I must say things have slowed down sexually for me in the last few years, I have 'Sown my wild Oats' so to speak, and have had a great sex life, even being gay it's been a very wonderful life.

Oh yeah! I have endured the usual banter that comes with being out and gay. Hecklers, and name callers, the religious right, what ever that means and of course the homophobia of my own generation. I have still kept my wits about me and have done alright, I am a Professional Photographer, and over the years working for different magazines and papers and even some publishers, I have had the express pleasure of photographing and compiling a magazine of my own doing, it's a magazine for gay men, I sold it and made quite a tidy profit.

During the photo shoots I have had some fantastic encounter with some of the models, and some wonderful memories, I have had the pleasure of feeling some of this country's best looking men, with their cock's buried in my ass, and or down my throat, and have had the awesome delicious taste of many men's loads of cum.

Well I had started to finally settle back and enjoy life, receiving the royalties of my several books,(Published), and other works in photography. I now have a studio that someone else runs for me, and I get a fairly nice salary from that too, so I do quite well.

I have been just relaxing and enjoying doing really nothing for the last six months and I had moved into this suburban area, purchased a new home, a modest four bedroom flat, with a two car garage and full finished basement, family room, and full bath on the lower level and three bedrooms and a full bath and a half on the upper level, it is very nice, and I might add paid for.

Since I had moved in about four years ago, there is this kid, Zane ishis first name, He was a little doll at fifteen, much potential, but I am not a child molester so It was just a business arrangementback then.

I had made friends with Zane that first year, I bought magazines from his school prodject, and I had him do odd jobs for me, He cut my grass weekly and helped keep my yard in shape, he was a really friendly fella.

Well needless to say I had been noticing how nicely he was becoming as he grew into manhood, He was now about nineteen or twenty, still cutting my grass. Still doing garage cleaning, and helping me do anything I needed, he was just always there helping me with something.

This on particular Saturday, morning I had been doing something in the garage, the weather was warm I was wearing just an old tee shirt and a pair of worn out faded shorts.

Zane walked around the back where the entrance to the garage was and said, 'Hey, dude what's happening?'

'Just boxing up some stuff for the Salvation Army to pick up. wanna help?'

'Sure, do I get paid by the hour or the job?' He said, and then started giggling.

We Worked around the garage for several hours. and I noticed that Zane was always looking at me as we worked like he had something on his mind.

I finally just stopped and we took a break, then Zane smiled at me and said, 'Hey Ken, can I ask you something?'

'Why sure, Zane you can feel free to ask me anything.'

'Well, hmmmmm, I have noticed for the last several months now, that you never have a woman or female come around,,, And I have seen several guys coming and going from here and Hmmmmmmm!, He was almost embarrassed as he turned away from me to ask this, but, 'Do you not like woman, like a gay man or something. I was just curious. I mean do you like to mess around with guys, sexually I mean?'

My jaw fell open and I sorta stammered looking for the right words to say to Zane.

'Well it's like this Zane, Oh hell, I might as well tell you the truth, 'Yes, yes I do.'

I watched as Zane's face lit up, ear to ear with big smile.

'Really, have you ever had a guy suck your dick?' he asked. I could tell he was nervous to ask this question.

'To be honest with you, yes I have, and I have sucked a few guys dicks too.'

'No shit,' Zane sorta just wandered around humming and hawing around, looking at little things in the garage as he slowly and gently asked me about all this.

He was looking at a set of new screwdrivers laying on the workbench and picked up one, 'Well, would you?' he said, as he looked into my face.

'Would I what? I said to Zane.

'You know, like to suck my dick.'

I was astounded to hear that come from his mouth. Here is this awesome looking young man, about nineteen or twenty, so damned good looking he looked like a movie star, asking me to suck his cock for him.

I smiled as I stared straight into Zane's eye. I walked over to Zane and looked straight into his eyes, 'Would you like that Zane? Have you never had a blow job Zane? at your age that's unusual.

'No sir, but I would love to see how it feels, and I don't want any of the guys my age knowing about it.'

I smiled and said, 'would you like to feel that now?'

His smile grew bigger and he said, 'OH Hell yeah man,'

I asked Zane about his sex life which was about zero up to this point, he was totally virgin.

'Ken, I have always wanted to do it and see how it feels, I've heard guys at school talking about how awesome it feels to get your cock sucked. I just wanted to try it thats all.'

I smiled at Zane and said, 'Man it would be my pleasure.'

I took Zane by the hand and took him into the house and up to my bedroom. He was smiling this huge smile all the way.

God he was gorgeous, I began to strip him off, and I was totally shocked to see what he had been hiding, god he had a big cock. He said, he measured it and it was almost nine inches long. And like his wrist, around he said, it was six plus inches around.

'OH Wow!' was his response as I layed him back and began to play with his very nice ball sack of nuts. I felt his nipples harden in my fingers as I tweeked them and heard Zanes first sexual moans, I sucked them and took them between my teeth gently and nibbled on his nips, he was enjoying it. then I went down and sucked on his balls for a few minutes, I didn't feel like I wanted to overwhelm him the first time out of the gate.

But I did endulge in one of my favorite things. I had him on his back, enjoying my artwork on his private parts, when I had him lift his legs up over his body and raise his asshole and I totally go lost in this kids beautiful ass, I was sucking, licking, swirling my tongue and shoving my tongue as deep as I could go into his asshole, I thought he would depart from the bed, 'Holy shit man, that feels so Incredible, and Kept up the work. 'Shit man, thats fantastic, I don't believe just how awesome it feels.'

Zane was breathing so heavy I thought he would asphixiate, and he was humping my face with his ass, Mother fucker man, was I ever a happy man, his personal odor was one I would have loved to capture in a jar and keep by my bed side when I needed a good wiff of manscent, this kid was perfect.

I slowly finally worked my way up to the head of his thick cock, I took it into my mouth and heard his voice grunt and moan as I began to slowly suck the juice out of his cock.

Zane felt like he would fly off my bed. but I kept working on his cock, he was enjoying my work, I heard him moaning, and making different sounds of total acceptance as I brought Zane to the edge of cumming.

'Holy shit, OH Fuck, JEEEEESUS man, I'm doing it,,,,,,,I'm cumming.' And man did this kids first cum feel fantastic, I almost wasn't able to take it all I had cum running down the sides of my mouth. And taste, It was like a great meal and just the right amount too. His cum tasted fantastic. Just what I needed right at that time.

Zane lay there like I had drained the life from his body.

'Well was it what you expected?' I asked.

'And then some, he said, with exasperation and gasping.

Zane spent the night that night and I showed him several other things but that was the beginning of a very awesome relationship with me and Zane, Me being older don't seem to have any bearing on our sex relationship. Zane learned what it felt like to suck my cock and taste my cum too.

Our next step is to introduce him to anal sex, but for now this is what it is, because there's an old saying 'Good things come to those that wait.' I'm anxiously awaiting.



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