed and said, 'Hey Chad, I just want to say,' I walked quickly over to him and placed my forefinger on his lips and said, 'Shsssss, nothing needs to be said,' I looked down both ends of the hall, then I leaned over and kissed him on his lips and said, 'Thanks Bill, For the most awesome night of my life,' and I would really like to do it again sometime if you would like.' He smiled and said, 'Oh Hell yeah.' We both smiled and went about our business.



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